140+ Best Malaysian Names For Boys And Girls

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Malaysian names for both boys and girls are charming.

The majority of these names have their origins from the Arabic language, while a few have their roots from Sanskrit and Hebrew. The people of Malaysia are seen to practice the tradition of having two names.

Two names usually involve a prefix before the initial name. This addition of a second name looks beautiful and classy.

Malaysia is a South Asian country surrounded by many other countries, thereby imbibing cultural diversity in the region. The country was formed when Singapore, North Borneo, and Sawarnak joined together with the old country of Malay.

The main religion is Islam, followed by Buddhism, while the country is separated into two divisions by the South China Sea. Keeping the divisions aside, the Malay name unites one another, so let's have a peek at them.

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Male Names From Malaysia

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Malay people use many given names while naming their children as well as taking inspiration from the outside world. Here are some of these given and all other charming male names.

1. Aadam (Arabic origin) meaning "father of mankind".

2. Aafaaq (Arabic origin) meaning "horizons".

3. Aati (Arabic origin) meaning "the one who is generous". This is an excellent name for a Malay boy.

4. Aayiz (Arabic origin) meaning "replacement, something given to you in place of something you have lost".

5. Adam (Hebrew origin) meaning "man, earth".

6. Adiputera (Sanskrit origin) meaning "first son or first prince".

7. Afan (Arabic origin) meaning "growth and progress".

8. Afsah (Arabic origin) meaning " eloquent man".

9. Ahkam (Arabic origin) meaning "who is extremely wise, decisive, and just".

10. Ahmad (Arabic origin) meaning "much praised. It is of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Ahmad Zakii Anwar is a prominent and highly regarded artist in Malaysia. This can also be one of the Malaysian surnames.

11. Ajiad (Arabic origin) meaning " who is noble, generous and gracious".

12. Aqil (Malay origin) meaning "gifted, intelligent being who is wise and reasonable".

13. Aqsad (Arabic origin) meaning "achiever, goal-setter".

14. Arhaa (Arabic origin) meaning "calm or serene".

15. Aryan (Indian origin) meaning "beyond anyone's strength".

16. Aswab (Arabic origin) meaning "the one who is best".

17. Atheer (Arabic origin) meaning "the light reflected from a sword's blade", or "a person of high status and good qualities".

18. Awang (Malay origin) meaning "the eldest son".

19. Ayyash (Arabic origin) meaning "long lived". Malay names such as these are fancy.

20. Barzin (Persian origin) meaning "name of a character in Shahnameh".

21. Bintang (Malay origin) meaning "star".

22. Bisaam (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is always smiling".

23. Budiharto (Malay origin) meaning "one who is wise with wealth". This is one of the more prevalent Malay names.

24. Bujang (Malay origin) meaning "bachelor".

25. Fehmeed (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is wise and intelligent".

26. Firash (Afgan origin) meaning "perceptiveness or Ingenuity".

27. Fuaad (Arabic origin) meaning "heart or conscience".

28. Ghazaar (Arabic origin) meaning "etiquette, or manners". This is a beautiful Malay name for a boy.

29. Hadees (Arabic origin) meaning "speech or dialogue of the almighty".

30. Haissam (Arabic origin) meaning "a sharp sword".

31. Haruun (Arabic origin) meaning "warrior lion".

32. Hatar (Arabic origin) meaning "falcon or eagle".

33. Hazer (Arabic origin) meaning "ready or prepared". Malaysian boys' names like Hazer are beautiful.

34. Idrak (Arabic origin) meaning "to comprehend, or to understand".

35. Iesa (Arabic origin) meaning "name of a Muslim prophet". Malay names like these are unique.

36. Iffaan (Arabic origin) meaning "time, season or weather".

37. Ishraaq (Arabic origin) meaning "sunrise, or daybreak".

38. Ishtiqal (Arabic origin) meaning "independence, or sovereignty". This is a lovely personal name, as well as a family name.

