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A dog name gives purpose and meaning to your four-legged friends.

Finding Australian names for a dog is never an easy task. There are many types of Australian dog breeds, from Australian shepherd dogs to an Australian cattle dog, all which require the perfect name to suit their personality.

While dog name options are limitless, it is better to have a meaningful name for your dog. Australia is known for its wildlife and animals, so why not give your pup an Australian name? We have collated a list of the most popular dog names, whether that be used for your Australian Shepherd, your Aussie cattle dog, or any other dog breed. Let's dive in!

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Popular Australian Dog Names

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Below are listed all-time favorite beautiful Australian dog names.

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "mountain of strength". One of the most unique dog names, from Australian comedian, Aaron McCann.

2. Adelaide (German origin), meaning "noble natured", capital of South Australia.

3. Arvo (Finnish origin), meaning "afternoon". Australian slang for "afternoon".

4. Ava (Germanic origin) meaning "life", from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

5. Coco (Italian origin), meaning "chocolate bean". From the Australian territory, Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

6. Luna (Italian and Spanish origin), meaning "moon".   Inspired by Luna Park in Sydney.

7. Roo (Australian origin) meaning "quietness, quiet, rest". It is used as an abbreviation for Kangaroo.

8. Taz refers to the Australian state of Tasmania and is one of the coolest names for your new dog.

9. Ted (English origin), meaning "wealthy guard". Ted Hamilton is an Australian singer.

10. Tim (Greek origin) meaning "honoring the Gods". Tim Cahill is a retired Australian footballer.

Popular Australian Girl Dog Names

Pitbull Mastiff mix dog

Girl dog names for Aussie dog breeds are one-of-a-kind, loving, and extraordinary. Here's a list of some of the prettiest Australian female dog names.

11. Abby (Hebrew origin), meaning "joy". From Australian radio presenter, Abby Coleman.

12. Albany (Latin origin) referring to the city of Albany in Australia.

13. Alex (Latin origin) meaning "man." A dog name inspired by Australian director, Alex Proyas.

14. Amarina (Aboriginal origin), meaning "gracious". From Mount Amarina in Australia.

15. Bambi (Italian origin) meaning "child." The name became famous in Australia thanks to the Disney movie, 'Bambi.'

16. Barbie (American origin) is an Aussie slang word for "barbecue".

17. Bella (English and Italian origin), meaning "beautiful." Inspired by Australian singer, Bella Ferraro.

18. Biscuit (Old French origin), meaning "type of a cake." A popular dog name in Australia.

19. Buttercup (Latin origin), meaning "small and bright". From the Eastern Australian wild plant.

20. Candy (Old English origin), meaning a "sugary treat." A commonly used pet name in Australia.

21. Carly (Old English origin), meaning "pleasant". From Carly Morris, an Australian actress in 'Home And Away'.

22. Cassia (Greek origin) refers to the Cassia trees which grow in Australia.

23. Chiko (Japanese origin) meaning "pledge". Inspired by Chiko Rolls, an Australian snack.

24. Crikey (British origin) meaning "surprised". A common Australian phrase.

25. Daisy (Old English origin), meaning "flower." From Australian actress, Daisy Betts.

26. Lucy (English and French origin), meaning "light." Inspired by Australian actor and singer Lucy Durack.

27. Pavlova (Russian origin). Named after Anna Pavlova, Pavlova is a dessert originating from Australia.

28. Poppy (Latin origin), meaning the "flower." Poppy Montgomery, a renowned Australian actress.

Popular Australian Boy Dog Names

Boy dogs are playful and energetic. We have therefore listed several fantastic popular dog names below that match your dog's personality.

29. Archie (Scottish origin), meaning "bold". Inspired by Australian cricketer, Archie Jackson.

30. Aussie, meaning "someone from Australia."

31. Baz (Polish origin), meaning "King." Inspired by iconic Australian director, Baz Luhrmann.

32. Choccy (English origin), an abbreviation of "chocolate", an Australian phrase.

33. Chopper (Korean origin) meaning "meat cleaver." The Australian movie 'Chopper' is associated with this name.

34. Dingo (Australian origin), an Australian term for a dog.

35. Mate (German origin), meaning "a friend"; a common term Down Under.

36. Ollie (English origin), meaning "elf army". From Australian musician, Ollie Olsen.

37. Postie, meaning "postman." An Australian slang term.

38. Rocky (Middle English origin), meaning "rest". Rocky Gully is a town in Australia.

39. Rusty (Latin origin), meaning "red." This is a perfect name for your Australian Shepherd.

40. Shane (Irish origin) meaning "graced by God". Inspired by Australian cricketer Shane Warne.

Cool Cattle Boy Dog Names

Australian Cattle Dogs are a beautiful breed of dog originating from Australia. Peruse our list below to find the perfect name for your male Cattle Dog.

41. Bandit (Italian origin), meaning "a thief." This is one of the most common names for male cattle dogs.

42. Bikkie (French origin), meaning "biscuit" or "cookie."  An Australian slang word.

43. Boomer (English origin), meaning "a huge male kangaroo." It is an Australian slang term.

44. Coral (English origin). The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest system of corals in the world.

45. Corey (Greek origin), meaning the "chosen one." Australian entrepreneur Corey Worthington has this name.

46. Dash (Australian origin) is a slang word meaning "fired from the job".

47. Digger (American origin), Australian slang for a "solider."

48. Dookie (Old English origin), meaning "to lead." Dookie is a town in Australia.

49. Karri (Aboriginal origin), meaning "tall eucalyptus tree." From Karri forest in Western Australia.

50. Kiwi (Maori origin), meaning "short and stocky". The Australian term describes anyone from New Zealand.

51. Marty (English origin), meaning "God of war". The name is an abbreviation of "Martin." From the Australian singer, Marty Rhone.

