70+ Romulan Names From The Extended Star Trek Universe And Ideas For New Names

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The Romulans are a group of humanoids in Star Trek, living on the planet Romulus.

Even though they are closely related to the Vulcans, Vulcans and Romulans have some differences in them. Romulans are more xenophobic while Vulcans have been known to accept and maintain peace with other groups in the universe.

Now, coming to names, Romulans have a pretty easy naming system with the given name followed by their locative and family's clan name. Sometimes, the surnames change into maternal house names and the house names of their wives for the males as only males in the family change their surnames after marriage. Interestingly, the Romulan ale, an alcoholic drink is banned within the Federation due to perhaps the turbulent relationship between Romulans and the rest of the Federation.

Anyway, without much ado, let's take a look at some of the best names from the Romulan culture! If you enjoyed this article, why not read about 70+ Star Trek baby names that Trekkies will love or the top 25 strongest female Jedi names?

Awesome Male Romulan Names From Star Trek

Take a look at these awesome Romulan male names from the Star Trek franchise:

1. Adrev This unique name served as the last name for the Romulan senator, Tenqem.

2. Alidar A part of the famed Romulan military, Alidar was an admiral. This is one of the more common Romulan names used as personal names.

3. Ayel meaning 'graceful'. This was one of the names of the supporting Romulans in the 2009 movie, 'Star Trek'.

4. Bidran Part of the Romulan Rebirth Movement, Bidran was a friend of senator Tenqem Adrev.

5. Bochra meaning 'good news'. Bochra was the name of a Romulan officer who served their empire in the 24th century.

6. Colius meaning 'sheath'. Colius was the name of one of the earlier administrative heads of the Romulan kingdom.

7. Decius meaning 'ten'. In the Star Trek universe, Decius is the first Romulan ever to make an appearance.

8. D'Tan This was the name of one of the Romulans who were for an unification with the Vulcans.

9. Elnor meaning 'noble or daring'. Elnor was a Romulan warrior whose name can be used for a lot of members of your family.

10. Hiren meaning 'the lord or ruler of diamonds'. Praetor Hiren was a major political figure in the 24th century of the franchise's timeline.

11. Jarok meaning 'ditch'. This was the surname of the Romulan admiral, Alidar. Admiral Jarok is one of the more famous Romulans in the Star Trek franchise.

12. Letant meaning 'from the meadow'. The name Letant was given to a Romulan politician in the 24th century.

13. Mendak Mendak was a Romulan military commander.

14. Mirok meaning 'someone who attains glory by bringing peace'. This was the name of scientist from Romulus.

15. M'ret was known to be a high-ranking official in the Romulan's administration in the 2360s.

16. N'Raj In the 32nd century, N'Raj was an elder from Romulus.

17. Neral While he served as a politician, Neral was one of the many Romulans whose families were killed in Klingon raids.

18. Nero meaning 'powerful'. Appearing as the main antagonist in the 2009 Star Trek movie, Nero was a Romulan commander who was out for personal vengeance against the Federation.

19. N'Vek was an officer who served in the Romulan Star Empire.

20. Pardek Serving the senate of Romulus for over 9 decades, Pardek was quite a powerful citizen of the planet.

21. Rekar Probably a play on the word 'wrecker'. Commander Rekar was a member of the Tal Shiar, which was a Romulan spy agency.

22. Setal meaning 'bristle'. Setal was one of the Romulans who served under Admiral Jarok.

23. Tomalak is one of the most influential military Romulans in the Star Trek franchise.

24. Tenqem This was the name of one of the many Romulans who were part of the Romulan Star Empire.

25. Valdore This name could be a play on the Canadian city Val-d'Or which translates into 'valley of gold' and the name was one of the military officers in the 22nd century.

Female Romulan Names From The Romulan Empire

These are some of the more popular Romulan female names:

26. Ba'el meaning 'lord'. This is the name of a female Romulan born out of the union of a Romulan male and Klingon female.