39. Iyaan (Arabic origin) meaning "time, era, epoch".

40. Jebat (Malay origin meaning "musk". Asian names like this are elegant.

41. Johan (German origin) meaning "God is kind and gracious, skilled or champion".

42. Junada (Arabic origin) meaning "helper, warrior or soldier".

43. Kechik (Malay origin) meaning "small or little". This is an old Malay name.

44. Khajeer (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty and elegance".

45. Khilaal (Arabic origin) meaning "friendship and companionship".

46. Maymuun (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is blessed, thriving, prosperous".

47. Megat (Malay origin) meaning "great".

48. Mishkat (Arabic origin) meaning "a shelf to put the lanterns on".

49. Mizn (Arabic origin) meaning "white cloud", or "rain-bearing cloud".

50. Mohamed (Arabic origin) meaning "reliable and always worthy of trust and belief". Mohamed Fairuz Fauzy is a Malaysian race car driver. Mohamed is the most common Malay name and also one of the most common Malay surnames.

51. Muda (Malay origin) meaning "a young boy". Malaysian boy names like Muda are cute.

52. Mudassir (Arabic origin) meaning "clothed, or enveloped in garments".

53. Musawwir (Arabic origin) meaning "designer, creator of forms".

54. Muzakir (Arabic origin) meaning "one who reminds people of Allah".

55. Muzn (Arabic origin) a variant of Mizn, meaning "white cloud".

56. Nijat (Arabic origin) meaning "salvation, or success".

57. Nur (Persian origin) meaning "sparkle or illumination". Nur also means light.

58. Panjang (Malay origin meaning) "long".

59. Perwira (Sanskrit origin) meaning "hero or officer".

60. Putera (Sanskrit origin) meaning "son or prince".

61. Qawi (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is strong, powerful, and firm". This name serves both as a personal name and as a family name.

62. Qazzafi (Arabic origin) meaning "wide, spacious, extensive". Malaysian last names like these are prevalent.

63. Raahim (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is compassionate, kind and merciful".

64. Reehab (Arabic origin) meaning "vastness or wideness". Malay names like these are unique.

65. Reheeq (Arabic origin meaning "one who is smart, handsome or elegant".

66. Ruwayfi (Arabic origin) meaning "high status, or exalted".

67. Sabit (Arabic origin) meaning "firmly in place, or unshakeable".

68. Sabtu (Malay origin) refers to Saturday.

69. Umar (Sindhi origin) meaning "flourishing". Umar is a popular name in English culture.

70. Yusof (Malay origin) meaning "God increases in piety, power, and influence". Yusof Ghani is an extremely popular and talented Malaysian painter, sculptor, writer, professor, and curator.

Female Names From Malaysia

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Female names from Malaysia are calm and beautiful. Here's the list of these beautiful names inspired by Arabic, along with the given names.

71. Aafiyat (Arabic origin) meaning "health, freedom from illness".

72. Aarifa (Arabic origin) means "one endowed with great knowledge".

73. Aatiya (Arabic origin) meaning "giver".

74. Aayizah (Malay origin) meaning "replacement". Female Malaysian names like Aayizah seem fancy.

75. Abaasa (Arabic origin) meaning "lioness".

76. Adiputeri (Sanskrit origin) means "first daughter or princess".

77. Aeni (Malay origin) meaning "original, pure, and true".

78. Afeen (Arabic origin) meaning "forgiveness or someone who forgives".

79. Aishah (Arabic origin) means "wife of the Islamic prophet Mohammed".

80. Ajaar (Arabic origin) meaning "reward".

81. Alicia (Spanish) meaning "of noble birth". This is a very popular Western and English name in Malaysia.

82. Amaal ( Arabic origin) means "hopes and expectations".

83. Anoud (Arabic origin) meaning "brave, strong and courageous".

84. Arianna (Latin origin) means "women from Hadria".

85. Arwaa (Arabic origin) meaning "softness, lightness".

86. Azarnoush (Arabic origin) meaning "right in faith".

87. Bunga (Malay origin) meaning "flower".

88. Cahaya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "light or radiance".

89. Cempaka (Sanskrit origin) meaning "frangipani flower".

90. Cik (Malay origin) meaning "miss".

91. Cucu (Malay origin) meaning "a grandchild". Malaysian female names like this are popular in the English language and also in Malaysia.

