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Trying to find a funny team name can be a real struggle. And once you've found the correct name, you are all set to hit the pitch
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Team names can influence the entire season's mood.

They say words speak louder than words, and we couldn't agree more. Here's how you can have your team speak volumes with witty and intelligent wordplay.

A few words can do the trick and make the team memorable! If your baseball or softball team likes to play on the light side, you might choose a fun-filled, light name that makes everyone who comes across it giggle! Although if you are running ideas, there is no need to flip a hundred web pages.

You might find the right team name for you. You can narrow down your team name using a humorous one-liner or witty pun. Remember that some names might not be suitable for youth teams. Many of these team names use a play on words such as 'walk,' 'glove,' 'rookies,' and 'wins.'

Check out this list of funny team names for baseball and softball teams for some creative inspiration below:


Funny Softball Nicknames For Jersey

What are games without a little fun? While it is all exciting for those watching, some teams ensure it is equally fun with their names in a season. Funny names also tend to stick with people for a longer time, helping people remember the softball team and their performance for a longer time.

Here are some great team names of them:

  • 12 Angry Men - Denotes the strength of the baseball team.
  • Balk Of Ages - To denote the glory of the game.
  • Ball Of Duty - Implies being referred from the famous game.
  • Bat Attitude - Well, who wouldn't like an attitude like that?
  • Bat Intentions - For a team's intentions that are focused solely on bats and balls.
  • Batmen - Refers to the men that are batting.
  • Beauty And The Cleats - For more, a pun-filled name to draw attention.
  • Belly Itchers - Adding a funny angle to a group of pro-players.
  • Geeks In Sneaks - Who wouldn't love geeks in sneaks?
  • Grand Slams - For a game filled with slams and hits.
  • Grand Salamis - Slams, yes! But with a gourmet twist!
  • Happy Feet - For a touch of 'happiness' in the name.
  • Hit And Runs - That is what you should expect.
  • Hit For Brains - For a witty and pun-filled baseball team.
  • Just Win Baby - For a name that is straight to the point.
  • Mad Ants - For players with an aggressive strategy.
  • Men Of Steel - For strong men that lead the game.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean - Playing with a classic movie name.
  • Screwballs - To compliment your balling strategies.
  • Signal Servers - A twist to get everyone thinking.
  • Sultan Of Swings -For a middle-eastern touch to your softball team.
  • That Better Team - Nothing like a subtle pun.
  • The Bat Boys - That's precisely what the team is made of!
  • The Greatest Game On Dirt - Adds more grandeur to the name while staying true to the game.
  • We're Here For The Free T-shirts - Anything to make everyone in the stadium laugh.
  • Winmills - To those who are always expecting the best.
  • You've Been Served-Perfect! - A little competitive catch-phrase to irk the competitors.

Unique Softball Nicknames For Jersey

What better than names that stand out amidst a bunch of plain ones? It creates more intrigue to know the team better and makes up for a quick laugh in a season. You can do so by being inspired by all-time favorite movies or fictional characters so that they stay with people for longer.

We have brought together some ideas. Here they are:

  • Beast Mode - And that's how you intimidate the opponent with your potential.
  • Dream Killers - This can be a great way to intimidate opponents.
  • Fast And Furious - The name says it all!
  • Future Champs - That's just the plain truth.
  • Hide And Seek - To keep up with the excitement in the name.
  • Hits Different - Stay tuned for strong and different hits!
  • Hustle And Muscle - Depicts the might of the baseball team members.
  • Jacked In The Box - Playing with some classic quotes.
  • Lights Out - Adding a spooky angle to the baseball team.
  • Master Batters - Depicts the prowess of the players.
  • McGlovin - Love the glove? This one's for you!
  • No Game Selections - A bit of twist, so the name isn't that plain.
  • No Hit Sherlocks - To add a dark academia angle to the team.
  • River Bandits - To add a notorious twist for the team.
  • Shooting Stars - For a baseball team with stars ready for the grand slams.
  • The Unstoppables - Two simple words to say it all!
  • The Unusual Suspects - Play with some timeless classics.
  • Umpire Strikes Back - Use catch-phrases to draw everyone's attention.
  • Very Bat Things - Everything related to bats and hits
  • We Got The Runs - What better than boasting about your strong areas?
  • We Will Balk You - A little bit of wordplay to say it all.
  • We're On Strike - A name that makes you think twice.
  • Winner Is Coming - To notify the opponents in a league.
  • Wood Chuckers - Known for chucking the bat after hitting the ball.
  • Your Base Or Mine? - Some wordplay to keep up with the excitement.

