99 Powerful Roman Warrior Names For Your Little Fighter

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Roman warrior names from ancient Rome are popular among people to select unique Roman boy names.
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In the arena of battles, with a crowd filled with fret and terror, every heart skipping beats seeing bloodshed as wild, ferocious, heroic fighters amidst the realms of amphitheaters fight to win the title of honor.

These endeavoring figures of ancient Rome are none other than those gladiators (skilled warriors) that entertained the Romans by performing armed combats and butchering their opponents in the arenas. They were skilled swordsmen who used to fight with deadly criminals and wild animals in the rinks.

Roman warriors were categorized into four types, Thraex, Samnites, Retiarius, and Myrmillo. In layman's language, you can call them fighters of ancient Rome whose fights could make for a great TV series.

Read on for some interesting Roman baby names. Also, check Roman female baby names.

Great Roman Male Warrior Names

Here are some great Roman male warrior names to help you select traditional and unique baby names.

Augustus Caesar (Latin Origin), meaning ‘majestic’, was the first Roman Emperor. Augustus was the most influential leader in human history. An excellent name for a baby boy.

Carpophorus (Greek Origin), meaning ‘fruit bearer’, was a gladiator that battled with wild animals and was compared to the God Hercules.

Crixus (Gaulish Origin), meaning ‘one with girly hair’, was a famous gladiator.

Flamma (Latin Origin), meaning ‘fire of love’, was a Syrian gladiator under the Roman Empire.

Flavius Aetius (Latin Origin), meaning ‘eagle’, was a statesman and the most influential man in the Empire. He was also known as the Last of the Romans. It can be a suitable name for a boxer.

Flavius Valerius Constantinus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘blonde’, was also known as Constantine the Great. He was a Roman Emperor who stopped the persecution of Christians. A great name for a Roman boy.

Gaius Julius Caesar (Latin Origin), meaning ‘downy-bearded’, was a Roman general who conquered Gaul and emerged victorious in civil wars. Julius Caesar became the dictator of Rome and is an immensely popular figure of his time.

Gnaeus Julius Agricola (Latin Origin), meaning ‘downy-bearded’, was a Roman general and was responsible for the Roman conquest of Britain. 

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘great’, was a Roman general who played a significant role in transforming Rome from a republic to an empire. You can consider this name for a red-haired baby.

Hercules (Latin Origin), meaning 'hero noted for his strength’, was a Roman equivalent of the Greek divine hero Heracles.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla (Latin Origin), meaning ‘light’, was a statesman who won the first civil war in Roman history and became the first man of the Republic to use forces for seizing power. 

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘light’, was the seventh and the final king of Rome. He was known as Tarquin the Proud.

Marcus Antonius (Latin Origin), meaning ‘shining’, was a Roman politician who played a crucial role in transforming the Roman Republic from the Constitutional Republic into the Autocratic Roman Empire. 

Marcus Atilius Regulus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘shining’, was a Roman general and consul of the Roman Republic. One of the best ancient Roman names for boys.

Marcus Claudius Marcellus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘dedicated to Mars’, was a Military Leader.

Marcus Ulpius Traianus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘wolf’, was a Roman senator who extended the Roman Empire to the east.

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (Latin Origin), meaning ‘shining’, was a lieutenant of the Roman Emperor Augustus. It is one of the most ancient Roman names for boys.

Mars (Latin Origin) was the Roman god of War. 

Nero Claudius Drusus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘black’, was a popular military commander.

Priscus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘ancient’, was a rival in the arena and immortalized by the poet Martial.

Scipio Africanus (Latin Origin), meaning 'stick', was a Roman general and the main hero of Rome's victory against Carthage in the Second Punic War. 

Septimius Severus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘seventh son’, was a popular Roman Emperor.

Spiculus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘ear of grain’, was a friend of Emperor Nero and a real crowd-pleaser. This Latin name already has an appeal that suits to a loving father and a caring brother.

Tetraites (Latin Origin) was a gladiator known for his battles with Prudes. 

Verus (Latin Origin) means ‘true’.

