Top 74 Mythical, Mysterious and Mystical Names For Your Baby

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Choosing a mythical, mystical name for your baby is a wonderful idea - adding a touch of mystery will make your child's name stand out, while the rich world of mythology is ripe with pretty mystical names that parents will love.

Whether you want to name your baby after a courageous ancient  Greek hero, pay tribute to your favourite ancient goddess or simply add a dash of mystery to your baby's name, we have all the top mythical, mystical and mysterious baby names here at Kidadl.

Choosing a baby name can be tricky, but this lore-inspired list of mystical names will certainly provide some great inspiration. Take a look below to discover an enormous range of beautiful and intriguing mystical and mysterious names, from ancient prophetesses to admirable folk heroes.

Mystical Girl Names That Mean Mysterious

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These mysterious girl names are wonderful options for any parent who wants an original and fascinating name for their baby girl, so check out this list of beautiful baby girl names.

1) Gizem (Turkish Origin) meaning "enigma, mystery, secret".

2) Hulda (Old Norse Origin) meaning "secret".

3) Leto (Greek Origin) meaning "hidden" or "woman", a deity in ancient Greek legend.

4) Liraz (Hebrew Origin) meaning "my secret".

5) Maya (Greek/Sanskrit/Ethiopian Origin) meaning "mother", "illusion", or "eye".

6) Mystery (Greek/English Origin) meaning "unexplained".

7) Mystique (Greek/French Origin) meaning "air of mystery, intriguing".

8) Najwa (Arabic Origin) meaning "whisper, secret".

9) Rhinedd (Welsh Origin) meaning "secret".

10) Sybil (Greek Origin) meaning "oracle, prophetess".

11) Whisper (English Origin) meaning "soft voice".

Mysterious Boy Names

Why not pick one of these mysterious, mystical boy names for an enigmatic and elegant moniker, perfect for your baby boy?

12) Elam (Hebrew Origin) meaning "hidden" or "eternity".

13) Ichtaka (Aztec Origin) meaning "secret".

14) Rune (Germanic/Old Norse Origin) meaning "secret lore".

15) Yamanu (Egyptian Origin) meaning "hidden one", a God in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Baby Girl Names Based On Mythological Characters

These mythical girl names are pretty and inspiring, so take a look this lovely list of baby girl names. From Irish lore to Greek mythology - there's a mythical character name for every baby girl out there!

16) Antigone (Greek Origin) meaning "against birth", a brave yet tragic heroine and daughter of Oedipus in Greek legend.

17) Cassandra (Greek Origin) meaning "shines upon man", "entangles man" or "prophet", a tragically-fated prophetess in Greek lore.

18) Cian (Irish Origin) meaning "ancient", the mythical ancestor of an early Irish clan called the Ciannachta.

19) Elli (Greek Origin), a figure in ancient Greek legend. This could make for a more original twist on the classic girls' name Ellie for a baby girl.

20) Enid (Celtic Origin) meaning "soul, life", a character in Arthurian romance and Welsh legend.

21) Helen (Greek Origin) meaning "bright light" or "moon", the most beautiful woman in the world whose infidelity caused the Trojan War in ancient Greek legend.

Mythological Character Names For Boys

Small wizard in glasses and wizard's hat holding magic wand.

Take a look at these mythical boy names; from brave Greek heroes to famous folk characters, we have all the perfect mythical baby names for your little hero.

22) Achilles (Greek Origin) meaning "pain", a legendary ancient Greek hero famed for his strength and military might.

23) Adonis (Greek Origin) meaning "lord" or "handsome", a figure in Greek legend.

24) Aeneas (Greek Origin) meaning "praised one", a Trojan hero and founder of Rome in Greek and Roman myth.

25) Arthur (Celtic/Welsh Origin) meaning "bear", the name of a knight from 9th century English legend.

26) Finn (Irish Origin) meaning "fair, white", a mythical Irish folk hero.

27) Griffin (Welsh Origin) meaning "strong faith", a mythical beast.

28) Hector (Greek Origin) meaning "steadfast", a famous Trojan hero in Greek legend.

29) Jason (Greek Origin) meaning "healer", an ancient Greek hero.

30) Perseus (Greek Origin) meaning "to destroy", an ancient Greek hero who fought the monster Medusa.

31) Theseus (Greek Origin) meaning "to place", an ancient Greek hero who defeated the monstrous minotaur.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Mythological Goddesses

These baby girl names inspired by ancient goddesses are mystical and magical, so why not choose one for your baby girl?

