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Top 100+ Best Avatar Names

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The Avatar franchise is one of the most popular today animated series today.

The American animated TV series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' aired between February 2005 and July 2008. 'The Legend of Korra', the American sequel to the previous show, aired between April 2012 and December 2014.

The Avatar world is a fictional one where some characters can control the elements of nature: water, air, fire, or earth. Only the Avatar can control all four elements and maintain the world's balance. The Avatar franchise received critical acclaim and turned out to be a success due to its well crafted characters, cultural references, themes, and humor.  

Avatar also touches upon some serious issues that aren't usually dealt with in youth entertainment. Some of the many issues the series deals with through a depiction of the lives of Avatar characters include gender, sexual orientation, race, war, totalitarianism, free choice, and genocide.

Avatar characters have unique names and stories. If you're looking for Avatar character names to inspire you, why not pick a name you like from our list. For more inspiration, you can also check out our article on Au Ra names and Saiyan names.

Avatar Names For Boys

Looking for some good Avatar names based on male characters in the show? Here's a list of names you'll like.

1. Aang: The series' primary Airbender protagonist. Rescued by Katara and Sokka, Aang learns to control the elements of fire, water, and earth, in addition to air and defeats the Lord of the Fire Nation.

2. Afiko: An Airbender from the Southern Air Temple, who is called 'The Betrayer'.

3. Aiwei: A fugitive of the Earth Kingdom and a truth seer.

4. Amon: Leader of the Equalists revolutionary group who wants to rid the world of benders.  

5. Arnook: The Northern Water tribe's chief towards the end of the Hundred Year War.

6. Azulon: Sozin's son who ruled the Fire Nation for most of the Hundred Year War.

7. Baatar: Architect who created the Zaofu metal city and Suyin Bei Fong's husband.

8. Bato: Southern Water Tribe member and Hakoda's close friend.

9. Bolin: An earth bender and Mako's younger brother.

10. Boma: Chaperone to Avatar Yangchen who accompanied her to a city plagued by the General Old Iron spirit.

11. Bujing: The Fire Nation military's High General known for his ruthlessness as well as efficient battlefield strategies.

12. Bumi: The King of Omashu city who Aang first wanted to learn earth bending from.

13. Butakha: He owns the Pro-bending Arena in Republic City and is the director of the pro-bending league.

14. Cam: The front desk manager of the Republic City's Four Elements Hotel.

15. Chaejin: Belongs to the Fire Nation and is the illegitimate child of Lady Huazo and the Fire Lord, Chaeryu.

16. Chaeryu: The Fire Nation ruler who preceded Fire Lord, Zoryu. Sulan was his wife.

17. Chan: A resident of Ember Island and son of Fire Nation Admiral Chan.

18. Chey: Disciple of Jeong Jeong and an explosives expert. He was only the second person who deserted the Fire Nation army and managed to live.

19. Chin: Called "Chin the Great" in Chin Village, he was an earth bending warlord who wanted to defeat the 46th Earth King. He successfully launched a conquest of the Earth Kingdom.  

20. Chit Sang: He was a prisoner at the Fire Nation's Boiling Rock prison. He maintained that he was innocent and had been falsely accused of the crime that he was convicted for.  

21. Chong: A simple minded and easy going nomad who traversed the world with his wife, Lily, telling stories and playing blissful songs. He helped Avatar Aang and friends reach Omashu by telling them about the Cave of Two Lovers.

22. Chow: A fruit merchant from the Earth Kingdom belonging to the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. He is San's brother and Mako and Bolin's uncle.

23. Chung: A phonograph vendor in the "Triple Treat Triad" territorial region of Republic City. He pays a protection fee so that he does not encounter any hostility when the gang visits the area.

24. Dairin: The Fire Nation chancellor during Fire Lord Zoryu's reign. He played the role of Head Palace Historian during this time and was one of the earliest Avatar scholars.

25. Daw: A regular shoemaker of Republic City who found out about his airbending skills after the 171 AG Harmonic Convergence. He then studied under Tenzin.

26. Desna: Cheif Unalaq's son and successive leader of the Nothern Water Tribe. Avatar Korra's cousin.

27. Ding: The tiny Fire Nation village resident who is the only one who escaped the moon monster that would capture anyone venturing out into the woods during a full moon.