Strong Roman Warrior Names for Women

Women have ruled the different aspects of life and aced all of them like a master. The same is true for great women fighters who made the world believe in their power by proving their skills and charm. 

Achillia (Latin Origin) were female gladiators and a source of amusement for the Roman crowd. 

Amazon (Latin Origin) was a female gladiator.

Bellona (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Roman goddess of war’, sacrificed her arms for her child. 

Camilla (Latin Origin), meaning ‘noble’, was the Amazon queen of Volsci. She was famous for her speed. 

Cartimandua (Anglo-Saxon Origin) was a queen of Brigantes and formed a large tribal agglomeration. It can be considered one of the fun Roman names for boys and girls.

Cleopatra (Greek Origin), meaning ‘butterfly’, was known for her relationship with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. 

Cloelia (Latin Origin), meaning ‘famous’, was a hostage taken under King Lars. She was given the honor of an equestrian statue. 

Joan of Arc (Latin Origin), meaning ‘god is gracious’, was a great female warrior and Roman Catholic saint. She preferred to win by strategies rather than slaying.

Juno (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘goddess of light’, was known to be the protector and special counselor of state.

Martina (Roman Origin), meaning ‘servant of Mars’, was a patron saint of Rome. 

Minerva (Italian Origin), meaning ‘goddess of wisdom’, was similar to the Greek goddess Athena. There are temples in Rome dedicated to her.

Zenobia (Greek Origin), meaning ‘life of Zeus’, became the ruler of the Palmyrene Empire after her husband’s death. One of the rare boy names for your son.

Cool Roman Warrior Names From Movies

Gladiators were widely popular among the crowds and became a part of several movies and web series. The saga of their bravery is shown beautifully in these TV dramas. Let's take a look at them:

Barabbas (Greek Origin) was a film that was shot in Rome and tells the story of Barabbas, a biblical figure. 

Maximus Decimus Meridius (Latin Origin) means ‘greatest’.

Spartacus (Latin Origin) was a film based on the life story of Spartacus who led a revolt against Roman owners to fight slavery. 

Titus (Latin Origin), meaning ‘Titan of giants’, was a film adaptation of the life of Titus, the conqueror of Jerusalem.

Traditional Roman and Greek names are preferred by parents for their son.

Ancient Roman Names Meaning Warrior

Here are some Ancient Roman names that mean warrior and add the element of bravery to their personalities.

Aegidius (Greek Origin) means ‘protector’ and is a name derived from Aigis, a breastplate of goatskin.

Aloysius (Germanic Origin) means ‘famous warrior’ and is a traditional name that exudes retro-cool.

Atticus (Latin Origin), which means ‘belonging to Africa’, has connotations of literary sophistication and culture.

Audacia (Latin Origin) means ‘boldness’ and ‘courage’. It is a great name for your little doll. 

Audax (Latin Origin) means ‘daring’ and stands for audacious. 

Bellicina (Latin Origin) means ‘female warrior’ and describes the one who is brave and a fighter. 

Caldus (Latin Origin) means ‘rashness’ and is one of the most common Roman names used for baby boys. 

Celerianus (Latin Origin) is a wonderful Roman name for quick-stepped gladiator. 

Cita (Latin Origin) means ‘a woman with agility’ or a baby who is ‘musically talented’. 

Citata (Latin Origin) means ‘an agile warrior’ and is a highly-recommended name. 

Commodus (French Origin) was the Emperor of Rome. He was cruel and was murdered in a conspiracy by his mistress. 

Cyrus (Persian Origin) means ‘one who bestows care’ and is a great name with a lot of understated appeals.

Drusus (Roman Origin) means ‘strong’ and is taken from the Celtic word Drausus, which means ‘quiet and clever mind’.

Felix (Latin Origin) means ‘happy fortune’ and is a perfect name to bring your boy luck and success. 

Ferociana (Latin Origin) means ‘a savage woman’ and is an intimidating name for a gladiator. 

Ferocianus (Latin Origin) means ‘fierce’ and is a powerful name for your little warrior. 

