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Understanding the genus of flower species family is extremely important to know scientific flower names
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The list of scientific names of flower species offers excellent insights into the different species.

If someone asks you which is your favorite flower, the answer might be primrose, daffodil, chrysanthemum, marigold, sunflower, lavender, or rose. But do you know the scientific names of different flower species?

Well, fret not, for here is a detailed list of scientific names for different flower species and their common name and family.

Lotus Flower Scientific Names

A perfect list of distinct lotus flowers is mentioned with their scientific names.

Nelumbo lutea is an American lotus similar to water lilies with a minor difference. These come either in yellow or white color. They are also known as Water Chinquapin or Yellow Lotus.

Nelumbo- Alba Grandiflora is popular as Asiatic lotus, large flowers with a beautiful fragrance. These are white in color and bloom throughout the year in large masses.

Nelumbo Nucifera is also known as Angel Wings, whose leaves are waxy green in color. These do not need a lot of water to survive and are white fragrant flowers.

Nelumbo Momo Botan is one of the best lotus flowers with a long blooming season. Its double petals are rose-pink, and they stay open all day long.

Nelumbo Chawan Basu is a beautiful cup-shaped single petal white lotus with pink tips.

Lotus Berthelotii looks similar to a parrot's beak. This lotus is the winner of various international flower awards. Its leaves are silver-grey and have bright crimson flowers.

Nymphaea Nouchali, commonly called Blue Star Lotus, is native to Southern and Eastern parts of Asia. Due to its variety of colors, its nickname is Red and Blue Water Lily.

Nelumbo Roseum Plenum, also known as Rosea Plena lotus, is an aquatic flowering plant. The petals are pink in color, and their seeds are used in Chinese cooking.

Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) grows in muddy ponds and rises above the water surface. They are also known as the Bean of India or the Indian Lotus, considered sacred in East India.

Nelumbo- Nucifera Speciosum is a sacred pink lotus considered important in many Eastern religions.

Nymphaea Lotus, commonly known as white lotus, is very popular in aquariums and ponds. This elegant lotus is also known as Tiger Lotus or White Water Lily.

Perry's Giant Sunburst (Nelumbo) is a fragrant and fabulous flower, a large cup-shaped, double petal.

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum (Nelumbo), the Queen of all American Lotus, is a double lotus hybridized by Dr. Perry Slocum.

Nelumbo Nucifera (Green Miden Lotus) is a dwarf variety lotus with soft pink petals, but they change to yellow by the third day.

Nelumbo (Chinese Double Rose) is a free-flowering lotus resembling a peony. Chinese Double Rose has two-toned petals, i.e., creamy white and deep pink.

Nelumbo nucifera (Carolina Queen Lotus) is a rose-pink-colored lotus similar to tulips. This rose-pink-colored lotus is an important fixture in various cultures.

Nelumbo nucifera (Cherry Lotus) is one of the beautiful varieties of lotus whose petals are purplish-red and later fade to pink.

Nelumbo nucifera (King Lotus) is one of the largest lotus flowers. The flower is white outside and red inside.

Nelumbo nucifera (Japanese Lotus) is a lovely lotus species with shades of pink. These grow in pretty cold climates and bloom from early to late August.

Blue Flower Scientific Names

There are a diverse variety of blue flowers present on the planet. This can include names like Daisy, Daffodil, Lavender, Thistle, Lady's Mantle, Lady's Slipper, and several others. Here are the names of blue flowers with their botanical names.

Platycodon Grandiflorus, popular as Balloon Flower, has puffed-up balloon-like buds.

Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta, commonly known as Bluebell Flowers, are sweet-smelling gorgeous bell-shaped flowers.

Felicia amelloides, also known as Blue Daisy, are perennial flowers with narrow blue petals and yellow centers. Blue Daisy is well known across the globe.

Alyogyne Huegelii, whose common name is Blue Hibiscus, are large flowers and bloom throughout the year.

Vanda Coerulea is a faint blue-purple-colored flower commonly known as Blue Orchids.

Passiflora Caerulea is one of the exciting and unique flowers which grows as a vine.

Cichorium intybus is a beautiful flower that is often considered a weed.

Aquilegia is a bright bell-shaped flower known by the name Columbine.

Centaurea cyanus is a sunshine-loving stunning flower whose popular name is Cornflower. Another name for the flower is Bachelor's button.

Phacelia campanularia is a delightful flower that grows in the deserts of California. These are commonly known as Desert Bluebells.

Evolvulus, commonly known as Dwarf Morning Glory, is a charming little flower surrounded by bright green heart-shaped leaves.

Campanula Cochlearifolia is a beautiful flower that is a darling member of the bellflower family.

Myosotis Scorpioides is one of the beautiful blue flowers popular by the name 'Forget-Me-Not.'

Gentiana acaulis is a fantastic flower with healing properties for stomach problems. Their blooming period is May-June and is also called Gentian.

Echinops, commonly known as Globe Thistle, are unique spherical flowers that bring them out of the vision.

Chionodoxa Luciliae, also known as Glory-of-the-Snow, are wandering flowers that pop up through the melting snow.

