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Top 96 Names That Mean Hope For Your Baby

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Hope keeps us strong even in the darkest of hours, and for those feeling inspired, there are even plenty of baby names meaning hope.

Parents throughout the years have often opted for virtue names with positive meanings, such as "faith", "grace" and "happiness" itself. Names that mean hope are among these beautiful choices, with many being names you might already be familiar with, appearing on top baby names lists for boys and girls,

The English language gives us the virtue name Hope, and many other languages have their own equivalents. These special baby names could be a way to honour ancestors or a special connection, as well as signifying looking forward to better things to come. Some baby names meaning hope may even indicate a journey into parenthood. Take a look at these lovely baby names meaning hope, or names related to having hope to find the perfect name for your baby.

For more, take a look at these names that mean faith or these names that mean happy.

Classic Names That Mean Hope For Girls

A young girl making heart sign with her painted hands

Babies can signify hope for many families. A name meaning hope can represent the wish that the next chapter will be full of health and happiness and the faith that the next adventure will be positive. Did you know that the Biblical meaning of the name Hope signifies a Christian belief in eternal life with the perseverance to never give up on salvation?

1. Aisling, (Irish origin), meaning “a hopeful dream”.

2. April, (Latin origin), a name meaning “to open”.

3. Beatrix, (Latin origin), a name meaning “miracle.”

4. Chloe, (Greek origin), meaning “a hopeful, young green shoot”.

5. Claire, (French origin), meaning “bright” and “clear.”

6. Clara, (Latin origin), meaning “bright” and “clear”.

7. Daisy, (Old English origin), a name meaning ‘the day’s eye”.

8. Edna, (Hebrew origin), “rejuvenation”.

9. Eileen, (Gaelic origin), a classic baby name meaning “bright, shining one”.

10. Elaine, (French origin), a name meaning “bright, shining light”.

11. Evangeline, (Greek origin),a name meaning “the bearer of good news”.

12. Faith, (Old English origin), meaning “to have faith and hope”.

13. Lucy, (Latin origin), meaning “ray of light”.

14. Nadine, (French origin), this pretty name means “hope”.

15. Nina, (Arabic origin), meaning “the hope of love”.

16. Violet, (Old English origin),  meaning “faith in the language of flowers”

Classic Names That Mean Hope For Boys

Whether it’s Rupert or Dylan, these strong boy names are all excellent choices if you’re on a search for beautiful baby names that mean hope.

17. Benedict, (Latin origin), meaning “blessed” and “miracle”

18. Truman, (Old English origin), meaning “faithful one”.

19. Albert, (Germanic origin), meaning “noble” and “bright”

20. Callahan, (Irish origin), meaning “hopeful” and “bright-headed”

21. Clarence, (Latin origin), meaning “bright”

22. Delbert, (Old English origin), meaning “day bright”

23. Dylan, (Celtic origin), meaning “a ray of hope”

24. Felix, (Latin origin), meaning “fortunate”.

25. Fynn, (Irish origin), meaning “bright” and “fair”

26. Herbert, (Germanic origin), meaning “bright army”

27. Rupert, (Germanic origin), meaning “bright fame”

Heavenly Girl Names That Mean Hope

Take your pick from these heavenly baby girl names that mean hope.

28. Gabriella, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is my strength”

29. Joanna, (Hebrew origin), meaning “grace of God”

30. Oriana, (Latin origin), meaning “a new dawn”

31. Sian, (Welsh origin), meaning “God’s gracious gift”.

32. Stella, (Latin origin), meaning “star”.

33. Vita, (Latin origin), a baby name meaning “the hope of life”.

34. Yeena, (Russian origin), a name meaning “shining, bright one”

Heavenly Boy Baby Names That Mean Hope

A newborn baby boy lying next to cotton sun on yellow background

These baby names that mean hope are sure to be top contenders with a meaningful edge.

35. Aaron,  (Hebrew origin) meaning “high mountain; enlightened”

36. Eleazar, (Hebrew origin), meaning “court of God”.

37. Emmanuel, (Hebrew origin”, meaning “God is with us”.

38. Jonah, (Hebrew origin), meaning “a dove”, a symbol of hope.

39. Jesse, (Hebrew origin), meaning “a gift of hope”.

40. Kenn, (Welsh origin), meaning “bright water”.

41. Kiran, (Sanskrit origin), meaning “a ray of light”.

42. Kit, (Greek origin), a name that means “hope”, and “carrier of Christ”.

43. Matthan, (Hebrew origin), a baby name meaning “the hope of the Lord”.

44. Nathaniel, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God has given”.

45. Oliver, (Old French), representative of the Biblical olive tree.

46. Sampson, (Hebrew origin) meaning “the hope of sun”.

Girls' Names That Mean Hope From Around The World

Girl names meaning hope don’t stop with the obvious choices like Hope. From Kurdish Hiwa to Japanese origin Saki, these delightful names for baby girls all have meanings related to hope.

