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Cheryl Freedman

Based in London, Cheryl has a love for culture, nature, and good food. As a mother of two young children, she regularly takes them on fun family trips to museums, art galleries, theaters, and city parks, all while nurturing their love for the arts and the outdoors.

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A wide-eyed frog on a table staring at the camera.

A dichotomous key is a brilliant way to identify animals and plants, so here's our guide on how to use them with your kids.

Little girl sitting at a desk writing in her exercise book with colouring pencils.

If your child is in Year 4, and they need to know about equivalent fractions, here's how you can help them - and actually understand them yourself.

Year 2 girl being tutored in Year 2 spelling words.

If your child is entering Year 2, this list has all of the words they will need to practise spelling, and hopefully get right.

Mum helping daughter with noun phrases for KS2

Noun phrases are part of the primary school KS2 curriculum, so here's how to help your children understand them.

Girl learning about split diagraph

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Key stage 1 child writing out imperative verbs

Teach your children what imperative verbs are with our easy-to-understand, free resource for KS1 and KS2 students.

Children enjoying the outside in Purley

Looking for fun things to do in Purley with the family? We have eleven fantastic suggestions for keeping your kids occupied.

Family walking in Kent.

The Garden of England is a brilliant place to get outdoors - here's where to enjoy the best family walks in Kent.

Young people dancing at disco.

As lockdown measures are relaxed, we can't wait to visit these family-friendly London pubs, all with uplifting views of the River Thames.

Asian ethnic baby girl dressed as a ballet dancer on yellow background

Satisfy your little groovers with these top dance books for kids.

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