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100 Timeless Girls Names That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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Certain classic names which were popular ages ago are still popular to this day.

These classic baby names often convey a lot more than just meaning. They have that right touch of nostalgia and a lot of cultural weight.

Countless girl names were once popular but have died down with time. Yet some baby girl names have stood firm. These classic names have not only survived decades but also centuries and are still popular today. Names like Mary and Olive have been popular in the Victorian and Elizabethan Era are equally popular in these modern times. Here we look at some of the best girl names that have remained timeless and are regarded as classics even today.

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Timeless Girl Names That Are Classics

Baby girl in hat siting on sand

Enlisted below are some timeless and classic names for girls. These baby names have been previously and are still now considered classic for your little girl.

1. Adele (German origin) meaning "noble". Adele is a famous English singer and songwriter.

2. Alexandra (English origin) means "to defend". Classic girl names like these are timeless.

3. Amelia (English origin) meaning "work". Amelia Earhart was an American navigator credited for being the first woman to have traveled solo across the Atlantic.

4. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection". Duchess Anastasia was the daughter of the last Tsar of Russia.

5. Annabelle (English origin) meaning "lovable". 'Annabelle' is also a popular Hollywood horror movie.

6. Audrey (English origin) meaning "noble and strength". Audrey Hepburn was a famous British actress, and this baby name 'Audrey' was of huge popularity among 1920s names.

7. Catherine (French origin) meaning "each of it's two". Catherine Zeta-Jones is a famous British actress.

8. Clara (German origin) means "clear, bright and famous". This timeless little baby classic girls' names like these are rare nowadays.

9. Delilah (Biblical origin) meaning "delicate and weak". This baby name still remains new.

10. Gauri (Sanskrit origin) meaning "white". Gauri was the wife of Lord Shiva.

11. Gayatri (Sanskrit origin) refers to a hymn. The 'Gayatri Mantra' is a famous hymn among the Hindus.

12. Grace (English origin) meaning "faith".

13. Gwyneth (Welsh origin) depicts a region in Wales.

14. Isabella (Italian origin) meaning "my God is an oath". Isabella I of Castile was the Queen of Castile, Spain in 1474.

15. Jacqueline (French origin) meaning "holder of the heel". This is a cute and fancy classical girl name.

16. Josephine (Dutch origin) meaning "he will add". 'Josephine Cochran' invented the dishwasher in 1886.

17. Juliette (French origin) meaning "downy-bearded". Juliette was a significant character in William Shakespeare's iconic play 'Romeo and Juliet'.

18. Madeline (French origin) means "of Magdala".

19. Margot (English origin) meaning "pearl".

20. Natalia (Polish origin) meaning "Christmas Day".

21. Olivia (English origin) means "olive".

22. Ophelia (English origin) meaning "help". Ophelia was a major character in William Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'.

23. Penelope (Greek origin) refers to a type of duck.

24. Rebecca (Hebrew origin) meaning "join, tie and snare". This Hebrew name can be perfect for a little girl.

25. Victoria (English origin) meaning "victorious". Queen Victoria was the queen of the United Kingdom for over 63 years.

Timeless Unisex Names

Gender-neutral names have been popular since time immemorial. Here are some of the best timeless unisex baby names for your little girl.

26. Avery (English origin) meaning "ruler of elf".

27. Blair (Scottish origin) meaning "battlefield".

28. Cassidy (Modern English origin) meaning "a descendant of Caiside".

29. Citali (Native American origin) meaning " a star".

30. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning "allies or friends". Dakota Johnson is a famous actress.

31. Harper (English origin) refers to someone who plays the harp.

32. Kelly (Irish origin) meaning "bright headed". Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer.

33. Phoenix (English origin) refers to the Greek mythological bird which Burns in fire and rises from its ashes and can serve as good nicknames.

34. Quinn (Irish origin) means "a descendant of Conn".

35. Regan (English origin) meaning "descendant of Raigan".

36. Sasha (Russian origin) meaning "defending men". One of the cutest girl names and nicknames.

37. Teese (English origin) refers to someone who lived near the river Tees in Teesdale.

Timeless Girl Names That Are Beautiful

Baby with baby pacifier

Many timeless baby names have been passed on to us and are still popular today. Let's take a look at those.

38. Aaliyah (Arabic origin) meaning "highest social standing".

39. Ada (German origin) meaning "noble type". Ada Lovelace wrote in 1843 a scientific paper about Computers and Artificial Intelligence.

40. Agatha (Ancient Greek) meaning "good". Agatha Christie was a well known English writer of the twentieth century.

41. Akira (Japanese origin) meaning "bright". Akira is an elegant name and can be found in numerous Anime and Mangas.

42. Alice (English origin) meaning "noble".

43. Amina (Arabic origin) meaning "honest". This is a timeless name for a girl.

44. Anne (French origin) meaning "Grace". Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate of the eighteenth century and was referred to as the most famous female pirate of all time.

45. Aoi (Japanese origin) meaning "Althea". Aoi is a cute baby girl name.

46. Ayana (African origin) meaning "pretty flower".

47. Barbara (Hungarian origin) meaning "foreign".

48. Bertha (German origin) meaning "bright and famous". Bertha Benz was the wife of automobile tycoon Karl Benz.

49. Cho (Japanese origin) meaning "butterfly". Cho Chang was a character in J.K.Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series.

