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Top 68 Names That Mean Dragon From Around The World

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Why not name your baby boy or girl after one of the fiercest creatures to ever potentially exist?

These fire-breathing creatures can be the inspiration for a name for your baby. And this is the perfect list if you want to choose a name related to dragons.

These baby names are as fiery as a dragon and would be perfect to add to your baby name shortlist. Find the perfect name for your hatchling (aka, a baby dragon) below.

For more naming inspiration take a look at these mythical names and these magical names for babies.

Popular Dragon Names

These are some common baby names that just happen to be related to dragons. Who wouldn't want to name their little dragon after one of these? These are fairly common names that may not be typically considered as a dragon-related name.

1.Aiden (Celtic), boy, meaning "little fire"

2.Aine (Celtic), girl,  meaning "fire" and "splendor"

3.Brenna (Celtic), girl, meaning "blazing light"

4.Brenton (English), boy, meaning "fire" and "flame"

5.Cadmus Greek), boy, meaning "dragon's teeth

6.Drake (Old English), boy, derived from a word that water means dragon

7.Edna (Hebrew), girl, meaning "fiery red"

8.George (Old Greek), boy, meaning "farmer," it is also a name of a knight who slayed a dragon

9.Kai (Scottish), boy, meaning "fire"

10.Kaliyah (Hebrew), girl, meaning "killer of a thousand-headed dragon"

11.Linda (English), girl, meaning "serpent"

12.Malinda (Old Greek), girl, meaning "sweet serpent"

13.Mindy (English), girl, meaning "dark serpent"

14.Tyson (English), boy, meaning "fiery tempered"

Unique Dragon Names

A cute baby dragon stone sculpture on green grass

Choosing a name for your baby that is less common could be perfect for you. These will ensure that your baby name is not the same as anyone else's. These less common names are related to dragons, serpents and fire.

15.Attor (English), unisex, meaning "venom"

16.Belindo (Old German), boy, meaning "dragon"

17.Chua (Native American), unisex, meaning "serpent"

18.Chusi (Hopi), girl, meaning "snake flower"

19.Draco (Latin), boy, meaning "dragon"

20.Fafnir (Old Norse), boy, meaning "dragon"

21.Falkor (German), boy, from the luckdragon  in the Neverending Story

22.Hydra (Greek), girl, named after the Hydra of Lerna, a multi-headed water dragon or serpent

23.Kaida (Japanese), girl, meaning "little dragon"

24.Leviathan (Hebrew), meaning "coiled," refers to a demonic water dragon

25.Long (Chinese), boy, means "dragon"

26.Medusa (Latin), girl, is the name of one of the Gorgons in Greek mythology who had serpents instead of hair

27.Melusine (German), girl, coming from folklore, she appears to be a serpent from her waist down

28.Nithe (Old Norse), boy, meaning "dragon" and "serpent," after a dragon in Norse mythology

29.Ormr (Old Saxon), boy, meaning "serpent" and "dragon"

30.Orochi (Japanese), girl, meaning "big snake"

31.Pythios (Old Greek), boy, meaning "to rot," is the name of a serpent in Greek mythology

32.Samael (Hebrew), boy, meaning "venom of God," he was known as the chief of the dragons of evil

33.Shesha (Hindi), unisex, meaning "King of serpents"

34.Tiamat (Sumerian), girl,  meaning "serpent woman"

35.Tanis (Greek), girl, meaning "serpent woman"

36.Tatsu (Japanese), boy, meaning "master of the water," named after a dragon in Japanese mythology

37.Ryu (Japanese), boy, meaning "male dragon," named after a dragon from Japanese mythology who is a dragon god of the sea

38.Ryoko (Japanese), girl, meaning "female dragon"

39.Scylla (Greek), girl, the name of a serpentine water dragon in Greek Mythology

40.Veles (Slavic), boy, meaning "ox," related to a god known as being serpentine

41.Viper (Middle French), boy, meaning "snake, and "serpent"

42.Wyvern (English), girl, meaning "two-legged winged dragon"

Gender Neutral Dragon Names

These unisex names are perfect for a baby of any gender. These fierce and fiery names could be perfect for your baby.

43.Arrow (English), meaning "slayer of dragons"

44.Azar (Hebrew), meaning “flame”

45.Blas (Latin), meaning “fire”

46.Blaze (English), meaning "bright flame" and "fire"

47.Brande (Czech), meaning “dweller of a burned clearing”

48.Reese (Welsh), meaning “ardent” and “born of fire”

49.Tatsuo (Japanese), meaning " little dragon"

Fiery Dragon Names

A fiery dragon expelling fire out of it's mouth sitting over a tower

These names are all related to fire and the fire-breathing abilities of the dragon. Names that mean fire could be perfect for your baby.

50.Alev (Turkish), boy, meaning “fire”

51.Eldred (English), boy, "old dragon"

52.Ethne (Celtic), girl, meaning "little fire"

53.Flint (Old English), boy, meaning “stone to make fire”

54.Idris (Hindi), boy, meaning "fiery"

55.Ignacio (Latin), boy, meaning "fiery"

56.Kenna (English), girl, meaning "born of fire"

57.Niran (Arabic), boy, meaning "eternal flames"

58.Orinda (Anglo-saxon), girl, meaning "fire serpent"

59.Seraphine (Hebrew), girl, meaning "burning fire"

60.Tarsa (Persian), girl, meaning "worshipper of fire"

61.Vesta (Latin), girl, meaning "goddess of sacred fire" and "of the hearth"

Game Of Thrones Dragon Names

These names come straight from 'Game Of Thrones'. Any of these would be perfect for your baby. They either come from the book or the TV show. These names of dragons will be perfect for your baby.

62.Aegon (Germanic), meaning "lightning"

63.Balerion (English), meaning "hope behind the flames"

64.Daenerys (English), meaning "lady of hope," this character is known as the mother of dragons

65.Drogon (Breton), meaning "male dragon"

66.Meleys (Persian), meaning "queen of the underworld," is the name of a dragon who fought during a civil war in the books and died during the war

67.Syrax (Irish), is the name of a dragon who who made an appearance in the companion book for the Song of Ice and Fire book series

68.Valryon (Latin), meaning "strength" and "health"

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean dragon then why not take a look at these magical girl names, or for something different take a look at these names that mean fire.

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