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Basset hounds are really cute and very popular among dog lovers.

There are around six types of Basset Hounds: the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Basset Artesian Normand, Basset Bleu de Gascogne, Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, Basset Fauve de Bretagne and the common Basset Hound. Both male and female hounds have similar personalities and make excellent companions.

If you have just got a new Basset Hound dog and are looking for the perfect name for the breed, we have created a list of the best dog names for you.

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Funny Basset Hound Dog Names

If you Basset Hound puppy makes your life so much happier, then this list offers many unique and funny names for your dog.

1.Bolt (Old English origin) meaning "a stout arrow".  This name is associated with the animated movie 'Bolt'.

2.Boo (French origin) meaning "exclamation to scare someone". It is derived from 'Beau' which is an endearing term for a partner.

3.Buzz (Middle English origin) refers to the "sound of bees".  It is the famous character, Buzz Lightyear, from the 'Toy Story' series.

4.Dingo (Dharug origin) refers to a type of dog. This is a common hound name.

5.Emo (English origin) short for "emotional".

6.Jet (French origin) meaning "a gush or stream of water".

7.Pilot (Medieval Latin origin) meaning "a person assigned to steer a vessel like a ship"

8.Rafiki (African origin) meaning "friend".  This is the name of a famous character in 'The Lion King'.

9.Shiver (Old English origin) meaning "shaking".

10.Spook (Dutch origin) meaning "apparition".

Sweet Basset Hound Dog Names

Brown Basset Hound dog looking at the camera

The right basset hound names can be really sweet and show your love for your furry buddy.

11.Ace (Old French origin) meaning "a unit".

12.Alaska (Aleut origin) meaning "mainland". The name refers to a US state.

13.Azure (Middle English origin) means "the purple shade of the sky".

14.Jinx (Latin origin) meaning "charm or a spell". It is the name of a famous psychic Pokemon.

15.Merlin (Medieval Latin origin) refers to the seer and magician in Arthurian legends.

16.Opal (Sanskrit origin) referring to an expensive gemstone.

17.Pearl (English origin) refers to a round, hard object found in mollusks.

18.Sapphire (Latin origin) refers to a precious gemstone.

19.Spirit (Old French origin) meaning "the breath of God". Spirit is the name of a protagonist in the animated movie, 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'.

20.Violet (English origin) meaning "the color purple".

Cute Basset Hound Names

If your basset hound puppy makes you go 'awww', you can choose from these cute names male basset hound names and female basset hound names.

21.Bilbo (Anglo-Saxon origin) referring to a family that once lived in Bilbrough. This name is associated with Bilbo Baggins from 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

22.Camelot (Celtic origin) refers to the legendary castle of King Arthur.

23.Cherub (Late Latin origin) meaning "an order of angels".

24.Dante (Latin origin) meaning "everlasting". This name is commonly associated with the famous poet, Dante Alighieri.

25.Diablo (Spanish origin) meaning "Devil". It can be linked to the famous game series, Diablo.

26.Indiana, meaning "land of the Indians" this is a popular name associated with famous archaeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones.

27.Kali (Indian origin) meaning "a maiden".

28.Nala (Arabic and African origin) meaning "the first drink of water". It is the name of one of the main characters in James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

29.Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new".

30.Zelda (German origin) meaning "dark battle". This is the name of the famous game series, 'Zelda'.

Famous Basset Hound Names

Adorable brown Basset Hound dog

Many animated series or comics have characters who are Basset Hound dogs.

31.Charlie is the character of the famous series, 'Charlie The Ranch Dog' by Ree Drummond.

32.Dolly is a famous female Basset Hound in the series 'Foofur'.

33.Droopy is a famous animated character resembling a Basset Hound.

34.Fred Basset is a male Basset Hound created by Alex Graham, a Scottish cartoonist.

35.Flash is a famous Basset Hound in the famous TV series 'The Dukes Of Hazzard'.

36.Lafayette is a funny Basset Hound in the animated movie 'Aristocats'.

37.Pokey is a Basset Hound in the television series 'Lassie'.

38.Socrates is a Basset Hound featured in an American legal drama 'Judging Amy'.

39.Stella is the Basset Hound featured in the movie 'The Princess And The Frog'.

40.Toby is the name of the Basset Hound in the animated film 'The Great Mouse Detective'.

Unisex Basset Hound Names

You can opt for a unisex name for your new hound dog from this list if you want to keep it gender-neutral.

41.Ash (Old English origin) meaning "grey powder". It refers to the leftover after a fire burns an object completely. It is also the name of the chief protagonist of the Pokemon series, Ash Ketchum.

42.Beasley (English origin) meaning "bent grass". This is a cute surname of Office character, Pam Beasley.

43.Biscuit (Middle English origin) meaning "to cook".

44.Chocolate (Aztec origin) meaning "the food of the Gods".

45.Fluffy (Flemish origin) meaning "light and soft".

46.Hershey (Jewish origin) is the surname of a famous confectioner, Milton S. Hershey.

47.Jules (French origin) meaning "downy-bearded".

48.Munchkin (German origin) meaning "little figure".

49.Pooch (Uncertain origin) is slang for a dog.

50.Zen (Japanese origin) meaning "peace".

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