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Perfect softball nicknames for players and teams
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Why Softball Nicknames?

Softball is a baseball-like game played on a small field with a large ball. Softball is played competitively at the club, college, and professional levels. George Hancock in Chicago first developed the game in 1887. So it becomes important to have an appropriate name for softball teams. Take a quick look at some tips to help you choose a great name. First, consider the team's attributes. Are you a hard-hitting squad that's always looking for the long ball? Or are you more of a small-ball team that relies on extreme heat and precise fielding? Once you've considered your team's strengths, try developing some ideas that match those qualities. If you're still struggling, think about any inside jokes or popular culture references that would be appropriate for your team. You can also try thinking of names that might benefit boys or girls. With some quick efforts, you will be able to come up with something that's clever, easy to remember, and makes an impression. So go ahead and begin the brainstorming process, for the perfect softball name is waiting to be found! Still trying to find that perfect nickname for your softball team? Check out our list of 300+ incredible name ideas to find the perfect fit for your team!  


Most Popular Softball Nicknames

1. 14 Balls And 3 Mitts - For a squad that remembers everything and exacts retribution.

2. 99 Problems, But A Pitch Ain't One - For a team that can pitch and play effortlessly.

3. Airborne - For the softball team that sends balls high up in the air.

4. Bat Simpsons - Get inspired by the popular animated series named 'Simsons'.

5. Batters Up! - It could be a reference to the baseball term ‘batter-up’ or the popular song ‘Batter Up’ or used to describe a team that batters (harms or damages) the other team’s reputation.

6. Beard View Mirrors - Fun team name for players with beards.

7. Bomb Squad - An awesome name for a team with players that have bomb skills to diffuse the opposing team’s game.

8. Brute Force - For a softball team that wins every game by using brute force.

9. Don't Stop Ball-ieving - An inspirational name for a softball team with a play on the words ‘ball’ and ‘believing’.

10. Friendly Confines - For players that are sweet and friendly, inspired by the nickname for Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs.

11. Full Counts - A friendly name for your fantasy team, inspired by the 2019 film by the same name.

12. Glove Of The Game - Take inspiration from the popular show named 'Game Of Thrones'.

15. Glove Potion #9 - Get inspired by this popular and fantastic name that’s a play on the words ‘love potion’.

16. Grand Slams - An awesome name for an exceptional softball team, even though it is a tennis term.

17. Homerun Piper - A terrific team with exceptional home runs records.

19. I Think Therefore, I Slam - Inspired by the popular Latin phrase translated as “I think, therefore I am”, this is a great name for a team with excellent play skills and high-functioning brains.

20. Impact Velocity - For a team full of fast-running players.

21. Killer Aim - For when your team has the best ballers with excellent aim.

22. Legends - A superb and classic name for a team.

23. Light Sabermetrics - A creative name for your team of softball players who are also sci-fi aficionados.

24. McGlovin - A fun softball team name for players who love ‘Superbad’ and McLovin.

26. Monsoon - For a team that is full of fresh talent that is strong and rains on the opposition’s parade by never letting them win.

27. Nemesis Kissed Goodbye - A fun name for a strong team that always defeats the opposition.

28. One Hit Wonders - For teams whose single hit works better than the other teams’ many.

29. Pitch Perfect - Take inspiration from a famous movie with the same name but with a different kind of ‘pitch’.

30. Sick Bat Flips - A play on ‘backflips’ with the ‘80s slang ‘sick’ that means ‘excellent’.

31. The Ninjas - Because your team has players who are fast and have exceptional skills.

32. Trashing And Thrashing - For a team loves to thrash the ball far away.

Female Softball Nicknames

35. Angels In The Outfield 

36. Angry Chicks 

37. Balling Experts - A smart nickname for a softball team filled with experts.

38. Ballerinas - When your team loves to dance and play simultaneously.

39. Batting Divas - Perfect for women who bat with tremendous flair.

40. Black Widows - The team that’s scary as the spiders for their opponents.

41. Bossy Slapdashers 

42. Da Angelic Babes

43. Damsels Not In Distress 

44. Diamond Girls - For those girls with diamond-like charm and exceptional play.

45. Dirty Divas - When your team is not afraid to get their hands dirty in the field.

46. The Express 

47. Female Demolition - These women wreck every player they come across.

48. Fire Breathing Kittens - On the exterior, they’re adorable, but on the inside, they’re lethal.

49. Gazelles - After an African antelope species for women who are just as graceful on the field.

50. Her-icanes

51. Hubbub Mamas - Perfect for teams that create chaos on the field.

52. Ice Queens 

53. Intensity - For a female softball team playing with passion.

54. Lady Hawks 

55. Lady Panthers 

56. Lady Pumas - These females are known to strike and avenge.

57. Lunachicks 

58. Miss Demeanors

59. Moody Maidens - Is your team always in a mood? If so, this is the perfect name for it.

60. Pink Panthers - Draw inspiration from the Pink Panther franchise.

61. Pink Sox - A cute nickname for your softball team inspired by the famous Red Sox.

62. Pitching Beauties 

63. Ponytail Express 

64. Serendipity - It means ‘the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance’.

65. She-Wolves - Perfect for a team of powerful, strategic, and intelligent members.

66. Skull Crushing Ballerinas - They may appear fragile, yet they are far from it!

67. Terrifying Tweety Birds 

68. The Amazonians - For a unique, strong, smart, and invincible team that is comparable to the famous mythical warriors.

