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50 Top Creole Last Names

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Creole refers to the people from Europe who first settled in the West Indies and spread to other regions from there.

These people then created distinct hybrid languages and cultures known as Creole. The Creole languages were essentially developed by intermixing the elements from different languages (mostly European languages.)

Although the exact number of Creole languages is not known, most are based on European languages like English, French, Spanish and so on. This is because of the colonial power of the Europeans in the past. Due to the widespread distribution of Creoles across the globe, it is almost impossible to evaluate how and when they were established. Though many Creole groups have now faded into the past (such as the Dutch-based Creoles), some popular ones are Haitian Creole, Papiamento, Surinamese Creole, Louisiana creole, etc. Below we have provided you with top 50 popular and interesting Creole last names accompanied by informative details about each one of them!

For more interesting names, look at Creole names and Haitian last names.

Louisiana Creole Last Names

Choosing a Creole last name from Louisiana is a great choice.

Louisiana Creoles track their ancestry to France and Spain. Here is a list of popular Louisiana Creole names!

1. Aguillard (French origin),  meaning "needle maker".

2. Chenevert (French origin),  meaning "someone who lives by the green oak".

3. Christoph (Anglo-Saxon origin),  meaning "bearer of Christ". It is more popular as a first name rather than the last name.

4. Decuir (French origin), possibly meaning "a curer of leather". It is mostly an occupational name.

5. Eloi (French origin),  meaning "to choose". Although it has French origins, it is an extremely popular last name in England.

6. Fabre (French origin),  meaning "a blacksmith". This is also an occupational family name.

7. Francois (French origin), meaning "a freeman". Earlier it was used to refer to a French man.

8. Gaines (Norman origin),  meaning "an ingenious person".

9. Guerin (French origin), meaning "to watch or guard". It is quite popular in Ireland where it is spelled as "Gerin" or "Geran".

10. Honoré (French origin),  literally meaning "honored". It was a famous name in medieval times.

11. Morel (French origin),  meaning "dark." It is one of the most popular surnames in France today.

12. Porche (French origin),  meaning "someone who lives in a house near a covered passage or walkway".

13. Pourciau (French origin),  meaning "a piglet". It is a popular last name in Los Angeles. One of the popular French Creole last names.

14. Patin (Scottish origin),  meaning "someone who lives near a physical feature like a hill, river, tree, or a building". Patins were among the first colonialists in Louisiana from France.

15. Ricard (French origin),  meaning "a strong and powerful ruler". It can be considered as a variant of the name "Richard".

List Of Haitian Creole Last Names

(Haitian Creole last names are perfect for your characters.

Haitian Creole is one of the most famous and extensively spoken languages. Here are some popular Haitian Creole surnames.

16. Alexis (Greek origin),  meaning "defender of men". One of the common Creole last names.

17. Augustin (Spanish origin),  meaning "great". It is also a common first name for men.

18. Chery (French origin),  meaning "darling". A well-known lastname among the Creole people.

19. Etienne (French origin),  meaning "crown". Etienne is also more popular as a personal name rather than a surname.

20. Jean (French origin),  meaning "the son of John".

21. Noel (French origin),  meaning "Christmas". It is an ancient last name.

22. Pierre (French origin),  meaning "a rock or stone".  It is the French version of the name "Peter".

23. Raymond (German origin), a common name meaning "counselor or protector". It is also a must sought for surname in England and France.

24. Rene (French origin),  meaning "to rule".

25. Saint (French origin),  meaning "a holy person". It was a famous habitation name of the Normans.

List Of Common Cajun Last Names

Cajun last names are very popular in Louisiana. Some common Cajun last names are listed below.

26. Bergeron (French origin), meaning "a shepherd".

27. Bordelon (French origin), meaning "someone who lives near a farm or a farm dweller".

28. Boudreaux (French origin), a common surname meaning "a farmer". However, as a family name Boudreaux refers to "leader of a group." One of the most well-known Cajun last names.

29. Bourgeois (French origin), meaning "freemen". It was a popular term used in medieval times.

30. Broussard (French origin), meaning "man of the forest".

31. Fontenot (French origin), meaning "spring or fountain". It is quite common in Los Angeles.

32. Guidry (French origin), a common last name meaning "to hunt". This surname is  mainly found in the Cajuns of Los Angeles most of whom have descended from Claude Guidry (one of the first French inhabitants in Acadilia).

33. Richard (German origin), meaning "powerful ruler". Richard is also frequently used as a first name.

34. Romero (Spanish origin), meaning "a person on a religious journey or pilgrimage". One of the common Cajun last names.

35. Theriot (French origin), meaning "God’s gift". This surname is a very interesting one as it has more than 100 different spellings in different languages. One of the most famous surnames across the globe.

36. Thibodeaux (French origin), meaning "brave and bold". It is a respected surname indicating a rich ancestry.

37. Trahan (French origin), meaning "a silk worker". In English, it means strong. A common last name.

Famous People With Creole Last Names

Do you share your Creole last name with a popular celebrity? Find out below from our list that includes Hebert, Bonaventure and other names.

38. Bernard (German origin), meaning "brave as a bear". Hilda Bernard (Argentine actress) and Tristan Bernard (French novelist) are notable celebrities with Bernard creole surnames.

39. Bonaventure (French origin), meaning "good luck". It is also the name of the famous Italian philosopher, Saint Bonaventure.

40. Carmouche (French origin), meaning "skirmish". It is a popular last name in Los Angeles also shared with Liz Carmouche, a popular mixed martial arts champion from America.

41. Domingue (Spanish origin), meaning "Son of Dominic". It is also written as ‘Dominguez.’ Celebrities with this last name are popular Argentine footballer Nicolás Domínguez and Leinier Domínguez, a Cuban chess player.

42. Hebert (German origin), meaning "illustrious". The famous figure of French Revolution, Jacques Rene Hebert is one famous personality bearing this surname. Choosing Hebert as character surnames is quite cool.

43. Jarreau (French origin), literally meaning "a producer of oil jars". The famous American singer Alwin Lopez Jarreau shares this surname.

44. Joseph (Hebrew origin), literally meaning "addition or increase". Notable personalities with this surname are Aaron Joseph (Australian footballer), Bradley Joseph (American musician), Kris Joseph (Canadian basketball player), etc.

45. Landry (French origin), literally meaning "ruler". Thomas Wade Landry, the American football player was one renowned celebrity with this Cajun last name.

46. Laurent (French origin), literally meaning "victory". Famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent bears this surname and it is also very popular in the Cajun community.

47. LeBlanc (French origin), literally meaning "white". The character of Joey from friends aka actor Matt Leblanc is one of the most popular celebrities with this surname.

48. Paul (Roman origin), literally meaning "humble". It’s variant ‘Pal’ is a popular surname in Bengal. Famous people with this last name are Aaron Paul (American actor), Billy Paul (Grammy award-winning American singer), Annamie Paul (Canadian activist and lawyer), Satya Paul (Indian fashion designer), and so on.

49. Rodriguez (Spanish origin), literally meaning "son of Rodrigo". This last name is particularly popular among the Portuguese. Amália Rodriguez and Nelson Rodriguez are notable celebrities.

50. Tyler (English origin), literally meaning "a layer of tiles". Aisha Naomi Tyler, the famous American actress has this surname.

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