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Selecting the right name for a baby boy names has always been a tough job for parents.

You want the name to be simple yet quirky but original too. There's just too much to think about especially when you know that name is for his whole life!

Americans have the most diverse culture, and that reflects in their names too. American boys know how to make an impact in the world. Americans are the natives of the United States. There are always new names for boys coming up in this adventurous country. So, we present you the list of some of the classic American boy names for your baby.

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Names Of Famous American Men

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Naming your child after a famous personality is the coolest way to give your baby boy an identity. Here are some names we have handpicked for you to go through and choose classic good American names for your baby boy.

1. Abraham (Hebrew origin) meaning "Exalted Father". Abraham Lincoln, who served the USA as 16th president of the USA, has this name.

2. Anthony (Greek origin) meaning "Priceless one". This name is linked to Anthony Fauci who is an American Physician.

3. Benjamin (English origin) meaning "Favorite Son". Actor Benjamin Brasier who worked in a television drama named "2moons2" has this name.

4. Bob (German origin) meaning "Bright Fame". Famous American musician Bob Dylan is known to have this name.

5. Bill (German origin) meaning "Resolute Protector". This name is associated with Bill Gates, current chairman of Microsoft.

6. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my Judge". One of the common American baby boy names.

7. Elvis (Scandinavian origin) meaning "All-Wise". Popular singer of the worldwide hit song 'Can't help falling in love with you', Elvis Presley has this name.

8. Ernest (German origin) meaning "Determined". This name is associated with Ernest Hemmingway, an American author, and journalist.

9. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "Helper". Ezra Klein, one of the famous American journalists, is known to have this name.

10. George (Greek origin) meaning "Earth". The first president of the USA, George Washington, made this name popular.

11. Henry (French origin) meaning "Ruler". The founder of the worldwide famous motor company Ford, Henry Ford, has this name.

12. Humphrey (English origin) meaning "Bear Cub". Well-known actor Humphrey Bogart is known to have this name.

13. Jacob (Hebrew origin) meaning "To follow". American Baseball player, Jacob Ellsbury has this name.

14. James (Latin origin) meaning "Heel". Renowned American Television Show 'The late show', host James Cordon has this name.

15. Joseph (Hebrew origin) meaning "He will add". Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a movie star who worked in the worldwide known movie 'Inception' is known to have this name.

16. Kenneth (English origin) meaning "Handsome". 'The Wolf of Wall Street' movie actor Kenneth Choi has this name.

17. Kevin (Irish origin) meaning "Noble". This name is linked to famous singer Kevin Richardson.

18. Mark (Latin origin) meaning "God of War". This name is associated with the famous American author, Mark Twain.

19. Martin (Latin origin) meaning "Of War". Martin Luther King Jr, who played an important part as an activist in America, has this name.

20. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "Who is like God?". The king of pop, Michael Jackson, made this name very popular.

21. Neil (Gaelic origin) meaning "Cloud". Neil Armstrong, a famous American astronaut, is known to have this name.

22. Richard (German origin) meaning "Hard". This name is associated with famous American football player Richard Sherman.

23. Ronald (Norse origin) meaning "Advice". TV actor Ronald Pickup is known to have this name.

24. Steven (Greek origin) meaning "Renown". Steven Levitt, who is an American economist and co-author of the best-selling book 'Freakonomics' has this name.

25. Thomas (Aramaic origin) meaning "Twin". Genius inventor Thomas Edison carries this name.

Popular American Baby Boy Names

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American baby names are trendy and plenty. Picking names is harder these days, but to save you some time, we brought you a list of some good American boy names and found perfect names for the baby.

26. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "Mountain of strength".

27. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "Drew". American Entrepreneur, Andrew Yang is known to have this name.

28. Asher (English origin) meaning "Lived by ash tree". This name is associated with a famous American movie star, Asher Angel. This makes for a cute baby name.

29. Brian (Irish origin) meaning "Noble".

30. Charles (German origin) meaning "Man". One of the more traditional baby boy names.

31. Cooper (English origin) meaning "Container". Football player Cooper Helfet is known by this name.

32. Edward (English origin) meaning "Wealth".

33. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "Firm".

34. Ian (Greek origin) meaning "God is Gracious". Ian Somerhalder, famous American actor famous for his role as 'Damon Salvatore' played in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

35. Jack (English origin) meaning "Supplanter". Jack Quaid, an American actor who did a voice-over in the animated movie "Small Foot," is known to have this name.

36. John (Latin origin) meaning "Graced by YAH". Famous wrestler John Cena carries this name.

37. Joshua (Hebrew origin) meaning "YHWH is Salvation".

38. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "Dedicated to Jupiter".

39. Liam (Irish origin) meaning "Desire". Liam Payne, who was a former member of One Direction, a popular British music group, is known to have this name.

