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Top 100 Stylish Swiss Names For Your Baby

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Switzerland is a beautiful country that is known for its culture and history.

Switzerland is a country of many languages with most of the top Swiss names being derived from French, German, or Latin origins. This leads to a huge variety of names that are all equally adorable.

So, what's a better country that'll provide the best list of names with variant origins, meanings, and beliefs? None other than Switzerland. Throughout this list, we'll share with you our top 100 Swiss names for your baby boy or baby girl. Whether you're looking for a typical or a special name, we've got you covered.

For more European baby names inspiration, take a look at French Boys' Names and German Girl Names.

Traditional Swiss Boy Names

Looking for a list of traditional Swiss names to choose from? Here are the most typical Swiss boys' names Switzerland adores.

1.Adrian (Latin origin), meaning 'a man from Hadria', a Roman town.

2.Alexander (Greek origin), meaning 'defender' or 'protector', made popular thanks to Alexander the Great.

3.Bruno (German origin), meaning 'brown'. It's quite popular thanks to the pop artist Bruno Mars.

4.Conrad (German origin), meaning 'brave'.

5.David (Hebrew origin), meaning 'beloved', David was a very popular boys' medieval name that can be used as Davidson for a last name.

6.Elijah (Hebrew origin),  a Hebrew prophet.

7.Eric (Old Norse origin), 'meaning 'ever ruler'. A  beautiful, masculine baby name for boys.

8.Felix (Latin origin), meaning 'happy'. A very popular Swiss name for baby boys.

9.Finn (Irish origin), meaning 'fair', the name of an Irish mythical hero. Finn is widely used all across Switzerland.

10.Florian (Latin origin), meaning 'flower', one of the most popular swiss boys' names.

11.Franco (Latin origin), meaning 'free' or 'Frenchman'. This name is mostly used as a last name, like James Franco, the actor.

12.Frédéric/ Frederick (French origin), meaning 'peaceful ruler'.

13.Gabriel (Hebrew origin), the name of an archangel meaning 'God is my strength'.  A perfect first name for a baby boy.

14.Giovanni/Gian (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God is gracious'.

15.Hans (German origin), has the same meaning as Giovanni and was widely used in medieval times.

16.Jakob/Jacob (Hebrew origin), the son of Isaac in the Old Testament. It's quite a popular baby name among English-speakers.

17.Jason (Greek origin), meaning 'healer'. It's another beautiful first name for baby boys.

18.Jean (English origin), another adorable baby name meaning 'God is gracious'.

19.Joel (Hebrew origin),  a biblical name of one of the prophets of the Old Testament. Joel is among the most popular Swiss boys' names.

20.Julian/Julien (Latin origin), meaning 'youthful'. Julian is derived from a family of Roman emperors.

21.Leo (Latin origin), another one of the most typical Swiss names for boys, meaning 'lion'.

22.Leon (Greek origin), meaning 'lion', Leon is a variation of Leo and it would make for an adorable first name for baby boys.

23.Levi (Hebrew origin), meaning 'joined' or 'attached'. It's one of the cutest biblical first names.

24.Liam (Irish origin), short for William meaning 'will-helmet'. One of the top first names in Switzerland.

25.Lorenzo (Latin origin), meaning 'laurel'. Lorenzo is a popular Italian and Spanish first name that was used by Shakespeare in his play The Merchant of Venice.

26.Lukas (Italian and Greek origins), meaning 'from Lucania' or 'bringer of light'. It has other variants in many languages like Luca, Lucas, and Luke.

27.Luis (French origins), meaning 'warrior'. It's derived from Louis, which is an incredibly popular medieval name among French royals.

28.Marco (Italian origin), meaning 'to Mars', the Roman God. It's the Italian variation of Mark or Marcus.

29.Matteo (Italian origin), meaning 'gift of God'., a beautiful baby name for boys.

30.Nathanael/Nathaniel (Hebrew origins), meaning 'God has given' and is mentioned in the New Testament.

31.Nikolas (Greek origin), meaning 'victory of the people'. It's popular in many languages and has several variations including Nicholas, Nicolas, and Nico.

32.Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning 'rest', the builder of Noah's Ark in the Old Testament. It's one of those names Switzerland love.

33.Noël (Latin origin), meaning 'Christmas. it's one of the best first names for your baby boy.

34.Oskar/Oscar (English and Irish origins), meaning 'spear of God' or 'deer friend'. It's a very popular baby name in Europe, especially Switzerland.

35.Timeo (Greek origin), an Italian name meaning 'honor', perfect for baby boys.

36.Valerio (Latin origin), a Roman last name. One of the most romantic first names for boys.

Traditional Swiss Girl Names

Swiss female names are like no other. Check these first names for your baby girl.

37.Agatha (Greek origin), meaning 'good'. It's a baby name that was made popular thanks to Agatha Christie.

38.Amelie (French origin), meaning 'hardworking', a beautiful baby name for girls.

39.Anna (Hebrew origin), meaning 'graceful'. It's also one of those old Swiss names that are loved by many.

40.Aria/Arya (Italian origin), meaning 'melody'.

41.Cara/Kara (Italian origin), meaning 'dear' or 'beloved'. It's such a sweet baby name.

