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How often have we heard that silence is golden?

While picking baby names for their bundle of joy, parents often ponder on the aura a name would lend to their child. If you feel that your child’s name must symbolize the power of silence, then this list will help you in your search.

These names with their powerful origins and connotations of peace will surely inspire you. For example, if you want to pick a Japanese name for your child, that is a great idea. Japan as a culture, treasures the values of silence. A Japanese name for a baby girl that you might want to pick is Shizuka. It is derived from the words shizu, which means 'quiet', and ka, which means ‘fragrance’. It is a name you often come across in Japan’s popular culture, including in manga and anime series.

Traditional Boy Names That Mean Quiet

Below is a list of boy names that mean silence, that you might want to select for your little one.

1. Aarav (Indian origin), meaning ‘peaceful’ or ‘calm’, derived from the Sanskrit word rav.

2. Axel (Scandinavian origin), derived from the biblical name Absalom, meaning ‘harbinger of peace’.

3. Calum (Scottish origin), translates to ‘dove’, the bird of peace.

4. Frederick or Fritz (English origin), the English variant of Friedrich, means ‘peaceful ruler’.

5. Geoffrey (German origin), the medieval spelling of Jeffrey, means ‘divine peace’.

6. Humphrey (English origin), derived from the French Humfrey, means ‘peaceful warrior’. Humphrey Bogart was a famous Hollywood actor.

7. Kamau (African origin), translates to ‘quiet warrior’.

8. Manfred (German origin), derived from Old German and translates to ‘man of peace’.

9. Oliver (French origin), taken from the Olivier, represents the olive branch.

10. Paz (Spanish origin), it means ‘peace’.

11. Placido (Italian origin), it means ‘tranquil’ or ‘quiet’.

12. Stellan (Swedish origin), it means ‘calm’ or ‘peaceful’.

13. Wilfred (English origin), derived from the wilfrith, means ‘desiring peace’.

14. Tacito (Italian and Spanish origin), derived from Tacitus, this name means ‘silent’.

15. Tihomir (Slavic origin), derived from tikh and mir which mean ‘quiet and peace’.

Traditional Girl Names That Mean Quiet

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Here are some baby names for girls that translate to silence, shyness or other quiet-related meanings.

16. Aquene (Native American origin), pronounced aa-key-neh, this name translates to ‘peace’.

17. Clementine (French origin), derived from clemens, means ‘the one who shows mercy’.

18. Dianthe (Greek origin), signifies a girl who is silent and gentle.

19. Dove (English origin), symbolizes the bird of peace and the Holy Spirit.

20. Frida or Fredericka (English origin), means 'peace' and is the feminine version of the male Frederick.

21. Halinka (Greek origin), it means ‘tranquil’ or ‘silent’.

22. Irene (Greek origin), derived from Eirene who was the Greek goddess of peace.

23. Laqueta (African origin), meaning ‘silent girl’.

24. Mikalah (English origin), a name given to a shy and beautiful girl.

25. Mira (Slavic origin), derived from Mir, meaning ‘peace’.

26. Mirela (Romanian origin), derived from Mirella, meaning ‘peace’.

27. Nalani (Hawaiian origin), meaning ‘divine skies’.

28. Olivia (French origin), feminine version of the male Oliver. Represents an olive branch which is a symbol of peace and forgiveness.

29. Paloma (Spanish origin), represents the dove, which is a messenger of peace.

30. Pacifica (Spanish origin), a name derived from the Pacific Ocean and means ‘peaceful’.

31. Sakina (Arabic origin), derived from the word sukun, meaning 'tranquility' and 'peacefulness'.

32. Sayna (Arabic origin), a beautiful girl name which translates to ‘silent’.

33. Serena or Serenity (Latin origin), derived from serēnus, meaning ‘serene’ or ‘calm’.

34. Tacey (Latin origin), meaning ‘to be silent’.

35. Tihana (Croatian origin), translates to ‘quiet’ or ‘shy’.

36. Tiombe (African origin), meaning ‘someone who is shy’.

37. Tullia (Romanian origin), meaning ‘silent’ or ‘peaceful’.

Unisex Names That Mean Quiet

The following are some gender neutral baby names that sound oh-so peaceful.

38. Coy (Middle English origin), translates to ‘quiet woods’.

39. Diara (African origin), means ‘gift of love’ and is a name given to boys or girls who are quiet and gentle.

40. Galen (Greek origin), a unisex name derived from Galenus meaning ‘calm’.

41. Hien (Vietnamese name), meaning ‘docile’ and ‘gentle’.

42. Noah (Hebrew origin), you can finds its origins in the Bible, it means ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’.

43. Nyein (Burmese origin), meaning ‘calm’ or ‘quiet’.

44. Shiloh (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘peaceful sanctuary’.

Ancient Names That Mean Quiet

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Below are some names in older languages that signify the power of silence!

45. Amity (Middle English origin) (F), meaning ‘harmony’.

46. Arcadia (Greek origin) (F), a name for a girl that means ‘a region of peace and prosperity’.

47. Concord or Concordia (Middle English origin) (M/F), meaning ‘peace’.

48. Jaylen (Greek origin) (M), derived from Galen, denotes someone who is tranquil.

49. Paxton (Latin origin) (M/F), literally translates to ‘peaceful town’.

50. Salem or Salome (Hebrew origin) (M/F), meaning ‘peace’.

Names From Asia That Mean Quiet

Here are some names of Asian origins that mean quiet.

51. Aghosha (Indian origin) (M), meaning ‘quiet or ‘mute’.

52. An (Chinese origin) (M/F), meaning ‘quiet and graceful’.

53. Benjiro (Japanese origin) (M), a sweet name that means ‘someone who enjoys peace’.

54. Diksheeka (Indian origin) (F), a name for a girl meaning ‘simple and quiet’.

55. Jing (Chinese origin) (F), meaning ‘gentle and still’.

56. Jeong (Korean origin) (M/F), meaning ‘still’, ‘quiet’, or ‘gentle’.

57. Kazuki (Japanese origin) (M), meaning ‘hope of peace’.

58. Kioshi (Japanese origin) (M/F), meaning ‘pure and quiet’.

59. Lajila (Indian origin) (F), a girl’s name that means ‘shy’.

60. Maun or Mauni (Indian origin) (M/F), literally translates to ‘silence’.

61. Nirav (Indian origin) (M), derived from Sanskrit, means ‘tranquil’ or ‘calm’.

62. Reizo (Japanese origin) (M), meaning ‘calm’.

63. Shanti (Indian origin) (F), a girl’s name meaning ‘tranquility’ or ‘silence’.

64. Yasu (Japanese origin) (M/F), meaning ‘peaceful’ and ‘calm’.

65. Yen (Vietnamese origin) (M/F), translates to ‘serene’.

Less Common Names That Mean Peaceful

Here are a few less popular, yet still beautiful, baby names with meanings.

66. Akpofure (African origin) (M), translates to ‘peaceful life’.

67. Enkhtuya (Mongolian origin) (M/F), meaning ‘light of peace’.

68. Femke (Dutch origin) (F), taken from Femme and is a variation of Fried, meaning ‘peaceful girl’.

69. Kagiso (African origin) (F), meaning ‘peace’.

70. Uxue (Spanish origin) (F), a name given to girls, meaning ‘dove’.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for names that mean quiet then why not take a look at these names that mean kind, or for something different take a look at these strong girl names.

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