Top 100 Funky 1970s Names For Your Disco Baby

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The 1970s was the age of bell-bottom pants and the rise of disco.

The most popular baby names that still trend on the popular baby names list include the '70s names. But choosing the right baby name for your funky baby can be confusing.

Baby names for boys like Kojack, Travolta, Darth, Benji, Amitabh, and more give the vintage vibes and take us back to the best decade of fashion, beauty, and disco. Another set of girls' baby names like Amy, Jennifer took the 1970s by storm. In 1973, popular baby names like Michael and James made the boy crowd access the 'cool' gangs at the time too. Though this decade went by with everything popular Pax, Scout, Werner, were a few rare baby names that took the attention of most in the '70s for both boys and girls.

Your search for the perfect '70s baby name ends here with these lists of thematically arranged names for your disco baby boy as well as a girl. And for more decades-inspired names, take a look at '50s Baby Names and 1960s Names.

Popular Names From The '70s

From names for girls like Amy to Michelle and boy's names like Tyrone, here are the topmost baby names of the 1970s:

1. Amy (F) (English origin) meaning "loved", was the top third name in the '70 s name list.

2. Andrea (F/M) (Greek origin) meaning "manly, brave".

3. Angela (F) (Greek origin) meaning "messenger of God".

4. April (F) (Latin origin) meaning "open".

5. Brad (M) (English origin) meaning "broad wood".

6. Brent (M) (Celtic, English origin) meaning "hill".

7. Brian (M) (French origin) meaning 'high, noble', was number 8 in the year 1970s boy baby name list.

8. Carrie(F) (American origin) meaning "free".

9. Chad (M) (English origin) meaning "protector".

10. Christina (F) (Ancient Greek, Hebrew origin) meaning "follower of Christ".

11. Christopher (M) (Greek, English origin) meaning "Christ-bearer".

12. Clint (M) (English origin) meaning "fenced settlement" is a short form for the name Clinton.

13. Clinton (M) (English origin) meaning "town on a hill".

14. Damon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "to subdue".

15. Dana (F/M) (Hebrew, Danish origin) meaning "God has judged".

16. Dawn (F) (Old English origin) meaning "daybreak", ranked 14 in 1977.

17. Derek/ Derrick (M) (English origin) meaning "gifted ruler".

18. Eric (M) (English origin) meaning "alone, the only ruler".

19. Heather (F) (Scottish origin) meaning "small shrub name".

20. Holly (F) (English origin) meaning "shrub".

21. Jason  (M) (Greek origin) meaning "healer", one of the top baby names in the year 1976.

22. Jennifer (F) (Old Irish origin) meaning "the fair one", this was the single-most popular name among girls born in this decade.

23. Joey (M) (English origin) meaning "God increases" is also a nickname for the boy name Joseph during 1976.

24. Julie (F) (Latin origin) meaning "youthful".

25. Justin (M) (Latin origin) meaning "fair"

26. Kelly (F/M) (Old Irish origin) meaning "warrior".

27. Lance (M) (English origin) meaning "land".

28. Marc (M) (French, Roman origin) meaning "warrior-like".

29. Melanie (M) (English origin) meaning "dark".

30. Melissa (F) (Greek origin) meaning "honey-bee".

31. Michael (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God".

32. Michelle (F) (French origin) meaning "who is like God". It was the second most popular name that stayed near the top in the 1970s girls list.

33. Monica (F) (North African origin) meaning "to advice, counsel".

34. Scott (M) (Celtic Scottish origin) meaning "someone from Scotland".

35. Sean/Shaun/Shawn (M) (English, Irish Origin) meaning "God is gracious".

36. Shane (F/M) (Irish origin) meaning "graced by God".

37. Shannon (F) (Irish origin) meaning " old river".

38. Stacey/Stacy (F) (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection".

39. Tara (F) (English, Irish origin) meaning "hills and stars", this girl's baby name that ranked 35 in 1977.

40. Toby(F/M) (English origin) meaning "God is good".

41. Tonya (F) (Russian origin) meaning "praiseworthy".

42. Tracy (F/M) (Irish origin) meaning "war-like".

43. Troy (M) (Grek origin) meaning "footsoldier".

44. Tyrone (M) (Irish origin) meaning "from the land of the yew tree".

45. Wendy (F) (English origin) meaning "friend". This is one of the baby names suitable for modern girls too.

Unique Names From The '70s

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Boys also rocked the floor in the '70s along with the girls. Here are unique baby names that took the 1970s to its height:

46. Caroline (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "free woman".

47. Cedric (M) (English origin) meaning "battlefield chieftain".

48. Crystal (F) (Latin origin) meaning "earth mineral".

49. Heath (M) (English origin) meaning "Land Of Heather And Grass".

50. Jermaine (M) (Latin origin) meaning "brother".

51. Levi (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "attached" unique baby boy name after the coming-in-age of Levis jeans.

52. Rhiannon (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "great queen".

53. Rubik (M) (American origin) meaning "the formed one" boys name got recognition after the invention of Rubik's cube in 1974.

54. Tenille (F/M) (American origin) meaning "passionate, champion".

55. Thalmus (M) (African origin) meaning "chamber".

Names From '70s Culture

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Culture and specific baby names give huge insight into the top girls and boys names and the changing events in a specific vibrant era like the '70s.

56. Benji/ Benjy (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of the right hand"; one of the popular names in the 1970s.

