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Originally Published on Oct 19, 2020
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In the heart of Europe, Austria is one of the younger countries.

As it is surrounded by plenty of other countries, including Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and more, it’s no surprise that it’s so culturally diverse. This is reflected in their baby names as each name comes from a different origin and draws on varied cultures.

If you’re looking for some popular or unique baby girl and boy names in Austria, check out the ones we’ve listed right here for you.

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Popular Names In Austria For Boys

If you don't want to pick a name from outside the box, here are the most popular baby boys names in Austria for you.

1. Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning “fortunate child” or the “right hand’s son.”

2. David (Hebrew origin), meaning “uncle” or “beloved one.”

3. Henri (French origin), meaning “home-ruler.” It’s derived from the German name “Heinrich,” divided into “heim,” a home, and “rihhi,” which means mighty or powerful.

4. Jona (Hebrew origin), meaning “dove.”

5. Levi (Hebrew origin), meaning “attached” in Hebrew and “knight” or “hero” from the name Levente. It’s one of the historical Austrian names.

6. Liam (Germanic origin), meaning “the one who desires or wills to protect.”

7. Lou (Germanic origin), meaning “famous fighter.” It’s a variant of Ludwig.

8. Louis (French origin), meaning “famous warrior.” It’s one of the traditional Austrian names stemming from the Old High German name, “Ludwig.”

9. Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning “creating peace."  

10. Oliver (Unclear origin), meaning “olive tree” from the Latin “oliva.” It could also mean “ancestor’s descendant” or “warlike elf,” as a tweak on the Scandinavian name “Olaf.” This unique Austrian name could also be a form of the Icelandic “Ólafur” or “Óleifr.”

11. Ryan (Irish origin), meaning “little king” or “one who descends from Rian.” Its original form is Rioghan.

12. Sascha (Russian/Slavic origin), meaning “the man who defends.”

13. Simon (Spanish origin), meaning “he has heard” in Hebrew and “flat-nosed” in Greek.

Popular Names In Austria For Girls

If you prefer the comfort of names which tried and tested and familiar, here are first names for girls from Austria.

14. Amelie (Germanic origin), meaning “hardworking” or “busy.”

15. Anja (Hebrew origin), meaning “grace.” This is a Russian form of “Anna.”

16. Anna (Hebrew origin), meaning “graceful” or “favor.” It’s a variation of “Hannah,” derived from the Hebrew “channah.”

17. Esmé (Latin origin), meaning “highly esteemed” or “loved.”

18. Emma (Germanic origin), meaning “whole” or “universal.”

19. Hailey (English origin), meaning “hay clearing.”

10. Hannah (Hebrew origin), meaning “grace” or “favor.”

21. Laura (Italian origin), meaning “laurel,” which is victory’s symbol.

22. Louisa (Germanic origin), meaning “famous warrior,” it’s the “Ludwig” version for girls.

23. Madison (English origin), meaning “son or daughter of Maud” as well as “strength in battle.”

24. Mila (Slavic origin), meaning “dear” or “gracious.”

25. Nora (French origin), meaning “mercy” or “compassion.”

26. Sarah (Hebrew origin), meaning “lady,” “noblewoman,” or “princess.” It’s the name of Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament.

Popular Gender-Neutral Austrian Names

Names don't need to be confined to gender. Here are some popular unisex names in Austria.

27. Charlie (Germanic origin), meaning “free woman” or “free man.” It stems from the Germanic “karal,” and also “hari,” which means warrior.

28. Freddie (Germanic origin), meaning “elf counselor” or “one who rules with peace.”

29. Kaj (Frisian/Latin origin), meaning “warrior” from the Frisian “kempe” or “victory of the people” from “Nikolaus.” For girls, it could mean “from Gaeta town” or “pure,” if it stems from “Katharina.”

