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91 Super Funky Names That You Haven't Heard Before

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Names have an immense contribution in building up the character, nature, and personality of a child.

Hence, selecting the best baby name for the baby should be an important priority. Apart from funky baby names, funky dog names and funky business names are extremely popular with people.

When it comes to cool baby names for boys or girls, the range of options is quite interesting. Listed below is the list of funky, smart, and distinct baby names for little baby boys and girls.

Afterward, also check indie names and cool cat names.

Funky Girl Names

Girls' names are not only meant to be sweet, cute, or adorable but also smart, different, and funky. Here is a list of such popular and famous baby girl names to pick from for your lovely little kid.

Adara (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'fire' symbolizes nobility, fire, honor, and pride.

Adele (German Origin) meaning 'kind, noble' signifies nobility, humanity, and kindness.

Adira (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'strong' is a funky name symbolizing might and power, and of Hebrew origin.

Angelina (Greek Origin) meaning 'messenger of God' derived from the form 'Angel', signifies divinity.

Anouk (French Origin) meaning 'God's favorite' is the perfect name for your daughter's being your loveliest and most favorite.

Candie (American Origin) meaning 'bright and sweet' is a modern name, suitable for lovely little bright and innocent kids.

Celestine (Latin Origin) meaning 'heavenly' symbolizes divinity and purity.

Chiara (Italian Origin) meaning 'clear and luminous' is a classic name and the symbol of purity, light, clarity, and truth.

Darcy (French Origin) meaning 'dark' signifies the love for black and darkness.

Fiona (Gaelic Origin) meaning 'fair' is the symbol of purity, fairness, and divinity.

Jia (Chinese Origin) meaning 'family' is the perfectly suited name for the love of your family, your daughter.

Jolly (French Origin) meaning 'merry' is a cheerful name that will fill your daughter's life with happiness and joy.

Keira (Irish Origin) meaning 'dark-haired' is a Gaelic name and suits the best for little dark-haired baby girls.

Kesha (Russian Name) meaning 'innocent' is the symbol of virtue, morality, purity, and innocence and a perfect name for your innocent baby girl.

Kyra (Irish Origin) meaning 'black' is a profound name for your baby girl.

Leila (Persian Origin) meaning 'night' is the symbol of calmness, peace, and a lovely night.

Martha (Latin Origin) meaning 'the lady' is a unique name for your daughter.

Natasha (Greek Origin) meaning 'birthday' is a name to bless your girl with on the occasion of her birth.

Nora (French Origin) meaning 'light' is a symbol of honor, hope, and inspiration.

Penelope (Greek Origin) meaning 'wise' is the symbol of wisdom and cleverness and is a lovely name for your daughter.

Valentina (Latin Origin) meaning 'healthy and strong' is the symbol of courage, bravery, might, and health.

Funky Boy Names

Searching for baby names for boys that must suit your baby boy? Well, here's an idea! Go through the baby boy names given below and you might find the perfect name match for your son. 

Ajax (Greek Origin) meaning 'eagle' symbolizes sharpness, cleverness, and the power of an eagle.

Brendon (Irish Origin) meaning 'teardrops' is the symbol of sorrow, and the bravery and courage needed to overcome it.

Brook (German Origin) meaning 'stream' is a unique name for your child symbolizing the flow of streams and rivers like your steadily growing baby.

Bryant (English Origin) meaning 'hill' signifies the might and strength required to cross various hurdles of life.

Charlie (English Origin) meaning 'free man' signifies the free nature and flow of thoughts of your baby. Indeed a popular yet unique name.

Gunner (Old Norse Origin) meaning 'defender' symbolizes the courage to defend and support what's right.

Jamison (Scottish Origin) meaning 'son of James' is a lovely baby name for your son as well.

Jax (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'Lord is Merciful' describes the benevolence and mercy of God.

Lincoln (Old English Origin) meaning 'lake colony' is a famous baby name for your little champ.

Maximus (Latin Origin) meaning 'the greatest' signifies greatness and extreme power.

Miller (German Origin) meaning 'mill owner' is the symbol of ownership and wealth and Miller is a great name.

Nixon (Scottish Origin) meaning 'son of Nicholas' is a great baby name that is definitely popular.

Orion (Greek Origin) meaning 'mountain dwellers' signifies the might to cross the hurdles up ahead in life, Orion is one of the cool baby names.

Otis (German Origin) meaning 'wealth' is the perfect baby name for your son to wish him all the wealth and riches of the world.

Porter (Scottish origin) meaning 'gatekeeper' is a popular baby name that symbolizes righteousness and diligence, true Scottish characteristics.

Quinton (Old English Origin) meaning 'from the Queen' means a noble and righteous man; a great baby name that is definitely popular with parents who believe in god.

Rocco (Italian Origin) meaning 'restful' simply means rest and repose. It makes for a bit unique name for a kid.

Rykar (Hindi Origin) meaning 'prayer' is the symbol of hymns, prayers, and wishes.

Thorn (Old English origin) meaning 'spike' is a funky name for your baby boy.

Zorro (Spanish Origin) meaning 'fox' is a baby name for sly and mischievous little kids with Latin heritage.

Funky Business Names

Having a funky name for your business might totally help you with raking in higher profits. A list with ideas of such names is presented below to help you select the names which enjoy great popularity across the world.

ChickWings meaning, 'wings of chicken' is quite a good name for a business pertaining to food, especially related to chicken.

ChunkJunkies meaning, 'piece of junk food' is essentially a picky name for owners of junk food franchises.

Elektronix meaning, 'electronic equipment' is the best-suited name for businesses running on electronic and electrical equipment.