28. Dock, Xu, Bushi: A citizen of the Fire Nation who ended up splitting his personality because of dysfunction caused by drinking toxin laden water from the Jang Hui River.  One of the minor but most interesting characters in the show.

29. Due: A native waterbender of the Earth Kingdom's Foggy Swamp tribe.    

30. Fat: A swordsman and butler to Piandao, whose students training he assisted.

31. Feng: Pet shop owner in Republic City.

32. Fong: A remarkable earth bender and highly ranked officer in the Earth Kingdom Army known for his out of the ordinary tactics and aggressive strategy.

33. Fung: A loyal Order of the White Lotus member, whose flower shop was used as the secret meeting place for the group.

34. Ganbat: The bison rustlers' leader who would trap calves near the Northern Air Temple.

35. Gansu: A farmer in the Earth kingdom.

36. Ghashiun: Sand bender tribe member residing in the Si Wong Desert. Sha-Mo and Yulduz's son.

37. Ghazan: A master earthbender and Red Lotus member who tried to kidnap Avatar Korra and was put under criminal custody by Order of the White Lotus.

38. Gilak: Warrior of the Southern Water Tribe who aided Hakoda in the fight against the Fire Nation in the Hundred Year War.

39. Gombo: The motorized Earth Kingdom gang leader who opposed Earth Queen Hou-Ting's rule.

40. Gommu: One of the nomads residing in Republic City who used to work as a telegraph operator.

41. Gow: Commander of a tiny soldiers' group in the Earth Kingdom village.  

42. Guan: During Kuvira's rule, he was the leader of the southern forces of the Earth Empire.

43. Gun: One of the most noteworthy royalists of the Earth Kingdom after the fall of the monarchy and Ba Sing Se's Grand Secretariat.

44. Guo: An acupuncturist and alternative medicine specialist living in Zaofu.

45. Guri: Constable Sung's son, born just before the Hundred Year War ended.

46. Gyatso: Father figure, guardian, and mentor to Avatar Aang prior to the Hundred Year War. He was part of the Council of Elders and considered to be the world's greatest aAirbender of his time as per Avatar Aang.

47. Hahn: A Nothern Water Tribe soldier whose focus was on the Hundred Year War.  

48. Hakoda: Father of Sokka and Katara and Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.

49. Ham Ghao: A gossip monger among the Sun Warriors.

50. Hark: Earthbender and father of Avatar Kyoshi.

51. Haru: Teenage Earthbender who joined Hakoda's forces to invade the Fire Nation.

52. Hasook: A Waterbender from Republic City.

53. Hiroshi: Earthbender renowned for his earth tunneling technique and Genji, his rock dragon.

54. Hiryu: Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe.

55. Huu: Native water bending master of the Earth Kingdom's Foggy Swamp tribe and the tribe's wisest member.

56. Jet: Leader of the Freedom Fighters who antagonizes soldiers of the Fire Nation.

57. Kunyo: A Firebending teacher who was Zuko and Azula's master initially and then went on to run Master Kunyo's Firebending Dojo.  

58. Kuon: A farmer from the Earth Kingdom who started developing airbending skills after the Harmonic Convergence.

59. Kuvira: Metalbender and leader of the Earth kingdom.

60. Kuzon: Aang's Fire Nation friend prior to the Hundred Year War.

Avatar names are popular the world over.

61. Mako: A firebender and orphan who grew up on the Republic City streets.  

62. Ozai: Zuko and Azula's father and Iroh's younger brother.

63. Pao: Pao Family Tea House owner in Ba Sing Se.

64. Roku: The Avatar incarnation before Aang. He serves as a mentor to Aang many times in the series.

65. Sokka: Katara's brother and warrior from the Southern Water tribe who joins Aang in his quest to defeat the Lord of the Fire Nation. Sokka is a real name that means "to inquire".

66. Sozin: The genocidal Fire Nation leader.

67. Tarrlok: The last Nothern Water Tribe representative serving on the United Republic Council.

68. Tenzin: Katara and Aang's youngest child and the oldest airbending master alive from among the 'Legend of Korra' characters. 

