120 Best Magical Boy Names For Your Baby

Jennie Hughes
Feb 15, 2024 By Jennie Hughes
Originally Published on Sep 23, 2020
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With many parents now wanting unique names, people are looking at more underused choices, resulting in the recent trends for once-forgotten Victorian names to make a comeback, as well as the increasing popularity of names from mythology.

If you too are looking for a name for your little wizard, fictional names from 'Harry Potter' to 'Malory Towers' exist in abundance. Here's an enchanting list of baby boy names that sound absolutely magical, and out of this world!

From popular names with hidden wizardly associations like Ethan and Brandon, to obviously mystical choices like Rune and Odin, read on for 120 of the best baby names with magic meanings, and their inherent associations to myths and legends.

Magical Baby Boy Names

These mystical baby names which literally mean 'magic' are perfect for your magical baby boy. Let us know if you found what you were looking for!

1. Divyae (Sanskrit origin) means 'magic; divine'.

2. Galdur (Old Norse origin) means 'chant; magic'.

3. Jinx (English origin) means 'magic charm'.

4. Kessem (Hebrew origin) means 'magic'.

5. Khomsan (Thai origin) means 'enchanting'.

6. Magic (English origin) means 'magic'. Also, it is the nickname of celebrity basketball player Earvin 'Magic' Johnson.

7. Ramil (Azerbaijani origin) means 'magical; wonderful'.

8. Sahar'Aswad (Medieval Arabic origin) means 'dark magic'.

9. Saksan (Thai origin) means 'peaceful magic'.

10. Tyr, Tīr, or Tiwaz (Norse origin) is 'rune for the letter T'. Tyr is a name that represents 'strength' and 'might'.

11. Tenho (Finnish origin) means 'enchantment'.

12. Thelxion (Greek origin) means 'to enchant'.

13. Rishi (Sanskrit origin) means 'sage'.

Wizard-Like Names For Boys

If you want a Wicca-inspired name, you'll love these witchy baby names that are perfect for baby boys.

14. Aspen (English origin) means 'aspen tree'. Thewood from this tree is supposed to have magical properties.

15. Cedar (English origin) means 'cedar tree'. The wood of this tree is supposed to protect against magic.

16. Corvus (Latin origin) means 'raven'. This Latin origin name makes a unique alternative to the popular name Raven.

17. Coven (English origin) means 'gathering of magic users'.

18. Kiano (Kenyan origin) means 'tools of the wizard'.

19. Linden (English origin) means 'lime tree'. This tree is strongly associated with magic in Slavic, Greek, and Germanic myths.

20. Rowan (English origin) comes from the 'rowan tree'. The rowan tree is heavily associated with magic in Celtic myth.

21. Rune (Norse origin) means 'secret'. Runes are a type of writing often associated with magic.

22. Sage (English origin) is both 'a magically purifying herb' in many traditions and a word meaning 'wise one'.

23. Salem (Hebrew origin) means 'complete'. The name of a place commonly associated with witch trials.

24. Alistair (Greek origin) means 'man's defender'.

25. Bertram (German origin) means 'bright, famous raven'.

26. Zadok (Hebrew origin) means 'just, righteous'.

27. Pontus (Scandinavian origin) means 'Greek God of sea'. It is a name suitable for a baby boy born by the sea.

28. Taranis (Celtic origin) is the Celtic version of the name Thor, the 'God of thunder'.

29. Amory (English origin) means 'strength of the home'.

30. Cato (Latin origin) means 'all-knowing'.

31. Ehwaz (Norse origin) is 'rune for the letter E'. It is said to represent horses and duality.

32. Oberon (English origin) means 'elf-ruler'.

33. Orion (Greek origin) means 'rising star'.

34. Terence (Irish origin) means 'smooth'.

35. Zen (Japanese origin) means 'meditation'.

36. Zephyr (Greek origin) means 'West wind'.

Baby Names Meaning Magic User

If you want a name that means magician, you might just find your ideal name here. Any little wizard-in-the-making will love having one of these baby names.

37. Bruxo (Portuguese origin)means 'wizard'.

38. Burvis (Latvian origin)means 'wizard'. 

39. Cyfrin (Welsh origin) means 'mystic'.

40. Dewin (Welsh origin) means 'sorcerer'.

41. Guiden (Danish origin)means 'wizard'. 

42. Mage (English origin) means 'magic user'.

43. Mago (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian origin)means 'magician'.

44. Maldue (Old English origin) means 'wizard'.

45. Sahir (Arabic origin) means 'sorcerer'. 

46. Sorgin (Basque origin) means 'sorcerer'.

47. Taikuri (Finnish origin)means 'magician'.

48. Tovenaar (Dutch origin)means 'magician' or 'sorcerer'.

49. Vanir (Norse origin)is a name used for 'magicians and sorcerers'.

50. Velho (Finnish origin) means 'wizard'.

51. Gwydion (Welsh origin) is a name given to the 'God of magic'.

52. Pagan (Celtic origin) means 'country dweller' or 'magic user'.

Baby Boy Names Inspired By Magical Creatures

Magic doesn't stop at witches and wizards (or even warlocks). If you want something a bit different, take a look at these baby names inspired by mythical creatures for even more unique and inspiring name ideas.

