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40+ Vistani Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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We've brought you the best names for your Vistani characters that you can use for your characters.

Curse of Strahd is a trendy addition to the classic dark fantasy roleplaying game, Dragons and Dungeons adventure module I6: Ravenloft. The game is everything a horror fan could look for.

The game has been called the greatest roleplaying game ever (though your group will be the judge of that!) The game encourages the player to unravel the mysteries of Ravenloft; you are invited to dinner with the vampire Count Strahd,  the master of the Castle Ravenloft and the story unravels from there...

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About Ravenloft

As a campaign setting, Ravenloft is a fictional place for the DnD gameplay. In this campaign setting, Strahd Von Zarovich is a vampire and the first Darklord.

The Curse of Strahd is a gripping horror fantasy game.

Who Are The Vistani Tribe?

The game also features a Vistani tribe who are nomads with a plethora of horses and barrel-top wagons ready. They are also called The Vistani of Barovia. They are a wandering tribe of human variants who adopted the Land of the Mists as their home centuries ago. It is believed that their original homeland is lost or maybe is mythical.

Vistani are flamboyant, loving, and welcoming. They treat everyone as their friend, even if they have just met someone and unless you are their enemy. Vistani have an outlook that music, dance, and wine are the medicine for the soul, and indulge in it often. They are a loud, cheery group of people who are great storytellers. Vistani gather to take their items to Barovia to trade with other villages but rarely trade their items with Barovians. They have a mistrust towards these people and generally alienate them. However, they are much more welcoming towards others from different lands.

The Vistani are a fantasy race in Dungeons and Dragons.

Vistani names often sound German, French, British, Slavic, or even Italian, depending on where the tribe is from. We  have listed some common Vistani names and some that are utterly unique, though of course the options endless, these are just our favourites.

Gender Neutral Names For Vistanis

Here is the list of names that are gender neutral and can be used for all genders.

1.  Alin (Turkish Origin) meaning "To soothe" and "noble".

2.  Brinn (Welsh Origin) meaning "Mound" or "Hill".

3.  Leran (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [le-ran] meaning "My Song".

Male Names For Vistanis

This is a list of fantastic names for Vistani characters, maybe one of them will be perfect for your next character.

4.  Allisandro (Italian Origin) meaning "Defenders".

5.  Antonio (Italian Origin) meaning "Beyond Praise".

6.  Armand (French Origin) meaning "Army Man.

7.  Arturi (Italian Origin) meaning "Bear" or "Guardian".

8.  Boris (Slavic Origin) meaning "Glorious in battle".

9.  Damius (Greek Origin) meaning "To Tame" or "Subdue".

10.  Dominic (Latin Origin) meaning "Of the Lord".

11.  Emilian (Spanish Origin) meaning "To Strive or Excel".

12.  Enrico (Italian Origin) meaning "Home Ruler".

13.  Giacomo (Italian Origin) meaning "Supplanter".

14.  Kiral (Turkish Origin) meaning "Supreme Chief".

15.   Laszlo (Hungarian Origin) pronounced ['La:slo:] meaning "Glory Rule".

16.  Lomar (English Origin) pronounced [lo-mar] meaning "Son of Omar".

17.  Marius (Latin Origin) pronounced [mar-ius] meaning "Warlike".

18.  Marko (Italian Origin) pronounced [mar-co] meaning "Warlike".

19.  Mattius (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [matt-ius] meaning "Gift of God".

20.  Mikael (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [Mikha'el] meaning "Who is like God".

21.  Milosh (Slavic Origin) pronounced [mil-os] meaning "Compassionate".

22.  Nicolai (Slavic Origin) pronounced [niko-lai] meaning "People of victory".

23.  Pavel (Russian Origin) meaning "Small".

24.  Ratka (Slavic Origin) pronounced [RaeTKAH] meaning "Warrior".

25.  Steffan (Welsh Origin) meaning "Crown".

Female Names For Vistani

The female Vistani named Raunie who had most sight in the camp. Here are some female names for females:

26.  Aliza (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Joyful".

27.  Andrianna (Greek Origin) meaning "Brave".

28.  Annelise (Nordic Origin) pronounced [ah'-neh-lees] meaning " Grace".

29.  Arabella (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [a-rah-bel-la] meaning "Answered Prayer".

30.  Avana (Spanish Origin) meaning "Beautiful Flower".

31.  Cyrilla (Latin Origin) pronounced [SihRIHLAH] meaning "Lordly".

32.  Delanya (Irish Origin) meaning "From the Alder Grove".

33.  Donella (Celtic Origin) pronounced [DowNEHLAH] meaning "Lady".

34.  Eliza (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [ɪlaɪzə] meaning "Pledged to God".

35.  Fayina (Russian Origin) pronounced [Fay-IT-Naa] meaning "the free one".

36.  Helvia (Latin Origin) pronounced [he-lv-ai] meaning "the one with blond hair".

37.  Katrina (Greek Origin) meaning "Pure Heart".

38.  Leyla (Hebrew Origin) pronounced [leɪlə] meaning "Dusk" or "Night".

39.  Ryana (Gaelic Origin) meaning "Queen".

40.  Senda (Spanish Origin) meaning "A sign".

41.  Sonja (Russian Origin) pronounced [ˈs̠o̞njɑ] meaning "Wisdom".

42.  Tilda (German Origin) meaning "Strength in Battle".

43.  Valeska (Slavic Origin) pronounced [Vaa-LEH-SKaa] meaning "Glorious Ruler".

44.  Yvonna (German Origin) pronounced [ɪˈvɒn] meaning "Yew".

45.  Zulmira (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Peace".

We hope you enjoyed this list and you found the perfect name for your Vistani character, if you're looking for something different why not try our lists for Aasimar names or Draconic names.

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