32) Aphrodite (Greek Origin) meaning "risen from the sea", or "foam", the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, born from sea foam.

33) Athena (Greek Origin), the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

34) Aria (Hebrew/Italian Origin) meaning "air" or "lion", a semi-divine nymph in Greek mythology.

35) Aurora (Latin Origin) meaning "dawn", the Roman goddess of dawn.

36) Branwen (Celtic/Welsh Origin) meaning "beautiful raven", the daughter of the Sea God Llyr in Welsh mythology.

37) Calypso (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "she who hides", a nymph in Greek mythology.

38) Circe (Greek Origin) meaning "bird", a sorceress in Greek legend.

39) Diana (Latin Origin) meaning "divine", the Roman deity of the hunt and the moon.

40) Echo (Greek Origin) meaning "reflected sound", a nymph in ancient Greek legend.

41) Flora (Latin Origin) meaning "flower", the Roman goddess of spring and flowers.

42) Groa (Old Norse Origin) meaning "to grow", a sorceress in Norse mythology.

43) Harmonia (Greek Origin) meaning "agreement", the Greek goddess of order.

44) Hilda (Germanic Origin) meaning "battle", the goddess and personification of war in Norse mythology.

45) Ilmatar (Finnish Origin) meaning "air", a Finnish spirit and goddess of the air.

46) Innana (Mesopotamian/Persian Origin) meaning "lady of the sky", ancient Mesopotamian deity of love and war.

47) Ixchel (Mayan Origin) meaning "rainbow lady", the Mayan goddess of the earth, childbirth, medicine and the moon.

48) Kara (Old Norse Origin) meaning "curly" or "wild one", a deity in Norse mythology.

49) Lauma (Latvian/Lithuanian Origin) meaning "fairy, pixie", a forest spirit in Baltic myth, who was linked with childbirth.

50) Neith (Egyptian Origin) meaning "water" or "divine mother", an ancient Egyptian deity of weaving, war and women.

51) Niamh (Gaelic/Irish Origin) meaning "bright", the daughter of a sea god in Irish mythology.

52) Persephone (Greek Origin) meaning "bringer of destruction", the ancient Greek deity of spring.

53) Phoebe (Greek Origin) meaning "bright", a Titan deity of moon in Greek lore, and later an epithet of Artemis.

54) Silvia (Latin Origin) meaning "forest", a deity of the forest in Roman mythology.

55) Siv (Old Norse Origin) meaning "bride", the wife of the Norse thunder god Thor in Norse mythology.

56) Thalia (Greek Origin) meaning "to blossom", a Muse of comedy and poetry in Greek legend.

57) Zaramama (Incan Origin) meaning "grain mother", the Incan goddess of grain.

58) Ziva (Slavic Origin) meaning "light", an ancient Slavic deity of light.

Mythological God Baby Names For Boys

Whether you're seeking a German name, a name derived from Greek myth or perhaps just a simple English name based on the Celtic gods, these mystical baby names based on ancient deities are the perfect mystical options for any little boy.

59) Aéd (Gaelic Origin) meaning "fire", the Celtic god of the underworld.

60) Apollo (Greek Origin) meaning "father light" or "to drive away evil", the ancient Greek god of the sun, poetry and archery.

61) Bran (Welsh Origin) meaning "raven", son of the Welsh sea god Llyr.

62) Helios (Greek Origin) meaning "sun", Titan sun god in Greek lore.

63) Hercules (Greek Origin) meaning "glory of Hera", a demigod in Greek legend famed for his strength.

64) Heimdall (Old Norse Origin) meaning "white god", the Norse god of excellent eyesight.

65) Hermes (Greek Origin) meaning "boundary marker", messenger of the ancient Greek gods.

66) Odin (Old Norse Origin) meaning "inspiration, rage", Norse god of culture, wisdom and death.

67) Seth (Egyptian/Greek Origin) meaning "pillar" or "dazzle", ancient Egyptian god of chaos.

Non Binary Mythical Baby Names

Why not choose one of these marvellous mythical and mystical names for your baby?

68) Artemis (Greek Origin), the ancient Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

69) Dylan (Welsh Origin) meaning "great wave", a mythological figure linked to the sea.

70) Hero (Greek Origin) meaning "brave, superhuman".

71) Metis (Greek Origin) meaning "cunning, wise, shrewd", a Titan deity in Greek legend.

72) Orion (Greek Origin) meaning "light of the heaven", a mythical hunter and name of a constellation.

73) Paris (Greek Origin), a Trojan prince in Greek mythology.

74) Pax (Latin Origin) meaning "peace", the Roman deity of peace.

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