30. Lynn (English/Welsh origin), meaning “lake” or “soft,” “mild,” and “flexible.”

31. Robin (German origin), meaning the bird “robin” for girls, and “bright fame” for boys.

32. Tyler (US origin), meaning “tiler of roofs.”

Uncommon Names In Austria

Want something that's a little outside of the box? Check out these baby names in Austria for boys and girls that aren't often used.

33. Anouk (Slavic origin), meaning “grace” for girl names and “bear” for boys.

34. Arya (Multiple origins), meaning “noble child” in Indo-Iranian, “lioness” in Italian, and “the one from Hadria” in Dutch.

35. Dário (Spanish origin), meaning “possessing goodness.” It’s actually a variant of the Persian and Greek name “Darius.”

36. Eléa (French origin), meaning “foreign” derived from the Germanic “ali.” It could also mean “compassion” from the Greek “Eleos,” and “God’s light” from the Arabic “Ellinor.”

37. Éléna (French origin), meaning “light,” “torch,” or even “beautiful.” It stems from the Ancient Freek “helios,” which means sunray.

38. Fynn (Nordic origin),  signifying a person from Finland.

39. Gerrit (Dutch/Frisian origin), meaning “strong with a spear.”

40. Ilvy (Swedish origin), meaning “she-wolf.”

41. Jasmin (Persian origin), meaning “flower,” “scent,” or “symbol of love.”

42.  Jayden (US/Hebrew origin), meaning “jaybird” from Jay, “heather” from Hayden, “thankful” from Jadon (Hebrew), or “jewel” from “Jade.”

43. Kenai (Native Alaskan origin), meaning “flat land.”

44. Lian (Chinese origin),  meaning “lotus flower” or “graceful willow tree.”

45. Liliana (Hebrew origin), a beautiful baby name meaning “oath to God” in Hebrew.

46. Malia (Hawaiian/Swahili origin), meaning “the awaited child,” or “beloved,” in Hawaiian, which would be derived from “Mirjam.” In Swahili, it means “soft,” “brave,” or “diligent.” Also, “Malia” is Swahili for queen.

47. Sina (Persian/German origin), meaning “rose” and “beautiful,” as well as “strength” and “victory."

48. Tobias (Hebrew origin), meaning “Yahweh is good.”

49. Ylvi (Swedish origin), meaning “she-wolf,” from the Old Norse “úlfr.”

Names In Austria With Greek Origins

baby boys names in austria for you

Greek mythology is surely fascinating, so if you're looking for Greek-inspired Austrian baby names, here are some good examples.

50. Alex (Greek origin), for boys meaning “the man who defends."

51. Jonas (Greek origin), for boys a variation of the biblical name "Jona," meaning “dove.”

52. Lena (Greek origin), for girls meaning “bright” or “shining.”

53. Leny (Greek origin), boys' name meaning “sublime.” For boys, it means “brave” or “strong lion.”

54. Leo (Greek origin), boys' name meaning “lion."

55. Luka (Italian/Greek origin), for boys meaning “one who brings light” or “from Lucania.”

56. Nicki (Greek origin), unisex name meaning “people’s victory.”

57. Philip (Greek origin), boys' name meaning “the one who befriends horses"

58. Sebastian (Greek origin), for boys meaning “venerable” or “from Sebaste.”

59. Sofia (Greek origin), for girls meaning “wisdom.”

60. Sophy (Greek origin), meaning “wisdom,” it’s a variation of the name Sofia and is among the popular Austrian girl names.

61. Théo (Greek origin), for boys meaning “gift of God.”

62. Zoé (Greek origin), for girls meaning “life.”

Names In Austria With Latin Origins For Boys

A baby name with incredible roots would be one derived from Latin words or names, so let's check out some boys baby names with Latin origins.

63. Alexander (Latin origin), meaning “defending man.” It’s derived from the Greek “Alexandros,” combining “alexein,” to defend, and “andros,” man.

64. Anton (Latin origin), meaning “of the Antonius family.” The Latin word is derived from the Greek “Anteon,” the son of Herkules. In the Greek sense, it means “priceless one.”

