Top 102 Alaskan Dog Names For Your New Puppy

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Alaska is a diverse land with many great names for pets.

Are you someone who is looking for an uncommon and cute name? Alaskan dog names are perfect for you; these names come with a heap of history and significance.

Alaska is the biggest U.S. state. Various indigenous groups of people lived in Alaska for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. Hence, recent Alaskan names have European touches alongside their tribal heritage. So without any further ado, we look into the list of 102 famous Alaskan dog names.

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Alaskan Malamute Dog Names

The Alaskan Malamute is identical to the husky in appearance and is frequently confused with the variety. The Alaskan Mamalute has a set of names that are exclusively Alaska related and goes well with the breed.

1. Akiak (M) meaning "brave".

2. Akna (F) meaning "Goddess". This is a beautiful Alaskan dog name.

3. Arrluk (M) meaning "killer whale".

4. Ataksak (F) meaning "Goddess who rules the skies".

5. Atka King (M) meaning "king of people".

6. Benson (M) (British origin) meaning "child of Ben". Benny Benson was the name of the person who designed the flag of Alaska.

7. Chinook (F) meaning "warm wind".

8. Hector (M) (Greek origin) meaning "relentless". Hector Chevigny is the name of a very popular writer in Alaska.

9. Hitty (F) meaning "hyena".

10. Ihun (F) meaning "lake trout".

11. Imalik (M) meaning "wet falling day off".

12. Kamik (M) meaning "Eskimo boot".

13. Kavik (M) meaning "wolverine". For Alaskan dog names, this can be an excellent choice.

14. Kayuh (M/F) meaning "mountain".

15. Kirima (F) meaning "the hills".

16. Shtiya (F) meaning "my strength".

17. Tikaani (M) meaning "wolf warrior".

Alaskan Female Dog Names For Huskies

Alaskan husky dogs are very friendly with people. From their wolfish appearance, they may look like fierce defenders, but husky dogs and Malamutes dogs are very benevolent with everybody. If you are looking for dogs names for huskies, here is a list of female husky names.

18. Aanaq meaning "mother".

19. Atti (Old Norse origin) meaning "beautiful Goddess". It is associated with Alaskan artist Lena Atti.

20. Kaisa meaning "daisy". One of the best female names for your husky baby dog.

21. Kanut meaning "white geese".

22. Kima "candy or sweet things" is the meaning of this name. Kima (Candy) can be an excellent name for your Alaskan dog.

23. Koko meaning "chocolate". This can be one of the great husky names for female dogs.

24. Miki "little"is the meaning of this name. Miki (Little) is one of the more prevalent dog names in Alaska.

25. Miska "little bear" is themeaning of this name. Miska (Little bear) can be a great Alaskan dog name.

26. Nuka meaning "narrows". Alaska follows a very proper healthcare system called 'The Nuka Healthcare System'.

27. Nukla meaning "little sister".

28. Panik, meaning "child girl."

29. Pinga refers to an Alaskan Goddess of hunting, fertility, and medicine.

30. Sakari "sweet" is the meaning of this name. Sakari (Sweet) is a tremendous female name for your dog.

31. Sesi meaning "snow".

32. Shila "flame" is themeaning of this name. Shila (Flame) is one of the better Alaskan dog names.

33. Siku "ice" is the meaning of this name. Siku (Ice) can also mean sea ice.

34. Suka "fast" and "quick" is the meaning of this name. Suka (Fast) is the perfect name for your fast and agile dog!

35. Sura meaning "new life".

36. Ulva "wolf"is the meaning of this name. Ulva is also a name given to a species of seaweeds found only in Alaska. Ulva (Wolf) can be a great name for a Siberian husky.

Male Alaskan Dog Names For Huskies

Friendly Alaskan dog side view portrait

Deciding huskies' names can be a bit tricky sometimes. They are very lovable, and with their striking blue eyes, they look like an adorable, cute, little bear. Scroll down for some male names for your husky dog.

37. Aatag meaning "father".

38. Balto meaning "bold/brave". It was also the name of the famous lead canine who drove his group on the last leg of the 1925 Alaskan serum run.

39. Bentz (German origin) meaning "little bear's signs". Chad Bentz is a retired baseball player from Alaska.

40. Bruce (French origin), meaning "the willowlands". The name Bruce became popular among Alaskan dog names after a rescue pitbull became famous for his diving skills in Alaska.

41. Colt (British origin) meaning "lively youthful pony". Colt Richter was a very renowned Alaskan pilot.

42. Cupun meaning "coal".

43. Edgar (British origin) meaning "well off lance". Edgar Blanchford was the name of a U.S. senator that represented Alaska.

44. Eyak refers to Alaskan tribes.

45. Fletcher (Middle English origin) meaning "bolt creator". Rosey Fletcher was an Alaskan Olympic snowboarder who has won plenty of medals.

