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Sudanese originally belonged to an ethnic group based in western Indonesia.

However, Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Sudanese are also known for being one of the tallest people in the world.

If you have taken an interest in this culture and land, then you might as well take a look into our list of Sudanese names for baby boys and girls. It might inspire you too. These names sound brilliant and beautiful which have great meanings as well. Most of these names reflect Arabic culture that is unique and exquisite in many ways. Also, most Sudanese like to be called by their first names, but don't go around calling them injudiciously. Before calling them, you might as well add a courtesy title and make sure to respect their individuality.

Now, you might not have noticed, but Sudanese have common first names and last names. Well this is because Sudanese family names are not usually spoken verbally. One of the reasons for this might be that, during their immigration, their middle name was recorded as their last name. And another reason is that many Sudanese are named after past family members, such as their grandfather or uncle.

Common Sudanese Family Names

Why not start with a few common family names in Sudan? Listed below are few of the family surnames. So, let's get started!

Abbas is originally derived from Latin. It’s a Latin spelling of the Cyrillic origin ‘Abbac’.

Alhassan originates from Bahraini and Ghanaian. It is one of the names that are related to the history of the culture of the country and is therefore liked by people.

Ateef, meaning, ‘kind’, can also be spelled as Atif. It is one of the popular male names.

Ayman means 'righteous' or 'blessed'. A common English given name in Islam.

Calhoun is a name of Irish-Sudanese origin. It is a kind and beautiful name that people in the country like.

Cham, meaning, ‘gaze or view’, has its origins in Chinese, Jewish, Haitian, and Sudanese.

Dandekar is a surname that has an Indian origin. It is given to a baby born in an Indian family living in Suda.

Dilek, meaning, ‘wish’, is a unisex name but mostly used for a male child.

Durka is a surname that comes from Hungary.

Gabir is a name of Hungarian origin. It means, 'one who comforts.'

Gagarin is a Latin word and this surname is originally Russian.

Garda originated from Jewish culture.

Gosh originated in Hungary as well.

Hussein has its origins in Jewish culture. It is also a popular name among Muslim people.

Jamal, meaning, ‘beauty’is a name mostly common among Muslim people.

Kafeel meaning, 'One who is responsible or one who can be trusted’, is a name of Arabic origin.

Kazim, meaning  'One who controls his anger' or 'restrainer', is quite a common but cute name.

Rayan is also a name that originated in Sudan.

Salim is a Jewish-origin surname that is kind of popular in the country.

Zarouq is a name of Sudanese origin that is related to Muslim culture.

Classic Sudanese Male Names

Mentioned below are the names that are most common between baby boys. Their names have also been mentioned, so without any further ado, let's get started!

Abdallah means ‘servant of the God’ in Arabic. One of the popular Sudanese boy names that most people like.

Achol, meaning, 'second born after the first death.'  is a name mostly common among girls.

Agar means ‘son of Agar' or 'Ager’ and this surname has been quite popular for many centuries.

Amani is a name that means 'desire' or 'aspirations'. One of the popular male names in Islam.

Ameen, meaning 'honest' or 'trustworthy', can also be read as 'Amin' in the English language.

Asim, meaning'protector' or 'guardian', is quite a common and popular name.

Deng is a name usually used for boys. A very small portion of girls also have this name.

Elizabeth, meaning, 'My god is an oath.' is a variation from a name of Hebrew origin. It is more common among girls.

Faheem meaning ‘intelligent’ or 'judicious', is quite a sweet and nice name for boys.

Faiz meaning 'successful' or 'victorious', is quite a rare name for boys, but people love it.

Farid is a name that means, 'unique' or 'precious.' It is one of the kind names in Sudan.

Habib, meaning, 'one who is loved' or 'dearly loved',is a name of Hebrew origin.

Hafez, meaning  'protector' or 'the one who is responsible', is quite a cool name of Persian origin.

Hugo, meaning,'thinking mind' or 'wise', is a common English given name that is popular across the world.

Jaden, meaning, 'Jehovah has heard'is a name of Hebrew origin.