92. Delima (Sanskrit origin) meaning "ruby or pomegranate".

93. Dhia (Arabic origin) meaning "splendor or glow".

94. Dinihari (Malay origin) means "dawn". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

95. Esah (Arabic origin) meaning "alive". Apart from being a personal name, it is also a good family name.

96. Hannah (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace, favor". This first name in Malaysia is hugely popular.

97. Hapsah (Arabic origin) meaning "gathering".

98. Haryati (Malay origin) means "desire".

99. Ibhar (Arabic origin) meaning "open like the ocean". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

100. Ibrat (Arabic origin) meaning "wisdom to learn from experience".

101. Ibtisama (Arabic origin) meaning "smile".

102. Ihkam (Arabic origin) meaning "excellence, or mastery". This is a lovely Malaysian name.

103. Indeela (Arabic origin meaning "like a nightingale".

104. Izzati (Arabic origin) meaning "respect, honor, prestige".

105. Jana (Malay origin) meaning "man or one who is a kind human being".

106. Jazaa (Arabic origin) meaning "recompense, the reward for good deeds".

107. Jenab (Arabic origin) meaning a father's precious jewel.

108. Joyah (Malay origin) meaning "life". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

109. Kasih (Malay origin) meaning "love".

110. Kembang (Malay origin) meaning "flower, or blossom". Malaysian girl names such as these are beautiful.

111. Khatijah (Arabic origin) meaning "a name generally given to a premature child".

112. Kuntum (Malay origin) meaning "flower bud".

113. Latipah (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is gentle and kind". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

114. Maarib (Arabic origin) meaning "end goals".

115. Mabrura (Arabic origin) meaning "a pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah".

116. Maeen (Arabic origin) meaning "spring of water".

117. Maeena (Arabic origin) meaning "one who takes care of others".

118. Mahia (Arabic origin) meaning "life and earth".

119. Mahsuri (Malay origin) meaning "the great queen". Malaysia girl name like Mahsuri seems traditional.

120. Mannal (Arabic origin) meaning "attainment, or achievement". This is a lovely Malay girls' name.

121. Marjia (Malay origin) meaning "desired, desirable, wished for".

122. Maryam (Arabic origin) meaning 'our lady". This first name is very beautiful.

123. Masayu (Malay origin) meaning "gold or golden". Malaysian girls names like these are cool

124. Mawiza (Arabic origin) meaning "guidance, admonition, word of encouragement".

125. Mayang (Malay origin meaning) "palm blossom".

126. Melur (Malay origin meaning "jasmine flower".

127. Mubaraka (Arabic origin) meaning "blessed, sacred, and blissful".

128. Mubdia (Arabic origin meaning) "one who is smart, creative and innovative".

129. Muminah (Arabic origin) meaning "feminine believer". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

130. Munah (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is favored by destiny".

131. Nayla (Arabic origin) meaning "a winner, one who goes ahead to get everything".

132. Nazra (Arabic origin) meaning "glow and happiness of a person's face".

133. Puspawati (Sanskrit origin) meaning "female flower".

134. Puteri (Sanskrit origin) meaning "daughter or princess". An excellent option for the name of a girl.

135. Qiraat (Arabic origin) meaning "recitation of the Quran".

136. Rabihaat (Arabic origin) meaning "winners, acquirers".

137. Rabwah (Arabia origin) meaning "highland or hilly area". This is a lovely Malay girl name.

138. Raqeema (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is intelligent and perceptive".

139. Rosemah (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is as beautiful as a rose". An excellent name for a girl.

140. Rufqa (Arabic origin) meaning "something that gives benefit". Malay names such as these are family names but can also be used as personal names.

141. Siti (Malay origin) meaning "a woman of noble qualities". Siti Nurhaliza is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman with more than 300 local and international awards.

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