68. The Antelopes

69. The Beavers 

70. The Lionesses 

71. The Power Pitch Girls 

72. The Powerpuff Girls - Get inspired by the animated series with the same name.

73. The Tomboyz

74. The Ugly Bettys - Inspired by the TV program 'Ugly Betty.'

75. Turf Queens 

76. Unicorns 

77. Wonder Women - For the softball team with some wonderful superpowers.

Funny Softball Nicknames

78. Aceballics - Perfect for a team that loves acing every game.

79. Axis Of Ignorance 

80. Backdoor Sliders - A team name inspired by the baseball term.

81. Bat Attitudes 

82. Bat Intentions 

83. Bat-itude 

84. Batting Ballers - For a team with superb balling and batting skills.

85. Bat Monkeys - A funny name for a softball team.

86. Behind The Bench 

87. Benchwarmer Bombers 

88. Better Batters

89. Blood Bath And Beyond

90. Brokebat Mountain - Get inspired by the 2005 American film ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

91. Broken Bones

92. Chaotic Ones 

93. Chin Musicians

94. Coached By Chuck Norris 

95. Crash Test Dummies

96. D-Rocket Scientists

97. End Of The Bench 

98. Exploding Rodents 

99. Freaks And Geeks 

100. Hazmat Suits 

101. Hitters

102. Lavish Display Of Ignorance 

103. Making Softball Great Again

104. Mid-Life Crisis

105. Nemesis Genesis 

106. Praying For Rain 

107. Smokin' Bases

108. Total It Up 

109. Terror Wrists 

110. The Wild Ones

111. The Dirt Eaters 

112. The Do Nothings 

113. The Flaming Marshmallows 

114. The Good, The Bat, And The Ugly - Just like in the film ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.’

115. The Grass Stains 

116. The Mosquitos - The most irritating squad you've ever faced.

117. The Skidmarks - For a team that can leave a permanent mark on you with their play (or make you feel like you’ve just been run over by a car).

118. The Soft Servers - For players that are excellent at soft serves.

119. The Softies - For the real softies at heart.

120. Uncommonly Good - For an exceptional team with excellent skills.

121. Wasted Talent.

122. We Bruise Easily 

123. We Got The Runs - For when all players have exceptional running skills.

124. Weekend Warriors 

Unique Softball Nicknames

125. 1 Hit Runners - For players that hit a home run on the first hit.

126. 7th Inning Stretchers - A classic baseball-inspired name for an outstanding softball team.