42.Carmen (Latin origin), meaning 'poem' or 'song'. It's a baby name that can be used for boys and girls.

43.Celia (Latin origin), meaning 'heaven'. A beautiful first name for a baby.

44.Chloe/Khloe (Greek origin), meaning  'blooming'. It's one of the top first names in many countries, not just Switzerland.

45.Clara (Latin origin), meaning 'clear', one of those first names Switzerland adores.

46.Clarissa (Latin origin), derived from Clara. It's one of the most feminine names in Switzerland.

47.Elena (Greek origin), meaning 'light' or 'torch'.

48.Ella (German, and English origins), it's a first name that has many meanings; in English 'fairy',  in German 'all' and, in Hebrew 'goddess'.

49.Elsa (Hebrew origin), a form of Elizabeth meaning 'oath to God'.

50.Emilia (Latin origin), meaning 'rival'.

51.Eva (Hebrew origin), meaning 'life'.

52.Flurina (Latin origin), meaning 'flower'. A popular baby name in Switzerland.

53.Francoise (French origin), meaning 'from France'.

54.Gigi (French origin),  meaning "earth-worker'. It was made popular thanks to Gigi Hadid.

55.Ilaria (Italian origin), meaning 'happy'.

56.Irene (Greek origin), the goddess of peace in Greek mythology.

57.Isabella (Hebrew origin), Italian variation of Elizabeth.

58.Joelle (Hebrew and French origins), a biblical name, and the female variation of Joel.

59.Julia (Latin origin), meaning 'youthful', a variation of Julian.

60.Julie/Juliette (Latin origin), another form of Julia.

61.Leonie (Greek origin), meaning 'lioness', the female variation of Leon.

62.Luisa (French origins), meaning 'warrior', the female variation of Luis.

63.Luna (Italian), the Roman goddess of the moon. It's one of the most beautiful girl baby names in Switzerland.

64.Lydia (Greek origin),  was a place on the west of Asia Minor. It's an adorable baby name.

65.Malea/Malia (Hawaiian origin), meaning 'bitter'. It's also believed to be derived from Mary.

66.Maria (Hebrew origin), meaning 'of the sea' or 'bitter' and is derived from Mary.

67.Marie (Hebrew and French origins), the French variation of Mary.

68.Mia (Italian origin), meaning 'mine'. It's a popular name all across the world.

69.Natalie (French and Latin origins), meaning 'Christmas day'.

70.Nina (Spanish and Greek origin), meaning 'baby girl' or 'pure'. It's a beautiful baby name for a girl. It also has other meanings in different languages.

71.Océane (French origin), meaning ocean.

72.Sarah (Hebrew origin), a biblical name meaning 'lady'.

73.Sophia/Sofia (Greek origin), meaning 'wisdom'. It's quite a typical name in Switzerland.

74.Sophie/Sofie (Greek origin), the French variation of the name Sophia.

75.Yasmina (Persian origin), meaning Jasmine.

76.Zoe/Zoey/Zoë (Greek origin), a beautiful baby name meaning 'life'.

Swiss names are both traditional and unique so you can choose from the many out there for your baby.

Unique Swiss Boy Names

Who doesn't love special Swiss boys' names? Here are our top picks for baby boys.

77.Alvarez (Spanish origin), originally a last name meaning 'sons of Alvaro'.

78.Desiderio (Spanish and Italian origins), meaning 'desired'. It's a perfect name for boys.

79.Dorian (Greek origin), meaning 'from Doris', an area in ancient Greece. It was made popular thanks to The Picture of Dorian Gray.

80.Francisque (French origin), a variation of the name Francis.

81.Gerfried (German origin), meaning 'the spear of peace'.

82.Koloman (German and Latin origins), meaning 'dove'.

83.Laurent (French origin), derived from 'Laurel'. One of the classiest Swiss first names for boys.

84.Lugano (Italian origin), a town in southern Switzerland.

85.Othello (Italian origin), another name used by Shakespeare.

86.Renard (French origin), meaning 'fox'.

87.Wolfgang (German origin), meaning 'traveling wolf'. Mozart's first name and it can also be used as a last name.

88.Yves (French origin), meaning 'yew', a type of tree. An ideal baby name for boys.

Unique Swiss Girl Names

If you're seeking the top beautiful Swiss names for your newborn girl, maybe you'll love one of these unique Swiss names.

89.Adelheid (German origin), meaning 'noble', a beautiful baby name, indeed.

90.Albina (Latin origin), meaning 'white'.

91.Aloisia (German origin), meaning 'famous fighter'.

92.Chantal (French origin),  meaning 'stone'. It was originally used as a last name.

93.Claudia (Latin origin), derived from Claudus, it means 'lame'. However, it's one of the sweetest Swiss baby names out there.

94.Fabienne (French origin), meaning 'Bean Grower'. It's another incredibly sweet Swiss baby name.

95.Fiorella (Italian origin), meaning 'small flower'.

96.Geneva (French origin), a city in Switzerland.

97.Laetitia/Letitia (Latin origin), meaning 'joy'.

98.Lys (Hebrew origin), another first name derived from Elizabeth.

99.Valentina (Latin origin), meaning 'strong' and 'healthy'.

100. Veronique (French origin), meaning 'who brings victory' and it's a form of Veronica.

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