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Top 100 Nature Inspired Names Meaning Earth

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Giving your baby an earthy name is a wonderful way to salute mother nature.

Right now, the whole world is facing the harmful impacts of decades of environmental damage and the global community has been taking eco-friendly measures to protect our planet. Why not show your support to our home by giving your baby one of these names meaning earth.

Names that mean earth can offer stability and grounding. At the same time, they give a bohemian, fresh, and timeless feel. Some names reflect the calm and delightful parts of nature, whilst some names represent the strong and resilient aspects. They can also be a great choice for an earth sign baby.

We have done our research and compiled a list of the best earth names for boys, girls and even unisex ones. Our list has many baby names meaning earth, and also some baby names inspired by nature. This includes baby names from all over the globe, baby names inspired by religion and folklore, and baby names describing the wonderful, natural features of our planet.

So, for that perfect, natural name for your baby check out this top 100 list of baby names that mean earth.

Girls Names

Mother and daughter under a pink flower tree

Many earth names for girls are associated with the most beautiful aspects of nature including precious stones, vast areas of flora, and strong female protectors of our planet. These names have a lot of personality: they are strong and organic, yet whimsical and simply stunning. Search no further, here is a list of the best earth baby names for your girl along with their meanings.

1.Abelia (Hebrew origin) meaning "breath of life", exactly what the earth is to us.

2.Abeline (Hebrew) means meadow.

3.Adamina (Hebrew origin) the feminine of Adam meaning "of the red earth".

4.Afra (Arabic/Hebrew) means the colour of earth and a unique name for your girl.

5.Amethyst (Greek) a precious gem, the birthstone for February,

6.Autumn (Latin) perfect if your baby girl is born this time of year.

7.Avani (Sanskrit origin) a beautiful ancient Hindu name translating to earthly.

8.Azalea (Hebrew) has a couple of meanings. It can mean flower but can also mean the dry soil it needs to grow.

9.Bhumi (Indian origin) one of the many girl names from the subcontinent that mean earth.

10.Chantal (French) means derived from a stony place.

11.Dhara (Sanskrit) meaning earth.

12.Demeter (Greek origin) in mythology is the goddess of agriculture, and many refer to her as the earth mother.

13.Eartha (English) a true homage to nature, probably one of the most earthy baby names.

14.Eden (Hebrew origin) means place of delight and inspired by the famous biblical garden of Eden.

15.Eira (Welsh) an ethereal girl name meaning snow.

16.Ela (Indian origin) another short and sweet girl name meaning earth.

17.Flora (Latin origin) meaning flower, she is also the Roman goddess of Spring.

18.Gaia (Greek origin)  in mythology she is the goddess who presided over Earth.

19.Ilana (Hebrew) meaning tree.

20.Isla (Greek origin) this name means island and has a tropical feel.

21.Jade (Spanish) is a green gemstone and precious name for your baby girl.

22.Kaya (Turkish) means rock or cliff.

23.Keithia (old English) an ethereal baby girl name meaning forest.

24.Lana (Gaelic origin) meaning "little rock" this name is perfect for a strong girl.

25.Mahi (Indian origin) in Indian mythology, she is the Earth goddess. In many languages Mahi means fish.

26.Meadow (Old English) name meaning a field of grass.

27.Midori (Japanese) meaning green, this name is a lovely ode to nature.

28.Montana (Spanish origin) meaning mountain, this name signifies strength.

29.Opal (Sanskrit origin) a beautiful name for your precious baby girl.

30.Papa (Polynesian origin) the goddess of earth in Maori mythology, a unique and mythical name.

31.Pearl (English) the birthstone of June and a pretty name for your baby girl.

32.Petra (Greek origin) meaning rock, and the feminine form of Peter.

33.Prairie (French) a sweet-sounding girl name used to describe the American wilderness.

34.Rochelle (French origin) meaning "little rock".

35.Sapphire (Hebrew) a beautiful blue stone.

36.Savannah (Spanish/Taino, native American origin) a tropical grassland or open plain, and an earthy girl name.

37.Sienna (Italian origin) is red earth.

38.Sierra (Spanish) means mountain.

39.Wekasa (African origin) means born during harvest, a baby girl name inspired by gifts from the ground.

Boys Names

Many boy nature names reflect the powerful, strong, and awe-inspiring aspects of our planet. One of these names is sure to set up your boy to be successful and with compassion for the environment. Here is our list of the best nature baby names for boys and their meanings.

