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150+ Walking Team Names That Are Funny, Clever, Or Cute

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Walking is an amazing low impact exercise that can help you stay active and stay social too!

Numerous people around the world love working out in walking teams. They set a time of the day together and venture out of their houses for a walking exercise as a team.

If you have a walking team, you might want to look for clever names for your team or crew. Your search for awesome names for teams is finally over because here is an extensive list of over 150 walking team names that are funny, clever and cute. If you’d like, you can also have a look at these baseball team names and kickball team names for more ideas.

Funny Team Walking Names

An excellent way of finding a name for your walking team is by going the funny way. Take inspiration from walking puns and come up with cool team names and clever names for a team that will make people laugh. Here are some of the most incredibly funny walking team names and the best walking team names that have been inspired by walking puns or puns about walking. We especially love these cool team names such as Walk And A Hard Place, Walkie Talkies, Run Like The Winded and Scrambled Legs!

1. Achilles Walkie Talkies, a walking team that walks superbly.

2. Baby Got Track, funny walking team names don’t get better than this.

3. Baby Steps, a team name as superb as Baby Got Track.

4. Been There, Run That, a funny walking team name.

5. Call Me A Cab, cool team names for walking teams.

6. Chafing The Dream, for a walking team that even dreams about walking.

7. Chasing The Ice Cream Truck, superb team names for teams who love to walk and snack.

8. Not Fast Just Furious, one of the best funny walking team names.

9. Furious Feet, a cool team name similar to Not Fast Just Furious.

10. Heels Up, a good team name for a walking team.

11. Jiggly Business, for a walking team that is always on the move to hustle.

12. Kill-O-Meters, for a walking team that can cover long distances.

13. Leggo Legs, a good team name.

14. Legs Miserables, another one of the best funny walking team names.

15. Lost In Pace, an amazing option.

16. Luke Roadwalkers, team names for walking activities don’t get better than this!

17. Miles To Go Before We Sleep, one of the best walking names for teams.

18. My Called Life, another superb name inspired from a walking pun.

19. Off To Mars, a good team name for walking teams.

20. Watch My Stride, a cool walking team name you will love.

21. Red Hot Chilli Steppers, for a walking team that’s on fire!

22. Road Rage, one of the most hilarious walking team names.

23. Run Like The Winded, another superbly good team name.

24. School Of Walk, a superb option for cool team names.

25. Scrambled Legs, a fantastic name derived from a walking pun.

26. Shaky Soles, for people who aren’t used to the active life.

27. Slow Motion To The Ocean, a walking team name that is funny.

28. Swift Feet, another good team name for a walking team to consider.

29. Tater Trots, a funny walking team name.

30. Tenderfoots, a team name as fantastic as Scrambled Legs.

31. The Breathless Young, one of the best funny walking team names.

32. The Hasty Herd, a superbly good team name for you to choose.

33. The Running Dead, another fantastic walking team name.

34. Tough Thighs, another good team name.

35. Walkaholics, for a walking team that loves to walk.

36. Between A Walk And A Hard Place, for a team who are sometimes reluctant to walk!

37. Walkie Talkies, one of the best step teams names!

38. Wiggly Legs, if you want a name similar to Scrambled Legs, this could be your winner!

Young woman walking with her miniature pincher puppy.

Inspiring Names For Teams

Using inspiring team names for walking is an excellent way to empower everyone and keep them motivated. Here are the best step challenge team names, team names for competitions and empowering walking team names for you to choose from to keep all your members thoroughly motivated.