50. Clementine (English origin) meaning "merciful and gentle". Names for girls like these were popular names in their time.

51. Ebba (Old English origin) meaning "strong". A forgotten and uncommon baby girl name that should make a comeback.

52. Elizabeth (English origin) meaning "my god as an oath". Elizabeth I was the queen of England in the sixteenth century.

53. Emily (English origin) meaning "rival". Emily is very common, as well as an elegant name. Baby girl names like Emily are fancy nowadays.

54. Emma (French origin) meaning "whole or universal". Emma Watson is a world-famous British actress.

55. Erika (Swedish origin) meaning "fragrant pears". Erika is a popular and fancy baby girl name.

56. Ezra (Biblical origin) meaning "humble". Baby names like these are still popular.

57. Farrah (Arabic origin) meaning "happiness". Names for girls like these are rare.

58. Florence (English origin) meaning "prosperous and flourishing". Florence Nightingale, nicknamed 'The Lady with the Lamp', is considered the founder of modern nursing.

59. Gloria (German origin) meaning "glory".

60. Hazel (English origin) meaning "light brown in color".

61. Heer (Indian origin) meaning "diamond". 'Heer-Ranjha' tragic love story is often compared to 'Romeo and Juliet'.

62. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "torch". Helen Keller was an American writer and activist. She was also the first deaf and blind person to get a Bachelor of Arts degree.

63. Indira (Sanskrit origin) meaning "beauty". Indira Gandhi was a famous Prime Minister of India.

64. Jane (English origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". Jane Austen was an 18th-century famous English novelist. Her notable works involve 'Pride and Prejudice'.

65. Jiya (Indian origin) means " a sweetheart". Jiya is an elegant girl name.

66. Joan (English origin) meaning "gracious,". Joan of Arc is a prevalent character in French history.

67. Jyoti (Sanskrit origin) meaning "light". Names for girls like these are common.

68. Kitty (English origin) meaning "each of the two". Kitty was popular from the 1930s and is a fancy baby girl name.

69. Kokoro (Japanese origin) meaning "heart, mind, and soul". Kokoro is a common name and is found abundantly in Animes.

70. Laila (Arabic origin) meaning "night". 'Laila and Majnu' is a tragic love story and is referred to as the 'Romeo and Juliet' of the Middle East.

71. Laqueta (African origin) meaning "quiet one". One of the cutest baby girl names.

72. Lily (English origin) refers to the flower Lily and is described as 'a symbol of purity'.

73. Lucy (English origin) meaning "light". The famous actress Scarlett Johansson acted and played the character 'Lucy' in the movie of the same name.

74. Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl".

75. Malia (Native American origin) meaning "one who is calm". Malia is a fancy girls' name.

76. Marie (French origin) meaning "rebelliousness". Marie Curie aka Madam Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. Depicted as 'the most inspirational woman in science.' This name also gained popularity among 1930s names.

77. Martha (Dutch origin) meaning "the last or the mistress". Martha Knight, in 1870 was the first woman in the USA to apply and win a patent for building a machine that made paper bags.

78. Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion or a dream".

79. Minnie (English origin) meaning "of the sea". Minnie Mouse is a popular children's cartoon character.

80. Nadia (Arabic origin) meaning "moist, tender and delicate".

81. Nafisa (Arabic origin) meaning "delicate".

82. Nina (Native American origin) meaning "mighty or fire".

83. Noor (Urdu origin) meaning "the divine light".

84. Odina (Norse mythology origin) meaning "a mountain".

85. Rayne (Medieval English origin) means "rain".

86. Rose (French origin) meaning "of the famous type".

87. Ruth (Norwegian origin) meaning "a friend".

88. Saika (Bengali origin) meaning "vividness". Saika is one of the cutest girl names.

89. Sally (English origin) meaning " a lady, princess or a noblewoman".

90. Simi (Indian origin) meaning "valley of the wind". Baby names for girls like these are trendy.

91. Suhana (Urdu origin) meaning "charming or pleasant".

92. Sylvia (Swedish origin) meaning "wood or forest". 'Sylvia' or 'Silvia' was a widespread name in the Shakespearean era and was also used in his famous play 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona'.

93. Tayen (Native American origin) meaning "new moon". Tayen is a fancy old fashioned baby name.

94. Valentina (Russian origin) meaning "strong, vigorous and healthy". Valentina Tereshkova is a Russian cosmonaut who became the first woman to visit space in 1963.

95. Virginia (Ancient Roman origin) meaning "a maid or a virgin". Virginia Woolf was a famous English writer and was one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. Her notable works include 'Mrs. Dalloway', 'To The Lighthouse' and others.

96. Wilma (German origin) meaning "willing protector".

97. Winona (Native American origin) meaning "first daughter".

98. Yui (Japanese origin) meaning "love and gentleness".

99. Zari (Persian origin) meaning "golden".

100. Zoya (Russian origin) meaning "alive". Zoya is an elegant old fashioned baby name.

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