Top 99 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With R

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When it comes to Hindu baby boy names starting with R, different boy names derived from Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva are most popular.

Before you name your baby boy, make sure you look for the name meaning starting with the letter 'R.' Selecting the right name meaning can have a considerable impact on the boy's future as per religious beliefs.

Here is a list of baby names meaning for your perusal and to make it easier for you to decide on a name for your baby boy.

Boy Baby Hindu Names

There are many Hindu mythological superheroes and characters that leave a very significant impact on the people. Hindu lords’ names are often used while naming a child. There are even many variations that have taken place from the initial naming of the lords to the names. Baby-names meaning full moon are extremely popular. Here, under this section of the article, we will be looking at some of the top baby boy names inspired by Hinduism and starting with the alphabet R.

Radesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Krishna’s name’ just like Krishna, he’s adorable.

Radheyshyam (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Krishna, ’ is a meaningful, beautiful name.

Raghav (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Rama’, is a beautiful name.

Raghubir (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Rama is the truth.'

Raghuram (Hindu origin), meaning ‘king of ancient Awadh let him rule the world.'

Raj (Hindu origin), meaning ‘king let him rule.'

Rajanikant (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of night,’ is an impactful name for a beautiful soul.

Rajendra (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of kings’ just as mighty as the king.

Rajeshwar (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of kings’ with beauty in its meaning.

Rama (Hindu origin), meaning ‘a Hindu god’ after the great Rama.

Ramadeep (Hindu origin), meaning ‘combination of lord Rama and a lamp,’ may the person never find himself engulfed in darkness.

Ramakant (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Vishnu’ may God shower his blessings.

Ramakrishna (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Krishna and lord Rama’, is a perfect name for a devoted life.

Ramamurthy (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Rama’ the incarnation of God.

Ramanathan (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Rama’, may he be blessed by Lord Rama.

Ramanuj (Hindu origin), meaning ‘younger brother of Rama.’ Lakshman is an alternate name for the younger brother of Rama.

Ramdutt (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord ram’ name for a baby boy.

Rameshwar (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god Rama,’ is such a meaningful name.

Ramoji (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god Rama is the universal truth.'

Rashesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god Krishna,’ is an impactful name.

Rashmaru (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Krishna,’ the ultimate truth is God.

Ratanabha (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Vishnu,’ is a name after the almighty.

Ravikant (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of night,’ is such a cute name.

Rishi (Hindu origin), meaning ‘saint’ for the name, brings purity.

Romesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Vishnu,’ for a prosperous life.

Modern Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With R

After checking out some Hindu boy names, let us move to the more modern side consisting of modern Indian Hindu baby boy names starting with R. Here, we have made a list of names that, though inspired by the Indian Hindu mythology, are modern and have a cool sound to it. After all, they will be stuck with the same name throughout their life, so it is best to make a wise decision.

Raahinya (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Vishnu,’ name him after lord Vishnu.

Raahithya (Hindu origin), meaning ‘a human with lots and lots of money’, is one of the powerful baby names.

Raanish (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord shiva,’ is a modern name with a profound meaning. Another name of Lord Shiva.

Rabnit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god is the regulator,’ is a name enough to covey such a deep meaning of life.

Rachet (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Varun’, is a beautiful name.

Raghav (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of god,’ is a powerful name for a little bundle of joy.

Raghul (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord buddha’s son,’ why not name him after the Lord Buddha’s son?

Ragved (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Veda,’ Vedas are a very integral part of Hindu Mythology.

Rahithya (Hindu origin), meaning ‘goddess Laxmi,’ so that he has a prosperous life.

Rahul (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord buddha’s son,’ if your name’s meaning is Buddha, Raahul is bound to be your son.

Rajak (Hindu origin), meaning ‘illuminating,’ as he illuminates your life.

Rajdeep (Hindu origin), meaning ‘best of Kings,’ so let him conquer the world.

Rajeesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘kings emperor,’ because he deserves it.

Rajrishi (Hindu origin), meaning ‘King's Sage,’ is dedicated to the god.

Rakesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of the night,’ is dedicated to the lord of the night.

Ransh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Rama’s name,’ is another name given to Lord Rama. One of the great baby names.

Rathik (Hindu origin), meaning ‘chariot rider,’ just like Lord Krishna was to Arjun.

Ratik (Hindu origin), meaning ‘loved one,’ because he is. One of the impressive baby names.

Ravi (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sun,’ the brightest of all.

Ridit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘known world,’ is a cool name with an even more incredible meaning.

Ritesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god of truth,’ the truth shall prevail.

Romit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘goddess Laxmi,’ prosperity will never leave your son.

Rtesa (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord of truth,’ because what’s a life without truth. One of the genuinely fascinating baby names.

Rujul (Hindu origin), meaning ‘honest one,’ to teach him a life lesson.