A little boy looking curiously at the sunflower

40.Aaron (Hebrew origin) means high mountain.

41.Adam (Hebrew origin) a biblical name meaning "of the red earth".

42.Akamu (Hawaiian) this tropical name means formed by god or earth.

43.Atlas (Greek origin) a titan who bore the heavens and held up the Earth on his shoulders.

44.Bardo (Danish) is "son of the earth".

45.Bartlett (Hebrew) meaning "son of the red earth"

46.Beaumont (French origin) meaning "beautiful mountain", this is a powerful name for boys.

47.Benton (English origin) means "bent grass settlement" this name is shared by the main character of the cartoon "Ben 10".

48.Brandon (English origin) meaning brown hill.

49.Canyon (Spanish origin) inspired by the Grand Canyon? This name means a rocky hill.

50.Cephas (Greek origin) this name means rock or stone.

51.Clay (English) an example of a name that quite literally can mean earth.

52.Damek (Slavic) means "son of the red earth".

53.Dionne (Greek origin) also a popular French name, it means "child of heaven and Earth".

54.Eben (Hebrew) means "stone of help".

55.Enki (Sumerian) is lord of the Earth in Sumerian mythology and an interesting rare name.

56.Forest (Latin origin) means woodsman or the woods.

57.Geo (Greek origin) meaning earth.

58.Glyn (Welsh) meaning valley.

59.Haran (Hebrew) means hill.

60.Heath (Old English) is a shrubland habitat and makes a handsome name.

61.Kaj (Danish) a unique baby name that means earth.

62.Kerr (Scottish) means rough wet ground.

63.Ki (Sumerian) is the Sumerian goddess of the Earth and a punchy earth name.

64.Lambert (German) a name based on German words for "land" and "bright"

65.Lance (German origin) means land.

66.Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "nature lover" this is the perfect name for those who love mother Earth.

67.Pierce (Welsh origin) meaning rock.

68.Ridge (English) a narrow and rough edge of a mountaintop.

69.Rocky (Italian) this name means stony, a name for strong boys.

70.Seb (Egyptian) the ancient Egyptian god of the Earth, it makes a bold baby name.

71.Slate (English origin) metamorphic rock.

72.Tamar (Hebrew) means a palm tree.

73.Tlaloc (Aztec origin) a very rare name that means "of the earth".

74.Vale (English origin)  meaning valley and a poetic boy's name.

75.Vermont (French origin) means a green mountain.

76.Zion (Hebrew origin) in the bible, this is the promised holy land.

Unisex Names

Times have evolved and now this generation of parents is giving baby names that blur the boundaries of gender. The earth names in this list may have roots of being ascribed to certain genders, but we think they make great unisex baby names. So, whether you are having a girl or a boy, this list of gender-neutral and unisex baby names meaning earth is sure to conjure that natural vibe. See any earth names we already mentioned above that you want to use as unisex? Go for it!

77.Abungu (African origin) meaning "of the forest" and a rare name for your boy or girl.  

78.Ainsley (Gaelic origin) is a clearing.

79.Aspen (English) is the name of a tree and also means  "like mother Earth"

80.Brier (French origin) a charming name meaning nature.

81.Bryn (Welsh) meaning hill.

82.Daichi (Japanese) one of the characters, chi, means earth.

83.Denver (English origin) means born in a green valley.

84.Eben (Hebrew) meaning stone.

85.Eco (Latin origin) for the environmentally conscious this is a perfect baby name.

86.Farley (English origin) this name is old English for a woodland clearing.

87.Genesis (Hebrew origin) a name inspired by the beginning of time and the start of the Earth.

88.Hadley (English) meaning heather field.

89.Juniper (Latin) from the word Juniperus meaning evergreen.

90.Karma (Sanskrit) what goes around comes around. Does not mean earth, but a reminder to protect it.

91.Kun (Chinese) a short and sweet that translates to earth.

92.Landon (English origin) this name means "long hill".

93.Lesley (Gaelic origin) means a small meadow.

94.Onyx (Greek) a jet black stone.

95.Pankaja (Sanskrit) referring to a lotus flower, this name means "born of mud".

96.Pembroke (English) is a headland, a narrow strip of land out at sea.

97.Riku (Japanese) means land.

98.Terra (Latin origin) not only means planet Earth but is also the Roman Goddess of Earth.

99.Teva (Hebrew) meaning nature, this is a great earth name.

100.Yuri (Russian) Meaning "earth-worker", this name is for nature-lovers.

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