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Harry Potter movie main cast

Kids widely enjoy the Harry Potter series all across the globe.

The series has entertained the audience with seven novels and eight movies. The characters from this series are now deemed iconic and have an active fan following.

British author J.K.Rowling has written the Harry Potter series. This series has served as a great way of giving some brilliant names. And such names with a bit of pun or wordplay have been a treasure chest for fantasy games. Here are some of the best, choose the ones which best appeals to you.

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Cool Harry Potter Team Names

Quidditch game costumes and equipments in Harry Potter movie

Here are some of the coolest names from Harry Potter.

1. 10 Pints to Gryffindor - these Harry Potter inspired Names are funny.

2. Abra Kadabra

3. Amongst the Vampires

4. Bludger Backbeats

5. Borgin and Burkes

6. Caerphilly Catapults

7. Death Omens

8. Deluminating Candles

9. Denizens of the DeepDominating

10. Dumbledamn

11. Dumbledore's Army - these kinds of Harry Potter names can also be used as one of the best Harry Potter fantasy football team names.

12. Erised's Desire

13. Expecto-Winno

14. Falmouth Falcons

15. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

16. Faster Than A Firebolt

17. Fawkes' Tales

18. Gimbi Giant-Slayers

19. Goblets of Ire

20. Gobstones Club

21. Hedwig Hedgehunters - these kinds of owl pun names are among the best creative trivia team names.

22. Hogwarts Rejects

23. Holyhead Harpies

24. Hungarian Horntails

25. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs

26. In the Chamber of Secrets

27. Katie’s Bells

28. Kenmare Kestrels

29. Knights of Walpurgis

30. Krum Fan Club

31. Law and Auror

32. Le Strange

33. Lockhart’s Fan Club

34. Long Haired Pillock

35. Love Good - these types of Harry Potter trivia team names are trendy.

36. Magic in Theory and Practice

37. Magic is Might

38. Magical Historians

39. Moutohora Macaws

40. Mudblood Magicians

41. Muggle Mayhem

42. Muggles United

43. Mumbulus Mumbletonia

44. Nearly Brainless Nicks

45. Nice Legs Neville

46. Not Potter’s Army

47. Obliviate

48. Parkin’s Piners

49. Patonga Proudsticks

50. Patronus Legion

51. Patronus Potter - these kinds of Harry Potter trivia team names are funny.

52. Purely Draconian

53. Quiberon Quafflepunchers

54. Quizzard Harry

55. Regulars at the Hogs Head

56. Regulars at the Leaky Cauldron

57. Revelio

58. Rictusempra

59. Scampering Newts

60. SCARy Potter

61. Scoundrels and Saints

62. Sectumsempras

63. Seriously Black

64. Shadows and Spirits

65. SPEW

66. The Beards of Merlin

67. The Chosen Ones

68. The Daily Prophecies

69. The Daily Prophet Journalists

70. The Daily Prophets

71. The Dark Forces

72. The Dark Lord's Men

73. The Death Eaters

74. The Deathly Hallows

75. The Deluminators

76. The Dementor’s Kiss

77. The Dementors of Azkaban

78. The Demiguises

79. The Department of International Magic

80. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement

81. The Department of Mysteries - these types of Harry Potter trivia team names are cool.

82. The Diadems

83. The Diagon Alley Corporation

84. The Diricawls

85. The Dopperbeater Defense

86. The Doxyies

87. The Dragons

88. The Dream Oracles

89. The Dugbogs

90. The Dumbledorfs

91. The Dumbledorians

92. The Dumbledwarfs

93. The Elder Wands

94. The Elephant Man

95. The Fantastic Beasts

96. The Golden Snitches

97. The Granian

98. The Graphorns

99. The Grey Ladies

100. The Greybacks

101. The Griffens

102. The Grindelwalds

103. The Gringott’s Goblins

104. The Grundylows

105. The Gryffindor Lions

106. The Gryffindors

107. The Hairy MacBoons - these kinds of Harry Potter trivia team names are punny.

108. The Half-Blood Princes

109. The Half-Blood Princes/Princesses

110. The Horned Serpents

111. The House Elves

112. The Hufflepuff Badgers - Helda Hufflepuff was one of the founder of Hogwarts and the badger is the mascot of the Hufflepuff house.