Famous Softball Nicknames For Jersey

Famous names are bound to stick with the world for a long time. And why not add an athletic twist for the moderator and sports fanatics to remember for the times to come?

Here are some of the famous softball nicknames that you can try for your sports pros:

  • Adams Family - Similar wordplay as above.
  • Adrenaline Rush - A baseball team name for what you feel throughout the game.
  • Chicken Noodle Hoop - Playing with classic names.
  • Chiefs - A single word to refer to the players' prowess in a league.
  • Diamondbacks - To add a bit more shine to the name.
  • Falcons - A nickname to denote agility and strength.
  • Fantasy Fanatics - For those who are in love with the fantasy theme.
  • Game Of Throws - A nickname playing with some of the famous shows.
  • Goal Diggers - That's exactly what any baseball team would want.
  • Heavy Hitters - Two simple words to denote what the team is made up of.
  • Hometown Team-mates - To give a more native touch to the baseball team.
  • Inglorious Batters - Playing with the classic movie name 'Inglorious Batters '
  • Mad Batters - Playing with classic fictional characters.
  • Mad Thrashers - This signifies how hard the ball will be hit.
  • Magicians - Be ready to witness some magic on the field.
  • Meatballs - One for the love of food!
  • Minor Leaguers - Ideal for those just beginning.
  • One-hit Wonders - No one-hit, but why not play with the well-known term?
  • Order In The Court - And on the field too!
  • Popup Blockers - One that is driven by the strategies at play!
  • Shooting Stars - To add a dash of exciting elements to your team.
  • Stairway To Seven - This shows the strength of the softball team.
  • The Grand Slams - That's what everyone should expect!
  • The Hitmen - For guys who like a bit of dark humor.
  • The King And I - For guys who would love to be looked upon as royals.
  • Unicorns - For a fictional touch to the group.
  • Valley Cats - A classic one for a promising team.
  • White Sox - A classic name for the game.

Girls Softball Nicknames For Jersey

Girls are often considered to be incapable of being competent when it comes to masculine sports. However, some strong women are driven to blur the lines, which calls for just as interesting team names as the men.

Here are some of the perfect names for a girl's softball team:

  • Angry Chicks - Get ready for some girl action on the field.
  • Girls With Brains - What better than some intellect to win the game?
  • Basic Pitches - Add basic to the name but with a twist.
  • Batting Divas - Defining beauty and strength packed in a league.
  • Beauties From The Block - Beauties from just around the corner.
  • Chicks With Sticks - Sums it up with the right rhyming.
  • Cuties From The Block - For a local girls' team just around the block or at school.
  • Diamond Divas - For a girls' team that loves to win, not just diamonds but all the prizes.
  • Dirty Divas - For divas all set to win the game on the pitch.
  • Glove Games - Playing with the elements and equipment of the game.
  • Good Girls Steal - Not really, but that's an exciting way to play with words.
  • Ice Cold Pitchers - Add multiple angles for a fun twist in the name.
  • Leather And Lace - For a team that's a mix of soft and strong.
  • Mean Girls- Playing out with the names of famous movies.
  • Pink Panthers - Drawing inspiration from the unforgettable series.
  • Pink Sox - Refers to the pink power!
  • Play At The Plates - Play with some kitchen-based and feminine elements to drive more excitement.
  • Ponytail Express - For a team full of long-haired women.
  • Power Forever - Say yes to girl power, forever!
  • Queen Bees - Welcome the queens!
  • She Devils - To portray a dark and intimidating angle to the team.
  • Sole Mates - For team members that stick around through thick and thin!
  • Sole Sisters - For sisters that stick together, always!
  • Splinters - A twist to 'Spinsters.'
  • Swing And A miss - Refers to the action you should expect and who you expect it from.
  • Swish Swish - Playing with the game onomatopoeia.
  • Vibe Raiders - To keep the fun game vibe alive!
  • Victorious Secret - Getting inspired by your favorite brand.
  • Web Gems - For one gem of a team!
  • Wonderwomen - To draw some inspiration from the female superhero.

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