100+ Top Famous Warrior Names From History And Fiction

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Originally Published on Nov 20, 2020
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There have been multitudes of famous warriors throughout time captured in history, literature, and movies.

The ancient names for warriors are etched in the memories of many people. As a result many parents who are struggling to think of the best baby name look for famous warriors' names from history and fiction for inspiration.

Names play a powerful role in our life. The meaning of our name and its origin can shape our entire personality.

Some parents choose to opt for names that mean or translate to warrior to try and instill this inner strength in their child. A fun alternative to this is directly naming your child after a strong male or a female famous warrior.

Giving your child one of these strong names means that they will grow to understand the importance of their name and will hopefully try to live up to it.

There are various renowned warriors throughout history who have proven themselves with their great deeds. Why not name your child after one such famous warrior, so when they grow older they can discover this fascinating part of history and culture?

A renowned warrior name is one that sounds bold and has a clear historical or familial context. From Amazonian women warriors known for their strength to Greek male warriors known for their cunning skills and wrath, this list will give you a comprehensive list of good warrior names to help you name your baby.

Look beyond names that mean warrior to real life name inspiration with this great list.

For more naming inspiration and for ideas of names that mean warrior, check out this list of boy names that mean warrior and these girl names that mean warrior.

Strong Male Warrior Names From Films

Here is a list of warrior names that you might find interesting; each taken from the silver screen. If you want to give your child names that mean warrior, this list is a great place to start finding inspiration.

1.Achilles: The greatest renowned warrior from Greek mythology, and found in the movie 'Troy'. If you're interested in famous Greek warrior names, this one is perfect for you.

2.Adonis Creed: Rocky Balboa's protégé, a true champion who fights like a warrior until he is down, from the movie 'Creed'.

3.Aldo Raine: A soldier who fights for justice, from the movie 'Inglorious Bastards'. This can be used to inspire boy names for your little fighter.

4.Alejandro Gillick: A man who becomes an assassin to avenge his wife's murder, from the movie 'Sicario'.

5.Aragorn: A famous warrior King who led the fight against injustice in 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

6.Bruce Wayne: A vigilante who fights the criminals in the fictional city of Gotham in 'Batman'.

7.Bryan Mills: A man who fights the criminals who kidnap his daughter in 'Taken'.

8.Colonel Miles Quaritch: The fierce warrior man who fights against the Avatars in 'Avatar'.

9.Forrest Bondurant: A famous warrior fighting against perpetrators of crime against him, from the movie 'Lawless'.

10.Frank Lucas: A fierce gangster, from the movie 'American Gangster'.

11.Han Solo: A fighter and warrior known for his resilience in 'Star Wars'.

12.Hector: A Trojan Prince from the movie 'Troy'.

13.Hugh Glass: A frontiersman who is known for his survival story, from the movie 'The Revenant'.

14.Indiana Jones: A fictional archaeologist who is also a fierce warrior.

15.James Bond: The name of a top class secret agent working for MI6 who fights against international criminals.

16.Jason Bourne: A CIA operative and former assassin, from 'The Bourne Series'.

17.John McClane: The name of a fictitious character who is a fighter against villains, from the 'Die Hard' Series.

18.John Rambo: A character who enters dangerous situations alone like a true warrior, from the movie 'Rambo'.

19.John Wick: A retired assassin and fighter who fights against gangsters like himself, from the movie 'John Wick'.

20.Jules Winnfield: A gangster who is famous for repeatedly quoting from the Bible, from the movie 'Pulp Fiction'.

21.Kiyuchiyo: A samurai warrior known to be among the ruling warrior class, from the movie 'The Seven Samurai'.

22.Lee: A martial artist and warrior who helps the British Intelligence in an undercover mission, from the movie 'Enter The Dragon'.

23.Leonidas: Name of the King of Sparta, a great warrior known for his bravery in the fight against the Persians, from the movie '300'. This is a strong male warrior name.

24.Leon: An assassin who helps a young girl to fight against injustice, from the movie 'Leon: The Professional'. One of the best baby names for your new arrival.

25.Luke Hobbs: A lead Federal Agent and fighter who hunts criminals, from 'The Fast And The Furious' series.

26.Marv: An intelligent warrior who fights to clear his name against false crimes, from the movie 'Sin City'.

