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The Best List Of Bubble Guppies Names

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'Bubble Guppies' is a unique, special and incredibly entertaining Canadian-American children’s TV series.

The underwater dwelling and incredibly eccentric merperson preschoolers in 'Bubble Guppies' are a charm to watch. 'Bubbles Guppies' is a children’s show so special that people still find it a delight to watch, which is why it has recently been renewed in 2020.

The musical and education imparting program has wonderfully quirky and endearing characters that make learning super simple for children. Rumored to be orphans, the merpersons in the show attend preschool and impart excellent knowledge all the while joking around and having fun. Every Bubble Guppy is special and so are their names.

Numerous Guppies in 'Bubble Guppies' are named after elements of the sea or water. Since this cartoon is set underwater, it makes sense to name some of the characters in accordance with the same. Molly which means “of the sea” or Deema which means “a soft rain” are names that are all somehow related to water. Other Guppy names such as Mr. Grouper, Little Fish and Bubble Puppy also carry water or sea significance.

If you are looking for the 'Bubble Guppies' characters' names, here is the best list of 'Bubble Guppies' names for you to refer to. These names of 'Bubble Guppies' come with special descriptions so you can learn all you need to know about each character. Your search for the names of the 'Bubble Guppies' is finally over!

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The Ultimate List Of The'Bubble Guppies' Character Names

'Bubble Guppies' is a popular TV series.

Fun and eccentric characters are a central part of the 'Bubble Guppies' show. Below are some of the most popular 'Bubble Guppies' names.

1. Molly (English origin) meaning “of the sea” or “star of the sea”. A miniature version of the biblical name Mary, Molly is one of the most central characters in 'Bubble Guppies'. Molly co-hosts the cartoon and is a great singer. She’s both smart and popular. Molly is also a natural leader.

2. Oona (Irish origin) meaning “one”. One of the most gentle, sweet and sincere Guppies, Oona is a favorite character of many. Oona is empathetic and aware of others. Oona also ensures that anyone who is ill gets proper care. She’s one of those Guppies who find wonder in everything.

3. Deema (Arabic origin) meaning “a soft rain”. The personality of Deema is larger than life. Deema is super energetic and has a zest for life. Deema is also a very jolly character who loves to tell jokes and make people around her laugh. One of the most over the top Guppies, Deema is the queen of imagination and goofiness. She is also the only Guppy who has big curly yellow hair.

4. Gil (Hebrew, French, Greek origin) meaning “bright promise” or “joy”. A co-host of the series alongside Molly, Gil is a silly, high energy and curious Guppy. Gil loves getting involved with any adventures he lays eyes on. Molly is Gil’s best friend and he also has a pet by the name of Bubble Puppy. Gil is also a super funny preschooler.

5. Goby (Old English origin) meaning “someone who hails from Gopheye, Durset”. Goby is the storyteller of the show and one of the Guppies who love to wear eccentric costumes. Goby loves outdoor adventures, is super artistic and uses his imagination intensively.

6. Nonny (Kenyan origin) meaning “gift from God”. There’s never been a Guppy as cautious as Nonny. Nonny has the best vocabulary out of all the Guppies and is super smart, brainy and calm. Nonny is always willing to try new things and is also very polite. With flaming orange hair and a sweet smile, Nonny is shy and not a big fan of sports.

(Kids love the 'Bubble Guppies' characters.

7. Bubble Puppy (English origin) meaning “bubbly”, “happy” or “water”. Bubble Puppy is a playful puppy and one of the most endearing Guppies from the series. His tail resembles the tail of a fish and he loves to pop bubbles. Bubble Puppy loves to play with others and is very loyal, especially to Gil.

8. Mr Grouper is the preschool teacher who takes care of every Bubble Guppy living under the water. Mr Grouper holds field trips for all Bubble Guppies and loves all of his students. Mr Grouper also works towards nurturing the Guppies' minds and encouraging their creativity and imagination.

9. Little Fish accompanies all Guppies to school and always has the right answers for every question. Little fish stays delighted and amused and loves helping others out by giving them answers to their woes.

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