Cute Australian Cattle Dog Female Names

Finding a good name for your female Australian dog is important. Below are some of our favorite dog names for inspiration.

52. Belle (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful woman." From Belle magazine in Australia.

53. Brizzie.  A nickname for the city of Brisbane in Australia.

54. Chrissie (Latin origin), meaning "Christmas."

55. Footy (European origin), is the short name for Australian football.

56. Kolya (Aboriginal origin), meaning "winter."

57. Mandu (Aboriginal origin) meaning "the sun".

58. Miki (Aboriginal origin) meaning "moon". A cute name for your pet dog.

Australian Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Many Australian dog names are inspired by food and nature.

59. Aspen (American origin) is inspired by Lemon aspen, which is endemic to Queensland.

60. Banksia (Australian origin) referring to a native Australian wildflower.

61. Barra (Southern origin), a habitational name for Australian fish, barramundi.

62. Bush (Old English origin) meaning "woody plants with many stems." Inspired by the Australian native fruit, bush tomato.

63. Byron (English origin) meaning "from the barn". From Byron Beach, Australia.

64. Chive (Latin origin), meaning "long, thin." It comes from a green plant that is widely grown in Australia.

65. Davidson (English origin) meaning "beloved son." Davidson's Plum is a plant native to Australia.

66. Desert (Egyptian origin) meaning "wasteland". Desert Lime is only found in Australia.

67. Illara (Italian origin) meaning "joyful"; inspired by Illawarra plum found in Australia.

68. Kakadu (Aboriginal origin) refers to the Kakadu language and the Kakadu plant.

69. Muntry (Aboriginal origin) refers to a type of berry native to Australia.

70. Pepper (Old English origin), meaning "hot spice." Tasmanian Pepper Berry is native to Tasmania.

71. Pineapple (English origin), meaning the "fruit." The Big Pineapple is a tourist attraction in Queensland.

72. Vegemite (Australian origin) referring to a dark food spread.

73. Wanda (Polish origin), meaning "wanderer." From Wanda beach in Australia.

Unique Australian Female Dog Names

For those of you seeking unique Aussie dog names, here are more names that may fit your dog.

74. Bondi (Italian origin) meaning "good day", referring to Bondi Beach in Australia.

75. Bree (American origin) meaning "upbeat." Bree Tomassel is an Australian radio host.

76. Cassie (Greek origin) meaning "strong-willed." Cassie Van Den Dungen is an Australian model.

77. Delta (Greek origin), meaning "river mouth." Delta Goodrem is an Aussie singer.

78. Elsie (Scottish origin), meaning "goddess of plenty."From Australian actress, Elise McCann

79. Jedda (Aboriginal origin) meaning "pretty girl"; also the name of a popular Australian movie from 1955.

80. Kylie (Aboriginal origin) meaning "boomerang." Australian Kylie Minogue is a world-famous singer.

81. Myrtle (English origin) referring to the Myrtle Tree which is native to Australia.

82. Yidaki (Aboriginal origin) referring to a drone pipe. A unique name for a dog.

Unique Australian Male Dog Names

When choosing the best Australian dog name for your pup, you want something unique and special. All Australian dog names names listed below are therefore uncommon and stand out from the crowd.

83. Ariel (Hebrew and Spanish origin), meaning "a lion of God". Australian rock band Ariel is associated with this name.

84. Atticus (Latin origin), meaning "belonging to Attica." The name was made popular through Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird' - a popular book in Australia.

85. Bana (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "slayer". Aussie actor Eric Bana is associated with this name.

86. Bomber (English origin), meaning "someone bombing." Burleigh Bombers is an Australian football team.

87. Briggs (English origin), the name meanings "bridges." Australian rapper Briggs has this name.

88. Brisbane (Scottish origin) referring to the city in Australia.

89. Bruno (English origin), meaning "Brown." Bruno Grollo is an Australian businessman.

90. Chase (Latin origin), meaning "hunter." 'The Chase' is a famous Australian TV game show.

91. Cyrus (Persian origin), meaning "sun." Aussie singer Cyrus has this name.

92. Grommet (English origin) slang for a young surfer. Surfing is a popular sport in Australia.

93. Heath (Old English origin) meaning "someone living by a moor." The late Australian actor Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar.

94. Hobart (English origin) - a variant of Hubert. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania.

95. Joey (English origin, Australian slang) meaning "baby kangaroo." This name belongs to the protagonist in the TV show 'Friends'.

96. Koala (Aboriginal origin) meaning "no water". Koalas are only found in Australia.

97. Marley (English origin) meaning "from the boundary". A dog name from the movie, 'Marley and Me'. Also, associated with Marley beach in Australia.

98. Oz (Hebrew origin) meaning "strength". The nickname of Australia.

99. Punter (English origin) meaning "to push with the head". Punter is the nickname of Australian cricketer Ricky Pointing.

100. Rod (Old English origin) meaning " growing slender shoot." Rod Laver is a legendary Aussie tennis player.

Kidadl has more names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Australian dog names then take a look at western dog names and nerdy cat names, or for something more quirky cartoon dog names.

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