103 Best Names Meaning Change, New Or New Beginnings

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New beginnings give us a chance to turn our sorrows into happiness, our failures into achievement.

Changes always lead us to a new beginning. Close your eyes to old endings and open your hearts towards a new beginning.

Baby names meaning new, dawn, rebirth, or new beginnings appeal to parents who are looking for baby names that signify the hope and fresh start which a baby brings to your life. Having a baby gives a whole new perspective on life.

A baby opens up the door to a whole new world, and a beautiful name that signifies a new beginning will mark the birth of a fresh, new chapter of your life. Giving your baby a name meaning new or beginning is the best gift for them.

Here's a list of baby names meaning changes or newness. We are sure that you will instantly fall in love with these baby names.

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Baby Boy Names Inspired By New Beginning

Baby names that will keep reminding you about beginnings, a new mindset, new intention, and a will to create a fresh start can be the perfect name for your little boy. Here's an impressive list of baby boy names that mean a new beginning for your little one.

1. Aarambh (Indian origin) meaning "start, commencement".

2. Abhinav (Indian origin) meaning "Always new".

3. Aleph (Hebrew origin) meaning "number one". 'Aleph' is a novel by Paulo Coelho.

4. Altan (Turkish origin) meaning "red dawn". Engin Altan Düzyatan is a popular actor from Turkey.

5. Anastasius (Greek origin) meaning "rebirth, resurrection". Anastasius was a Byzantine emperor.

6. Anatole (French origin) meaning "rising sun". Anatole France was a 19th-century French poet.

7. Ankur (Indian origin) meaning "sprout, new life".

8. Arata (Japanese origin) meaning "fresh, new".

9. Fresco (Italian origin) meaning "fresh". There is a mural painting technique called Fresco.

10. Ichiro (Japanese origin) meaning "firstborn son". Ichiro Suzuki is a professional baseball player from Japan.

11. Irvin (Irvin origin)  meaning "fresh like new". John Irvin is famous for directing movies like 'Madela's Gun' and 'Widow's Peak'.

12. Kazuo (Japanese origin) meaning "first son". Kazuo Ishiguro wrote a book named 'Never Let Me Go' which was later cinematized as a movie.

13. Kia (African origin) meaning "beginning of a season".

14. Navin (Indian origin) meaning "new".

15. Neander (Greek origin) meaning "a new man".

16. Neon meaning "new, bright and energetic".

17. Neville (French origin) meaning "a new town". Neville Longbottom from the 'Harry Potter' series.

18. Newbold (English origin) meaning "new building".

19. Newbury (English origin) meaning "new settlement". Newbury is the name of a market place in Berkshire, it can be a unique naming option for your baby boy.

20. Newland (English origin|) meaning "a new land".

21. Newlin (Welsh origin) meaning "a new pond".

22. Newman (English origin) meaning "a newcomer".

23. Newport (English origin) meaning "a new port".

24. Newton (English origin) meaning "a new town". Issac Newton discovered gravity.

25. Novak (Serbian origin) meaning "new". Novak Djokovic, an extremely popular professional tennis player from Serbia.

26. Oighrig (Gaelic origin) meaning "new".

27. Odian (African origin) meaning "firstborn son".

28. Prabhat (Indian origin) meaning "the sun's first rays".

29. Primo (Italian origin) meaning "first".

30. Primus (Latin origin) meaning "first". 'Primus' is an American funk metal band formed in 1984.

31. Raanan (Biblical origin) meaning "fresh".

32. Rohit (Indian origin) meaning "sun's first rays". Rohit Sharma is an Indian cricket player.

33. Saibak (Arabic origin) meaning "coming in first".

34. Svale (Norman origin) meaning "fresh".

35. Tan (Vietnamese origin) meaning "new beginning, new day". Tan is a common surname in China.

36. Ulan (Twi origin) meaning "twins who are firstborn". A movie named 'Ulan' was released in 2019.

37. Xavier (Arabic origin) meaning "a new house". Xavier woods is a professional wrestler from America.

Baby Names for Girls Inspired By New Beginning

A baby girl is an elegant and beautiful addition to a parent's life; they give new meaning to their lives. Here is a list of beautiful baby names for your baby girl.

38 Abhinavi (Indian origin) meaning "always new".

39 Amaryllis (Greek origin) meaning "new, freshness". It is the name of a flower whose natural habitat in South Africa.

40. Anastasia (Russian origin) meaning "resurrection, rebirth". 'Anastasia' is a fairy tale princess in an American Animated movie that was released in 1997.

41. Antonella (Italian origin) meaning "firstborn". Antonella Roccuzzo is the name of Lionel Messi's wife.

42. Ashnah (Biblical origin) meaning "changes".

43. Avil (German origin) meaning "renewal".

44. Aviva (Hebrew origin) meaning "fresh".

45. Chloe (Greek origin) meaning "young green shoot". Cloe Ting is a popular youtube and fitness influencer.

46. Eos (Greek origin) meaning "Greek Goddess of dawn".

47. Genesis (Biblical origin) meaning "start or origin". It is the name of the first book of the Bible and can also be a beautiful name for your baby girl.