69. Tho: A native Waterbender of the Earth Kingdom's Foggy Swamp tribe and a close friend of Due.  

70. Tonraq: Chief of the Southern Water tribe from the 'Legend of Korra'.

71. Unalaq: The first and only Dark Avatar and Tonraq's younger brother.

72. Wan: Name of the first Avatar who persevered to bring balance between mankind and the spirits.  

73. Wu: The Earth Kingdom's 54th sovereign from the Hou-Ting dynasty.

74. Xin Fu: The host and promoter of the Earth Rumble, an underground earth bending tournament.

75. Xu Ping An: Leader to the Yellow Necks, an army responsible for destroying the Earth Kingdom in the latter part of the 4th century BG.

76. Zaheer: Red Lotus leader and martial arts expert.

77. Zei: A Professor and Ba Sing Se University's head of the Department of Anthropology.

78. Zhao: An admiral of the Fire Nation who is the main rival of Zuko and in pursuit of Aang.

79. Zuko: Originally, the series' main antagonist who later becomes the tragic hero. He rejects the Fire Nation but is ultimately made Fire Lord and brings the war to an end.  

Avatar Names For Girls

Want to search for a good name that is inspired by a girl in Avatar? Fall in love with any of these names inspired by female characters.

80. Analay: A unique bender specializing in shadow bending.

81. Aoma: Earth bender and daughter of Yokoya, the village captain.  

82. Asami Sato: Industrialist, businesswoman, and engineer who fought against the Equalists, although her father, Hiroshi Sato worked with the Equalists.

83. Ashuna: Katara and Sokka's acquaintance and a Southern Water Tribe resident.

84. Atuat: A doctor and master healer from the Northern Water tribe.

85. Azula: The antagonist in the series' last two seasons. She is a fire bender who lacks empathy and has a cruel temperament.

86. Chio: A skilled origami artist and resident of the Maizu village who gained confidence in her ability to inspire others through her art thanks to Katara.

87. Elua: Confidant who served Ursa as well as Prince Ozai in the Fire Nation.

88. Eska: Cheif Unalaq's daughter and successive leader of the Nothern Water Tribe. Avatar Korra's cousin.

89. Ginger: An actress working for Varrick.

90. Giya: A waterfront village resident who was trained by Suki in defensive combat after meeting her at Seashell San's House of Shells.

91. Hama: Master of water bending from the Southern Water Tribe.

92. Hei-Ran: Firebending teacher of Avatar Kuruk.

93. Hei-Won: Co-founder of the Official Avatar Aang Fan Club and one of the earliest Air Acolytes.

94. Jinora: She is the granddaughter of Avatar Aang and Katara and the youngest airbending master.

95. Katara: The name of the last water bender from the Southern Water tribe who teaches Aang water bending. If you're looking for 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' names for a girl, this is a powerful one you'll love.

96. Korra: The Avatar incarnation from 'The Legend of Korra' show who succeeds Avatar Aang. The girl's name in Avatar you're likely to love.  

97. Kya: The only daughter and waterbending child of Katara and Avatar Aang, we love this name.

98. Lin Bei Fong: Daughter of Toph Bei Fong and the Republic City Police Department's Chief of Police.

99. Mai: Lover of Zuko, she is an expert at light weaponry.

100. Pema: An Air Acolyte and Tenzin's wife.

101. Suki: She is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and a skilled fighter.

102. Suyin Bei Fong: Founder as well as the leader of Zaofu, she is Toph Bei Fong's daughter.

103. Toph Bei Fong: She is a blind controller of the earth who teaches Aang earth bending and invents metal bending.

104. Ty Lee: She accompanies Azula and Mai in the effort to capture the Avatar, Zuko, and Iroh.

105. Xing Ying: Founder and President of the Yu Dao chapter from the  Avatar Aang Official Fan Club. She was the first of the Air Acolytes, having been taught the Air Nomads' ways by none other than Avatar Aang.  

106. Yue: She is the daughter of the Northern Water Tribe's Chief, Arnook.

107. Zirin: Joined the Fire Warriors after being released from a mental health facility by Azula.

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