39. Beating Feet, a great name to inspire people.

40. Born To Run, to inspire people.

41. Cheers To Healthy Hearts, another excellent name.

42. Christopher Walkin, a movie star inspired team name.

43. Dashing Down, for a team that needs just a little bit of cheering up.

44. Dashing To The Finish Line, for fast walkers who no one can stop.

45. Feet On Fire, for walkers who do not want to slow down in life.

46. Feisty Old Men, for a feisty group.

47. It’s Always Walking In Philadelphia, excellent for film fans.

48. Let’s Go Again, for those who want to walk every day.

49.  Ladies, a simple, yet super inspiring, name for an all-women walking group.

50. Long Walk To Freedom, a super empowering name.

51. Marching Feet, another super inspiring name.

52. Mind Over Miles, for people who believe in keeping their mind fit using exercise.

53. No Ubers In Sight, to encourage people to not take a cab.

54. Pounding Feets, a great name for a crew that loves to walk like they are hustling.

55. Rapid Heels, to inspire others to lead an active lifestyle.

56. Road Warriors, for walking groups who love to conquer the road.

57. Rolling Heels, for a walking group that doesn’t want to ever slow down.

58. Rolling Toes, another name similar to Rolling Heels.

59. Runaway Mamas, a super empowering name for an all-female walking team of moms.

60. Run Forrest Run, a movie inspired name.

61. Run Like The Wind, to empower people to run as fast as they can.

62. Steppen Wolves, to empower people to run like the wolves.

63. Stomp The Yard, such a team name would want you to hustle walk all day long.

64. Squad Stay Healthy, another super inspiring name.

65. Team Outta Breath, for an active team that doesn’t want to stop walking.

66. Team Round We Go, for a team that loves to walk around the block together.

67. Time Heels Everything, to empower people to always stay on the move.

68. Together We Can, to inspire people to come together.

69. Too Inspired To Be Tired, for walking lovers!

70. Too Smart To Stop, to inspire people to always keep hustling and walking.

71. Training Wheels, for people who love to train all year round.

72. Walking And Winning, to inspire people.

73. We Run The World, a great Beyonce inspired name.

74. Witness The Fitness, another excellent name.

75. Wonder Women Walk, especially inspiring name for an all-female walking crew.

76. Young And Breathless, to push young people to stay active.

Cute Walking Team Names

Walking group names can also be super cute and jolly. Here are some of the cutest walking team names for your crew to try out.

77. Bubble Runs, a super jolly name.

78. Call Me Achilles, cute name idea.

79. Choo-Choo Runners, the cutest name there ever is.

80. Culture Run, another cute option.

81. Fancy Strides, for active walkers.

82. Fitloose, a cute way to get fitter.

83. Fight The Lazy, another jolly idea.

84. Fitness Foremost, to make health your first priority.

85. Freedom Toes, a cute option.

86. Freedom Heels, another alternative.

87. Got Legs? A cute rhetoric name.

88. Happy Feet, for people who love walking.

89. Happy Laps, a cute alternative.

90. Happy Run, another cute option.

91. Happy Runners, for jolly walking teams.

92. Jiggly Toes, a super cute option.

93. Jolly Miles, another alternative.

94. Little Chicks Walking, for a group of walking kids.

95. Love To Walk, a good idea.

96. Mission Toes, for those on a mission to make fitness a goal.

97. Mission Miles, another good alternative.

98. Moving Mamas, for a group of moms who love to walk.

99. One Track Wonder, another cute one.

100. Power Culture, for strong walking crews.

101. Power Walkers, for active walkers.

102. Pushing Lazy, to keep laziness at bay.

103. Ribbon Walkers, a good idea.

104. Run-A-Mile, to push people to be active.

105. Scrambled Toes, a cute option.

106. Sisters Walk Together, for all-women groups.

107. Super Heels, for more all-women groups.

108. Sweet Soles, another good option.

109. Swift Toes, for all kinds of groups.

110. The Sisterhood Walks, for all-women groups.

111. Tippity Toes, a super cute name.

112. Walkin’ Bunnies, another great name for kids' walking groups.

113. Walking Rangers, another good option.

114. Walk Of Health, a good option.

115. Wonder Trackers, for those who love to track their walks.

Elderly women and caregivers walking.

Walking Team Names For Charity

Lots of walking teams also take part in charity events to raise awareness as well as money for a special cause or person. In such scenarios, it is important to give your walking team a sweet and inspiring name to catch people’s attention. Here are some of the best walking team names for charity.

116. Affairs Of The Heart, for charity walks.

117. Alive Maxim, an excellent option.

118. Bloodline Walk, a good option.

119. Body And Soul, to spread awareness.

120. Finding Health, for charity walks.

121. Free The Mind, for mental health awareness.

122. Free Walkers, another good option.

123. Healing Feet, a good option.

124. Healing Walks, excellent idea.

125. Liberty Walks, one of the best ideas.

126. Light Feet, another good option.

127. Men With A Cause, for an all-male team.

128. Mindful Walk, for mental health awareness walks.

129. Minds Over Matters, another great alternative.

130. Project Happy Feet, walking to help keep people fit.

131. Project Liberty, to keep people active.

132. Project Light Hearts, for those wanting a healthy lifestyle.

133. Project Strength, another good idea.

134. Team Be Well, a good option.

135. Team Genesis, this name is perfect for charity walks.

136. Team Health Walk, to help keep others active.

137. Team Walk Well, a good simple idea.

138. Team Unstoppable, for those who won’t stop.

139. The Happy Walk, another good name idea.

140. The Hope Movement, a good option for those walking for charity.

141. Therapeutic Walks, to spread mental health awareness.

142. The Safe Walk, a simple and meaningful team name.

143. Triumphant Walks, to win people’s hearts.

144. Walk Alive, to raise money to save lives.

145. Walkers With A Cause, perfect for teams walking to help a cause.

146. Walk For Life, to raise money to save lives.

147. Walk Hand In Hand, to stand in solidarity.

148. Walking The March, a good, powerful option.

149. Walk Of Clarity, another good name for charity teams.

150. Walk Of Hope, an inspiring name for a charity walk.

151. Walk With Pride, to spread the love.

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