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40+ Red Dragon Names With Meanings

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Red dragons are the strongest of the chromatic dragons (dragons with colored scales).

They are known for their greed, cruelty,  and destructive power. They take whatever they want, whenever they want it, and they never fail to show off their fiery spells.

These evil mythical creatures are as red as a blood moon and are even larger than gold dragons. A clap of their powerful wings is enough to cause a storm to brew. Red dragons are found in mountainous regions, and some live deep within volcanoes. And as you might have guessed already,  they have better fire control than other dragons. The red dragon symbolizes strength and also good fortune because of its huge treasure stash. Dragao and Draak are just two of the many names that mean dragon.

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Red Dragons Names From Gems And Jewels

Red gem dice on board

When choosing a dragon name, you need to make sure that it's not only as bold as a dragon but that it also symbolizes something positive. This is why some of the coolest dragon names are from gems. There's just something so alluring about red gemstones. They are usually associated with vitality, love, warmth, courage, and of course, fire. If you're looking for super cool dragon names that befit a red dragon in all its glory, you'll find the best ones in this list.

1. Almandine (English origin) meaning "deep-red garnet"; a fine name for a leader.

2. Garnet ( English origin) meaning "dark red gemstone"; this name symbolizes life force.

3. Jasper (English origin) meaning "treasurer"; a name that will bring good fortune.

4. Moonga (Indian origin) meaning "red coral"; a beautiful name for a beautiful dragon.

5. Pyrope (Greek origin) meaning "fiery eyed"; a unique and powerful name for a dragon.

6. Rubellite (Singhalese origin) meaning "red tourmaline"; this is one of the best names for strong-willed female dragons.

7. Ruby (English origin) meaning "a deep-red precious stone"; this is another beautiful female dragon name.

8. Spessartine (German origin) meaning "orange-red garnet"; a name as red as the gem. 

Red Dragon Names From The Color Red

Chinese dragon statue with clear sky

Don't you just love how rich the color red is? If you're looking for names of dragons that mean red or have something to do with the color, refer to this list.

9. Adamek (Hebrew origin) meaning "son born of the red earth"; this name will suit your little legend.

10. Aries (Latin origin) meaning "the ram"; this is one of the zodiac signs and its lucky color is red.

11. Arvind (Hindi origin) meaning "red lotus flower"; the perfect name for your fire breather.

12. Crimson (English origin) meaning "deep red"; a name for daring creatures.

13. Edom (Hebrew origin) meaning "red"; only a great red dragon is worthy of this name.

14. Flanna (Irish origin) meaning "red-haired"; one of the best dragoness names.

15. Omaira (Arabic origin) meaning "red"; a unique name for a female dragon.

16. Phoenix (Greek origin) meaning "blood red"; awesome for your fire breather.

17. Rauthuell (Norse origin) meaning "dwelling beside the red spring"; a name for a wise dragon.

18. Rogan (Irish origin) meaning "redhead"; a name for a hot headed dragon.

19. Rorik (Irish origin) meaning "red king"; a great name for a ruler.

20. Scarlett (English origin) meaning "red"; one of the coolest female dragon names.

21. Sorrel (French origin) meaning "reddish-brown"; a name that brings warmth.

Super Cool Red Dragon Names

In this list, you'll find some hardcore names for dragons. If you've been following fantasy movies or games, you might spot some famous names here:

22. Adelonda (Greek origin) meaning "noble serpent".

23. Aidan (Irish origin) meaning "fireborn".

24. Blaze (English origin) meaning "fire".

25. Chusi (Hopi origin) meaning "snake flower".

26. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "dragon"; the name of a dragon in the film Dragonheart.

27. Dracul (Romanian origin) meaning "the dragon".

28. Drakon (Greek origin) meaning "dragon".

29. Drogon (English origin) meaning "dragon".

30. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark"; an awesome unisex name for your dragon.

31. Griffin (Irish origin) meaning "fierce little dragon".

32. Hydra (Greek origin) meaning "serpent of the water".

33. Kaida (Japanese origin) meaning "little dragon".

34. Longwei (Chinese origin) meaning "the greatness of a dragon".

35. Ormr (Norse origin) meaning "dragon".

36. Ryuu (Japanese origin) meaning "dragon".

37. Shenron (Chinese origin) meaning "spirit dragon".

38. Smaug (English origin) meaning "dragon"; a 'Lord Of The Rings' character.

39. Tanis (Greek origin) meaning "serpent".

40. Thorne (English origin) meaning "thorn bush".

41. Viper (English origin) meaning "serpent".

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