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60 Space Names For Girls That You'll Love To Infinity And Beyond

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Baby girl names inspired by space incorporate names of stars, divine bodies, comets, meteors, and satellites.

There is no doubt, finding a name for your child is a difficult task, and all thoughts are welcome. As indicated by Greek folklore for a great many years, individuals have sought the sky for motivation.

We can do a similar thing when searching for a baby names for girls. As a tremendous universe loaded with stars, systems, and planets, we have endless bounty to browse. Andromeda means galaxy and Ganymede is the largest moon. Discovering space baby girl names for our kid can prompt an uncommon and amazing name for our little one.

You can check out our moon names and celestial names articles for more inspiration, right here on Kidadl.

Popular Space Names For Girls

Asian Chinese little girl looking through a telescope

We think baby names inspired by the sky and the stars are perfect for girls. Carina, Cassini, Celeste, and Chara are some space names perfect for baby girls. So, if you are looking at the sky for inspiration, try our list of names for baby names inspired by some of the brightest stars, moon, and night sky.

1. Adhara (Arabic origin) means "the brightest star in the sky". Such perfect star names are perfect for your daughter.

2. Alpha (Greek origin) means "the brightest star".

3. Alula (Arabic origin) means “the first leap”.

4. Amalthea (Greek origin) means "tender goddess".

5. Andromeda (Greek origin) means "ruler of man".

6. Ascella (Latin origin) signifies "star framework in the indication of Sagittarius".

7. Asterope (Greek origin) means "asteroid".

8. Astra (Latin origin) means “of the stars”. Astra was the daughter of the Greek god of the star, Astraeus, in Greek mythology.

9. Aurora (Greek origin) means "goddess of the star". In Roman mythology, she is the Roman goddess of beauty.

10. Capella (Italian origin) means "military honor and wealth". One of the most powerful baby names.

11. Cassiopeia (Greek origin) means "cassia juice".

12. Divine (Latin origin) means "of the planets, star or sky".

13. Halley (English origin) means "one who lived at".

14. Libra (Roman origin) means "one who is careful, reasonable, and even".

15. Leda (Greek origin) means "woman". It is one of the moons of the planet Jupiter.

16. Lyra (Greek origin) means "lyre". A musical baby name.

17. Nashira (Arabic origin) means "the bearer of good news".

18. Norma (English origin) means "from the north".

19. Polaris (Latin origin) this name means "pole star or north star". A giant star name for your girl, who owns a big part of your heart.

20. Stella (Latin origin) this name means "the star of the entire world".

Unique Space Names For Girls

Newborn baby wearing flower tiara

If astronomy and stargazing have always amazed you, why not choose a star's name for your baby? Space child names are the most popular trend and many celebrities have named their child after the constellation, start or even direction like Chris North named his child Orion while Erykah Badu named her girl Mars. Many of these baby names are traditional used for boys but we think they work perfectly for any gender.

21. Alioth (Arabic origin) this name means “fat tail of the sheep.”

22. Altair (Arabic and Greek origins) this name means “the flying one,” “soar,” or “bird.”

23. Apollo (Greek origin)  this name means "asteroids".

24. Aries (Latin origin)  this name means "constellation of the zodiac".

25. Astrophel (Greek origin)  this name means "star lover".

26. Mapbook (Greek origin) this name means "a triple star framework having a place with Taurus".

27. Badar (Arabic origin) this name means “full moon.”

28. Castor (Greek origin) this name means “pious one.”

29. Cielo (Italian origin) this name means “sky”.

30. Comet (English origin) this name means "a grandiose group of ice and gas that flies through the world".

31. Cupid (Latin origin) this name means "want".

32. Donati (Latin origin) this name means "given by God".

33. Draco (Greek origin) this name means “dragon”.

34. Elio (Spanish and Italian origins) this name means "Greek sun god".

35. Finlay (Scottish origin) this name means “fair-haired hero”.

36. Galileo (Italian origin) this name is inspired by the pioneering astronomer and scientist.

37. Hamal (Arabic origin) this name means “lamb”.

38. Hesperos (Greek origin) this name means "personification of Venus".

39. Hoku (Hawaiian origin) this name means “star”.

40. Holmes (English origin) this name means “from the island in the river.”

Ancient Space Names For Girls

The name you choose for your little one should be meaningful. Some of the baby names on this list are ancient yet perfect for your angel.

41. Chartbook (Greek origin) means "the ascending of the sun".

42. Arpina (Greek origin) means “dawn”.

43. Buzz (American origin) means “little village in the woods”.

44. Celeste (Latin origin) means “heavenly”.

45. Castor Greek origin) means “to shine”.

46. Ceres (Latin origin) means “cherry”. This is one of our favourite baby names.

47. Cosmo (Greek origin) means “order” or “decency”. This would make the ideal name for your infant young lady.

48. Elara (Greek origin) means "Larissa".

49. Elio (Greek origin) means "sun god".

50. Estelle (Latin origin) means "star".

51. Galileo (Italian origin) means “man from Galilee”.

52. Gaia (Greek origin) this lovely name means “Earth”.

53. Hoku (Hawaiian origin) means “star”.

54. Juno (Latin origin) means “queen of the heavens”.

55. Janus (Latin origin) means “archway”.

56. Kamaria (Persian origin) means “moonlight”.

57. Leo (Latin origin) means “lion".

58. Luna (Latin origin) means “moon”. If you are looking for a badass name for your rebel princess then go for it. It is likewise one of the biggest moons in our nearby planetary group.

59. Orion (Greek origin) means “rising star". Orion constellation is a famous constellation in the solar system.

60. Selene (Greek origin) means “rising star". In Greek mythology, Selene was a Titan goddess of the moon.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for space names for boys then why not take a look at 'Star Trek' names, or for something different take a look at STEM inspired names.

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