Top 100 Japanese Boy Names For Your Baby

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Finding the perfect baby name can be a tough task.

You may want to choose a name for your baby that mirrors your son's great significance in your life. For example, a name that means "the sun" will mirror a lively, energetic and bright son, or you might pick one that means "excellent" or "insightful".

No matter what factors influence your decisions, we have compiled a list of popular names in Japan that you can use right now or save them in your list for later. This is a great guide to selecting the best name for your son before his arrival.

In Japanese baby names, kanji characters are used. Since there are a huge number of kanji to look over, some names may look similar but can have a different meaning altogether. These names can be written in different ways using a wide range of kanji characters (some have more than 50 mixes). One popular way of using kanji characters in your baby boy's name is choosing the the kanji name for the zodiac animal for the year of their birth as their name.

Read on to find a list of 100 good Japanese boy names for your new baby, and if you are still looking for more inspiration, take a look at these gender neutral Japanese names and these Japanese girl names.

Popular Japanese Boy Names That Mean Fire

Want to give your child a name that mirrors the fire within? Choose one of the numerous Japanese names that mean fire.

a Newborn Japanese baby

1. Hinote (Japanese origin) means "fire or blast".  This is a popular name in Japan.

2. Hijiri (Japanese origin) means "fire". This is a popular boys' name in Japan.

3. Homura (Japanese origin) means "blast or a flame."

4. Kaen (Japanese origin) means "fire" or "blast".

5. Kaji (Japanese origin) means "blaze".  

6. Kaki (Japanese origin) means "fire".

7. Kasai (Japanese origin) means "fire".

8. Kazuya (Japanese origin) means "fire." Also the name of a popular character in the popular PlayStation game, 'Tekken'.

9. Mosu (Jewish origin) means"flare, light, or burst". A great name for your son that, whilst not of Japanese origin, is popular in Japan.

10. Rekka (Japanese origin) means "raging fire".

11. Takibi  (Japanese origin) means "fire" and it often signifies goals.

12. Yaketsuku (Japanese origin) means "fire that will consume evil" or "a burst, flare, or light".

13. Yakeru (Japanese origin) means "to roast, consume, burst, or light." It is a great name for a boy who is ready to take on the world.

14. Yoko (Japanese origin) means "sun or light".

Japanese Boy Names That Mean Water

Are you looking for a name that describes the serene and calm nature of your child? Why not pick one of these Japanese names that mean water?

15. Enkai (Japanese origin) means "remote ocean".

16. Enyo (Japanese origin) means "blue water, untamed ocean, or high ocean".

17. Kaimen (Japanese origin) means "ocean level" or something that belongs in the water.

18. Kaito (Japanese origin)means "to fly over an ocean or sea".

19. Kaiyō (Japanese origin) means "sea" and "forgiveness".

20. Minakami (Japanese origin) means "someone who is seagoing or always on water".

21. Mizu (Japanese origin) means "water".

22. Mizu Wo Kakeru (Japanese origin) means "water". It is a perfect name for a boy of cool temperament.

23. Oki (Japanese origin) means "blue water" or "high ocean."

24. Takumi (Japanese origin) means "expanded ocean".

25. Shimizu (Japanese origin) means "unadulterated water."

26. Suiiki (Japanese origin) means "water territory."

27. Shimesu (Japanese origin) means "hose, soak, or wet."

28. Umi (Japanese origin) means "ocean". This name is typically used for girls, but is growing in popularity as a boys' name.

Divine Japanese Boy Names

Divine words can make truly cool names for young men. Why not consider these Japanese names of importance that are related to the moon, sun, stars, planet names, or cosmology?

29. Asahi (Japanese origin) means "rising sun, morning sun, or dawn."

30. Chikyu (Japanese origin) means "earth."

31. Hoshi (Japanese origin) means "star."

32. Mokusei (Japanese origin) means "planet Jupiter."

33. Mūn (Japanese origin) means "moon."

34. Myojo (Japanese origin) means "planet Venus or morning star."

35. Kikoutei (Japanese origin) means"sun." The perfect name for your boy who is your shining sun.

36. Nichirin (Japanese origin) means "sun." A great bright name for your baby.

37. San (Japanese origin) means "sun." The name is used as a title to show respect in Japanese culture.  

38. Dosei (Japanese origin) means "Saturn."

39. Riku (Japanese origin) means "shrewd sky."

40. Sora (Japanese origin) means "the universe or large sky."

41. Taiyō (Japanese origin) means "sun." This boy's name is great for parents whose lives revolve around their son.

42. Tenmon (Japanese origin) means "cosmology." It is the perfect Japanese name for your boy who is as bright as the stars.  

43. Tenmongaku (Japanese origin) means "cosmology."

44. Tenpi (Japanese origin) means "as bright as the daylight".

45. Tsuki (Japanese origin) means "moon or lunar".

46. Tsukikage (Japanese origin) means"moonbeams or evening glow".

47. Wakusei (Japanese origin) means "planet".

Japanese Boy Names That Mean Dragon

Japanese baby names meaning dragon have become very popular among parents who want the world to know how unique and fearless their son is. Check out these unique Japanese names for your baby boy.

