Top 90 Hawaiian Girl Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Why Hawaiian Girl Names?

Names for Hawaiian girls have deep historical roots and are rich with cultural symbolism. Meanings of Hawaiian names often include references to the natural world, the spiritual realm, or pivotal moments in Hawaiian history. For instance, the Hawaiian name 'Leilani' refers to the stunning floral landscapes seen across the islands. Hawaiian naming customs also reflect an emphasis on family and community. The practice of passing on one's surname from generation to generation is common in Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian parents often consult with respected community elders and religious figures for advice on choosing a name for their newborn. When taken as a whole, Hawaiian girls' names serve as a powerful symbol of the importance of family and community in Hawaiian tradition.

Popular Hawaiian Girl Names

1. Kailani - The name originates from the Hawaiian words kai and lani, which mean 'ocean, sea' and 'sky, heaven.' 

2. Kalani - The most traditional meaning of this Hawaiian name, is 'the heavens,' as 'ka' means 'the.'

3. Kalea - Kalea means 'joy' or 'happiness.' It’s pronounced kaa-LEH-aa.

4. Maile - Maile is the name of a vine that grows in Hawai’i, which the locals use to create the flower lei they drape around their necks.

5. Malia - Although a traditional Hawaiian name, it’s the island’s version of Maria or Mary, which many believe means 'beloved.'

6. Mikala - The feminine form can also be spelled Makayla (or, more traditionally, Michaela), which is the female version of Michael - Like Michael, Mikala means 'who is God.' 

Cute Hawaiian Girl Names

7. Haukea - This female Hawaiian name combines the words 'hau' and 'kea' to create the meaning of 'white snow.' 

8. Haunani - It means 'beautiful snow.' Hau means 'snow' and nani means 'beauty or glory.'

9. Kaipo - It means 'sweetheart' in Hawaiian. 

10. Kamalani - Kamalani means a 'heavenly child' or 'royal child.' It’s also fairly easy to pronounce—ka-ma-LA-nee.

11. Kanani - Kanani simply means 'the beauty' and is pronounced ka-NA-nee.

12. Kau’i - Kau’i means 'the youthful one.' You pronounce Kau’i like ka-OO-ey.

13. Kawehi - The name Kawehi means 'the adornment' or 'adorned.' It’s pronounced ka-WHEY-ee.

14. Kealoha - Kealoha means 'the loved one.' 

15. Kōnane - Kōnane, meaning 'bright,' is pronounced koh-NA-ney with a slightly longer O sound.

16. Makana - It’s pronounced ma-KA-na and means 'gift,'.

17. Mālie - Means 'calm' in Hawaiian.

18. Momi - This one is simply pronounced MO-mee and means 'pearl.'

19. Nani - Nani means 'beauty' or 'glory' and is pronounced NA-nee. 

20. Noelani - Noelani means 'heavenly mist,' as it comes from noe ('mist') and lani (meaning 'heaven,' 'sky,' 'royal,' or 'majesty').

21. Uʻilani - Since u’i means 'youth or beauty' and lani means 'heaven,' 'sky,' 'royal,' or 'majesty,' this Hawaiian name means 'royal beauty' or 'heavenly beauty.'

Hawaiian Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

22. Kalei - It’s as simple as it gets, as it means 'the flowers.'

23. Kapua - Kapua is another name that means 'the flowers.' 

24. Lehua - Lehua (pronounced leh-HOO-a) is the name of the Hawaii state flower, the lehua flower that blossoms on the famous Ohia tree. 

25. Lei - Lei, pronounced LAY, simply means 'flowers' or 'child' in the Hawaiian language.

26. Leimomi - Lemomi simply means 'pearl flowers' or 'pearl child.' 

27. Pualani - Pualani (pronounced poo-a-LA-nee) can mean 'heavenly flower,' 'royal offspring,' 'heavenly child,' or other combinations of the meanings.

28. Puanani - Puanani means 'beautiful flower' or 'beautiful child.' 

Unique Hawaiian Girl Names 

29. Hōkūlani - This Hawaiian name, often given to women, combines lani ('heavenly,' 'sky,' 'royal,' 'majesty') with the word hōkū, which means 'star.' When put together, you have a 'heavenly star.' 

30. Iolana - A powerful Hawaiian name for baby girls, Iolana means 'to soar.' 

31. Kai - As one of the easiest to pronounce Hawaiian names, Kai (simply KIE) means 'sea.'

32. Kaimana - Kaimana is a very strong Hawaiian girl name meaning 'powerful sea.'

33. Kaulana - Kaulana means 'famous' in Hawaiian. 

34. Keahi - Keahi combines the definite article ke with ahi, which means 'fire.' 

35. Keala - For Keala, ala means 'path,' so the name’s meaning is simply 'the path.'

36. Keanu - Anu means 'cool breeze,' so this name means 'the cool breeze' and is pronounced keh-A-nu.

37. Keone - In this name, one means 'homeland.'

38. Lani - means 'heavenly,' 'sky,' 'royal,' or 'majesty.'

39. Māui - The meaning is unknown, but according to Hawaiian mythology, Māui created the islands by tricking his brothers into fishing them out of the ocean for him!

