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50 Tabaxi Names With Meanings

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Choosing a name for a character is a very tricky thing.

Tabaxi is a Dungeons and Dragons cat race of feline-humanoids. They possessed innate curiosity and were exceptional hunters.

Tabaxi names are mostly tribal in nature. These names are usually associated with their clan history or astrology. These warrior cats preferred to live in clans and were skilled in combat. They speak both Common and Tabaxi languages. Here is how you can name your Tabaxi character.

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Tabaxi Names For Girls

Female Tabaxi names are unique and very appealing. Check out this list of female names for your character.

1. Citlali (Nahuatl origin) meaning "star".

2. Edge of World (Edge), a suitable name for someone that has traveled around the world.

3. Illary (Quechua origin) meaning "rainbow".

4. Itotia (Aztec origin) meaning "dance".

5. Necahual (Nahuatl origin) meaning "survivor".

6. Ohtli (Aztec origin) meaning "road".

7. Trail of Dragons (Trail), someone who has overpowered dragons in a battle.

8. Windy Shore, a name for someone who has settled on a beach.

9. Xpiayoc (Mayan origin) meaning "mysterious".

10. Zyanya (Nahuatl origin) meaning "forever".

Tabaxi Names For Boys

Male Tabaxis are usually very mysterious and agile. Here is a list of Tabaxi names for boys.

11. Amoxtli (Nahuatl origin) meaning "book".

12. Emerald of Winter (Emerald) This is a perfect name for a winter-born Tabaxi.

13. Eztli (Nahuatl origin) meaning "blood".

14. Gale of Storm (Gale) This is suitable for a fierce warrior.

15. Great Thunder, someone who possesses a magical sword.

16. Pishoy (Coptic origin) meaning "high" or "elevated".

17. Serpent of Claws (Claws) A Tabaxi name for a warrior who defeated a fearsome serpent.

18. Tepin (Nahuatl origin) meaning "little one".

19. Tochtlee (Aztec origin) meaning "rabbit".

20. Tupac (Quechua origin) meaning "royal".

Gender-Neutral Tabaxi Names


(Most Tabaxis have unisex names.)

If you are searching for a nice gender-neutral name for your character, here we have made a list for you.

21. Ailbe (Irish origin) meaning "white".

22. Coszcatl (Nahuatl origin) meaning "jewel".

23. Eirnin (Irish origin) meaning "iron".

24. Manauia (Nahuatl origin) meaning "defend".

25. Nimble Paws A name for a fast warrior.

26. Spring Blossom A Tabaxi living in a forest of blossoms.

27. Xipil (Nahuatl origin) meaning "noble one, of fire".

28. Yaotl (Aztec origin) meaning "warrior".

Tabaxi Names Inspired By Myths and Legends


(Tabaxi names are inspired by mythology.)

Myths and legends have inspired many names. Check out this list of unique Tabaxi names inspired by mythology.

29. Ammit (M/F) (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning "devoured of the dead", an Egyptian mythological creature.

30. Atlacoya (F) (Aztec origin), the Aztec goddess of drought.

31. Coatlicue (F) (Nahuatl origin) meaning "serpent skirt", an Aztec earth goddess.

32. Ixchel (F) (Mayan origin) meaning "rainbow lady", the Mayan Goddess of the moon.

33. Meztli (M/F) Nahuatl origin) meaning "moon", the Aztec God of night.

34. Nekomata (M/F) (Japanese origin), a kind of supernatural cats from Japanese folklore.

35. Ningal (F) (Sumerian origin) meaning "great lady", the Sumerian goddess of reeds.

36. Quetzalcoatl (M) (Nahuatl origin) meaning "feather serpent", a Mesoamerican deity.

37. Tepeyollotl (M) (Nahuatl origin) meaning "of the earth", the Aztec God of jaguars.

38. Tezcatlipoca (M) (Nahuatl origin) meaning "smoking mirror", the Aztec God of the night sky.

39. Vidar (M) (Norse origin) meaning "warrior of woods", the son of Odin.

40. Werejaguar (M/F) (Olmec origin) meaning "man-jaguar", an Olmec supernatural entity.

Notable Tabaxi Names

If you are searching for some famous names of Tabaxi, check out this list.

41. Birdsong (F) a Tabaxi bard who lived in Chult.

42. Chioptl (F) a Tabaxi living in southern Maztica

43. Flask of Wine (Flask) (M) a Tabaxi jungle guide.

44. River Mist (F) a Tabaxi guide to jungles of Chult.

45. Two Llamas Running (F) a Tabaxi swashbuckler from Maztica.

Tabaxi Clan Names

If you are looking for some nice clan names for your feline-humanoid character, check out this list.

46. The Misty Lagoon Clan a clan who lives near a misty lagoon.

47. The Night Shadow Clan they are the invisible Tabaxi who come out only when it is dark.

48. The Tranquil Caverns Clan they are the peaceful clan that lives an isolated life in the mountain caverns.

49. The Twisting Willow Clan suitable for the Tabaxi who live on an island full of twisted willow trees.

50. The Wandering Mist Clan a clan that wanders in the misty wild forests.

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