FashionPicks meaning, 'picky of fashion' is a quirky name for the business of cloth and its accessories with an appealing picky name to attract buyers.

GenSmarties meaning, 'current smart generation' can be a popular business name for some technology-based businesses.

Innovatrix meaning, 'innovative approach' is a suitable and funky name for a business with an ingenious approach.

Kickwell meaning, 'kicks well' is indeed a funky name signifying the need for a boost in business.

Koffee meaning, 'a beverage' is the best-suited name if you're looking for a funky name for a cafe.

Quantum meaning, 'unit of quantum' is quite a cool name for businesses starting based on physics and mechanism.

SaberTooth meaning, 'sharp like a tooth' can be a business name for some toothpaste company looking for popularity in the market.

SoftEng meaning, 'related to software engineering' for a business, is like a house for software engineers who want to improve the current technologies of the world.

SpaceStellars meaning, 'stars of the sky' is a model name for a business concerning outer space exploration and astronomy.

Funky names for boys and girls are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Funky Pet Names

Pets are named in all sorts of ways, some cute, adorable, fierce, and also the wild ones. To help you out further, name lists on funky cat names and funky dogs' names are given below.

Bellatrix (Latin Origin) meaning 'female warrior', is the symbol of the strength and vigor of your pet.

Cardi (Latin Origin) meaning 'arrow' symbolizes the speed by which an arrow pierces through the air.

Coco (American Origin) meaning 'chocolate' symbolizes the sweetness and delight, which your pet has brought into your life. It is indeed one such name that is enjoying great popularity across the world.

Crash meaning, 'to sleep' simply means the beauty of sleeping and taking a rest.

Erwin (German Origin) meaning 'respected friend' signifies the friendship and the fellowship your dog offers.

Felix (Latin Origin) meaning 'happy' is the perfect name for your pet cat symbolizing luck, success, and joy.

Indi meaning, 'land of rivers' shows the charm of the flow of life and fellowship between you and your lovely pet.

Keira (Irish Origin) meaning 'dark-haired', is a Gaelic name and suits the best for little dark-haired pets.

Klaus (German Origin) meaning 'victory' shows the triumph and the happiness of your life with your pet.

Knight (English Origin) meaning 'brave warrior' shows the courage and dare that your pet can go through.

Linda (Spanish Origin) meaning 'pretty' symbolizes the pretty and the lovely look of your pet.

Luca (Latin Origin) meaning 'one who brings light' is the perfect name for your pet who is like a beacon of joy and happiness in your life.

Mario (Italian Origin) meaning 'warlike' is a suitable name for the aggressive but combative behavior of your pet.

Melody (Greek Origin) meaning 'song' is the ideal name for your sweet-looking pet with a melodious voice.

Nadia (Russian Origin) meaning 'delicate' symbolizes elegance, grace, and exquisiteness.

Phoebe (Greek Origin) meaning 'one who shines' is a lovely name for a pet with shiny fur, also indicating its importance in your life.

Rock (English Origin) meaning 'strong' symbolizes bravery and might, and is a cool name for strong breeds of dogs.

Shea (Irish Origin) meaning 'respected' is a name that symbolizes admiration and the connection of love between you and your pet.

Tessa (Greek Origin) meaning 'the girl who harvests' is a sweet and simple name for pet cats.

Funky Team Names

In order to motivate your team for the win, it is important to pick a name that motivates all the team members. Tips and ideas on funky team names are given below to make your team look cool and strong.

AspenFloaters meaning, 'floating on the ice' is a suitable name for an ice-skating team.

Cricket meaning, 'a bat and ball game' simply means Cricket, a form of a sport loved by all, and is the perfect funky name for a cricket team.

Deckers meaning, 'deck of cards' is a simple name for a team of those who like playing cards.

FlooronFire meaning, 'fierce' is a cool and attractive name for a group of elegant and fierce dancers.

FootLovesBall meaning, 'football' signifies the game of football, an international sport, and a suitable name for such a team.

HighDunk meaning, 'score in basketball' is the best-suited name for a basketball team and symbolizes every dunk during a basketball game.

HockStars meaning, 'heroes of Hockey' signifies those playing Hockey and a cool name for them.

SkyJumpers meaning, 'jumping high' perfectly denotes a basketball team in which one has to jump high to score.

SuperStrikers meaning, 'the one who strikes strongly' is a cool name denoting the form of play of Football.

XtremePitchers meaning, 'pitchers of baseball' is a unique name symbolizing a team of baseball players.

Funky Band Names

Creativity has different aspects, one of which is 'funk'. Names are a mirror of emotions. For people attracted to uniqueness and funk, funky names definitely serve their purpose which can also help them in gaining extra fame and popularity.

AmuSing meaning, 'singing' is a funky name for singers whose songs are light-hearted and entertaining.

EarsonEase meaning, 'calmness to ears' is a creative name for a band of versatile singers who have extraordinary voices.

FluteFluidity meaning, 'flowing music of a flute' is a lovely name for flute artists who indulge in calm and serene music with their flutes producing an easing sound.

Harmonix meaning, 'musical notes' is a lovely name for music artists, especially those who love playing the harmonium.

Musishine meaning, 'light of music' is a classic name for musicians who are artists in a band.

RIPEars meaning, 'loud music' is a funky name for musicians who love to play loud and wild music.

Rising the Singers, meaning, 'growing singers' is a simple name for new singers starting their music career.

StringBreakers meaning, 'strings of guitar' is an ironic name for guitarists.

ZielZenith (German Origin) meaning 'aim for the top', is a cool name for rising artists to name their bands that signifies their desire for being the best.

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