40. Moana - It’s pronounced mo-A-na and means 'ocean,' 'wide expanse of water,' and 'deep sea.'

41. Nālani - Nālani means 'the heavens' or 'the chiefs.'

Hawaiian Versions of Different Names

42. Apikalia - Pronounced, EY-peh-kay-lee-a, Apikalia is the Hawaiian name for Abigail, which is an ancient Hebrew name meaning 'my father is joy.'

43. Elikapeka - As the Hawaiian version of Elizabeth, which means 'my god is an oath,' Elikapeka is pronounced eh-lee-ka-PEH-ka.

44. Iekika - This Hawaiian baby girl's name is the equivalent of Jessica and is pronounced either EE-key-ka or ee-KEY-ka.

45. Kakalina - It’s pronounced ka-ka-LEE-na, and although there are many possible meanings, the Latin spelling in the early Christian era comes from the Greek word katharos, meaning 'pure.'

46. Kala - As the Hawaiian form of Sarah (or Sara), Kala means 'princess.'

47. Kalena - Pronounced ka-LEE-na, Kalena is the Hawaiian form of Karen, which is the Danish short form of Katherine.

48. Kekepania - Kekepania is the Hawaiian version of the female name Stephanie, which comes from the male name Stephen. Kekepania has a unique pronunciation as kehk-PAY-nee-a.

49. Kiana - Kiana sounds similar to its English version, Diana. However, the first vowel sound is different; Kiana is kee-A-na. 

50. Kilikina - Pronounced kee-lee-kee-NA, this is the Hawaiian version of one of the most common names for women, Christina. 

51. Mele - This Hawaiian baby name for girls is cute and has two meanings. It simply means 'song,' but it’s also the form of Mary in Hawaiian, Tongan, and Samoan.

52. Melika - Melika, pronounced MEH-lee-ka, is the Hawaiian form of Melissa, an English girl name originating in ancient Greek and meaning 'bee.'

53. Wikolia - Wikolia (wee-KO-lee-a) is the Hawaiian girl name for Victoria. In Latin, Victoria means 'victory,' and is also the feminine form of the name Victor, meaning 'victor or conqueror.'

Traditional Hawaiian Names for Girls

54. Aela -This Hawaiian name means 'brightness,' 'honorable,' and 'joy.'

55. Akamai – It’s a Hawaiian girl name meaning 'one who has wisdom,' 'smart,' or 'intelligent.'

56. Alamea – This Hawaiian girl's name means 'precious'.

57. Alaula – It’s a Hawaiian name that means 'light' (the sunset glow or the light of dawn).

58. Anuhea – This Hawaiian name means 'a cool fragrance' or 'a mountain breeze.'

59. Aulani – This pretty Hawaiian name means 'the messenger of the chief' or 'the king’s messenger.'

60. Kaia – This Hawaiian nature name means 'sea.'

61. Kamea – This Hawaiian first name means 'precious one.' It can also be a pet name or endearment, meaning 'my one and only.'

62. Mahina – It’s a Hawaiian name that means moon.

63. Nalani – This Hawaiian name means 'the heavens' or 'the chiefs.'

Beautiful Hawaiian Girl Names

64. Uraim - This name has such a deep meaning. It means ‘fruit of the earth’.

65. Waiola - The name is the Hawaiian version of Viola. Viola is a Latin word that means ‘violet flower’.

66. Kamaya - It means ‘the precious one’.

67. Kamea - Having its roots in both Hawaiian and Hebrew origins, Kamea is a fantastic name. While the Hawaiian version means ‘the one’, The Hebrew one means ‘amulet’.

68. Keiba - This name means ‘sunrise’.

69. Waulani - This name means ‘the king’s messenger’.

70. Keonaona - Keonaona means ‘soft aroma’.

71. Ululani - This is yet another beautiful name that means ‘divine inspiration’.

72. Kiely - It means ‘garden of flowers’.

73. Lanakila - Hope this name imbibes energy in your child’s life to win as it means ‘victory’.

74. Ulani - It means ‘cheerful’.

75. Leiko - The name means ‘petite flower’.

76. Leilani - It means ‘a heavenly flower’.

77. Luana - The names mean ‘enjoyment’.

78. Napua - It is a common name in Hawaii and means ‘the flowers’.

79. Noe - This cute little name means ‘harmony’.

80. Okalani - A holy name which means ‘heaven’.

81. Oke - It is quite an uncommon name to keep. Oke means ‘deer lover’.

82. Olina - It means ‘joyous’ or ‘cheerful’.

83. Olivia - Popular in many countries, the feminine given name Olivia means ‘one who is closer to olive tree’.

84. Ona - The cute little name Ona means ‘sweetness’.

85. Palila - Palila in Hawaiian means ‘a rare and small bird’.

86. Pauahi - Pronounced as pou-AH-hee, the name means ‘the fire is out’. The name can be altered to make Pauhai, which is also popular (with the same meaning).

87. Pele - The name means ‘goddess of fire, wind, lightning and volcanoes’.

88. Pua - It means ‘flower’.

89. Sophia - The name means ‘she who possesses great knowledge and wisdom’.

90. Talei - The name means ‘precious’.


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