79 Fantastic Finnish Names With Meanings

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Originally Published on Jul 21, 2020
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We're big fans of Finland, the magical home of Santa Claus, snowy landscapes, cosy saunas and, of course, Moomins.

But did you know that this country is also a great source of inspiration for baby names? We're guessing that when you're seeking a name for your newborn baby girl or boy, Finland might not be top of your list.

But hold your horses, because actually this chilly Northern European country (which isn't officially part of Scandinavia but is classed as Nordic) is a source of some totally brilliant names. In fact, we're betting that you already know a fair few names that are popular with Finns.

Familiar names such as Olivia, Anna and Emilia all regularly make their mark in Finland, but you might not know Finnish classics such as Onni, Elsea or Annu.

Whether you want to find a great Finnish first name, some unique Nordic girls names with meanings, or some chic Norse boy names, one of these might suit. So take a peek at our brilliant list of family-friendly Finnish first names, and their meanings, and see if you can find one that ticks the boxes for you.

The only problem you'll have is working out which Finnish names that you love the best. The search ends here; trip to Lapland optional...

Finnish Boys' Names

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If you are on the search for a great name for your new baby boy, read our extensive list of cool Finnish names. Male names from Finland are on the rise in popularity elsewhere, too.

1. Aepeli: The Finnish version of Abel, this name means 'breath'.

2. Aato: This Finnish boy name translates as 'evening'.

3. Aimo: This Finnish name means 'proper' or 'thorough'.

4. Aleksanteri:  The Finnish version of Alexander, which means 'defender of man'.

5. Antti: This popular Finnish boy name is a version of the Greek name Andreas, which means 'manly'.

6. Eero: If you're after typically Finnish male names, try this gem, which means 'eternal ruler'. Famous examples include the Finnish designer Eero Saarinen, who created the Tulip table.

7. Eemil: The Finnish version of Emil, which is also popular with Swedish families, and actually originates from Germany. The name itself means 'to strive or excel'  

8. Eino: The Finnish form of Henry, this is another name that means 'ruler'

9. Esa: The Finnish version of Isaiah, this name means ‘God is my salvation’.

10. Kalle: The Finnish version of the name Karl, it means 'strong'.

11. Kenai: This strong Finnish boy's name means 'flatlands'.

12. Kasper: We love this cute Finnish twist on Casper, which means 'treasure'.

13. Kauko: This name means 'far'.

14. Janne: The Swedish and Finnish form of John, it means 'God is merciful'.

15. Jari: This popular Finnish boy baby first name translates as 'God will raise up'.

16. Jere: The Finnish form of 'Jeremiah', this strong name means 'exalted of the  Lord'.

17. Joona: The Finnish version of the name Jonah, which means 'dove' or 'pigeon'.

18. Miika: This Finnish name is also derived from Hebrew, and it means 'who is like God'

19. Mikael: Another name from Finland whose origin means 'who is like God'; as you can probably tell, this Finnish spin is closely related to the English name Michael.

20. Onni: This popular Finnish boys' name means 'happiness' or  'luck' - a great uplifting name for troubled times.

21. Ove: This typically Nordic name means 'active at work', and is another Finnish classic.

22. Santeri: A Finnish spin on 'Alexander'. It means 'defender of man'.

23. Taavetti: The Finnish version of the name David, it means 'beloved'.

24. Tapio: This Finnish male name means 'leader of the wood or forest', and is a great choice for nature lovers.

25. Tauno: This old-style Finnish name means 'peaceful and modest'.

26. Toivo: One of the Finnish boy names we particularly love, in English this translates as ‘hope’.

27. Veikko: This means ‘brother’, and is apparently making a comeback as a boy name in Finland.

Finnish Girl Names

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There are tons of beautiful Finnish names for little girls. Here are just a few to take your pick from.

1. Aada: This super-popular Finnish name is similar to the popular English name Ada, and means ‘noble type’.

2. Aino: This pretty name means 'the only one', and is quintessentially Finnish. Aino's origin is as a character in the famous  19th-century Finnish poem  Kalevala, which draws from folk stories and mythology.

3. Anna or Ana: This Nordic name is a firm favourite in Finland. This Finnish favourite translates as 'favour' or 'grace'.

4. Ansa: This timeless Finnish name for little girls means 'virtue'.

5. Eevi: Eve and Evie have been taking off as popular names in the UK for some time, but if you're after a Finnish spin, try this variant. The name comes from the Latin word for 'living'

6. Elea: This means 'strange', and was the most popular girl baby name in 2019 in Finland, making it a bona fide Finnish hit.

7. Emilia: The Finnish feminine version of Emil, once more this name means 'to excel'.

8. Erika: This Finnish version of Erica means 'ruler'.

9. Eveliina: This pretty Finnish name means 'life.'

10. Fredrica: This name means 'peaceful ruler.' Its origin is from Germany, but this is the Finnish version.

11. Helka: This Nordic name derives from the old Norse word 'helgi' and means 'blessed' or 'holy'. If you're after something strong and Finnish-sounding for a baby girl, it's perfect.