27.Maximus Decimus Meridius: A high-ranking Roman official known for his strength and survival in the Gladiator arena, from the movie 'Gladiator'.

28.Michael Corleone: The son of Godfather Vitto Corleone, known for his wit and courage, from the movie 'The Godfather'.

29.Morpheus: A selfless warrior leader and teacher who leads the fight against the evil matrix, from the movie 'The Matrix'.

30.Nikolai Luzhin: A professional warrior criminal working for a crime family, from the movie 'Eastern Promises'.

31.Rooster Cogburn: A marshal fighting against outlaws, from the movie 'True Grit'.

32.Tommy Devito: An American Mobster associated with crime families, from the movie 'Goodfellas'.

33.Tony Montana: A small-time gangster who makes it big with his courage, from the movie 'Scarface'.

34.Tyler Durden: A warrior and fighter against capitalism and consumerism, from the movie 'Fight Club'.

35.Vincent Vega: A hitman who assists his partner in crimes, from the movie 'Pulp Fiction'.

36.Vito Corleone: The Godfather of the Corleone family who is known for his compassion and helpful nature but also his fighter side, from the movie 'The Godfather'.

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Powerful Female Warrior Names From Films

Here is a list of warrior women names that you might find interesting; each name also includes a short description of the character and where it comes from. For names that mean warrior for girls, this is the best list to check out.

37.Alice: The warrior who fights against an evil corporation, from 'The Resident Evil Series'. This is among the strong female names for your daughter.

38.Beatrix Kiddo: An assassin who takes revenge against people who wronged her, from the 'Kill Bill series'.

39.Diana Prince: An Amazonian warrior who fights for the betterment of the world, from the movie 'Wonder Women'.

40.Ellen Ripley: A fierce warrior who fights against aliens, from 'The Alien Quadrilogy'.

41.Eowyn: A noblewoman who fights against witch kings, from 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

42.Evie: This name, meaning "breathe" is of a young girl who assists a revolutionary to fight the evil government, from the movie 'V for Vendetta'. If you're looking for girl names for your little warrior princess, this is a great one for you.

43.Furiosa: A war captain who escapes an evil warlord, from the movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

44.Hanna Heller: A trained assassin known for hand-to-hand combat, from the movie 'Hanna'.

45.Jen Yu: A martial arts master trained in combat, from the movie 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.

46.Katniss Everdeen: A fierce archer who fights against an evil ruler, from 'The Hunger Games' trilogy. This is powerful among warrior girl names.

47.Lisbeth Salander: A rebellious teenager who fights against evil millionaires, from the movie 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'. She overcomes a lot and is a true warrior.

48.Lorraine Broughton: A top-level MI6 agent working for the government, from the movie 'Atomic Blonde'.

49.Mei: A warrior trained in throwing daggers, from the movie 'House Of Flying Daggers'.

50.Natalya Romanov: A trained assassin who fights against evil villains of the world, from 'The Avengers'.

51.Rita Vrataski: A warrior who fights to stop an alien invasion and shows unwavering courage in the battlefield, from the movie 'Edge Of Tomorrow'.

52.Sarah Corner: A strong warrior fighting against evil robots, from 'The Terminator'. Sarah is a name meaning "noblewoman".

53.Selene: This name meaning "brightness" is of a vengeful fictional character from the movie 'Underworld'.

54.Trinity: A computer hacker trained in combat training and intelligence, from 'The Matrix'. She's quite the warrior to inspire the name of your new baby.

55.Yukio: This name meaning "snow boy" is from the skilled ninja with precognitive abilities, from the movie 'The Wolverine'.

56.Yu Shu Lien: This name meaning "sacrificing happiness" is from the sword-fighting warrior who owns a security company, from the movie 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.

Warrior Names From Greek Mythology

The Greeks have always been known for being brave warriors who have a fighter's spirit and bravery. Here are some ancient warrior names that can be used for baby names if you want to name your baby after the greatest warriors to have ever lived.

You could also choose to pick a name meaning warrior or name meaning battle for your child to instill an inner strength in them.

57.Achilles: The name of a great warrior of the Trojan war, who was known for the weakness in his heel.

58.Aeneas: The founder of the city of Rome, who was a warrior fighting on the side of the Trojans.

