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Top 86 Hawaiian Girl Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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"Aloha!" Yes, that's how you say "hello!" in Hawaiian, but did you know it's also a girl's name in Hawaii?

That's just a sneak peek of what you'll find while exploring our list for a sweet name for your baby girl. As a matter of fact, most of these names are unisex names that happen to be used more commonly for girls.

This is because Hawaiian names tend to hold symbolic meanings and neutral tones that fit both genders. Old Hawaiians used to create a new name for each newborn that holds a hidden meaning and relates to their walk of life and family gods. In their culture, a baby's name can be their shield against evil forces or their doom if not chosen wisely. Luckily, that left us with a bunch of beautiful names such as Kaia, Halia, Akela that are as easy on the tongue as the beautiful island is on the eyes. So, let's check them out!

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Traditional Hawaiian Girl Names

Traditional Hawaiian names carry the breeze of the ocean, green of the forest, and richness of Hawaiian tones. If you're looking for pretty baby girl names with deep Hawaiian roots, these are the ones that spent the most time on the island.

1.A'ala, meaning "royal fragrance." This beautiful Hawaiian name provides a blend of fairness and mystery for your perfect baby girl.

2.A'ia'i, meaning "she who shines like a moonlight."

3.Ahe, meaning "soft wind breeze."

4.Ahuahu, meaning "wholesome."

5.Ailani, meaning "supreme leader" or "high queen." Although it's an old name, it's favored by many Hawaiian parents to this day.

6.Ainakea, meaning "the white land."

7.Akahi, meaning "first time ever." A gorgeous name for your first baby that holds all the promises of new beginnings and starting fresh.

8.Akela, meaning "noble and honorable." The name gained its popularity from the beloved character in "The Jungle Book." It was the name of the leader of the wolf pack.

9.Aliikai, meaning "queen of the ocean." A unique regal name for your Hawaiian baby girl.

10.Aolani, meaning "delightful cloud." A lovely choice for girls with charming characters.

11.Eleu, meaning "lively and powerful," and it's pronounced (ihl-uw).

12.Kaipo, meaning "sweetheart." A beautiful Hawaiian name and nickname at the same time.

13.Kamea, meaning "loved one."

14.Keilani, meaning "glorious leader."  It's a name considered by many parents for its classiness and charm.

15.Lolani, meaning "royal hawk."

16.Makana, an African Swahili name, meaning "gift, reward, Prize."

17.Makani, meaning "wind."

18.Malie, meaning "peaceful," and it's also a variant from Amalie, which means "work" in German and "hope" in Arabic.

19.Nani, a name of Hawaiian and Greek origin and means "beautiful."

20.Noe, meaning "foggy rain" or "heaven's mist." It's a short form of the name Noelani and pronounced (Noh-Ay).

21.Olina, meaning "cheerful and merry." A perfect choice for a name that flows off the tongue easily.

22.Polunu, meaning "chubby." A super cute baby name for girls.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

Many Hawaiian names pop up in the movies, but these are not all. Nowadays, baby girl names still hold the same Hawaiian breeze that erupted with volcanos many years ago, but they've also got a tinge of modernity that sounds really nice.

23.Ele, a version of Eleanor, meaning "black color." It's pronounced (ih-l) and is one of the predominantly used Hawaiian baby names.

24.Emalia, an alternative for Emily, and it's of Latin origin. The name appeals to parents who seek a Hawaiian name with genuine depth and means "surpassing or beating the others."

25.Kaia, meaning "the sea."

26.Kailani, meaning "blue sea and pure sky." A perfect choice if you're looking for a perfect celestial name for your baby girl.

27.Kakalina, meaning "innocent and pure."

28.Leilani, meaning "heavenly flower." One of the royal Hawaiian baby names.

29.Luana, meaning "pleasure, amusement." The name is inspired by Lona, the lunar deity.

30.Mahina, meaning "the moon." Another name for the Goddess of the moon.

31.Makamae, meaning "my dear." One of the modern and chic baby girl names.

32.Malana, meaning "light and relaxing."

33.Malia, meaning "the desired child." A wonderfully classic name that comes from Amalia.

34.Moanna, meaning "ocean" or "the body of the sea." A perfect choice if you want to name your baby girl after a courageous Disney princess.

35.Ona, meaning "sweetness." The name sounds as sweet as it means.

36.Ululani, meaning "inspired by paradise." An appealing and delightful choice for baby names.

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names

Hawaiian baby names are carefully thought out and given by the elders to protect the daughters on this beautiful island.