48. Ryoto (Japanese origin) means "dragon".

49. Ryuunosuke (Japanese origin) means "son of dragon".

50. Tatsuhiro (Japanese origin) means "dragon" or "immense power".

51. Suoh (Japanese origin) means "dragon".

52. Jiao-Long (Japanese origin) means "a kind of dragon". According to Japanese culture, this Japanese name also means "one who is born with a star".

53. Ju-Long (Chinese and Japanese origin) means "big and powerful as a dragon".

54. Ryu (Japanese origin) means "dragon". In various countries it a popular choice for babies' names. The name Ryu also has very fascinating history in Japanese mythology.

55. Tatsuya (Japanese origin) means "intelligence and longevity of the dragon". People named Tatsuya are destined to enjoy life and achieve their goals.

Boy's Names From Japanese Mythology

If you are looking for cool boys' names that are surrounded by Japanese folklore, you can consider names like these.

56. Fujin (Japanese origin) means "the force of wind or God of wind".

57. Izanagi (Japanese origin) means "the first male; Lord of creation".

58. Kangiten (Japanese origin) means "Lord of joy" and "blissfulness".

59. Kuebiko (Japanese origin) means "Lord of information" and "vegetation".

60. Okuninushi (Japanese origin) means "Lord of architecture".

61. Omoikane (Japanese origin) means "Lord of insight and astuteness".

62. Raiden (Japanese origin) means "substitute spelling of Raijin", the Lord of a lightning storm.

63. Raijin (Japanese origin) means "Lord of a lightning storm".

64. Ryūjin (Japanese origin) means "Lord of the ocean".

65. Kōjin (Japanese origin) means "Lord of hearth, kitchen, and fire".

66. Kuraokami (Japanese origin) means "God of rain".

67. Suijin (Japanese origin) means "Lord of water".

68. Tajimamori (Japanese origin) means "Lord of desserts".

69. Takemikazuchi (Japanese origin) means "Lord of war".

70. Tenjin (Japanese origin) means "Lord of knowledge".

71. Tsukiyomi (Japanese origin) means "the divine force of the moon".

Last Names That Are Perfect First Names

Some last names can make beautiful first names. These last names are just as beautiful as the first names on this list. So to help you find the best last names that are intriguing and maybe even lucky for your child, we've compiled this list of the best Japanese last names that could work as first names for your child.

72. Aoki (Japanese origin) meaning "green tree".

73. Endo (Japanese origin) meaning "side of the road".

74. Hayashi (Japanese origin) meaning "timberland".

75. Inoue (Japanese origin) meaning "over the well".

76. Ishii (Japanese origin) meaning "stone well".

77. Ito (Japanese origin) meaning "string, string, or yard".

78. Iwai (Japanese origin) meaning "festivity".

79. Kaneko (Japanese origin) meaning "prodigy".

80. Kato (Japanese origin) meaning "all knowing".

81. Kobayashi (Japanese origin) meaning "little timberland".

82. Kondo (Japan origin) meaning "presently".

83. Matsumoto (Japan origin) meaning "base of a pine" or "fir tree".

84. Mori (Japanese origin) meaning "timberland".

85. Nishimura (Japanese origin) meaning "western town".

86. Ono (Japanese origin) meaning "field".

87. Saito (Japanese origin) meaning "divine love, immaculateness".

88. Sato (Japanese origin) meaning "to help".

89. Suzuki (Japanese origin) meaning "chime tree".

90. Takahashi (Japanese origin) meaning "connect".

91. Takeuchi (Japanese origin) meaning "inside bamboo".

Popular Japanese Boy Names And Meanings

Looking at the most popular baby names is an great way to be certain you're picking names that will be widely loved by all who meet your child. Popular new Japanese boy names to consider are listed here.

92. Fuji (Japanese origin) meaning "unparalleled or novel". This is one of the perfect names for the baby who can't be tamed.

93. Haru (Japanese origin) meaning "to extend". One of the great names for the newborn who is an extension of your heart.

94. Haruto (Japanese origin) meaning "take off or fly". A popular name for new babies who are ready to take on the world.

95. Hiroto (Japanese origin) meaning "take off or huge flight".

96. Itsuki (Japanese origin) meaning "autonomy". A perfect baby name for a baby who you hope will grow up with a strong sense of identity,

97. Kai (Japanese origin) means "paddle". This cute baby name is growing in popularity.

Names Inspired by Japan

It is common in Japan to give names inspired by cities, lakes, and mountains.

98. Haku (Japanese origin) is an enchanting mountain in Japan. This is usually as a surname but could be a lovely first name for your son. Famous name bearer: Shinkun Haku, a politician.

99. Yamato (Japanese origin) based on the province of Yamato in Japan.

100. Kawaguchi (Japanese origin) is a famous lake near Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Kidadl has lots of baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Japanese boy names then take a look at these gender neutral Japanese names, or these Japanese girl names.

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