12. Helmi: If you're on the search for a gorgeous Nordic girl baby name, this Finnish name could be perfect. It comes from the words for 'pearl or bead', and its origin is the word for 'amber'. It's also the Finnish version of Wilhelmina.

13. Hulta: This old Norse name means 'devoted' and 'gracious'

14. Inka: This is the Finnish form of the name Inga, and its origin is from the meaning 'Ing's protection' (in Norse mythology Ing was the god of peace and fertility).

15. Kaarina: The Finnish form of the name Katherine, which means 'pure'.

16. Kaija: Another Finnish spin on the name Katherine

17. Katja: The Finnish version of Katya, this sweet name translates as 'pure'.

18. Leah: This Hebrew name meaning 'wild cow' is popular as a Finnish girl name in the land of the midnight sun.

19. Lilja: This Swedish and Finnish name means lily in both Swedish and French. It's also one of the Finnish surnames you might encounter, too.

20. Lotta: This popular Scandinavian girl name translates as 'free' - a lovely Finnish twist on the more usual Lottie.

21. Lykke: This cute Finnish/Scandi name means 'happiness' - you say it so it sounds like 'licky'.

22. Mari: This Scandinavian name means 'berry', and is a Finnish form of Mary.

23. Maria: This familiar girl name is extremely popular with Finnish families and another one that means 'berry'.

24. Marja: This is yet another Finnish and Swedish form of Mary, which means 'berry'.

25. Milla: This Finnish girl name means 'noble'.

26. Minna: This Finnish moniker means 'courtly love'.

27. Nea: One of those Finnish names you may well already know, this means 'flower'.

28. Nissa: This super-Scandi name translates as 'mischievous elf'.

29. Noora: This name is very popular in Finland, and it means 'light. In England, we tend to spell it Nora, but the extra 'o' gives it a definite Finnish feel.

30. Olivia: It might originally be English, but this classic girl name is growing in popularity in Finland, so we've included it as part of our Finnish inspiration.

31. Pilvi: This lovely Finnish name has its origin in the word for 'cloud'.

32. Pinja: This cute Finnish name translates as 'pine tree', which couldn't be more Nordic if it tried.

33. Reeta: This is the Finnish form of 'Margaret', and its origin is from the words that mean 'pearl' or 'cluster of blossoms'.

34. Ruusu: The Finnish form of 'Ros', this, as you might guess, has its origin in the word for 'rose'.

35. Sade: This lovely Finnish name means 'ray of light'.

36. Saira: This is a Finnish twist on the girl name Sarah, and it means 'bird of love'.

37. Satu: This gorgeous Finnish girl name means 'fairy tale'.

38. Sofia: Strictly speaking this isn't a Finnish name either. But we're including it here on our list, as it is extremely popular with Finns and their family. In fact, in 2019 it was the third most popular girls' name, after Olivia and Elea.

39. Taika: This means 'magic' or 'spell' in Finnish - if you're after Scandi first names for girls, it's worth considering.

40. Tove: We love this typically Finnish name – in fact, the author of the Moomins series of books was called Tove  Jansson, and these little trolls are our favourite Finnish creation ever.

Finnish Unisex Names

Perhaps you're on the search for a modern Finnish family or first names that can be used whatever the gender of your baby?

Take a look at our list of inspiration from Finland, and see if you can find something that seems right for your new bundle of joy.

1. Aki: This means 'born in Autumn, crystal or bright'.

2. Anu: The Finnish version of Anna, but it can be used for any gender. It means ‘heavenly one’.

3. Arja: This means 'divine', and can be used for boys or for girls.

4. Aurinko: This means 'sun', making it ideal for parents looking for something inspired by the natural world.

5. Jora: This means 'Autumn rain' or 'bear'; one of those great names that can be used for any gender.

6. Kuu: This translates as 'moon', and is great if you loved nature-inspired names.

7. Lenni: This means 'brave lion', and can be used for boys or girls, so it sounds super-modern right now.

8. Lumi: This lovely name is from the Finnish name for 'snow'. What could be more appropriate in a country where the temperature often dips to -30° in the Northern regions?

9. Runo: This beautiful, unusual name's origin is from the Finnish word for 'poem'; ideal whether you live in Finland or not.

10. Tahti: This means 'star' in Finnish, and makes a great unisex name, with a dose of nature thrown in.

11. Toni: This can be used for girls or boys by Finns. It's short for Anthony, which means 'praiseworthy'.

12. Tyyne: This means 'calm or serene'.

If you enjoyed reading these fantastic Finnish names with meanings, why not check out some names from other places in Europe? We have the top 57 brilliant Basque names and the 101 most beautiful Slavic names for you baby. We hope this makes the decision-making easier!

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