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Top 117 Serbian Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Have you been searching through baby names looking for the perfect title to call your new arrival? Why not look through some Serbian names to find a unique and beautiful name to suit your child!

From A to Z, these popular Serbian names for both boys and girls are elegant, stoic and very meaningful. If you're looking for the perfect name to call your child, check out this list of 120 of the most popular Serbian names for babies.

Some of these names look like they may require more understanding of pronunciation, so Kidadl is here to help! Most of these baby names are accompanied by phonics to show you how the name is pronounced.

Fun Fact: To help with your pronunciation, in Serbia the letter "j" creates the same sound the letter "y" makes in English.

Serbian Girl Names

Here are fifty of the most popular Serbian baby names for girls. From Adrijana to Xenia, these Slavic girl names are so elegant and meaningful, perhaps one of these names will be the one you choose for your new baby girl.

1) Adrijana (ade-ri-yana): the Serbian feminine form of the name Adrien, meaning "sea" or "water".

2) Aleksandra: Greek origin, meaning "defender or helper of man".

3) Ana: Hebrew origin, meaning "favour" or "grace".

4)Anja (an-ya): Russian origin, meaning "gracious".

5) Bojana (bo-yana): Serbian origin, meaning "battle".

6) Branka: Serbian origin, meaning "to defend" or "to protect".

7) Dijana (di-yana): Serbian form of the name Diana, meaning "heavenly, divine, shining one".

8) Dragana: Slavic origin, meaning "precious".

9) Elena: Greek origin, meaning "bright shining light".

10) Evidokija (ev-ee-doh-kiya): Greek origin, meaning "she whose fame or judgement is good".

11) Galina: Russian and Slavic origin, meaning "calm healer".

12) Gorana: Serbian origin, meaning "mountain woman" or "woman from the highlands".

13) Hana: Serbian form of Hannah which means "grace" or "hope".

14) Irina: Russian origin, meaning "peace".

15) Iva: Slavic origin, meaning "God is gracious".

16) Ivana: Serbian origin, meaning "gift from the heavens".

17) Jana: Hebrew origin, meaning "God is gracious".

18) Katarina: Slavic origin, meaning "pure".

19) Katya: Russian origin, meaning "pure".

20) Leposava: Serbian origin, meaning "beauty".

21) Lidija (lid-ee-ya): Serbian form of the name Lydia, which means "beautiful one" or "noble one".

22) Malina: Slavic origin, meaning "raspberry".

23) Maja (my-ah): this name has many different meanings in different cultures, in Serbia it can mean "splendid".

24) Milena: Serbian origin, meaning "gracious", "pleasant" or "dear".

25) Milicia: Serbian origin, meaning "kind" and "dear".

26) Mina: this name has many meanings across different cultures, in Serbia it can mean "protection" or "guardian".

27) Nadia/Nadiya: Slavic origin, meaning "hope".

28) Nevena: Slavic origin, meaning "flower".

29) Nikolina: Greek origin, meaning "victorious people".

30) Nina: Russian origin, meaning "flower".

31) Olga: Russian origin, meaning "holy".

32) Petra: Greek origin, meaning "stone" or "rock".

33) Radmila: Serbian origin, meaning "happiness" and "sweet".

34) Ruslana: Russian origin, meaning "lion".

35) Ruža (roo-ja): Serbian origin, meaning "rose".

36) Sanja (san-ya): this name has many meanings, in Russian, it derives from the name Alexandra, which means "defender of men". In Serbian, it comes from the word "sanjati", meaning "dreamer".

37) Slađana (slad-dyana): Serbian origin, meaning "sweet".

38) Sofija (sof-iya): Greek origin, meaning "wisdom, knowledge, teaching".

39) Svetlana: Russian origin, meaning "light" or "holy".

40) Tamara: Russian origin, meaning "palm tree".

41) Teodora: Slavic origin, meaning "gift of God".

42) Tijana (tee-yana): Serbian origin, meaning "silent".

43) Valeria: Latin origin, meaning "to be strong".

44) Vesna: Slavic origin, meaning "spring".

45) Viktorija: Serbian form of Victoria, meaning "triumphant".

46) Violeta: Serbian origin, meaning "violet".

47) Vladana: Serbian origin, feminine form of Vladimir which means "to rule".

48) Xenia: Greek and Slavic origins, meaning "hospitality".

49) Zora: Serbian name, meaning "dawn".

50) Zorica: Slavic origin, meaning "dawn" or "aurora".

Famous Serbian Women

Here is a list of some well-known Serbian women whose accomplishments have made a real difference in the world. These strong women have inspired people all over the globe, perhaps one of the following girl names will be the one you would like to call your new baby girl.

51) Draga: Serbian name, meaning "dragon". Draga Ljočić was the first Serbian female doctor and a major figure in the Serbian women's rights movement.

52) Isidora: Serbian name meaning "gift of the Goddess Isis". Isidora Sekulić was a major female writer in Serbian literature.

53) Jelislaveta: a Serbian name with Hebrew origins, it means "God is my oath". Jelislaveta Načić was the first female Serbian architect and the first female chief of architecture in the capital city, Belgrade.

54) Ksenija: a Serbian name derived from Greek, meaning "hospitality". Ksenija Atanasijević was the first major female Serbian philosopher.

55) Nadežda: a Slavic name meaning "hope". Nadežda Petrović was an iconic Serbian expressionist painter.

56) Mileva: a Slavic name that means "gracious" or "dear". Mileva Marić was the only female student of Albert Einstein, many people believe she did a lot of behind the scenes work in discovering the Theory of Relativity.