Muscari, commonly known as Grape Hyacinth (Hyacinthus), is a sweet, fragrant flower.

Commelina Dianthifolia, with the common name Bird-Bill Dayflower, are bright blue blossoms.

Baptisia australis, commonly known as Blue False Indigo, blossoms in clusters and are bluish-purple.

Linum Lewisii, whose other name is Blue Flax, is a wildflower that grows even in poor conditions.

scientific names of flower species

Water Flower Scientific Names

An ultimate list of some unique aquatic flower names is given below, which are mentioned with their botanical names.

Euryale Ferox is an aquatic flower whose other name is prickly Water Lily (Lilium) or Gorgon plant.

Echinodorus Cordifolius, whose familiar name is Amazon Sword, is a beautiful white water flower entirely submerged in water.

Nymphaea Odorata (Water Lily) is one of the most lovely fragrant flowers called American water Lily/Lilium.

Aponogeton Distachyos are floating flowers that are commonly known as water hawthorn.

Eichhornia crassipes is an ornamental aquatic flower known as water hyacinth. The hyacinth flower has stunning pink, violet, and pale-blue blossoms.

Pontederia cordata, commonly known as Pickerelweed, are wonderful water garden purple flowers.

Sagittaria Latifolia, whose common name is Broadleaf Arrowhead, is found in lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Hydrocleys Nymphoides is a pretty aquatic flower that is popular as Water Poppy.

Iris Laevigata is also known as Water Iris or Japanese Iris. These aquatic perennials have purple-blue papery flowers that grow in shallow water.

Zantedeschia Aethiopica is a beautiful aquatic flower known as Calla Lilies.

Myosotis Scorpioides, popular as Water Forget-Me-Not, are attractive water floating flowering plants.

Ludwigia Sedoides's familiar name is the Mosaic flower, a floating pond plant blooming in June-August.

Funny Scientific Names For Flowers

A cool and creative list of funny flower names is mentioned below, grouped with their weird scientific names.

Corn-cockle, whose scientific name is Agrostemma githago, is a purple-colored flower.

Cheeses, Cheeseweed (Malva neglecta), is a quirky flower whose round, flat seed pod looks similar to wheels of cheese.

Pussytoes (Antennaria sp.) is another funny flower with white to pink flowers and resembles a tiny kitten's paws.

Sneezeweeds(Helenium sp.) are daisy-like flowers of yellow, orange, and red color.

Mad Dog Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) is a cap-shaped flower of purple-blue color. These are supposed to be used as a mild sleeping sedative.

Viper's Bugloss, whose other name is Echium vulgare, is a blue-colored pretty flower with a crazy name.

Bastard Toadflax (Comandra Umbellata) is another droll name for a flower.

Butter-and-Eggs (Linaria Vulgaris) is also known as Common Toadflax. This vibrant yellow and white wildflower is a perennial garden flower.

Corn-salad (Valerianella Locusta), whose twin name is Mache, is a spring flower used as a salad green. These have a sweet taste.

Monkey Flower, whose scientific name is Mimulus Ringens, is a lilac-colored flower that looks like a smiling monkey face.

Cow Vetch (Vicia cracca) are lovely purple flowers. These flowers are often considered a weed. This is another funny botanical name.

Scurfpea, whose scientific name is Pediomelum Tenuiflorum, is a pea-like flower in desert grasslands. An interesting botanical name.

Cuckoo Flower, also known as Cardamine pratensis, is a wildflower with pale pink and white-colored flowers.

Humped Bladderwort ( Utricularia Gibbs) is a carnivorous aquatic plant. An interesting botanical name for plants.

Adder's Tongue Spearwort's scientific name is Ranunculus Ophioglossifolius. This aquatic flower looks like a Water Lily (Lilium).

Thimbleweed, whose scientific name is Anemone Virginia, is also known as windflower. Anemone Virginia genus is Anemone. A fun botanical name for plants.

Swamp Lousewort, whose scientific name is Pedicularis Lanceolata, is a unique flower known as hemiparasite.

Spiny-leaved Sow-thistle (Sonchus asper) is a weed flower usually found in highly trafficked areas like parks and pastures.

Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) is a popular flower species. Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily/Lilium) is a flowering plant native to South America. One of the interesting botanical names for flower plants.

Gypsophila (Baby's Breath) is a flowering plant from the Carnation family. Gypsophila (Baby's Breath) is a popular plant name across the globe.

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is a popular flowering plant. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is also known as clove pink. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is native to the Mediterranean region.

Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle) is a perennial plant with soft-gray foliage. One of the most interesting botanical names on the globe.

Cicerbita Alpina (Alpine Thistle) is a species of herbaceous plant. A must feature name n the list of flower names.

Gerbera (Transvaal Daisy) is a plant species belonging to the Asteraceae family. Gerbera is one of the herbaceous plants.

Dianthus Chinensis (Rainbow Pink) is one of the best-known flowering plants worldwide. Dianthus Chinensis (Rainbow Pink) is a gorgeous flower.

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