Ferox (Latin Origin) means ‘war-like’. It was a name for a wild and ferocious gladiator. 

Ferullus (Latin Origin) means ‘as strong as iron’ and is a common Roman name. 

Fervidia (Latin Origin) means ‘a fiery and angry woman’.

Frontosus (Latin Origin) means ‘one who charges ahead’. 

Hermes (Greek Origin), meaning ‘god of good luck’, was a skillful fighter who was superior to other gladiators. 

Herminius (Latin Origin) means ‘a hero who saved Rome’ and is a wonderful name for your little patriot. 

Ignatius (Latin Origin) means ‘fire’ and is a perfect name for a boy who is ardent and fiery. 

Leonardo (Italian Origin) means ‘brave’ and ‘strong as a lion’. It is a popular name choice among the masses. 

Marcello (Italian Origin) means ‘dedicated to the god of war- Mars’. Mars was the Roman god of war and fertility. 

Marcellus (Latin Origin) means ‘warrior’. It is a masculine name and also a famous surname. 

Mark (Germanic Origin) means ‘warrior’ or ‘war-like’. It is the third most common Roman name for boys. 

Maximo (Latin Origin) means ‘the greatest’ and ‘top’. It is a boy’s name with three syllables. 

Mevia (Latin Origin) means ‘strong’. It is a name for compassionate and enthusiastic babies. 

Mordax (Latin Origin) means ‘snappish’ and is a cool gladiator name. 

Nerva (Latin Origin) means ‘sovereign of the Roman Empire’ and is a name by which the first Roman Emperor was known. 

Nervilla (Latin Origin) means ‘tough’ and ‘small’. They are leaves that have fan-like veins. 

Nocentianus (Latin Origin) means ‘fierce warrior’. It was used for a gladiator who was determined to be a killer. 

Nolan (Irish Origin) means ‘noble’ and is referred to as a descendant of a chariot fighter or a champion. 

Owen (Celtic Origin) means ‘youthful’ and ‘well-born’. 

Potentina (Latin Origin) means ‘a strong warrior’ and is the perfect name for feisty girls. 

Prudes (French Origin) means ‘proud’ and is the best name for a baby who is concerned with decorum and propriety. 

Publius (Latin Origin) means ‘a hero who saved Rome’. It is commonly used by Patrician and Plebeian families in Rome. 

Raymond (French Origin) means ‘protection’ and is a gender-neutral name that also means ‘wise protector’. 

Roburius (Latin Origin) means ‘one with strength and fury’ and was given to a gladiator with immense power and strength. 

Strenua (Roman Origin) means ‘a Roman name for a healthy gladiator’.

Strenuus (Latin Origin) means ‘vigorous’ and is a rare name choice among the masses. 

Tarquin (Latin Origin) means ‘ruler of a kingdom’ and 'a male sovereign'. 

Thaddeus (Latin Origin) means ‘courageous’ and is a name given to courageous hearts. 

Titan (English Origin) means ‘a person with great strength’ and is a historic reference to a huge ship-wreck.

Udacia (Latin Origin) means ‘boldness’ and its name numerology is twenty-two. 

Valens (Roman Origin) means ‘strong’ or ‘vigorous’. From the roots of Vales, it means to be well and is a rare name. 

Valentilla (Latin Origin) means a ‘healthy and ‘strong woman’.

Valerian (Latin Origin) means ‘strength’ and is the name for valiant and healthy boys. 

Valerius (Latin Origin) means ‘strength’ and is a rise for Roman names ending with ‘S’. 

Varinius (Latin Origin) means ‘versatile’ and is a Roman name derived from Varius. 

Velox (Latin Origin) means ‘swift’ and ‘rapid’.

Vigor (English Origin) means ‘physical strength’ and is a common name in the Philippines. 

Vincent (Latin Origin) means ‘to conquer’. It is a strong and bold name with great artistic connotation. 

Viratus (Latin Origin) means ‘strong’ or ‘virility’. A perfect name for charismatic boys. 

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