53. Aelfdene (Old English origin) means 'from the valley of mystical powers.'

54. Alberich (Old German origin) means 'elf ruler', the name of a sorcerer-king of dwarves in Germanic myth.

55. Alwin (Celtic origin) means 'magical being; elf'.

56. Arad (Persian origin)means 'dragon'.

57. Aubury (German origin)means 'leader of elves'.

58. Barl (Ancient Scandinavian origin) means 'magical being'.

59. Bayard (Old French origin) means 'red-haired'; it is the name of a magical horse in the French 'Chanson de geste'.

60. Cadmus (Greek origin) means 'dragon's teeth'.

61. Drake (English origin)is a name often associated with ducks today, this is an Old English word meaning 'dragon' or 'snake'.

62. Fenris (Norse origin) means 'wolf'. A giant supernatural wolf of Norse myth.

63. Griffin (Welsh origin) means 'gryphon', referring to the famous mythological creature that's half-lion and half-eagle.

64. Ilasiaq (Greenlandic origin) means 'companion created by magic'. Many of these appear in Greenland's legends.

65. Phoenix (Greek origin) means 'deep red'. Apart from being a magical immortal bird, this name belongs to Phoenix Talon in the game Wizard of Legend.

66. Sphinx (Greek, Egyptian origin) means 'sphinx'; the mystical human-headed lion whose statue stands outside the pyramids.

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Mythological Magic Names For Boys

Any little boy interested in magic will love having one of these mythical baby names inspired by Gods and magic-wielding heroes.

67. Anulap (Polynesian origin) is the name of the 'God of magic'in Polynesian mythology.

68. Amaethon (Welsh origin) means 'magician; brother of Gwydion'.

69. Blaise (Latin origin) means 'to lisp'; associated with Saint Blaise.

70. Dagda (Irish origin) is a name given to the 'God of the earth, knowledge, magic, abundance, and treaties' in Irish myth.

71. Finn (Irish origin) means 'fair; white'. Finn McCool, in Irish legend, was a warrior with mystical powers.

72. Gwydion (Welsh origin) means 'born of trees'. This is the name of a powerful wizard in Welsh myth.

73. Heka (Egyptian origin) is the Egyptian'God of magic and medicine'.

74. Odin (Norse origin) is the name for the 'God of magic, wisdom, and war' in Norse Mythology.

75. Regin (Norse origin) is a 'legendary Norse blacksmith' possessing mystical powers.

76. Taliesin (Welsh origin) means 'shining brow'; also the name of a mythical bard who later became a wizard and a companion of King Arthur.

77. Thoth (Egyptian; Greek origin) is the ancient Egyptian 'God of the moon, science, magic, speech and writing'.

78. Vainamoinen (Finnish origin) means 'wide river'. Also, it is the name of a wise old magician in Finnish myth.

79. Weles (Slavic origin) is the name of the 'God of magic and the underworld'in Slavic mythology.

80. Woden (Anglo Saxon origin) is the 'God of magic and healing'.

81. Remus (Latin origin) is 'one of the twin brothers who founded Rome.'

Magical Boy Names Inspired By Literature

Bookworms will recognize these enchanted baby boy names inspired by fictional magicians.

82. Alatar (Anglo-Saxon origin) means 'late-comer'. A Tolkien-inspired name, this name is of one of the Blue Wizards.

83. Atlantes (Old French origin) is a 'powerful wizard'who appeared in many medieval French tales.

84. Aslan (Turkish origin) means 'lion'; also the name of the lion from 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

85. Carter (English origin) means 'cart-driver'. Carter Kane is the protagonist of the 'Kane Chronicles', and a powerful sorcerer.

86. Coriakin (English origin)means'star wizard'. Another name from 'The Chronicles of Narnia', this one belongs to a magician who is also a star.

87. Creslin (English origin) is the name of a powerful sorcerer in the 'Magic of Recluse' series.

88. Gandalf (Norse origin) means 'wand elf'. The name of the wizard in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

89. Ged (Old German origin) means 'spear strength'. The real name of the wizard Sparrowhawk in Ursula LeGuin's 'Earthsea' series.

