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80+ Nicknames for Julia

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Why Nicknames For Julia?

The name Julia originated from the Romans and became a common Roman family name. Some sources say that the name Julia has derived from the Latin word 'iuvenale' which means 'youthful'. Like every other name, the name Julia also has a beautiful meaning attached to it, in Roman, it means 'Supreme God', while in Latin it stands for a 'Youthful woman'. Choosing nicknames for Julia can be tough but the options below will make your task easier. Check out the best nicknames for Julia here.

Best Nicknames For Julia

1. Jewel - (English origin) A name meaning 'Precious'.

2. Jewelie - Taken from the word 'Jewel'.

3. Ji - (Korean origin) means ‘wise’.

4. Jiji - (Korean origin) A name meaning 'Intellectual' and 'Wise'.

5. Jo - The shortest and coolest nickname.

6. Joho - Taken from the word 'Boho'.

7. Jojo - (Hebrew origin) means ‘God raises’.

8. Jolena - (English origin) means ‘cheerful’.

9. Jolene - For a beautiful person.

10. Jolie - (French origin) means ‘pretty’.

11. Jolly - It means a person who is of 'Attractive and Cheerful disposition'.

12. Ju - (Chinese origin) means 'Chrysanthemums' or 'Daisy flowers'.

13. Jue - (Chinese origin) means ‘vermillion’.

14. Juhi - (Indian origin) means 'Jasmine flower'.

15. Jule - (Latin origin) means ‘Jove’s child’. Jove is the God of Romans.

16. Jules - (Latin origin) A beautiful name for both boys and girls, it means 'Youthful', 'Downy', and 'Soft'.

17. Juli - A variation of the word July.

18. Julie - (Latin origin) A common nickname for Julia meaning 'Beautiful' and 'Youthful'.

19. Julienne - (French and Latin origin) A beautiful name meaning 'Love's child' or 'Youthful'.

20. Juliet - A character of Shakespeare meaning 'Youthful'.

21. Julija - (Latin origin) An English name meaning 'Youth'.

22. Julitta - (Latin origin) Another pretty name for girls meaning 'family of julii'.

23. Julius - (Greek origin) A name meaning 'Devoted to Jove'. Also a character in Shakespeare's play

24. Jully - (Latin origin) A sweet name meaning 'youth'.

25. Juls - A trendy and stylish nickname.

26. July - Perfect for a july-born person.

27. Julyet - A variation of 'Juliet'.

28. June - For a person born in June.

Amazing Nicknames For Julia

29. Juno - A Roman Goddess and the 'Queen of Heaven'.

30. Juu - A funny and cute nickname.

31. Juulia - A variation of 'Julia'.

32. Leah - (Hebrew origin) It means 'delicate'.

33. Leanne - (French origin) means 'To twine around'.

34. Lee - (English origin) A short and sweet name meaning 'Meadows'.

35. Lene - (Latin origin) means ‘soft’.

36. Lia - (Italian origin) A beautiful name for babies meaning 'Gentle' and 'Relaxed'.

37. Lilian - (Latin origin) A beautiful name for girls meaning 'Purity' or 'Lily'.

38. Lily- (Latin origin) means ‘pure’

39. Linnie - (Spanish origin) means ‘beautiful’.

40. Lisie - (Hebrew origin) means ‘rational’.

41. Lizy - (Hebrew origin’ means ‘God’s promise.

42. Lulia - (Turkish origin) means 'Diamond' or 'Pearl'.

43. Lynne - (Welsh origin) means ‘lake’.

44. Uli - (German origin) means ‘noble and rich heritage’.

45. Xulia - A stylish variation of Julia.

46. Yula - For a beautiful young woman.

47. Yuliya - Yuliya is a variant of the name Julia.

Cool Nicknames For Julia

48. Ju Ju

49. Judia

50. Juka

51. Julerz

52. Juliette

53. Julinja

54. Julita

55. Julius

56. Juliya

57. Juul

58. Liana

59. Liane

60. Lianna

61. Lieke

62. LilLil

Unique Nicknames For Julia

63. Jualetta

64. Jud

65. Julaine

66. Julayan

67. Juleen

68. Julena

69. Julenda

70. Juley

71. Juliaeta

Famous People Named Julia

72. Julia Roberts - An American actress who won three Golden Globe awards and an Academy award.

73. Julia Kristeva - A Bulgarian-french literary critic, philosopher, and the author of ‘Teresa, My Love’.

74. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - A comedian, actress, and producer best known for working on the television program ‘Saturday Night’.

75. Julia Görges - A former German tennis player who ranked 9 in the top-ten singles and also ranked in the top-15 in doubles.

76. Julia Ward Howe - American poet and writer well known for writing ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’.

77. Julia Ormond - An English actress famous for her work in the ‘Baby of Mâcon’ and ‘Legends of the Fall.

78. Julia Glushko - A retired Israeli tennis player who won 14 doubles titles and 11 singles titles on the ITF circuit.

79. Yulia Lipnitskaya - A retired Russian competitive figure skater who was part of the team winning the Winter Olympics team trophy in 2014.

80. Julia Duffy - An American actress famous for her role in ‘Once in a Lifetime’.

81. Julia Volkova - A Russian singer well known for being a member of the Russian girl group t.A.T.u. 

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