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Cat lovers are found all across the globe.

Egyptians in particular have always loved cats, we know this from the country's ancient past. Ancient Egyptians ranked cats so high that they regarded cats as deities.

Such was the aura of cats that Egyptians loved to ornate their felines with gold and owners and cats shared the same plate for food.  This lovely animal occupies a sacred rank in Egyptian Mythology due to its natural tendency of killing snakes, rats, and pests. Egyptian cats were even mummified and laid to rest next to their master, which just goes on to show how loved these animals were.

We have prepared a list of  Egyptian cats names that you can consider for your beloved cat. An Egyptian cat name can be a great fit for your cat, showing them just how much you love them.

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The Most Popular Egyptian Cat Names

Egyptian names for cats can reflect the degree of affection and regard that someone has for their cat. You can choose an Egyptian cat name for your pet from this special list of popular Egyptian cat names.

1.Alexandria (Greek origin) meaning ' conqueror'. Alexandria is a port in Egypt.

2.Cleopatra (Greek origin) meaning ' glory of the father'. Cleopatra was a beautiful and powerful Egyptian queen.

3.Ra meaning 'sun god'. The name suits the fairer colored golden ginger cats. The Sun God give us one of our favorite cat God names!

4.Papyrus meaning 'plant'. This is a plant from which paper is made and is found in abundance on the Nile riverbank.

5.Mihos meaning 'lion-headed'.

6.Mau meaning 'cat' in Egyptian. This is Egyptian for 'cat' and is also synonymous with the voice made by the cat that is, 'meow'. We think it is one of the cutest Egyptian cat names.

7.Pharaoh meaning ' Egyptian ruler'. A perfect Egyptian name for the pet cat.

8.Ruby (Latin origin) meaning 'jewel'. Ruby is a precious jewel, Ancient Egyptian cat lovers names their cats after precious jewels to show their value.

9.Sphinx (Greek origin) referring to a 'lion with a human head'. It is a mythological character's name.

10.Zehra (Arabic origin) meaning 'beautiful flower'.

Female Egyptian Cat Names

A white bald Egyptian sphynx cat

Female cats and kittens are priceless for a cat owner. The Egyptian cat names bring a lot of value to your female cat. Some of the cat names are grouped below along with meaning and their significance-

11.Akila (Arabic origin) meaning 'intelligent'.

12.Aisha (Arabian origin) meaning 'peaceful'.

13.Aziza meaning  'precious'.

14.Anippe meaning 'daughter of the Nile'. A perfect name for a female Egyptian cat.

15.Balbina (Latin origin) meaning 'strong'.

16.Bahiti meaning 'fortune'. A cat name representing good luck for Egyptians.

17.Beatrice (Latin origin) meaning 'one who brings joy'.

18.Bennu meaning 'to shine'.

19.Chione meaning 'daughter of the Nile.

20.Dalila meaning 'sweet and gentle'.

21.Ebony meaning 'dark wood'.  

22.Fraida (Arabic origin) meaning 'precious'.

23.Hafsah (Arabic origin) meaning 'lioness cub'.

24.Hatshepsut meaning 'foremost of noblewomen'. She was a female Pharaoh, the second historically confirmed female Pharaoh.

25.Kamilah meaning 'perfect'.

26.Lotus (Greek origin) this name means 'purity and grace'.

27.Madonna (Latin origin) meaning 'my lady'.

28.Nailah (Arabic origin) meaning 'one who attains'.

29.Nubia meaning 'one who is from Nubia'. A beautiful golden Egyptian cat would suit this name.

30.Ojufemi meaning 'beloved of the Gods'.

31.Precious (Latin origin) meaning 'loved one'.

32.Quibilah meaning 'peaceful'.

33. Thema (African origin) meaning 'queen'.

34.Tivali meaning 'gift of god'. This is one of the best Ancient Egyptian cat names as Queen Cleopatra named her favorite cat Tivali.

35.Valentina (Latin origin) meaning 'healthy and strong'.    

Male Egyptian Cat Names

cool names foe your cat that are egyptian

One can find many portraits in Egypt that primarily depict cats with many other creatures. These portraits are a testament to the love of Egyptians towards cats. Some of the famous male Egyptian cat names are.

36.Abasi meaning 'stern'.

37.Ammon meaning 'chief deity'.

38.Amenken (Hebrew origin) meaning 'amen'.

39.Ani (Slavic origin) meaning 'very beautiful'.

40.Asim  (Arabic origin) meaning 'protector'.

41.Akil (Arabic origin ) meaning 'wise and bright'. This Egyptian cat name would suit a loving Egyptian male cat.

42.Bes meaning 'bringing joy'. This Egyptian God is responsible for saving one from snakes and other creatures.

43.Chigaru meaning 'hound'.

44.Darwishi (Persian origin ) meaning 'wanderer'.

45.Fenuku meaning 'one who is born late'.

46.Geb meaning 'mythical earth God'. 'Ancient Egyptian people worshipped this deity.

47.Hamadi (Arabic origin) meaning 'praised '.

48.Hepzefa meaning 'a Medjay of Siwa'.

49.Kemet another name for Egypt.

