Top 66 Gorgeous Names That Mean Green

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Originally Published on Oct 08, 2020
Baby name inspirations that mean green and nature.
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Tranquility, good luck, and health are just some of what the color green represents.

Consider green baby names for your little one and inspire a lifetime of peace and wealth. The color represents nature as well, perfect for a baby boy or girl who will grow up appreciating the beauty of the world around them.

With all of these beautiful and unique meanings, it is no wonder that means meaning green are popular choices for parents to be. Names that are colours always represent something greater; why not have a look at our lists of names that mean red or names that mean purple, for more inspiration?

Start your search for names for green color options that will be the perfect fit for your baby.

Girl Names That Mean Green

Give your green girl a first name that inspires beauty with one of the green names on this list.

1.Apple (English Origin) The fruit can be green in color. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, used this baby name for her daughter.

2.Beryl (Greek Origin) this baby name refers to a “light green gemstone”

3.Chartreuse (French Origin) girl name for "a clear, light greenish/yellow tinge"

4.Emerald (English Origin) a baby name meaning "precious gemstone"

5.Ezmeralda (Spanish Origin) another of the names depicting a "prized green gemstone"

6.Giada (Italian Origin) meaning "jade"

7.Greenlee (English Origin) name means "green clearing"

8.Ivy (English Origin) baby name meaning "climbing evergreen"

9.Jade (British Origin) this is one of the color green names that is most popular, it represents a hard stone

10.Makala (Hawaiian Origin) female baby name that means "myrtle"

11.Myrthe (Dutch Origin) another girl name meaning "myrtle plant". It's pronounced Meer-ta and not Mirth.

12.Myrtle (Greek Origin) an "evergreen shrub"

13.Olive (Latin Origin) one of the names depicting an "olive tree"

14.Orna (Irish Origin) meaning "little pale green one"

Boy Names That Mean Green

Names for your baby boy that can inspire a prosperous life ahead.

A baby boy name representing green color shades can inspire a wealthy life for your young gentleman.

15.Ash (Anglo-Saxon Origin) the ash tree links this name to the color green

16.Aspen (English Origin) another name for a tree that is green

17.Basil (Greek Origin) this baby name means "king" and "courageous", but the word depicts a green culinary herb

18.Calla (Greek Origin) like the Calla lily. It's among the names meaning "beauty"

19.Celadon (French Origin) one of the most beautiful baby names for the color green.

20.Clove (French Origin) this name is on the botanical names list. Clover is a possibility as well.

21.Denver (English Origin) meaning “green valley”

22.Forest (French Origin) a natural-sounding name meaning "of the woods"

23.Irving (Scottish Origin) meaning "green river"

24.Oliver (English Origin) depicting an “olive tree”

25.Oran (Celtic Origin) baby name meaning "pale green"

26.Vardon (French Origin) baby name meaning "green knoll"

Non-Binary Names That Mean Green

Some green shades work well as unisex name options no matter what your child's gender.

27.Chloris (Greek Origin) a baby name meaning "greenish-yellow"

28.Cyan (Greek Origin) baby name for "blue-green"

29.Briar (English Origin) another plant name, this unisex baby name has been used by Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen (Briar Rose)

30.Hunter (Scottish Origin)  this popular baby name means "to hunt", but is also a shade of green

31.Kale (Hawaiian Origin) this baby name means "man", but it's also a green shade

32.Kelly (Irish Origin) common baby name for "warrior", but it is also one of the names for a green shade

33.Sage (Latin Origin) this is among the different names for a shade of green, it also means "wise"

34.Viridian (Latin Origin) one of the names representing a blue-green shade

Names That Mean Green From Around The World

Get inspired by other places around the world to find a green name that fits your new baby.

35.Berde (Filipino Origin) means “green”

36.Grun (German Origin) meaning "green"

37.Luntian (Filipino Origin) male baby name describing a “green landscape”

38.Midori (Japanese Origin) female baby name depicting “a green shoot.” It represents greenery and plants.

39.Roheline (Estonia Origin) meaning "green"

40.Verde (Spanish Origin) one of the many names from around the world which mean “green”

41.Verdell (French Origin) one of the many baby names for the color green, that also means "flourishing"

42.Verte (French Origin) another of the names representing the color green

43.Viridi (Latin Origin) one of the female names that represents “green”, but also means “fresh, lively”

44.Yarkona (Hebrew Origin) one of the female baby names for "green"

45.Zalias (Lithuanian Origin) a word for "green"

46.Zelena (Croatian Origin) means "Goddess of the moon", but is also how you pronounce green in Croatian

47.Zold (Hungarian Origin) another of the names that simply means "green"

Green Names That Mean Nature

A list of baby names that suggests green color or tone.

You might opt for a nature name instead for your baby. It won’t mean green exactly, but these names still represent the calm tone of the color and the place that it is most often associated with.

48.Aoki (Japanese Origin) typically a surname, this baby name represents a tree

49.Autumn (Latin Origin) female baby name for "fall season"

50.Barrow (Anglo-Saxon Origin) means "of the barrow" or "a long hill"

51.Benton (English Origin) one of the names for grass, or more specifically, "where the bear grass grows"

52.Blossom (English Origin) female baby name for "flower-like"

53.Calhoun (Irish Origin) this male baby name means "from a narrow forest"

54.Chloe (Greek Origin) female name meaning "blooming", perfect for a new baby girl

55.Daphne (Greek Origin) this baby name means "bay tree"

56.Fahey (Irish Origin) meaning "from the field"

57.Fern (English Origin) baby name representing a plant

58.Hadassah (Hebrew Origin) meaning "myrtle tree"

59.Irati (Basque Origin) baby name for "fern field"

60.Kakar (Indian Origin) one of the boy names for "grass"

61.Laurel (English Origin) a female baby name representing a "laurel tree"

62.Phyllis (Greek Origin) this baby name means "foliage"

63.Sedgwick (English Origin) meaning "sword grass"

64.Silas (Latin Origin) a male baby name for "man of the forest"

65.Sylvia (Latin Origin) this baby name means "from the forest"

66.Vermont (English Origin) meaning "mountains"

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for green baby names then why not take a look at the best blue names for babies, or for something different take a look at these stylish city girl names.

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