Majeed means 'glorious' or 'brilliant' and is extremely popular across the world.

Mansur is a Jewish-origin surname.

Mubarak is a Bahraini originated surname that is highly popular with Muslims.

Muhammad is a popular surname in Sudan as well.

Peter is a name used for naming boys mostly. Though, a tiny percentage of girls might have this name as well.

Rebecca, meaning, 'moderator', is a name common between girls mostly. It is a name of Arabic origin.

Sudanese names enjoy great popularity all around the year.

Typical South Sudanese Names

South Sudanese names are extremely popular across the world and this is the reason that people look for their meanings as well. Now, let's talk about a few common names in Sudan and whether they're used mostly for girls or boys. There are some dark names as well. So, you might as well take a liking to a few of them.

Abuk is a name mostly used for girls and is among the most popular names in the country.

Adrienne means 'the dark one' or 'the one from Hadria'. It is among the most popular feminine names in Sudan.

Angelina, meaning, 'messenger of god’, is a name common for girls. It is a name of Greek origin.

Ayen is quite a popular name for babies in Sudan. Every 1 in 200 have this name.

Chol, meaning, 'a child born after the elder sibling is dead at birth.' is a name for boys. It's of African origin.

Chuol is also a name common for boys. Several girls have this name as well. It is a name of Arabic origin.

David is a name mostly used among boys. It's a name of Arabic origin.

Ibrahim,meaning 'Father of a multitude', is quite a common name across the world.

Irshad, meaning,  'one who guides' or ‘directions’, is quite an attractive name for Sudanese. It's of Arabic origin.

James is a name used commonly for boys. Very low percentage of girls have this name.

John is a name popular among boys as well. There aren't many girls who have this name specifically.

Lamya meaning, ‘dark complexion’ is of Arabic origin.

Layla is of Arabic origin which means dark or night.

Lisha means darkness before midnight. It is one of the most popular feminine names in the country.

Martha, meaning, 'one who is loved and respected by all’, is a name of Aramaic origin. It means people with these names are generally fun people.

Mary is a name more common among girls. In fact, this name is used for girls only.

Nyalauk, meaning 'queen' or 'beloved woman', is a popular name among girls mostly. It's a name of African origin.

Sarah, meaning, 'joy' or 'delight', is a name of Arabic origin used for girls.

Beautiful Sudanese Girl Names

Girls mostly have sweet and cute names that have rather subtle warm and beautiful meanings. If you were searching for beautiful names then just get into the list mentioned below!

Sabrina means ‘legendary princess’. It is one of the popular feminine names in the country.

Saiesha, meaning, 'meaningful life' or 'truth of life' is a cute name for girls.

Samar, meaning, ‘conversation in the evening’ is a beautiful name.

Sami, meaning, ‘praised or exalted’ is a name of Hebrew origin.

Samiah, meaning, ‘forgiveness' or 'the one who forgives’is an Arabic name.

Samiya means ‘elevated status or lofty’.

Sandra is quite a catchy name and popular name.

Sanjana, meaning, ‘soft, meek, or gentle’, is a sweet name for girls.

Shada, meaning, ‘singing among the birds', is a beautiful name.

Shamma means ‘flame, lamp, or candle’.

Shirley is a beautiful name that means ‘bright meadow’.

Tabitha meaning ‘gazelle’ is a popular name option.

Tahani means ‘congratulations or best wishes’.

Talia, meaning, ‘morning dew’ is a name of Hebrew origin.

Tiffany, meaning, ‘appearance of God’ is a popular English name.

Tonia, meaning, ‘the invaluable’, is a name of Latin origin.

Wahiba, meaning, ‘donor or generous giver’ is a lovely and rare name.

Yalda, meaning, ‘longest night of the year’,  is a unique name of Arabic origins

Yaya, meaning, ‘woman’, has a Greek origin.

Yuliana, meaning, 'youthful',  is a beautiful name.

Yusra, meaning, ‘prosperous or good fortune’, is a name with Arabic origins.

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