57. Darth (M) (American origin) meaning "dark" made popular by Darth Vader from 'Star Wars' released in 1977.

58. Drummond (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "living on the hilltop"; made famous by Mr Drummond of the sitcom, 'Diff'rent Strokes''

59. Everly (F) (English origin) meaning "grazing meadow"; known after the American rock and roll duo, Everly brothers.

60. Kojack (M) (Slavic, English origin) meaning "suitcase, the gift of God"; was famous after the famous action-crime drama by the same name.

61. Snapper (M) (American origin) meaning "fish salter".

62. Starbuck (F/M) (English origin) meaning "river of stakes"; famous after the introduction of Starbucks coffee.

63. Timothy (M) (Greek origin) meaning "honoring God"; became a popular name for boys after the song by Rupert Holmes.

64. Tom (M) (Greek origin) meaning "purity" short for Thomas, was the innovator of 'Me Decade' during 1970s.

Names Of Famous People From The '70s

The 1970s was the age of rising famous people, whose names can later crop up as baby names. Here's a list of the trendsetters that could make the best baby names:

65. Al (M) (Celtic origin) meaning "harmony"; from actor Al Pacino since the late '60s.

66. Alfredo (M) (Italian origin) meaning "elf counsel". It is the full name for Al Pacino.

67. Amitabh (M) (Indian, Sanskrit origin) meaning "immeasurable splendor"; a famous Indian actor of the 1970s.

68. Christoph (M) (Greek origin) meaning "christ-bearer"; famous after Christoph Waltz.

69. Comaneci (F) (Romanian origin) meaning "last name"; the famous gymnast of 1976, Nadia Comaneci.

70. Elvis (M) (Scandinavian origin) meaning "all-wise" after Elvis Presley, one of the most popular names all over the world during the 1970s.

71. Farrah (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "happiness". Unique name after Farrah Fawcett from 'Charlie's Angels'.

72. Freddie (M) (English, German origin) meaning "ruler" known for Freddie Mercury from the band, Queen.

73. Harper (F) (Scottish, Irish origin) meaning "harp" the author, Harper Lee.

74. Jodie (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "woman of Judea" was made popular by American actress Jodie Foster's Disney film 'Freaky Friday'.

75. John (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious" first name for John Travolta.

76. Paul (M) (Latin origin) meaning "small, humble" popular boy name after The Beatles lead singer, Paul McCartney.

77. Robert (M) (German origin) meaning "bright, glorious" famous after Robert De Niro from 1970s to date.

78. Stephen (M) (Greek origin) meaning "fame, reward" famous after the horror fiction writer, Stephen King.

79. Travolta (M) (Italian origin) meaning "last name" associated with the famous John Travolta in 1970s.

Names Inspired By The '60s

These popular '70 s names were super popular the decade before and remained so throughout the '70s. Little kids with names collected from the top names of girls and boys of the '60s can inspire trends and make your baby name stand out!

80. Atticus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "belonging to Attica" was inspired by the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' that came out in the '60s.

81. Douglas (M) (Scottish, Gaelic origin) meaning "dark stream" was a real romantic show-off in the '50s and '60s dating circles due to Douglas Fairbanks.

82. Gary (M) (German origin) meaning "spear" was in the top 10 with influence during the '40s - '60s.

83. Jamie (F/M) (English origin) meaning "supplanter" was a name starting with the letter 'J', popular in '60s.

84. Jeremy (M) (English origin) meaning "God will uplift" was the first name of Atticus in the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and got quite famous as a variation for Jeremiah.

85. Kim (F) (English origin) meaning "bold family" is also short for Kimberly.

86. Kimberly (F) (South African origin) meaning "royal fortress" was in the top 5 name list since the '60s.

87. Martin (M) (Latin origin) meaning "war-like" after famous film-maker, Martin Scorsese.

88. Sharon (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "fertile plain" famous after the '60s actor Sharon Tate and her tragedy.

89. Tiffany (F) (Greek origin) meaning "manifestation of God" took the hype after the novel 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' in the '60s.

90. Todd (M) (Middle English origin) meaning "fox" got popular in the '60s for Todd Gitlin's work.

Disco Names

Baby names that come from 1970s disco style will be eye-turners for girls and boys names.

91. Abba (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "father" was made famous by ABBA with their songs 'Mamma Mia' in the 1970s.

92. Ace (M) (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "unity"; a British rock band of the '70s.

93. Babe (F) (Greek origin) meaning "foreign" associated with Babe Ruth band.

94. Barbara (F) (Greek origin) meaning "strange, foreign" known by Barabara Mason the R&B pop fame.

95. Boney (M) (Norman origin) meaning "handsome" associated with the group Boney M, famous for songs like 'Rasputin', 'Daddy Cool' in the 1970s.

96. Chuck (M) (Anglo-Norman French origin) meaning "tree stump", one of the well-known names in the 1970s, after Chuck Berry, considered the Father of Rock and Roll.

97. Donna (F) (Italian origin) meaning "woman" famous for Donna Summer from America.

98. Earl (M) (English origin) meaning "noble" famous after the Earls.

99. Elton (M) (Old English origin) meaning "enclosure" known for John Elton, the 1970s king!

100. Simpson (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "son of Simme" known after Ashford & Simpson.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for 1970s Names then why not take a look at Punk Names, or for something different take a look at Nature Inspired Names Meaning Earth.

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