77 Perfect Precious Meaning Names For Girls, Boys, And Pets

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List of precious meaning names will feature some highly respected names that mean and sound precious.
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When you think about a word that means precious, you might think of related objects that are extremely valuable.

So, why not select highly esteemed precious baby names for your dear babies, be it human babies or four-legged babies. Here are some of the most valuable names with meanings you can give to your beloved babies because of their great value, similar to what the baby is worth.

Read on for some of the baby names that are not only popular but are worth every word that has related meanings.

Girl Names Meaning Precious

Having a little girl in your family is a god-given blessing because you deserve it. She is the one who fills a range of purposes in your life. So, here are some of the best baby girl names meaning precious:

Amber (English origin), meaning 'a precious jewel', is a beautiful name for a daughter that brings happiness to your life.

Aasmaa (Arabic origin), meaning 'precious', is a name that gives you a warm sensation when you say it.

Adaya (Hebrew origin), meaning 'precious charm of the god', is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.

Agan (Indian origin), meaning, 'a precious stone which is very expensive', is a perfect name for a girl who has a bright soul.

Amber (French origin), meaning 'precious jewel', is a name that sounds classy and aesthetic.

Chichima (Igbo/Nigerian origin), meaning 'a sweet and precious girl', is one of the cutest names for your daughter.

Chu (Chinese origin), meaning 'pearl; a precious jewel', is an aesthetic-sounding name.

Dalenna (English origin), meaning 'precious little jewel', is a cute name for a baby girl.

Diamonique (English origin), meaning 'precious one', is a unique name for your cute little daughter.

Dovey (English origin), meaning 'precious and a gift from God', is a name for a God-favourite that he sent your way.

Eadild (English origin), meaning 'a fortunate and precious person', is a girl's name that brings good fortune.

Elilmani (Hindu origin), meaning 'precious like the rare gem', is a girl with this name who has a very precious and beautiful smile.

Galadriel (Literary origin), meaning 'damsel adorned with a precious crown', is another lovely and distinctive baby girl name.

Gemma (Italian origin), meaning 'precious stone', is an aesthetic and cool-sounding name.

Godiva (Anglo origin), meaning, 'variant of name Godifu which means the precious gift of God to the parents', is a unique name that is rare to find.

Helmi (Finnish origin), meaning 'precious thing', is a lovely name that would suit a precious baby girl.

Jawahara (Arabic origin), meaning 'a precious stone', is a beautiful name and a good choice for an adorable baby girl.

Jaydee (English origin), meaning 'precious stone', is an adorable name.

Kaari (Nordic origin), meaning 'rare excellence, precious stone', is a sophisticated and attractive name for a baby girl.

Kamaya (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'precious one', is a name for a baby girl who brings an infinite amount of happiness into your life.

Lanna (English origin), meaning 'precious and valued person', is another perfect name for your daughter.

Maggie (Greek origin), meaning 'precious pearl', is an alluring name for a baby girl.

Manikarnika (Hindu origin), meaning, 'a precious stone jewelry for the ear', is a simple yet beautiful name.

Nageenah (Arabic origin), meaning 'precious stone', is a fitting name for a beautiful and precious girl.

Ophia (Hebrew origin), meaning 'very precious person', is an adorable name.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Precious Gift

It is a true blessing to have a kid in your life, whether a boy or a girl. However, just as having a baby girl is a fantastic experience, there are various reasons why having a baby boy is also the most joyous experience. Since boys bond differently with their parents than girls, if you have a baby boy, some experiences will be unique to them.

Abrik (Indian origin), meaning 'precious like gold', is a lovely-sounding name.

Alanin (Arabic origin), meaning 'a precious little boy', is a name that is quite rare, and you won't see this name regularly.

Alay (Indian origin), meaning 'gift', is a perfect name for a baby boy who brings new adventures and joy to your life.

Amirkyal (Arabic origin), meaning 'reward', is an aesthetic name for a baby.

Anum (Indian origin), meaning 'blessing of God', is a fitting name for your precious baby boy.

Attaullah (Arabic origin), meaning 'gift of Allah', is the perfect name for a charismatic and intuitive baby.

Ayne (German origin), meaning 'the Lord has shown favor', is a name for a forgiving and peaceful baby.

Barkat (Arabic origin), meaning 'miracle', is a popular baby name in Asia.

Bhanuprasad (Indian origin), meaning 'a gift of the sun', is a name for a baby who is bright and intelligent.