47. Ashia, (Arabic origin), this name means “life” and “hope”.

48. Brayleigh, (American origin), meaning “a ray of hope”.

49. Chiara, (Italian origin), a beautiful name meaning “light” and “clear”.

50. Creda, (Old English), meaning “faith”.

51. Emela, (Bosnian origin), this name means “hope”.

52. Esperanza, (Latin origin), a baby girl name meaning “to hope”.

53. Fana, (African origin), meaning “light” or “jungle”

54. Hiwa, (Kurdish origin), a name meaning “hope”.

55. Minette, (French origin), a girl meaning “a faithful defender”.

56. Munia, (Arabic origin), a name meaning “hope” and “wish”.

57. Natia, (Polish origin), a name meaning “hope”.

58. Nassandra, (African origin), meaning “hope”.

59. Rajwa, (Arabic origin), meaning “hope”.

60. Saki, (Japanese origin), a name meaning “blossom” and “hope”.

61. Tikvah, (Hebrew origin), a name meaning “hope”.

62. Zita, (Spanish origin), a beautiful name meaning “a little hope”.

Boys' Names That Mean Hope From Around The World

These names from all corners of the globe are lovely choices for a baby boy, including some top boy names that mean hope in Japanese and Greek.

63. Amin, (Arabic origin), meaning “trustworthy” and “faithful one”.

64. Asha, (Sanskrit origin), a name meaning “desire”, “wish” and “hope”.

65. Chislon, (Hebrew origin), meaning “hope”.

66. Dag, (Old Norse origin), meaning “daylight”.

67. Deene, (French origin), a name meaning “hope”.

68. Elpis, (Greek origin), an ancient name meaning “hope”.

69. Fidel, (Latin origin), a name meaning “faithful one”

70. Jahleel, (Hebrew origin), a name meaning “faith in God”.

71. Kibou, (Japanese origin), meaning “hope”.

72. Moutaqad, (Arabic origin), a name meaning “faith and belief”.

73. Omid, (Persian origin), a name meaning “hope”

74. Raza, (African origin), a name meaning “hope”.

75. Shpresa, (Albanian origin), meaning “hope”.

76. Toivo, (Finnish origin), meaning “hope”.

77. Umed, (Indian origin), a name meaning “hope”.

78. Umit, (Turkish origin), meaning “hope”.

79. Viltautus, (Lithuanian origin), meaning “hope”.

80. Von, (Nordic origin), meaning “hope”.

Boys' Names That Mean Hope From Popular Culture

Popular culture often inspires baby names, here’s some top boy names that mean hope.

81. Barack, (Arabic origin), meaning “blessing”. This is the name of the 44th President of America, Barack Obama.

82. Cruz, (Spanish origin) meaning “cross”. This is a chosen baby boy name of Victoria and David Beckham.

83. Lucien, (Latin origin), meaning “light ahead”. This is the name former Formula One driver, Lucien Bianchi.

84. Meyer, (Hebrew origin), meaning “bringer of light”. This is the surname of singer John Meyer.

85. Neo, (Latin origin), meaning “new” or “gift”. This is the name of a fictional character in the film 'The Matrix'.

86. Xavier, (Arabic and Basque origin), meaning “new house” or “bright”. This is the name of Australian actor, Xavier Samuel.

Girls' Names From Popular Culture That Mean Hope

There are plenty of famous females offering great inspiration for hope related baby girl names.

87. Electra, (Greek origin), meaning “shining” and “bright”. This is the name of American actress and model, Carmen Electra.

88. Elena, (Greek origin), meaning “bright, shining light”. This is the name of a Disney princess.

89. Lainie, (Greek origin), meaning “bright”. This is the name of Lainie Kazan, an American actress.

90. Lucinda, (Latin origin), meaning “light”. This is the name of Lucinda Williams, a famous country singer.

91. Lux, (Greek origin), meaning “light”,. This is the name of a character in the film 'The Virgin Suicides'.

92. Nadia, (Russian origin), meaning “hope”. This is the name of the Russian tennis player, Nadia Petrova.

93. Nell, (Old English origin), meaning “hopeful shining one”. This is the name of model Nell McAndrew.

94. Noor, (Arabic origin), meaning “light”. This is the name of Queen Noor of Jordan.

95. Paloma, (Latin origin), meaning “dove”. This is the name of renowned singer Paloma Faith.

96. Phoenix, (Greek origin) meaning “dark red”, a unisex name of the mythical immortal bird. Also the name of Spice Girl Mel B’s daughter.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean hope then why not take a look at these names that mean change or new beginnings (including names such as Tan and Dagny which both mean "new beginning"), or for something different take a look at these inspirational names.

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