50. Lukman (Arabic origin) meaning 'intelligent'. Lukman was a prophet mentioned in the Quran.

51.Madu meaning 'of the people'. Cat lovers love this Egyptian name as it sounds really cute.

52.Mido meaning 'love of my life'. Mido is an affectionate term for Mohammad or Ahmed in Egypt.

53.Miro (Slavic origin) meaning 'peace'. This is a lovely name for cats.

54.Menes meaning 'he who endures'. He is acclaimed to be the founder of the Dynasty of Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.

55.Nebit (Egyptian origin) meaning 'like a leopard'. It refers to an ancient Egyptian official.

56.Nkosi meaning 'ruling as per the law'.

57.Orson (English origin) meaning 'bear cub'.

58.Omar (Arabic origin) meaning 'flourishing'. The name is represented in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures.

59.Sefu meaning 'sword'.

60.Tau meaning 'lion'.

61.Zahur (Arabic origin) meaning 'eminent'.  

Goddess Egyptian Cat Names

Many of the Egyptian Goddesses from Ancient Egypt were represented as cats and had Egyptian cat names. Some of the Egyptian cat names representing the Goddesses of Egypt are listed below.

62.Auset, she is seen as a woman with motherly affection having wide open arms.

63.Anukis meaning 'goddess of the Nile'.

64.Bastret meaning 'Egyptian cat goddess'. She is seen as the epitome of domesticity, fertility and protection of the household from the eye. She is the Egyptian Goddess of cats.

65.Hehet meaning 'Goddess of the immeasurable'.

66.Hathor meaning 'house of the Horus'. The Goddess is the epitome of love, fertility and sky. This Egyptian cat name could be shortened to Hatty.

67.Heqet meaning 'helper of women in childbirth'.

68.Isis meaning ' goddess of life and magic'. Egyptian Goddess who was seen as the protector of children and women. She also has the power to heal the sick.

69.Keket meaning 'mythical Goddess of darkness'.

70.Kosey meaning 'lion'.

71.Maat meaning 'mythical Goddess of order and justice'.

72.Mut meaning 'mother'. She was an elderly woman among the Goddesses.

73.Menhit meaning 'Goddess of war'.

74.Mekal meaning 'fierce devourer'. The name is suited for a fierce female cat.

75.Mafdet meaning 'Goddess who slays serpents'.

76.Naunet meaning 'mythical Goddess of the ocean'.

77.Nekhbet meaning 'mythical vulture Goddess'.

78.Nephthys meaning 'lady of the house'. This Goddess is related to air, death, and mourning.

79.Net meaning 'terrifying one'. In Ancient Egyptian culture, she was regarded as a prime creator.

80.Niut meaning 'mythical Goddess of nothingness'.

81.Nut meaning 'vault of the heaven'. She is the Goddess of astronomy, owner of the star, sky and the universe.

82.Paket, this name means 'she who scratches'. The perfect cat name!

83.Sekhmet meaning 'might'. She is the Goddess of war. She defeated and destroyed the enemies of the Sun God, Ra.

84.Selk (Greek origin)meaning 'another form of the Goddess Isis'.

85.Serq (Greek origin) meaning' another name for the Goddess Isis'.  She is the goddess associated with fertility and magic.

86.Tauret (Egyptian origin) meaning 'Goddess of pregnant women'.

87.Uadjit (Egyptian origin) meaning 'mythical cobra Goddess'.          

Cat Names Inspired By Famous Egyptian Landmarks

Since cats have such a special place in Egyptian culture, many cats are named after the landmarks of Egypt. Below are some Egyptian cat names for your feline friends that represent the culture, civilization, and geography of Egypt.

88.Abydos (Greek origin) meaning 'site of many temples and ruins'. It is one of the oldest cities of Ancient Egypt.

89.Cairo (Arabic origin) meaning 'victorious'. Famed as the modern Egyptian capital city, the cat name Cairo instills a sense of belonging with the owner.

90.Damietta (Egyptian origin) meaning (the land of the lake). It is a port city on Nile Delta.

91.Dendera (Arabic origin) meaning 'small town'. It is a small town situated on the west bank of the Nile Delta.  A temple complex of Ancient Egypt stands here.

92.Delta (Greek origin) meaning ' several branches of the river'.

93.Giza (Arabic origin)meaning 'plateau on which pyramids are placed'.  A reminder of Egyptian heritage, the name blends your cat with Egyptian culture.

94.Gezira (Arabic origin) meaning 'island'.  There is an Island in Nile Delta named Gezira.

95.Luxor (Arabic origin) meaning 'city of hundred gates'. It is a city in Southern Egypt.

96.Nile (Greek origin) meaning 'champion'.  The Nile is the longest river on our planet.

97.Nubia meaning 'gold'. Nubia is a place in Egypt and thus works well for an Egyptian cat.

98.Rosetta (Italian origin) meaning 'little rose'. An Egyptian cat owner can name its pet with this cute Egyptian name after this Egyptian port city.

99.Ramesseum (Egyptian origin) meaning 'born of Ra'. It is an Egyptian memorial temple built for Pharaoh Ramesses.

100.Sinai (Biblical origin) referring to 'a sacred mountain'. Sinai is a peninsula in Egypt which homes Mount Sinai.

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