127. Adrenaline Rush

128. Aftershock - For a softball team, that will shock you even after the game.

129. Apocalypse 

130. Avalanche 

131. Beast Mode

132. Black Ice 

134. Born To Win 

135. Catch 22 - After the satirical novel of the same name.

136. Catchers In The Rye - Get inspired by the novel of the same name.

137. Cleats On Fire 

138. Designated Hitters - A pun on the phrase designated drivers.

139. Dream Killers 

140. El Diablo - Spanish words that mean 'the Devil’.

141. El Fuego - Spanish words that mean 'the fire’.

142. Head Hitters 

143. Hit Squad 

144. Hitting Machines - For a team with players that hit home runs without a stop.

145. Home Run Hitters - A team that can hit more home runs than any other squad.

146. Ice Breakers 

147. In The Zone

148. Inferno 

149. Instant Classics

150. Intimidators 

151. Living Progidies 

152. Looking For A Challenge - The softball team has been waiting for a good challenge.

153. Natural Selection

156. Nerves Of Steel - Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make this team uneasy.

157. No Sympathy - They don't have any sympathy for players when on the field.

158. Only Home Runs - When anything else is simply unacceptable for your team.

159. Optical Illusion - For teams that can create illusions during their play.

160. Rampage - For teams with rage enough to annihilate the opposing softball team.

161. Rockstar Lifestyle 

162. Silver Bullets 

163. Smooth Operators - They play so well that you can't find any flaws in their strategy.

164. Swish Swish - A creative name for a team that rushes.

165. That Better T-Wreckers

166. The Aluminum Alliance

167. The Protagonists - A team of stars.

168. The Cyclones - Because they bring the storm on the field.

169. The Earthquakes 

170. The Go Getters - For a high-energy softball squad.

171. The Golden Eagles

172. The Grim Reapers

173. The Imperials 

174. The Living Legends.

175. The Magicians 

176. The Nerve Wreckers - This softball squad scares the living daylight out of everyone else.

177. The Overeasies 

178. The Perfect Storm 

179. The Prodigies 

180. The Scorpions 

181. The Shatterers 

182. The Super Strikers 

183. The Trailblazers 

184. The Unstoppables

185. The Untouched 

Best Softball Nicknames

186. Ally Oops

187. Around The Horn

188. Balk Paper Scissors

189. Balkingjays

190. Ball Squad

191. Ballistics

192. Base Invaders

193. Belly Itchers

194. Benchwarmers

195. Chaos

196. Chicago Bandits

197. Cuties From The Block

198. E-lemon-ators

199. Energizers

200. Gang Of Wolves

201. Gone Batty

202. Ground Ballers

203. Hammer Time

204. Happy Dugouts

205. Lady Bombers

206. Living Legends

207. Long Ballers

208. Major Impact

209. Match Winners

210. Mild Iguanas

211. Monsters with Bat

212. New York Adventurers

213. On Deck Circles

214. Pinch Runners

215. Power Forever

216. Reigning Champions

217. Renegades

218. Santa Ana Lionettes

219. Scared Hitless

220. Silent Assassins

221. The Believas

222. The Hard Drives

223. The Helmetheads

224. The Hit Squad

225. The Loud Sirens

226. The Magic Squad

227. The Red Rage

228. The Screams

229. The X Variable

230. Tomahawks

231. Triple A All-Stars

232. Vengeance

233. Vicious And Delicious

234. Village Idiots

235. Wii Not Fit

236. Xplosion

237. Zeroes To Heroes

238. Ace The Base

239. Banshees

240. Base-ic Pitches

241. Bat News

242. Bat To The Bones

243. Bat’s Life

244. Batty Crasher

245. BoomStix

246. Brews On First

247. Buffalo Breskis

248. Bunt Force Trauma

249. Carolina Diamonds

250. Cereal Killers

251. Cleats Of Fire

252. Cut Off Men

253. Dallas Charge

254. Dirty Players

255. Dream Team

256. Eclipse

257. Fever Pitches

258. Fire-Breathers

256. Firestix

257. Fungo Nation

258. Ghouly Girls

259. Glove Love

260. Going, Going, Out

261. Good Names

262. Heavy Hitters

263. Helmethead Heroes

264. Help Wanted

265. Hot Sparks

266. Just Bros

267. Line Drivers

268. Lost Boys

269. Mad Monsters

270. Master Batters

271. Mind Bogglers

272. Misfits

273. Outkasters

274. Pancake Batters

275. Pass The Balk

276. Pitch Whiffs

277. Power Outage

278. Practice Makes Perfect

279. Our Rules

280. Purple Haze

281. Queen Bees

282. Ribbies – RBIs

283. Road Kill

284. Sacrifice Flies

285. San Diego Sandpipers

286. Saved By The Ball

287. Shockers

288. Sign Stealers

289. Silverbacks

290. Smash & Bash

291. The Ball Hogs

292. The Game Changers

293. The Guardians

294. The Leftovers

295. The Unknown Entity

296. Thunder Bat

297. Twisters

298. Volcano

299. Wahoos

300. We Got Swag

301. Web Gems

Creative Softball Names

302. Asteroids

303. Balk Bottom

304. Balk Choy

305. Bambino’s Bees

306. Base Odyssey

307. Base Stealers

308. Bat And Boujee

309. Bat Country

310. Battering Rams

311. Blue Vikings

312. Breaking Ball

313. Bullpen Busters

314. Bunt Cakes

315. Cleat And Tidy

316. Corked Bats

317. Diamond Cutters

318. Dirt Magnets

319. Double Plays

320. Dynamic Hitters

321. Eliminators

322. Elite 10

323. Farmers’ Daughters

324. Fly Guys

325. Free Agents

326. Goalball

327. Green Monsters

328. Hall of Shamers

329. Hardball

330. Hot Shots

331. Icebreakers

332. Illusion

333. Infield Diamonds

334. Inglorious Batters

325. Iron Spartans

326. Louis Hummers

327. Madness

328. One Spirit

329. Pink Butterflies

330. Popup Flies

331. Protein Shakes

332. Purple Express

333. Real Speedy Cats

334. Scorpion Ducks

335. Shooting Stars

336. Silver Hawks

337. Softball Kings

338. Sole Sisters

339. Special K’s

340. Spitting Llamas

341. Splinters

342. Team Steam

343. Tenacious Turtles

344. The Catching Fires

345. The Enforcers

346. The Force

347. The Furious And Fast

348. The Lazer Show

349. The Megablasts

350. The Starbursts

351. The Windmills

352. Thundercats

353. Tornados

354. Tribe

355. Untouchables

356. Velociraptors

357. Victorious

358. Wonder Hits

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