Top 100 Adorable Food Names for Cats

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Originally Published on Nov 17, 2020
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Are you looking for the best cat names that are food-inspired?

Food cat names are a great idea for those looking for unique and unconventional cat names. You could name your cat after your favorite food, snack or even drink!

Food related names for cats are also great way to match the personality of your pet to their name. Food inspired names like Pepper or Chili would be the perfect new name for a fiery cat! That is why we have listed 100 of the best food cat names that would make cute cat names for your kitten! From, Kit Kat and Biscuit to Pepper and Oreo, these food names for cats are just what you need to help your little feline stand out from all the others.

To find more cat names, why not take a look at these unisex cat names and these Korean cat names?

Sweet Inspired Candy Names For Cats

Bowl of cat food and two kittens.

Forget the classic names like Kit Kat, this list will show you some of the best new and different sweet inspired cat names for the sweetest cats around!

1. Applejack (English origin) after the cereal or the drink.

2. Biscuit (Latin origin) the perfect short and sweet name.

3. Brownie (English origin) a brown type of cake that we all know and love.

4. Bonbon (French origin) a duplicate of the word 'bon' which means "good," after the sweet treat.

5. Buttercup (English origin) means "wildflower" or "yellow," and is also a type of pastry.

6. Butters (English origin) if you are looking for cute food names for cats, it doesn't get much cuter than this!

7. Butterscotch (Scottish origin) the name of a hard candy made from boiling corn syrup or brown sugar in water.

8. Candy (English origin) this name keeps it simple!

9. Candy Cane (English origin) after the Christmas themed candy, this is perfect for a cat with stripes.

10. Cannoli (Italian origin) an Italian pastry made from tube-shaped shells of fried dough.

11. Caramel (Spanish origin) meaning "burnt sugar".

12. Cassata (Italian origin) a traditional Sicilian sponge cake.

13. Cherry (English origin) a type of sweet fruit.

14. Chip (English origin) can refer to a chocolate chip.

15. Churro (Spanish origin) a type of fried dough pastry.

16. Cookie (Latin origin) means "baked twice", and refers to a small cake-like biscuit.

17. Cranberry (English origin) a small red berry.

18. Crêpe (French origin) a thin pancake.

19. Cheerio (English origin) a type of cereal.

20. Cupcake (English origin) a type of small cake baked in a cup-like cone.

21. Doughnut (English origin) a type of pastry fried or baked in a round shape.

22. Éclair (French origin) a pastry that is sweet and filled with whipped cream inside.

23. Flan (German origin) means "flat cake".

24. Flapjack (English origin) a type of pancake.

25. Frappé (French origin) a sweet drink chilled with ice.

Food Inspired Cat Names From Around The World

Cute funny kitten drinking milk at home.

Why not pick cat names inspired by your favorite food from a new country that you have loved visiting on holiday? From French to Turkish to Japanese food names for cats, you are sure to find some cat names you will love here.

26. Albondigas (Spanish origin) meatballs in tomato sauce.

27. Almendrados (Spanish origin) a type of Spanish cookie.

28. Banchan (South Korean origin) the term used to describe wide variety of food served in small dishes.

29. Börek (Turkish origin) a baked dish with a sweet filling.

30. Bottarga (Italian origin) smoked eggs.

31. Brie de Meaux (French origin) a type of soft cheese made from cow's milk, and a fancy food inspired name for your cat.