90. Geralt (Polish origin) means 'spear rule'. The main character in Andrzej Sapkowski's 'The Witcher' series.

91. Harry (English origin) means 'home rule'. Harry Dresden is the lead character in 'The Dresden Files', a series of novels about a wizard detective.

92. Hugo (German, Spanish origin) means 'mind; spirit'. Hugo Rune from Robert Rankin's 'Rune' series.

93. Prospero (Italian origin)means 'fortunate'. The name of the shipwrecked magician in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

94. Raistlin (English origin) is the name of an ambitious magician in the 'Dragonlance' novels.

95. Randall (English origin) is the name for 'shield wolf'; a sorcerer in several Stephen King novels.

96. Rincewind (English origin)is the name of the wizard of Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld'.

97. Sheng (Chinese origin) means 'victory'. Gongsun Sheng was a magician who featured in 'Water Margin', one of the four great novels in classical Chinese literature.

98. Severus (Latin origin) means 'stern'; the name of a character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

Magical Boy Names Inspired By Cinema

If you like your films packed with magic, you'll love these wizard names for baby boys, which are totally meant for fantasy-movie buffs like you.

99. Aladdin (Arabic origin) means 'the height of religion'. The Disney movie with the same title has popularized this name.

100. Argus (Greek origin) means 'watchful guardian'; According to Greek myth, Argus was a hundred-eyed creature, was popularized by the character of Argus Filch in 'Harry Potter'.

101. Balthazar (Akkadian; Greek origin) translates to 'Baal protects the king'; also the name of the titular sorcerer in the 2010 film, 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'.

102. Jafar (Arabic origin) means a 'small stream'. The sorcerous villain of Disney's 'Aladdin'.

103. Jareth (English origin) is the name of the Goblin King from the film 'Labyrinth'. Also works as a blend of Jared (Hebrew; 'descent') and Gareth (Welsh; 'gentle or noble').

104. Luke (English origin) means 'the bright one'. They might call it the Force in the 'Star Wars' films, but Luke Skywalker certainly looks like he's using magic on us.

105. Merlin (Welsh origin) means 'sea fortress'. The mystical tutor of King Arthur in any number of Arthurian films as well as the TV series 'Merlin'.

106. Oscar (Irish; Norse origin) means 'God spear; friend of deer', which is also the real first name of the Wizard of Oz.

107. Willow (English origin) means 'willow tree'. The titular sorcerer's apprentice in the fantasy film 'Willow'.

Magical Names Inspired By TV

If you're looking for a baby name perfect for a magical boy, these TV enchanters provide some great inspiration.

108. Ambrose (Greek origin) means 'immortal'. This name belongs to a character on 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' - and means 'immortal', just for bonus points.

109. Brandon (English origin) means 'from the broom hill'. The name of magic user Brandon "Bran" Stark from 'Game of Thrones'.

110. Ethan (Hebrew origin) means 'strong and enduring'. This name belongs to warlock Ethan Rayne on the 90's TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

111. Justin (Latin origin) means 'just; righteous'; also one of the three main characters from the Disney Channel series 'The Wizards of Waverley Place'.

112. Max (Latin origin) means 'the greatest', and the other male main character from the Disney Channel series 'The Wizards of Waverley Place'.

113. Viren (Sanskrit origin) means 'leader of heroes'. This is also the name of a mage from the Netflix animation 'The Dragon Prince'.

Magical Boy Names Inspired By Games

Video games can also be a great place to find the perfect baby name - especially if you or your partner are avid gamers yourselves. Take a look at these magic baby names for your little sorcerer.

114. Anders (Scandinavian origin) means 'manly; brave'. Anders is the name of a fictional wizard in 'Dragon Age'.

115. Athos (Greek origin) This one is a three-for-one: not only does it belong to the mage Athos in the game 'Fire Emblem', it's also the name of one of the Three Musketeers in Alexander Dumas' novel and a figure from Greek mythology.

116. Crispin (Latin origin) means 'curly-headed'; name of the wizard in 'King's Quest'.

117. Dorian (Greek origin) means 'from Doros'. This name belongs to a human mage in 'Dragon Age', and the owner of a mystical picture in Oscar Wilde's 'Portrait of Dorian Grey'.

118. Emil (Latin origin) means 'rival'; also the name of the magical child in 'Nier'.

119. Ganon (Irish origin) means 'fair-haired'; it is the name of thewarlock from the 'Legend of Zelda' series.

120. Kamek (Japanese origin) means 'turtle'; it is the name of the turtle mage in 'Super Mario Bros'.


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