Bozidar (Slavic origin), meaning 'God has been gracious', is a brilliant suggestion for a lively baby.

Charis (Greek origin), meaning 'charities', is a boy who has a very sympathetic nature.

Divamani (Indian origin), meaning 'precious wisdom of divinity', is a name that reflects charisma and wisdom.

Eben (Hebrew origin), meaning 'precious stone of help', is a charming name.

Emuobosa (Nigerian origin), meaning, 'our own thing is precious', expresses excitement and ambition.

Gianni (Italian origin), meaning 'God is gracious', is a beautiful name for your son.

Gohar (Arabic origin), meaning 'precious stone', is a perfect name for a baby with a charismatic aura.

Jhulier (Indian origin), meaning 'precious', people with this name can deal with every kind of person because they are diplomatic and have a pleasant sense of humor.

Kito (Swahili origin), meaning 'a precious stone', is the name for a strong baby boy.

Manil (Indian origin), meaning 'precious', is a perfect name for a precious baby boy.

Mathias (Greek origin), meaning 'miracle', is a rare name for a beautiful baby.

Naadir (Arabic origin), meaning 'a precious gift', is a name that reflects many talents and untapped potential.

Nidhan (Sikh origin), meaning 'a collection of precious things', is a pleasant name.

Padak (Indian origin), meaning 'one who is precious', is a simplistic name with a lovely meaning.

Supal (Indian origin), meaning 'precious time', is a name that symbolizes the fact that time is short and that we should treasure what we have.

Takato (Japanese origin), meaning 'precious measure of exaltation', is another choice for naming your baby boy.

Precious meaning names are extremely popular with parents.

Pet Names Meaning Precious

As precious as children are, many other things might be deemed valuable, such as jewelry, vehicles, and owning a pet. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a devoted companion. A pet's unconditional affection may do more than keep you company. Pets may also help children with their emotional and social abilities and reduce stress and promote heart health. So it's only logical that you'd give your pet a name that means 'precious'.

Abrik means as 'precious as gold'. A name that sounds as priceless as a pearl.

Alexander is a precious jewel stone that is as priceless as your beloved.

Bo is a name meaning precious. Indeed, the name is not only precious but equally priceless.

Cenia is a precious gem that is more beautiful than a pearl.

Cecil means 'precious moonstone'. An excellent name for your dear and beloved baby.

Gem means precious stone. One of the unique baby names.

Jasper is a precious brownstone with a sound as precious as your dear pet.

Jonah is a name that means 'precious dove' because of its great value.

Jorin is one of the baby names that mean 'precious'.

Preshy is a cool nickname for a precious pet that means precious.

Rubel is a variation of rubellite tourmaline, a precious gemstone of great value.

Sapphire is a precious blue stone used as a priceless jewel.

Zircon is the precious birthstone of December which is extremely valuable.

Names Meaning Precious Treasure From Around The World

The child is the most treasured possession for both parents, as the saying goes. The child is also commonly portrayed as his father and mother's future, in which millions of dreams are rooted. As a parent, you will have to make sacrifices in many areas, including sleep, job, and others, but it will all be worthwhile to see your child smile because they mean the world to you, and nothing can replace it. So, in this part of the article, you will find names that mean 'precious treasure' or some words that have a similar meaning for your precious little one.

Adiya (Arabic origin) means 'God'streasure or precious possession'.

Aghigh (Persian origin) means 'treasured or precious'. A great African name.

Aghla (Arabic origin) means 'most precious'. Indeed a great name from the country of India.

Bahurai (Hindu origin) means 'treasures'. A popular name in the country of India.

Caspari (Italian origin) means 'treasure bearer'.

Cherish (English origin), meaning 'a treasure'. It is a very popular American name.

Dayandhi (Hindu origin) means 'precious treasure'.

Ermenhilda (Portuguese origin) means 'huge treasure'.

Harto (Germanic origin) means 'treasure'.

Inioluwa (Yoruba origin) means 'acquiring God'streasure'.

Jasper (Kenyan origin), meaning 'one who brings treasure'.

Joona (German origin) means 'God will add blessings'. A popular Nigerian name.

Kansa (Arabic origin) means 'treasure'.

Lakita (Arabic origin) means 'treasure that is found'.

Pounamu (Maori origin), meaning 'a treasured gift'. A highly esteemed African name.

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