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Choosing an unusual, pretty, and popular Korean name for your daughter can be difficult as there is such a wide range of choices.

Korean names follow the structure of three syllables in the format of [surname] [personal name] [personal name] with one syllable for each name. When naming your child, it is important that all three names suit each other.

Korean surnames come before the personal names, reflecting how the family comes before the individual in Korean culture. As such, Korean women usually retain their family name upon marrying. Although it might be difficult at first to pronounce Korean girls' names for non-Koreans, they are worth mastering. Popular Korean girl names include; Ae-Cha which means love and laughter, Mi-Cha meaning a beautiful girl, Mi Hi meaning beautiful joy, Eun Kyung which means graceful gem, Kyung Mi means beauty and honor, Mi Young or Young-Mi meaning eternal beauties. Often, Japanese names are confused with Korean names like Yuna, which is a Japanese name. Below is a list of 100 cute, beautiful, and unique Korean names for girls with fascinating meanings, arranged thematically.

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Korean Girls Names Meaning Beautiful

Korean girls' names are often associated with beauty - the perfect choice for your daughter.

1. Ahnjong meaning "tranquil, beauty" Ahn is also considered as a Family name.

2. Areum meaning "beautiful" associated with Lee Areum, the south Korean famous singer.

3. Cho meaning "beautiful".

4. Cho-Hee means "beautiful joy" known for the actress, Lee-Cho Hee. Pronounced as Ch-ow Hi-y.

5. Eun Jung meaning "grace and affection".

6. Ga-Eun meaning "kind, beautiful" the lyrics behind the famous song 'Got You' by singer, Eun Ga Eun.

7. Gyunghui meaning "beautiful, honor, respect" pronounced as Ja Yang Gui.

8. Hwa Young meaning "beautiful flower".

9. Jia meaning "beautiful, good" in Chinese, is a popular name.

10. Jung Hwan meaning "righteous beauty". Pronounced as jeong-hu-wan.

11. Kyung Mi meaning "honored and beauty".

12. Mi-Cha meaning "beautiful girl".

13. Migyung meaning "beautiful, scenery" pronounced as Mi-gyu-ung. Quite a unique name among Korean girl names.

14. Mi-Hi meaning "joy".

15. Mi-Kyong meaning "beauty and brightness". It is pronounced Mi-key-ong.

16. Mi-Ok meaning "pearl".

17. Mishil meaning "a beautiful kingdom" is also a baby girl name meaning 'moon' in India.

18. Mi-Sun meaning "beauty, goodness".

19. Mi-Young meaning "everlasting beauty".

20. Sena meaning "worldly beauty". This girl name has many origins namely Greek, African, Arabic languages.

21. Seo Yeon meaning "beautiful, auspicious" It is pronounced as se-o-yen.

22. Yoon-Suh meaning "eternal youth".

23. Young-Hee meaning "courage, beauty" is another popular name associated with the South Korean actress Seo Young Hee.

24. Young-Mi meaning "eternal, beauty". One of the cute and unique Korean names for girl.

Korean Girl Names Inspired By Nature

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Nature often inspires strong, beautiful names that are perfect for your baby girl. Here are our favorite nature-inspired Korean girl names listed below.

25. Bada meaning "sea, ocean".

26. Byeol meaning "star".

27. Eunjoo meaning "summer grace or little flower".

28. Eun Kyung meaning "graceful gem". It is pronounced uw-n-ki-yu-ng.

29. Hae meaning "daughter like the ocean".

30. Hae-won meaning "graceful and beautiful garden". It is pronounced as ha-e-one.

31. Hanuel/Ha-Neul meaning "heavenly sky" is also the name of a well-known park in Seoul, South Korea.

32. Haru meaning "day".

33. Hayoon meaning "sunlight". It is usually considered a summer name associated with the South Korean actress Song Ha-Yoon.

34. Heejin meaning "precious, beautiful pearl". It is pronounced as Hui-jin.

35. Ho-Sook meaning "a clear lake".

36. Hyejin meaning "bright, precious". It is pronounced Khy-eh-jeen.

37. Jin-Ae meaning "love, treasure".

38. Myung-Ok meaning "bright, beautiful pearl".

39. Nabi meaning "butterfly" is a name used for prophet in Arab countries.

40. Nam Kyu meaning "the one from the south, southern".

41. Seok meaning "strong like a rock".

42. Soo meaning "charitable, one with a noble nature". It is a nice name taken by Soo Yeon Lee, a South Korean Tennis player.

43. Yeona meaning "one with a heart of gold".

44. Yuri meaning "crystal". It is a popular Korean name taken by people from different nationalities.

45. Taeyang meaning "sun". It is pronounced Teh-yeah-ang.

46. Wook meaning "sunrise".

47. Young-Soon meaning "flowery mildness". It is associated with the famous ballet dancer named Young Soon Hue.

Korean Girls Names Meaning Flowers

Flower-inspired names are considered very pretty Korean girl names. Here is a list of our favorites below.