In Hawaii, names hold stories, be it historical, cultural, or even personal experiences of the family members.  So, no newborn's name is like the other. Your girl is sure going to have her unique personality and charm, so you better give her a name as remarkable as her.

37.Akami, meaning "sharp, smart, clever."

38.Alana, meaning "a precious offering." It's also the Hawaiian version of Elana, which means "oak tree."

39.Hanalei, meaning "crescent-shaped bay."

40.Haunai, meaning "glorious snow." The name feels like the Hawaiian version of Snow White, the first Disney princess.

41.Kaili, meaning "deity." A powerful baby name for your little sunshine.

42.Kiana, meaning "sacred." The Hawaiian form of Daiana.

43.Laka, meaning "gentle, domestic."

44.Lani, meaning "the sky." The name carries a positive vibe for your beautiful baby.

45.Lanikai, meaning "heavenly sea."

46.Leimomi, meaning "pearl." A name fit for a girl full of spirit and dazzle.

47.Talei, meaning "my precious."

48.Wanika, meaning "God is gracious."

Hawaiian Names Inspired By Nature

When it comes to nature, nothing beats the Hawaiian natural landscapes and dazzling views. Thankfully, Hawaiian baby girl names have had their share of this beauty. The following list contains numerous flower names for your cute little girl.

49.Alaula, meaning "morning light" or "sunrise."

50.Anani, meaning "orange tree."

51.Anuenu, meaning "colors of the rainbow."

52.Haleigha, meaning "crack of dawn." This great baby girl's name has a natural cheerfulness.

53.Kalama, meaning "light, illumination."

54.Kapua, meaning "flower offspring." Among the favorite Hawaiian baby names due to its simple and refined nature.

55.Keone, meaning "sand." The name is also used to refer to Hawaii as the homeland.

56.Kiele, meaning "blossom."

57.Lokelani, meaning "petite red rose." A pretty name for your first-born.

58.Napua, meaning "flower." As simple as it is, it's one of the most common Hawaiian baby names.

59.Oliana, meaning "oleander," the dazzling flower that symbolizes destiny and romance.

60.Palila, meaning "free bird." The perfect name for your little adventurer.

61.Pikake, meaning "peacock." This is the Hawaiian name given to the jasmine flower by the Princess Kaiulani.

62.Waiola, a version of Viola, Latin origin, meaning "violet flower."

Hawaiian Names With Special Meaning for Girls

The name you give to your little bundle of joy can be your greatest gift to her. Since the Hawaiian language is rich with special meanings that capture the heart and soul, you're sure to find a name here that your little baby will cherish forever.

63.Ahonui, meaning "patience and endurance."

64.Alamea, a precious name, meaning "valuable."

65.Aloha, a Hawaiian word used to say "hello" and "goodbye," but its real meaning is "love and compassion."

66.Alohi, meaning "one who shines with brilliance."

67.Alonna, meaning "the precious one."

68.Apikaila, meaning "my father is everything." One of the warmest Hawaiian baby names.

69.Auoli, meaning "beautiful and vast blue sky," and it's a name full of grace and distinction.

70.Edena, Hebrew origin, meaning "delightful paradise." A great choice for a baby girl name full of majesty and spirit.

71.Haimi, meaning "seeker." A fierce name for your little explorer.

72.Halia, meaning "the memory of the loved ones."

73.Kahula, meaning "dancing girl." This gorgeous Hawaiian baby name makes you feel the vibes of the hula dance with its smooth flow and pulsating rhythm.

74.Kala, meaning "princess." It's the Hawaiian variation of Sara.

75.Kalea, meaning "pleasure and joy."

76.Kanani, meaning "stunning beauty."

77.Kanoa, meaning "the free one." A unique and chic Hawaiian baby name for your little pioneer.

78.Kawena, meaning "rosy lights in the night sky."

79.Lanakila, meaning "triumph and success." One of the most sophisticated and daring Hawaiian baby names.

80.Lannie, meaning "awakening, enlightenment." A unique name for a baby girl that has natural majesty.

81.Leiko, meaning "small flower." A common choice for the family's first baby girl.

82.Mele, meaning "songs, chants, poems." This one appeals to parents who seek a light name full of charm and melody.

83.Mily, meaning "the beautiful one."

84.Oleen, meaning "cheerful and merry."

85.Pele, meaning "goddess of fire and volcanos." The name is taken after the Goddess who created the Hawaiian Islands.

86.Urima, meaning "the Earth's fruit."

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