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100+ Superhero Team Names From Comics And Movies To Inspire You

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Every team deserves the best name.

If your team does the work of superheroes, like helping people and making the world better, your team needs a superhero name. A superhero name will make you and your team feel even more motivated.

You can choose famous names of superhero teams, like Avengers and The Fantastic Four, which Spiderman is a part of, or you can also come up with your own name. All you have to do is think of the best quality of your team and come up with a name based on that. If you are looking for hero groups, superhero team names ideas, funny Marvel team names, villain group names, comic book teams, or even DC Comics superhero teams, we have loads of ideas here.

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Famous Superhero Team Names

Find some of the most famous superhero team names from movies and comics below. You will find names of Marvel superhero teams and DC Comics teams, as well as Avengers team names. From Teen Titans to Bird of Prey and the Justice League, there are so many great names out there!

1. Avengers, it is a team of the strongest heroes on earth who faced the biggest threat of the planet together.

2. Batman And Robin, it is a team of two with the legend Batman and his trustworthy sidekick Robin. One of the best superhero duos.

3. Fantastic Four, it is a team of four fearless scientists who received superpowers upon exposure to cosmic radiation.

4. Illuminati, it is the secret team that creates events in the Marvel Universe and consists of many superheroes. One of the best Marvel groups.

5. Justice League, the Justice League is a team of superheroes from the DC Universe who are out to protect the world. Justice League is one of the cool superhero team name ideas.

6. Suicide Squad, it is a team of imprisoned supervillains who carry out black ops missions.

7. Teen Titans, Teen Titans is a team of young heroes from the DC Universe who fight for the good of everyone.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it is a cartoon team of four mutated baby turtles under the leadership of mutant Master Splinter.

9. X - Men, it is a team of weird superhero mutants led by Professor Charles Xavier who swears to protect the world.

Spiderman captured while posing action.

Unique Superhero Team Names

Below are a few unique team names from superhero comics and movies. You can use these names if you are looking for superhero group names, DC superhero teams' names, Marvel trivia team names or even villain team names.

10. Alpha Fight, this is a group of Canadian superheroes dwelling in the Marvel universe.

11. Amazons Of Themyscira, it is a name used by warriors and was originally made by Olympian Gods.

12. Ani-Men, it means "birdman" or "cat man" and is used by teams on a mission.

13. Annihilators, it is a name for cosmic heroes formed by Nova. One of the good superhero team names.

14. Atari Force, this is a team of five multinational humans who eventually joined forces.

15. Big Hero, this is a Japanese team name that originally consisted of superhuman agents.

16. Cloak And Dagger, this is a team of two who set out to New York for a better life.

17. Doom Patrol, this is a team of outcasts assembled by the Chief against evil.

18. Excalibur, this is the team name for a group consisting of British superheroes. One of the cool group names.

19. Elementals, it is derived from a team of individuals blessed by the forces of nature.

20. Future Foundation, it is a team made by Mr.Fantastic. Among the cool superhero team names.

21. Gen 13, it is a cool and modern team name.

22. Generation X, it is a team of Marvel superpowers.

23. Guardians Of The Galaxy, it is a team formed by freedom fighters.

24. Hellfire Club, it is a team of mutants. Among the cool superhero team names.

25. Heralds Of Galactus, it is a team with the power of Galactus.

26. Honor Guard, it is the team of heroes from Astro City. One of the cool group names.

27. Horsemen Of Apocalypse, it is a team of personal warriors.

28. Imperial Guard, it is a team of champions with superpowers.

29. Inhumans, it is one of the superheroes teams of super powered beings.

30. Justice Society Of America, it is a team of heroes in America.

31. League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it was a team of individuals assigned to protect the Empire’s interests.