48. Ailiseu meaning "iris". It is a famous South Korean TV series by the same name and meaning. This name is also taken by a Portuguese footballer with a little spelling variation of Eliseu (Eliseu Pereira dos Santos).

49. Baeg-Ilcho meaning "zinnia".

50. Deiji meaning "daisy" is also a name with the meaning 'two', originated in Africa.

51. Haebaragi meaning "sunflower". A beautiful flower and one of the most unique Korean names for a girl. It is pronounced as hae-bara-g-i.

52. Hei-Ran meaning "graceful orchid'.

53. Jang-Mi meaning "rose". It is a name taken by Korean weightlifter, Jang Mi Ran.

54. Jelanyum meaning "geranium".

55. Kaneisyeon meaning "carnation". It is also considered as a Korean pronunciation for the flower.

56. Mindeulle meaning "dandelion".

57. Nari meaning "lily flower" is also spelled as Naree. This is an indigenous name, unlike the Sino-Korean roots.

58. Soo- A meaning "a perfect lotus flower". It is usually a given family name or name taken up by many Korean public figures.

59. Soo-Yun meaning "the lotus flower". It can be a nice name for your baby girl.

60. Suseonhwa meaning "daffodil".

61. Tyullib meaning "tulip flower".

62. Yon meaning "lotus flower, blossom". It is also a name known as a variant for John with a Huguenot origin.

63. Yun-Hee meaning "lotus flower".

Korean Girls Names Inspired By Qualities

Here's a list of unique Korean names for girls that can also be considered unisex, based on their various qualities.

64.  Ae-Cha meaning "a loving daughter".

65. Ae-Ri meaning "profitable, advantageous".

66. A-Yeong meaning "elegantly refined".

67. Bong-Cha meaning "the superior daughter".

68. Chin-Sun meaning "the one who finds truth and goodness".

69. Dea meaning 'the great one' is also a name meaning "Goddess" in Latin.

70. Eun meaning "silver" is a popular first or second personal name taken by most Koreans.

71. Eunji meaning "kindness, intellectual". It is pronounced E-U-n-Ji.

72. Gi meaning "the brave one". It is the first name quite popularly associated with the film series named 'GI Joe'.

73. Gyeong meaning "the respected one". It is associated with the Gyeongbokgung palace in Seoul, South Korea. It is pronounced g-y-uh-ng.

74. Hea meaning "graceful girl".

75. Hye meaning "an intelligent woman". While names are subjective, this is considered the best Korean name by many as it is very simple and sweet.

76. Hyuk meaning "radiant one". It is a clipped name taken by the band, Hyukoh.

77. Hyun-Ae meaning "a loving woman".

78. Ji-Ah meaning "intellect, perceiving".

79. Jimin meaning "quick in thoughts, clever". It is usually a name given to 'a genius from the South' and is commonly associated with the Jimin and Jhope song by Jin.

80. Min meaning "clever minded one". It is considered an uncommon Korean family name too.

81. Moon meaning "the smart one". This name is taken by the former member of the national assembly of South Korea, Moon Hee Sang.

82. Mun Hee meaning "educated one".

83. Myung-Hee meaning "cheerful joy and happy one". It is a name known for the famous South Korean business magnate Lee Myung Hee. It is pronounced My-un-ghee.

84. Sang-Hee meaning "a pleasant one".

85. Seung meaning "victorious" is a familiar name in the music industry taken by girl and boy too, like Seung Hee, Lee Seung Gi, Seung Ri, and more.

86. Sook meaning "pure nature" is a name taken by a Canadian broadcaster named Sook-Yin Lee.

87. Soo-Min meaning "cleverness and excellence". It is a name taken by quite a few Korean actresses.

88. Whan meaning "always growing, increasing".

89. Yong meaning "the perpetually brave one".

90. Youra meaning "silk-like, silky".

Popular Korean Names Of Girls

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Korean girls' names that are popular are often the names of Korean celebrities and other iconic figures. Below is a list of commonly used Korean girls' names that are perfect for a Korean girl.

91. Dasom meaning "love" is associated with the singer Kim Da Som, best known as a former member of South Korean girl group Sistar.

92. Eun Ae meaning "grace with love".

93. Eun-Hye meaning "grace".

94. Hana meaning "my favorite" and is also known for "flower blossom" in Japanese. It is known by the Japanese series named Hana Yori Dango and also by a female Japanese professional wrestler named Hana Kimura.

95. Hee-Young meaning "joy, prosperity". A South Korean golfer has taken this name and is quite popularly known by the name Park Hee Young.

96. Hyun-Ok meaning "wise and beautiful pearl" is a name taken by a South Korean handball player names Kim Hyun Ok.

97. Iseul meaning "morning dew". It is pronounced as E-e-sul.

98. Jae-Hwa meaning "respect and beauty".

99. Kyung-Soon meaning "honor".

100. Ye-Jin meaning "talent, valuable one". It is associated with the name of the protagonist in the web series 'Crash Landing on You' named Son Ye-Jin.

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