27. Caithlin meaning 'pure'. The name Caithlin was given to a Romulan ambassador to the planet, Nimbus III.

28. Donatra was the name of one of the female Romulans who turned commander.

29. Frenchotte Frenchotte was the name of an exiled music composer of Romulan origin.

30. Karina meaning 'pure'; from a daring female Romulan.

31. Kimara meaning 'twin of something/myself'. Kimara Cretak was a Romulan politician and her name could be used as a personal name.

32. Laris meaning 'oak'; the name of the Romulan housekeeper working under Jean-Luc Picard.

33. Narissa meaning 'daughter of Nereus/sea nymph'; a colonel for the Tal Shiar.

34. Oh used as an interjection; a female general in the Tal Shiar.

35. Rakal from the name of a murdered Romulan agent.

36. Ramdha There was a Romulan scientist by the name of Ramdha.

37. Sela meaning 'rock'. Commander Sela was one of the most important Romulans in the Star Trek franchise, who tried to destabilize the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

38. Shira meaning 'poetry'; from the 32nd century Romulo-Vulcan character.

39. Tal'aura A very treacherous politician in the Romulan Empire's senate.

40. Zani meaning 'gift from God'. As part of the Romulan warrior nun order Qowat Milat, Zani gave her entire life to this order.

Star birth in the nebula

Cool Romulan Ship Names

Different Romulan ships were known by different names like warbirds, mining vessels, scout ships, etc. Here are some cool Romulan starship names, warbird names, and names of other vessels.

41. Belak meaning 'fair-haired/pale-skinned'; a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird in the 24th century.

42. Dividices meaning 'to force apart or seperate'. This is one of the more common Romulan warbird names.

43. Devoras a warbird ship captained by Admiral Mendak.

44. Gasko meaning 'strength of God'; a Romulan starship.

45. Genorax a name assigned to a Romulan warbird ship.

46. Khazara The Imperial Romulan Warbird (IRW) Khazara was a D'deridex-class warbird.

47. Koderex a D'deridex-class warbird.

48. Makar meaning 'blessed'; from the Romulan warship.

49. Narada referring to a sage god in Indian mythology; from the Romulan mining vessel that was captained by Nero.

50. Pi meaning 'circumference'; from the Romulan scout ship with a similar name.

51. Preceptor meaning 'teacher'; from the 24th-century Romulan warship.

52. Scimitar meaning 'lion's claws'; Jean-Luc Picard describes the heavily-armed Scimitar warship as a predator.

53. Shaenor derived from a Romulan scouting ship operating in the 24th century.

54. Talvath moving away from warships, the Talvath was a Romulan science vessel.

55. Terix The term Terix was the name of a D'deridex-class warbird in the Romulan fleet.

Unique Non-Canon Romulan Characters

There has been plenty of non-canonical work on Star Trek. Check out some non-canon names:

56. Ael meaning 'angel'; a Romulan female character in the novel 'My Enemy, My Ally'.

57. Chirok from the novel 'Balance Of Power'.

58. Korak from the non-canon novel 'The Romulan Prize'.

59. Selek from the novel 'Crossover'.

60. Zorak from the novel 'The Romulan Prize'.

Pluto Demoted Day

Great New Male Name Ideas For Your Inner Romulan

These generated male names can be a great fit for your personal Romulan character:

61. Alus

62. Cujeer

63. Dekeet

64. Itol

65. Jojox

66. Latai meaning 'gift from God'.

67. Soru meaning 'narrow/thin'.

68. Tomul

Innovative Romulan Female Name Ideas

If you are looking for new female names from Romulus, these could easily be your pick:

69. Caruna meaning 'sympathy'.

70. Ditam meaning 'to impose'.

71. Kavela meaning 'lotus'.

72. Mivoma

73. Pomo meaning 'those who live at red earth hole'.

74. Rurela

75. Sirona meaning 'astral/stellar'.

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