32. Legion Of SuperHeroes, this is a team of teenage superheroes from the 30th and 31st centuries in the DC Universe.

33. Metal Men, it consists of robotic superheroes.

34. Micronauts, a superheroes group of freedom fighters and explorers.

35. Midnight Sons, this team defends earth against evil.

36. Minutemen, one of the teams of superheroes and crime fighters.

37. Morlocks, it is a team of superheroes of mutant outcasts.

38. New Mutants, it is a team of young mutants formed in Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters.

39. Planetary, it is a team of archaeologists looking for the world’s secrets.

40. Power Pack, it is a team of kids who earned their superpowers from an alien.

41. Reavers, it is a team of cyborgs. One of the cool superhero groups.

42. Serpent Society, one of the superhero teams of supervillains.

43. Shadowpact, it is a team that set out to destroy evil.

44. Starjammers, it is a team of space pirates.

45. Squadron Supreme, it is a team of superheroes on a parallel Earth.

46. The Authority, it is a powerful team of superheroes.

47. The Endless, it is a team of siblings with superpowers.

48. Watchmen, it consists of heroes looking to save the earth.

49. X - Factor, it is a team of X-men.

Fun Superhero Team Names

Close up shot of Tony Stark

Below are some of the most fun superhero team names. If you are looking for Marvel hero teams, or Marvel superhero groups, check our list below.

50. A-Force, it is a team of female Avenger superpowers.

51. Birds Of Prey, is a team of female superheroes captained by Oracle.

52. Black Order, is a team of generals under the control of Thanos.

53. Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, it is a team of mutants who fought humanity.

54. Challengers Of The Unknown, this is a team created by Jack Kirby in the DC Universe

55. Dark Riders, it is a team created to defend Apocalypse against other mutants.

56. Defenders, it is a team formed by Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe.

57. Dial H For Hero, it is a team of supervillains looking to stop the evil.

58. DP7, it contains humans who started developing superpowers slowly and set out to protect themselves.

59. Elephantmen, it is a team of animal-human hybrids that created a corporation.

60. Eternals, it is a team of evolved humans with cool powers and a long lifespan.

61. Exiles, it is a team of time and space travelers who can jump parallel worlds.

62. Fallen Angels,it is a team of thieves and pickpockets that includes cyborgs.

63. Five Swell Guys, is a team of five superheroes from the 'Promethea' series.

64. Force Works, t is a team of old West Coast Avengers in the Marvel universe.

65. Forever People, it is a team of five raised under New Genesis, Infinity Man is a member of this team.

66. Freedom Fighters, it is a team of golden age superheroes.

67. Futurians, it consists of time travelers who reach our age from the past.

68. Heroes For Hire, it is a superpower group of mercenaries.

69. L.E.G.I.O.N., is a team created by an alien invasion on planet Earth that seeks to make peace.

70. Legion Academy, it is a team of students under the Legion of Superheroes.

71. Legion Of Monsters, it is a group of superheroes who appear in the Marvel Universe.

72. Legion Of Substitute Heroes, it is a team of 30th century superheroes.

73. Liberty Legion, it is a revolutionary team of superheroes.

74. Marauders, it is a team of henchmen under the control of Mr. Sinister.

75. New Men, it is a team of animals with advanced levels of evolution.

76. New Warriors, it is a team made by Night Thrasher and consists of several superheroes.

77. Nextwave, is a team of superheroes captained by a former Avengers member.

78. Omega Men, this team comes from the Vegan planetary system.

79. Outsiders, is a team of secondary superheroes of the DC Universe

80. Psi - Force, this team has many superhuman powers.

81. Runaways, is a team of super powered crime rings who controlled Los Angeles.

82. Secret Avengers, it is a team of black ops superheroes.

83. Secret Six, it is a team fought together against super-criminals.

84. Seven Soldiers Of Victory, it is a group that fought crime.

85. Sinister Six , it is a team assembled to overpower Spider Man.

86. SMASH, it is a team of superpower individuals.

87. Spaceknights, it consists of metal-wearing warriors that hail from Galador, the golden galaxy.

88. Stormwatch, it is a team of superheroes sponsored by the United Nations.

89. Squadron Sinister, it is a team under the control of the Grandmaster who fought Kang.

90. The Four, this is a team that went on the secret moon launch of 1961.

91. The Invaders, it is a powerful team of great superheroes.

92. Thunderbolts, a group of supervillains looking for redemption.

93. Wanderers, it is a team of superheroes who belong to the 31st century and associated with the Legion of Superheroes.

94. West Coast Ultimates, it is a team of superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

95. WetWorks, it is a team of heroes that fought the supernaturals.

96. X-Statix, it is a team of Marvel superheroes who looked to become media superstars.

97. X- Terminators, is the mutant alter ego for the X-Men.

98. Zebra People, it is a team of young superheroes.

99. Zodiac, is a criminal team that looked to dominate the world.

100. Zoo Crew, is a team of animals with superpowers.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for superhero team names, then why not take a look at something different like this list of the best funny steam names or these top famous warrior names?

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