40. Lucas (English origin) meaning "Bright".

41. Luke (English origin) meaning "The bright one". Luke Bryan country singer has this name.

42. Mason meaning "One who works with Stones". Mason Rudolph, a quarterback of the American Football team, made this name popular.

43. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "Boastful of Soldier".

44. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Repose". Popular Netflix original film 'To all the boys I've loved before' actor Noah Centineo is known to have this name.

45. Oliver (Norse origin) meaning "Olive Tree". Oliver Goldsmith is the name of a well-known Irish Novelist.

46. Ryan (English origin) meaning "Little King". Ryan makes up for one of the cute baby names for a boy.

47. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God Heard". American author Samuel Clemens famously known as Mark Twain, carries this name.

48. Santiago (Hebrew origin) meaning "Akev".

49. Sebastian (Greek origin) meaning "From Sebastia".

50. William (German origin) meaning "Desire". Among the more popular American baby boy names.

Unique American Baby Boy Names

Going ordinary is so mainstream. Why not go for a unique American baby boy names. Finding you a perfect American boys name is our mission. Here are unique American names of boys to help you pick names for your baby boy.

51. Adam (English origin) meaning "Man". Adam Levine is a popular Hollywood Singer.

52. Arthur (English origin) meaning "Noble".

53. Brandon (Celtic origin) meaning "Weed-covered hill".

54. Christian (Latin origin) meaning "Follower of Christ".  Famous Hollywood actor Christian Bale has this name.

55. David (Israel origin) meaning "Beloved".

56. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning "My God is YHWH".

57. Eric (Norse origin) meaning "Everlasting Ruler". Eric Church, an American songwriter, is known to have this name.

58. Frank (German origin) meaning "Free one". This name is associated with famous American singer, Frank Sinatra.

59. Fred (English origin) meaning "Peace Ruler".

60. Graham (English origin) meaning "Graveled homestead".

61. Harry (German origin) meaning "Home Ruler". English singer and actor, Harry Edward is known to have this name.

62. Isaac (Hebrew origin) meaning "He will Laugh".

63. Isaiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is Salvation". A special name for an American boy.

64. Ken (English origin) meaning "Handsome". This name is associated with famous baseball player Ken Griffey.

65. Louis (French origin) meaning "Famous Warrior".

66. Leo (Latin origin) meaning "Lion".

67. Mike (English origin) meaning "Gift from God". Famous boxer Mike Tyson has this name.

68. Max (English origin) meaning "Greatest".

69. Nathan (Hebrew origin) meaning "He gave".

70. Olin (Norse origin) meaning "a quake". American actor Olin Howland carries this name.

71. Paul (Roman origin) meaning "Small".

72. Patrick (Latin origin) meaning "Nobleman". Patrick Swayze was a famous American actor during the 1980s.

73. Sean (Irish origin) meaning "God is Gracious".

74. Shane (Irish origin) meaning "God is Gracious". Australian cricketer Shane Watson is known to have this name.

75. Valentino (Italian origin) meaning "Brave".

American Non-Binary Names

Getting your personalized name that can be used as either gender is super cool. Using non-binary names is pretty amazing. Here are some American boy names that are used as non-binary baby names.

76. Amari (African origin) meaning "Immortal".

77. Avery (English origin) meaning "King".

78. Blake (English origin) meaning "Someone with pale skin".

79. Charlie (English origin) meaning "Freeman". Famous comedian and actor Charlie Chaplin has this name.

80. Devon (Latin origin) meaning "Worshipper of God".

81. Elliott (English origin) meaning "The Lord is my God".

82. Ellis (Greek origin) meaning "YHWH is God". The 'Greatest Showman' star Ellis Rubin has this name.

83. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning "White".

84. Frankie (Latin origin) meaning "French". Former US President Franklin Roosevelt has made this name very famous.

85. Harley (English origin) meaning "Hare".

86. Jessie (English origin) meaning "God has been gracious".

87. Joey (Hebrew origin) meaning "He will add". Joey is a character from the popular American sitcom 'Friends'.

88. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "Flow Down".

89. Lennon (Irish origin) meaning "Lover". American actor Lennon Peterson has this name.

90. Marley (English origin) meaning "Pleasant wood".

91. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning "Great Circle". This name is associated with American Actor and Director, Morgan Freeman.

92. Peyton (English origin) meaning "Fighting man's estate".

93. Quinn (Gaelic origin) meaning "Wisdom". Quinn XCII, an American songwriter, is known by this name.

94. Reese (Welsh origin) meaning "Fiery".

95. Remington (English origin) meaning "From the Ridge town".

96. Riley (English or Irish origin) meaning "Valiant".

97. Sage (French origin) meaning "Learned". Canadian actor Sage Brocklebank is known by this name.

98. Sawyer (English origin) meaning "to saw".

99. Spenser (English origin) meaning "Provider".

100.Taylor (British origin) meaning "Cutter". This name is associated with famous American actor, Taylor Lautner.

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