Rutvik (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord shiva,’ is a cute name with a powerful meaning. Another name of Lord Shiva.

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Boys Names That Start With R

As we read, the above names had a very religious meaning; under this section, we will be looking at a list of names. Baby names that are modern and meaningful. Every parent wants a name for their kid that is unique, meaningful, and positively impacts the personality. So, why wait? Let’s have a look at Hindu baby boy names starting with R. 

Raahil (Hindu origin), meaning ‘path guider,’ let him be a path shower.

Rachit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘invention,’ is the inventor of joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your lives.

Radhak (Hindu origin), meaning ‘liberal,’ to have a liberal mind. A good baby name.

Radhey (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Son of Radha,’ because Lord Krishna will always take care of the son of Radha. An impressive baby name.

Rahal (Hindu origin), meaning ‘attachment,’ never loses the sense of what matters the most.

Rahas (Hindu origin), meaning ‘delight,’ to have a merry life with the blessing of Lord Vishnu.

Rahas (Hindu origin), meaning ‘secret,’ life is full of them.

Rai (Hindu origin), meaning ‘protector,’ for all those in need.

Rajak (Hindu origin), meaning ‘ruler,’ let him rule his life.

Rajaneesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘God of Night,’ let him explore this world. God of the night is truly an impressive meaning.

Rajasuy (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lotus flower,’ is a cute, cool name.

Rajat (Hindu origin), meaning ‘silver,’ precious and shiny. One of the best baby names.

Rajeesh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘best of kings,’ is a beautiful baby name.

Rajeevalochana (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Lotus eyed Lord Rama.’ Without a doubt, Lotus-eyed Lord Rama is a great baby name.

Rajib (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sun god,’ to brighten up the sky after a dark night.

Rajindra (Hindu origin), meaning ‘kings emperor,’ let him make his own way.

Rajiv (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lotus flower,’ for a successful life.

Raka (Hindu origin), meaning ‘full moon,’ lightens the dark sky.

Rakit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘art of life,’ is an important art to achieve.

Ramit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘devoted,’ makes a beautiful name.

Rangit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘handsome,’ great meaning to a beautiful word.

Rangith (Hindu origin), meaning ‘well colored,’ is such a beautiful name.

Ranh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘voice,’ to guide in the hour of darkness.

Ranhit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Quick,’ is a cute name.

Rohit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sun deep,’ just as the colors of the sun make it one of the fantastic baby names.

Baby Boy Nicknames Starting With R

Finally, here is the list of most modern Hindu boy names starting with R dedicated to Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Lord Shiva. Here are some Hindu baby boy nicknames starting with R.

Rajnishwar (Hindu origin), meaning ‘god of night,’ is a sophisticated name for your baby boy.

Ranish (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord shiva,’ may God bless him! Another name of Lord Shiva.

Ranit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘song,’ the song of your lives, name him Ranit. One of the popular names.

Ranvit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘happy,’ so that he lives a happy, happy life.

Rarna (Hindu origin), meaning ‘pleasing,’ what a beautiful name!

Rashil (Hindu origin), meaning ‘good,’ because he deserves everything good in life.

Rashmin (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sunlight,’ brightens his life.

Rashu (Hindu origin), meaning ‘loyalty,’ is a name that sounds more of a nickname.

Rasik (Hindu origin), meaning ‘graceful,’ spread the grace of your personality wherever you go.

Rathik (Hindu origin), meaning ‘satisfied,’ satisfaction is important.

Ratul (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sweet,’ is a cute name for an adorable baby boy.

Rauhish (Hindu origin), meaning ‘emerald,’ is a precious stone; your son is more precious.

Raul (Hindu origin), meaning ‘versatile,’ is a sweet, simple, stylish name. One of the popular names.

Ravee (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sun,’ is a nickname for a bright kid.

Ravin (Hindu origin), meaning ‘sunny,’ just like the sun brightens up the whole sky, your son lights up yours.

Ravit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘fire,’ don’t play with fire, you might burn. An excellent name for a Hindu baby boy.

Raxit (Hindu origin), meaning ‘protector,’ who needs to be protected, be a protector. One of the best names dedicated to God.

Rayansh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘part of sun,’ part of the sun, ready to brighten your lives.

Rayirth (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Brahma, is one of the catchy names for a devotional boy.

Rayush (Hindu origin), meaning ‘long life’, names do impact the person.

Reeth (Hindu origin), meaning ‘culture,’ though the meaning is traditional, the name is anything but when used for a Hindu baby.

Rev (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Narmada River,’ short, simple, sweet, and yet meaningful. One of the best Indian baby names.

Rhivu (Hindu origin), meaning ‘lord Brahma's manasputra,’ is as much a name as a nickname.

Ridh (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Lord Krishna,’ is one of the best Indian baby names.

Rochan (Hindu origin), meaning ‘Red Lotus.’ Red Lotus is a popular name dedicated to the god.

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