48. Javeria (Spanish origin) meaning "new house".

49. Kady (Irish origin) meaning "first".

50. Neoma (Greek origin) meaning "new moon".

51. Lola (German origin) meaning "violent dawn". There is a song named 'Lola', it is from the album 'Wicked Lips'.

52. Navdeep (Indian origin) meaning "new shine".

53. Navika (Indian origin) meaning "new".

54. Navneet (Indian origin) meaning "one who is ever new".

55. Navjot (Indian origin) meaning "new light".

56. Navya (Indian origin) meaning "new".

57. Naysha (Indian origin) meaning "new".

58. Pallavi (Indian origin) meaning "new leaf".

59. Primrose (English origin) meaning "first rose". The name of a flower which is natively found in Europe.

60. Primula (Latin origin) meaning "first rose".

61. Raanana (Hebrew origin) meaning "fresh". Raanana is a city in Israel.

62. Rishona (Hebrew origin) meaning "first". The book 'Social Dance and the Modernist Imagination in Interwar Britain' was written by Rishona Zimring.

63. Renee (french origin) meaning "rebirth". Renée Zellweger is the actress in one of the highest-rated films 'Queen Miami'.

64. Sayara (Indian origin) meaning "new star".

65. Signe (Scandinavian origin) meaning "new victory".

66. Wahuj (Arabic origin) meaning "first day of light".

67. Wynonna (Sioux origin) meaning "firstborn daughter". Wynonna Judd is a famous American singer.

68. Zara (Hebrew origin) meaning "blooming flower".

69. Zelenka(Czech origin) meaning "new, fresh".

Unisex Names For Your Baby Inspired New Beginning

Changes are the essence of life, they give you the chance to build something new. Baby names that mean changing will keep reminding you that. Here is a list of baby names that mean newness or beginnings.

70. Aviv (Hebrew origin) meaning "freshness".

71. Issey (Japanese origin) meaning "firstborn". Issey Miyake is a famous Japanese designer.

72. Neo (Latin origin) meaning "new or gift".

73. Newlyn (Welsh origin) meaning "new pond". Newlyn is the name of a town in England.

74. Nouvel (French origin) meaning "new".

75. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new". 'Nova' is an award-winning documentary series, based on science.

76. Kahana (Hawaiian origin) meaning "turning point". There is a beach named Kahana in Maui, Hawaii.

Baby Name Meaning New Beginnings

We should always say yes to new beginnings, new opportunities, and fresh starts. Here is a list of baby names that mean "new beginnings".

77. Aadi (M) (French origin) meaning "first".

78. Asier (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "the beginning". Asier Antona Gómez the name of Senator of Spain.

79. Ankuri (F) (Indian origin) meaning "new life, sprout".

80. Beeja (F) (Indian origin) meaning "seed, new life".

81. Chae-Won (F) (Korean origin)meaning "gather beginning". Moon Chae-won is a South Korean actress famous for the Korean 'The Good Doctor' series.

82. Dagny (M) (Scandinavian origin) meaning"new day, new beginning". Dagny Norvoll Sandvik is a Norwegian singer who made her debut performance with 'Backbeat'.

85. Fathia (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "victory, victorious beginning". Nur Fathia Binti Abdul Latiff is a Malaysian actress and model.

86. Fajar (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "morning".

87. Inizio (M) (Italian origin)meaning "beginning".

88. Zera (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "seed". Zera Yacob Amha Selassie is the crown prince of Ethiopia.

Baby Name Meaning Dawn

Baby names meaning dawn depict a new beginning, a new endeavor, a new hope, and a new opportunity. Here is a list of names meaning "dawn".

89. Aamu (F) (Indian origin) meaning "happiness, pure, morning".

90. Aahan (M) (Indian origin) meaning "morning glory, dawn".

91. Alba (F) (Spanish origin) meaning "sunrise or dawn".

92. Arun (M) (Indian origin) meaning "dawn".

93. Aurora (F) (Latin origin) meaning "the dawn". Princess Aurora is a Disney princess from the movie 'Sleeping Beauty'.

94. Ausra (F) (Lithuania origin) meaning "dawn". The first national Lithuanian newspaper named ' Ausra' was first published in 1883.

95. Ayelet (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "the gazelle of dawn". Ayelet Zurer from 'Man of Steel'.

96. Dagian (M) (English origin) meaning "dawn".

97. Dawn (F) (English origin). 'Breaking dawn' of the 'Twilight' series.

98. Oriana (F) (Latin origin) meaning "dawn".

99. Roxana (F) (Persian origin) meaning "bright, dawn". Roxana was the wife of Alexandar the Great.

100. Roxanne (F) (Persian origin) meaning "day, sun, dawn".

101. Sahar (F) (Arabic origin)meaning "just before dawn".

102. Vihan (M) (Indian origin)meaning "sunrise, dawn".

103. Zerlina (F) (Hebrew origin)meaning "beautiful dawn". Zerlina Maxwell is a famous American writer.

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