32. Bruschetta (Italian origin) a classic appetizer.

33. Chai (Chinese origin) a type of tea, this is one of the more popular cat names inspired by food on this list.

34. Croquetas (Spanish origin) delicious leftover meats and cheeses covered in breadcrumbs and fried.

35. Donburi (Japanese origin) a rice bowl meal.

36. Durian (Indonesian origin) a sweet fruit.

37. Edamame (Japanese origin) refers to immature soybeans.

38. Focaccia (Italian origin) a type of oven baked bread.

39. Gelato (Italian origin) a type of Italian ice cream.

40. Grilled Cheese (American origin) an American classic sandwich, and one of the cutest cat names on our list.

41. Guacamole (Mexican origin) a delicacy made from avocados, chiles, onions and seasoning.

42. Jamon (Spanish origin) a type of cured ham.

43. Kimchi (Korean origin) a staple Korean side dish.

44. Kombu (Japanese origin) a popular seaweed used in cooking.

45. Macaroni (Italian origin) a small type of pasta.

46. Mooncake (Chinese origin) a pie-like pastry eaten during the Moon festival.

47. Parfait (French origin) means "perfect", and is a frozen dessert made from egg yolk, sugar, and whipped cream.

48. Pavlova (Australian origin) a delicate summer dessert common in New Zealand and Australia.

49. Sarma (Turkish origin) a traditional type of Turkish dish.

50. Satay (Indonesian origin) a dish made from skewered meat and served with a peanut sauce.

51. Tater Tot, deep-fried potato fritters. Tater Tot is also a popular food inspired name for cats.

Food Inspired Names For Orange Cats

Orange cats can be quite fierce in nature. This coupled with the fact that they have a unique and beautiful color coat means that there are plenty of orange foods to match your orange cat!

51. Apricot (Greek origin) a type of orange fruit.

52. Blood Orange (English origin) a citrus fruit that is a dark orange color on the inside.

53. Cantaloupe (French origin) another type of fruit.

54. Carrot (French origin) a crunchy vegetable.

55. Cayenne (French origin) a type of hot spice.

56. Curry (Scottish origin) a typically spicy dish.

57. Kumquat (Chinese origin) a type of tangerine.

58. Mandarine (French origin) a citrus fruit.

59. Mango (Italian origin) a sweet fruit.

60. Nectarine (Chinese origin) a peach-like fruit.

61. Orange (English origin) a basic name for an orange cat, after the citrus fruit.

62. Papaya (Spanish origin) a very large fruit that is orange on the inside.

63. Passionfruit (Latin origin) one of the variants from the passionflower species.

64. Peach (French origin) another type of orange fruit.

65. Persimmon (American origin) an edible fruit that looks like a tomato.

66. Pumpkin (Greek origin) meaning "large melon".

67. Tangerine (English origin) a citrus fruit.

68. Turmeric (Latin origin) meaning "yellow roots," this is a bright yellow spice.

69. Sweet potato (English origin) an orange colored type of potato.

70. Yam (Ugaritic origin) meaning "sea," a type of orange tuber.

Spicy Food Names For Cats

For a sassy cat, you need spicy cat names to match their attitude. Why not pick one of these spicy names for your cat.

71. Abodo (Portuguese origin) a stock that is made of different herbs and spices.

72. Ajwain (Indian origin) an Indian spice.

73. Anise (Latin origin) a spice that tastes like licorice, but also a great name for a female cat.

74. Basil (Greek origin) means "royal" and is a herb frequently used in cooking.

75. Bumbu (Indonesian origin) the Indonesian word for "spices".

76. Canella (Latin origin) meaning "small cane". This is among the coolest girl names for cats.

77. Caraway (English origin) distinctively aromatic seeds used in cooking.

78. Catnip (English origin) an aromatic herb that cats are attracted to.

79. Chili (Latin origin) a blend of spices.

80. Clove (German origin) an aromatic herb.

81. Cumin (Latin origin) an earthy and nutty spice.

82. Dill (Anglo-Saxon origin) a spice commonly used with fish dishes and a fitting cat name since they love fish.

83. Dukkah (Egyptian origin) a mixture of spices, nuts, and herbs.

84. Fennel (English origin) the name of a herb.

85. Garlic (Anglo-Saxon origin) a herb with a strong smell, this is certainly a unique name for a cat.

86. Ginger (English origin) a popular spice used in meals.

87. Juniper (Latin origin) meaning "young", it's a spice from the Himalayas.

88. Kaffir (Arabic origin) is the leaves of the lime plant.

89. Kokum (English origin) a sour yet sweet fruit.

90. Mace (English origin) a spice that is used a lot at Christmas time.

91. Merken (English origin) a hot and strong smelling spice that is the perfect name for your fiery cat.

92. Pepper (English origin) a seasoning used widely in many dishes.

93. Pimento (Spanish origin) a variety of cherry pepper.

95. Spearmint (English origin) a refreshing name for cats.

95. Tamarind (Arabic origin) a herb loaded with great health benefits.

Cat Names Inspired By Drinks

These cute cat names are inspired by lots of different popular drinks.

96. Amarula, is a popular drink from South Africa.

97. Baileys,is a sweet creamy drink, this is such a cute name for cats.

98. Champagne, is a type of sparkling wine.

99. Gin, if you have two cats, you could call them G and T, referencing the popular gin and tonic drink.

100. Mai Tai, is a popular rum cocktail.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for food cat names then why not take a look at these tiger cat names, or for something more specific take a look at these tabby cat names.

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