57) Milunka: the feminine form of Miloš, meaning "kind". Milunka Savić famously took her brother's place in the Serbian army during the Second Balkan War and worked hard to ensure the orphans of the war had a place to go.

58) Maga: a Slavic name that means "blood relative". Maga Magazinović brought modern dance to Serbia and was a key figure in their women's rights movement.

Serbian Boy Names

A baby boy sleeping with his teddy bear

Serbian male names are strong and stoic. From Aleksandar to Zlatan, one of these popular Serbian boy names could be a unique and fabulous name to choose for your baby boy.

59) Aca: Serbian origin, short form of Aleksandar which means "defender of man".

60) Aleksandar: Slavic origin, meaning "defender of man".

61) Andrej: Serbian origin, meaning "strong".

62) Blaža (blah-ja): Serbian origin, meaning "sweet, good".

63) Bogdan: Slavic name meaning "God given".

64) Boris: a Slavic name with many meanings including "wolf", "battle", "glory" and "fame".

65) Branko: Serbian origin, meaning "protection" and "glory".

66) Cvetko (s-vet-co): Serbian origin, meaning "blossom".

67) Damir: Slavic origin, meaning "peace giver".

68) Dario: this name has many meanings across different cultures including "upholder of good", "affluent" and "rich".

69) Dragoš (drag-osh): Slavic origins, meaning "dear, beloved".

70) Emil: Latin origin, meaning "rival".

71) Gavro: Serbian name, meaning "able-bodied child of God" or "messenger of God".

72) Gerašim: Slavic name, meaning "respectable" or "honourable elder".

73) Gradimir: Slavic origin, meaning "builder".

74) Goran: Serbian name meaning "highlander" or "mountain man".

75) Igor: Russian origin, meaning "warrior".

76) Ivan: Serbian name, meaning "God is gracious".

77) Ivko: Slavic name, meaning "gift".

78) Jablan: Slavic name, meaning "poplar tree".

79) Jakov: Hebrew origin, meaning "supplanter" or "held by the heel".

80) Kazimir: Slavic origin, meaning "destroyer of peace".

81) Konstantin: Slavic origin, referring to the name of the Roman Emperor Constantine, meaning "constant" or "steadfast".

82) Krazimir: Slavic name meaning, "beautiful" or "world peace".

83) Krisitijan (krist-ee-yan): Serbian form of the name Christian, meaning "follower of Christ".

84) Maksim: Serbian form of the Latin name Maxim, meaning "the greatest".

85) Matija (mat-eey-ya): Serbian name, derived from Matthew meaning "gift of the Lord".

86) Milan: Slavic name meaning "kind".

87) Miloš (mill-osh): Slavic name meaning "lover of glory".

88) Miro: Serbian name, meaning "peace" and "world".

89) Nemanja (neman-ya): Serbian name meaning "persistence" or "not to let go".

90) Nikola: Serbian name with Greek origin, meaning "victory of the people".

91) Novica: Latin origin, meaning "just".

92) Oleg: Slavic name, meaning "holy", "sacred" or "blessed".

93) Ozren: Slavic name meaning "to look", also the name of three mountains in Serbia.

94) Perica: Serbian form of Peter, meaning "stone".

95) Radimir: Serbian name meaning "joy" and "peace".

96) Relja (rey-ya): Serbian name, meaning "wing".

97) Rodavan: Serbian name, meaning "care" or "he who is joyful".

98) Sergej (ser-jay): Serbian name, derived from the Latin name Servus, meaning "servant".

99) Slobodan (slo-boa-dan): Serbian name, meaning "freedom" and "liberty".

100) Tadej: Serbian name with Greek origin, meaning "heart", "courageous" and "friend".

101) Todor: Slavic name, meaning "gift of God".

102) Velimir: Serbian name, meaning "great" and "peace, prestige".

103) Vladimir: Slavic name, meaning "of great power" or "ruler of the world".

104) Vojkan (voy-kan): Serbian name, deriving from the name Vojislav which means "he who wins fame in war" or "famous warrior".

105) Zivko: Serbian name meaning "life" or "alive".

106) Zlatan: Slavic name, meaning "golden".

107) Zoran: Serbian name, masculine form of Zora which means "dawn", "daybreak" or "aurora".

Famous Serbian Men

Here are some key figures in Serbian culture who have achieved great things, maybe your new baby boy will share a name with an influential Serbian man.

108) Emir: a Slavic name that means "command" or "local king". Emir Kusturica is an award-winning Serbian artist, director and architect.

109) Dušan: a Serbian name that means "soul". Dušan Čarls Simić is a prestigious, award-winning Serbian poet.

110) Ivo: Celtic origins, this name means "yew". Ivo Andrić was a famous Serbian writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.

111) Karl: this name has connections in many different cultures, in Serbian, it means "free man" or "husband". Karl Malden is the first Serbian Oscar-winning actor.

112) Mihajlo: the Serbian form of Micheal, meaning "he who is like God". Mijhajlo Pupin was a founder of NASA.

113) Novak: a Slavic family name, meaning "new". Novak Đodović is one of the best male tennis players in the world.

114) Paja: this is the Serbian form of the name Paul, which means "small" or "humble". Paja Jovanović was a famous Serbian painter in the 1800's.

115) Vasko: this is a short form of the name Václav, meaning "more glory" or "wreath of glory". Vasko Popa was a famous Serbian writer and academic figure.

116) Vlade: derived from the Serbian name Vladimir, meaning "to rule". Vlade Divac is one of the first Europeans to have a major role on an NBA team.

117) Volter: this Serbian name means "ruler of the army" or "leader of the army". Volter Bogdanić is a Serbian journalist and three-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

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