59.Hector: The name of the son of King of Troy who valiantly fought against Achilles in the Trojan war.

60.Hercules: This is considered the most powerful name. This warrior was one of the bravest of all time and loved by the Greeks.

61.Jason: One of the 50 warriors who sailed in search of the Golden Fleece.

62.Odysseus: King of Ithaca, he was a celebrated warrior and one of the major contributors to help the Greeks win the war.

63.Orpheus: The name of a brilliant musician and warrior.

64.Perseus: A warrior most known for the slaying of the Gorgon Medusa.

65.Prometheus: An ally of Zeus, and a great warrior.

66.Theseus: Theseus is the name of a warrior known for his triumph against various monsters. Later he became the King of Athens.

Names Of Ancient Amazon Warriors

The Amazonians have always had strong male and female warriors. These ancient warriors are known for their grit, strength, and skills in combat and war. Various people use these for baby names as an alternative to choosing names that mean warrior or names meaning battle.

67.Aella: A warrior who fought against Hercules when he came for Hippolyta's Girdle.

68.Ainippe: A fierce warrior who confronted Telamon in the battle against Hercules' troops.

69.Alkippe: A warrior known for her vows to remain a virgin, she was killed by Hercules himself.

70.Andromache: Another warrior woman who fought against the Greeks.

71.Antianeira: The name of a warrior who became the Queen of Amazons after Achilles was killed in the Trojan war.

72.Deianira: She was a Calydonian princess in Greek mythology; her name carries the meaning "man destroyer".

73.Hippolyta: She was the daughter of Ares and the queen of Amazons, known for her fight against Hercules to keep her girdle.

74.Hippomache: A warrior and fighter known for her skills in archery.

75.Melanippe: She was an Amazonian demigod, also known as a God of war.

76.Sparethra: A great warrior who collected an army of 200,000 women and made war upon Cyrus.

Warrior Names From Mythology

Here is a list of some ancient mythological warriors known for their bravery. These would make great girl or boy names for your child if you cannot find a name meaning warrior or a name meaning battle that you like.

77.Ares: This is the name of the Greek God of war. A good warrior name.

78.Arthur: Name of the legendary Knight and King of Britain in Arthurian mythology.

79.Bellona: Name of the Roman Goddess of war. A good female warrior name.

80.Camilla: Name of the warrior heroine in Roman mythology.

81.Lang: This is the name of the God of poetry, war & tribal prosperity.

82.Minerva: Name of the Roman Goddess of the hunt.

83.Robin: Name of a skilled archer and a heroic outlaw.

84.Thanatos: Name of the Greek God of death.

85.Zeus: Name of the Greek God  of sky and thunder.

86.Zorya: Name of the Slavic Goddess of midnight & bravery.

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Warrior Names Inspired By Legendary Women

These warrior names are all inspired by strong female warriors, rather than choosing names that mean warrior, or names meaning battle for your child, why not name them after a real-life famous female warrior.

87. Ahhotep: Commanded the ancient Egyptian army.

88. Amina Sukhera: The Muslim princess of the Zazzau kingdom whose military achievements are noteworthy.

89. Anita Garibaldi: A warrior in Brazil's Ragamuffin War.

90. Aqualtune: The Congo warrior princess who led 10,000 soldiers in the Battle of Mbwila.  

91. Arawelo: The Somali warrior Queen who rejected gender roles.

92. Colestah: A warrior woman who fought in Washington's 'Battle of Spokane Plains' in 1858. One of the famous Native American warrior names.

93. Deborah Sampson: The first female fighter in the American military.

94. Harriet Tubman: The first woman who led an armed assault in the American Civil War.

95. Hatshepsut: Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

96. Kahina: She led the resistance to Northwest Africa's Arab expansion in the seventh century.

97. Lozen: The female warrior who fought in the Apache Wars.

98. Maria Quiteria: This female warrior fought for Brazilian independence dressed like a man.

99. Nzinga: African warrior who resisted Portuguese control of Angola in the seventeenth century.

100. Sarah Pritchard: A renowned warrior in the 26th Infantry of the Confederate Army.

Kidadl has lots of names related articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions of renowned warrior names from history and fiction, why not check out other articles, like these Ninja names, or for something different these Assassin names.

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