65. Fabian (Latin origin), meaning “of the Fabius family,” or “noble.”

66. Felix (Latin origin), meaning “lucky” or “successful.” The name Felix is one of the typical Austrian names.

67. Julian (Latin origin), meaning “of the Julier family.” It’s a tweak on the Roman cognomen, Julianus.

68. León (Latin/Greek origin), meaning “lion.” It’s a Spanish variation of the names Leonhard and Leo from Greek and Latin origins.

69. Lukas (Latin origin), meaning “from Lucania” in Latin and “bright” in Greek, and it's one of the most popular Austrian boy names. This is a shortened version of the Latin name, Lucanus, which is of Greek origins.

70. Maximilian (Latin origin), derived from the Latin name Maximilianus meaning “the greatest.”

71. Moritz (Latin origin), meaning “Moorish” or “dark-skinned,” from the Latin “Maurus," which is why it's one of the uncommon Austrian names.

72. Paul (Latin origin), meaning “humble," is a common choice for Viennese names.

73. Valentin (Latin origin), meaning “strong” and “healthy.”

Names In Austria With Latin Origins For Girls

These first names for girls with Latin roots are also extremely inspiring and popular in Austria.

74. Clara (Latin origin), meaning “clear,” “bright,” or “famous.” It’s a variation of the boy name “Clarus.”

75. Émilia (Latin origin), meaning “rival” and “of the Aemilius family.”

76. Emily (Latin origin), meaning “of the Aemilius family,” it’s a variant of Emilia.

77. Leonie (Latin/Greek origin), meaning “lioness,” as well as “God is my light.” It’s the “Leon” version for baby girls.

78. Maya (Latin origin), meaning “the awaited child” or “beloved," doesn't it adequately describe how you feel about your baby?

79. Mia (Latin origin), a variant of Maria, meaning “the awaited child;" just in time for your baby!

80. Toni (Latin origin), meaning “the priceless one” or “of the Antonier family.”

81. Valentina (Latin origin), meaning “vigorous,” “healthy,” and “strong.”

82. Viktoria (Latin origin), meaning “conqueror” or “victorious.”

83. Vivien (Latin origin), meaning “one who lives.”

Religion-Inspired Names For Boys

Spiritual names always have great backstories; take a look at some of the most musical religion-inspired baby boys names in Austria.

84. Elijas (Lithuanian origin), meaning “my God is Yahweh.” It’s derived from the biblical prophet’s name, “Elijas.”

85. Élyas (French origin), meaning “my God is Yahweh,” this one’s the French form of the old-fashioned Elijas.

86. Jakob (Hebrew origin), meaning “may God protect.”

87. Jonathan (Hebrew origin), meaning “gift of God” or “what God has given.” It’s derived from “Yehonatan.”

88. Matteo (Italian origin), meaning “Gift of Yahweh.” It stems from the Hebrew name of God “Jahwe” and gift “mattah.”

89. Matthéo (French origin), meaning “Gift of Yahweh.”

90. Raphael (Hebrew origin), meaning “God heals.” It’s the name of one of the archangels in the bible.

91. Samuel (Hebrew origin), meaning “God has heard.”

Religion-Inspired Names For Girls

Here we list first names for girls in Austria with spiritual meanings.

92. Ella (Norman/Germanic origin), meaning “merciful” and “God is my light.”

93. Elya (Italian/Dutch/Swedish, Frisian origin), a beautiful name meaning “my God is Yahweh.”

94. Lilly (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is abundance.”

95. Jamie (Scottish origin), meaning “one who holds the heel” or “may God protect.”

96. Jan (Multiple origins), meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” It comes from Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

97. Mika (Nordic origin), meaning “who is Yahweh?” in Hebrew.

98. Nino (Italian origin), meaning “child” and “Yahweh is gracious.”

99. Noel (Latin origin), meaning “the Lord’s birthday," “Christmas," or “born at Christmas.”

100. Sammie (Hebrew origin), meaning “God has heard” or “God’s name."

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