46. Franco (Latin origin) meaning "free man". Writer Rafael Franco has a book called 'Alaska' about the Last Frontier.

47. Imnek meaning "bluff". This name is a variation of the name of an island in Alaska.

48. Innuk meaning "men".

49. Kaskae "chief" and "leader" is the meaning of this name. Kaskae (Chief) can be an excellent option for Siberian sled dog names.

50. Nanuk meaning "polar bear". A polar bear is seen as both strong and cute and can be a great husky name for your dog.

51. Pakak meaning "one that gets into everything". A fantastic option for Alaskan dog names.

52. Yaktag meaning "cape". A great choice for Alaskan dog names.

Gender-Neutral Alaskan Dog Names

Many dog parents want to give unisex names to their dogs these days. Here we present you with unisex names with Alaskan origins:

53. Adlartok meaning "clear skies".

54. Alornerk meaning "under-feet".

55. Aput meaning "snow".

56. Ikiaq meaning "red spruce".

57. Kaanaq meaning "the lower part of a leg".

58. Kallik meaning "lightning".

59. Klee Kai meaning "little dog". This is also the name of an Alaskan breed of huskies.

60. Mauja meaning "delicate, profound day off".

61. Nanarjuk meaning "the star".

62. Nini "porcupine" is the meaning of this name. Inspired by the Alaskan Nini porcupine.

63. Nukilik meaning "one who has strength".

64. Nukka meaning "little bear".

65. Oefelein (Unknown origin) inspired by Alaskan astronaut William Oefelein.

66. Pukak meaning "snow keen".

67. Qilaq meaning "sky or paradise".

68. Qimmiq meaning "dog". One of the perfect unisex Alaskan dog names.

69. Silla meaning "God of the sky".

70. Siqiniq meaning "the sun".

71. Suluk meaning "feather". A great unisex Alaskan name for your dog.

72. Taqtu meaning "kidney" or "the organ of water".

73. Togo is the name of a celebrated Alaskan sled canine.

74. Tulimak meaning "ribs".

75. Yuka meaning "a bright star".

76. Yura meaning "someone beautiful".

Names Inspired By Alaska From Pop Culture, Geography & Personalities

Alaskan malamute dog run in park

Scroll down to take a look at Alaskan names inspired by pop culture, famous personalities, and geographical features.

77. Amak "playful"(M) is the meaning of this name. A popular Volcano in Alaska is called the Amak volcano, and Amak (Playful) can be an excellent name for your Alaskan dog.

78. Boondocks (F) meaning "mountain". This part of the Gold country is known as 'The Last Frontier,' as it is the United States' furthest corner.

79. Buck (M) meaning "deer". Fundamental figure in Jack London's 'The Call of the Wild.'

80. Denali (M) meaning "mountain". The meaning of the name Denali comes from the famous mountain and preserve in Alaska.

81. Eska (M/F) is the name of a very popular waterfall in Alaska called Eska Falls.

82. Fairbanks (M/F) meaning "scenic hillside". It is also a big city in Alaska.

83. Haida (M/F) refers to the island of Haida Gwaii off the coast of Southeast Alaska.

84. Hubbard (M/F), the Hubbard glacier, is an icy mass found in eastern Alaska, which was named after Gardiner Hubbard.

85. Hudson (M) (British origin), meaning "child of Hugh". Associated with Hudson Creek in Alaska.

86. Jakolof (M) comes from the name of Jakolof Bay in Alaska.

87. Jasper (M) (Greek origin) meaning "financial officer". Jasper is also the name of a very famous national park in Alaska.

88. Juneau (F) is the name of the capital city of Alaska.

89. Ketchikan (M) is the name of an Alaskan city close to Seattle.

90. Kiska (F) is the name of an uninhabited island part of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

91. Laska (M/F) is a clipped name for Alaska.

92. Luka (M) (Italian origin) meaning "carrier of light". A famous Alaskan videographer goes by the name Luca Bees.

93. Mateo (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "endowment of God". Singer Mateo Mera has a song named Alaska.

94. Nash (M) (British origin) meaning "by the debris tree". Nash Harbor is an unincorporated community in Alaska.

95. Nasirvik (M) meaning "mountain in the snow". Nasirvik is the Inuit name of the town of White Mountain in Alaska.

96. Pedro (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "rock". Pedro Creek in Tanana, Alaska, is the first place that gold was discovered in the region.

97. Skagway (M) meaning "night city"; from the small tourist city of Skagway in Alaska,

98. Tanana (F) meaning "hills". It is also the name of a town in Alaska.

99. Tongass (M) refers to "public backwoods". The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is the largest national forest in the United States.

100. Valdez (M) is the name of a city and business fishing port.

101. Wasilla (F) is the name of another huge Alaskan city.

102. Yukon (M/F) meaning "white water river"; the name is associated with the Yukon River that flows through Alaska and Canada.

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