113. The Hufflepuffs

114. The Hungarians Horntails

115. The Imperius

116. The Imps

117. The Inquisitorial Squad

118. The Jarveys

119. The Jinxers

120. The Jinxes

121. The Jobberknolls

122. The Kappas

123. The Keepers

124. The Kelpies

125. The King of Serpents

126. The Knarls

127. The Merpeople

128. The Merrows

129. The Ministerials of Magic

130. The Ministers for Magic

131. The Mokes

132. The Mooncalves

133. The Moontrimmers

134. The Mudbloods

135. The Muggles

136. The Murtlaps

137. The Nearly Headless

138. The Nebulus

139. The Nifflers

140. The Nimbuses

141. The Nogtails

142. The Norwegian Ridgebacks

143. The Nundus

144. The Oakshafts

145. The Occamies

146. The Opal Fire

147. The Porlocks

148. The Porskoff’s Ploy

149. The Potion’s Masters

150. The Potterheads

151. The Prefects - these types of Harry Potter trivia team names are popular.

152. The Princes

153. The Prisoners of Azkaban

154. The Professors

155. The Puffskeins

156. The Pukwudgies

157. The Pumpton Passers

158. The Pure-Blood Directories

159. The Quaffles

160. The Quibbler Journalists

161. The Quibblers

162. The Quintapeds

163. The Quizengamot

164. The Racing Brooms

165. The Ramoras

166. The Ravenclaw Eagles

167. The Ravenclaws

168. The Red Caps

169. The Senior Undersecretaries to the Ministry

170. The Shooting Stars

171. The Shrakes

172. The Silver Arrows

173. The Sirens

174. The Skeeters

175. The Slytherin Snakes

176. The Slytherins

177. The Snidgets

178. The Snitches

179. The Sorcerers

180. The Sphinxes

181. The Squibs

182. The Streelers

183. The Swedish Short-Snouts

184. The Swiftsticks

185. The Tebos

186. The Thestrals

187. The Three Broomsticks

188. The Three Brothers

189. The Werewolves

190. The Winged Horse

191. The Wizengamot

192. The Woollongong Shimmies

193. The Wronski Fainters

194. The Yetis

195. Thundelarra Thunderers

196. Toyohashi Tenhu

197. Transfiguration Beginners

198. Triwizard Champions

199. Triwizard Tournament Contestants

200. Tutshill Tornados

201. Under the Influence of Imperio

202. Voldy’s Moldies - these types of Harry Potter trivia team names are one of the innovative trivia names.

203. Vratsa Vultures

204. Wacky Warlocks

205. Wacky Warlocks

206. Wizarding Weasleys

207. Wizarding Wildcats

208. Woollongong Warriors

209. You’re a Quizzard, Harry - quizzard Harry is a funny pun name.

210. Zonko’s Jokers

Fancy Harry Potter Team Names

Goblin cashier in Gringotts Bank in Harry Potter movie

Enlisted below are some fancy and funny trivia team names.

211. Accio Beer! - Accio beer is a spell that brings the beer in your hand.Cool Harry potter usernames like Accio beerare popular.

212. All Aboard the Hogwarts Express

213. Animal Ghosts

214. Appleby Arrows

215. Ballycastle Bats

216. Belgian Quaffles

217. Bigonville Bombers

218. Blood Brothers

219. Chicken & Quaffles

220. Chudley Cannons

221. Dead Sirius

222. Death Eaters

223. Dumbledorks

224. Dumbo & Dumbledore

225. Enchanting Bakers

226. Enchanting Seekers

227. Episkey

228. Fifteenth Century Fiends

229. Finnigan Begin Again

230. Flitwick's Nitwits

231. For Sirius' Sake - This Harry Potter team name is so Sirius.

232. Ganged Feranium

233. Gorodok Gargoyles

234. Granger Danger

235. Granger Zone - Granger zone is a pun take on 'danger zone '. Hermione Granger, the best friend of Harry Potter, is one of the most gifted wizards, so you might want to avoid the 'Granger zone'.

236. Great Wizards of the 21st Century

237. Grodzisk Goblins

238. Haileybury Hammers

239. Happy Griffs - Happy Griffs is a pun take on the magical creature, Hippogriffs. Buckbeak was a hippogriff that was happy, i.e. he was one of such happy griffs.

240. Heidelberg Harriers

241. Malfoy’s Manners

242. Merweeps

243. Minerva’s Mister Minds

244. Ministry of Magic

245. Moaning Muggles

246. Montrose Magpies

247. Moody Like Alistair

248. Moose Jaw Meteorites

249. Phoenix Army

250. Phoenix Rises From The Ashes

251. Pigfarts

252. Plain Filchy

253. Pride of Portree

254. Puddlemere United

255. Slytherin to my Harry Pooter

256. Smarter Than the Hat

257. Snapes on a plane - Snapes on a plane is a pun take on the name of the movie, 'Snakes on a plane'. Professor Snape uses a broomstick and not airplane, because that would mean too many 'Snapes on a plane'.

258. Snitch in Time - Snitch is a small ball, used in Quidditch. Harry Potter won the first Quidditch match he ever played by catching the snitch.

259. Starfishes and Sticks

260. Stonewall Stormers

261. Sumbawanga Sunrays

262. Suspicions About Magic

263. Suspicious Muggles

264. Tangent Alley Team

265. Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers

266. Tchamba Charmers

267. Team Dobby

268. That’s So Ravenclaw

269. The Abominable Snowmen

270. The Abraxans

271. The Acromantulas

272. The Aethoans

273. The Animagi

274. The Antipodean Opaleyes

275. The Ashwinders

276. The Augurey

277. The Aurors

278. The Azkaban Prison Guards

279. The Azkaban Prisoners

280. The Bards

281. The Basilisks

282. The Battle of Hogwarts

283. The Beaters

284. The Bigfoots

285. The Billywigs

286. The Biting Fairies

287. The Bloody Barons

288. The Bludgers

289. The Bouncing Ferrets

290. The Bowtruckles

291. The Broken Banshee

292. The Bundimuns

293. The Busy and Vexed

294. The Centaurs

295. The Chamber of Seacrest

296. The Charmers

297. The Chasers

298. The Chimaeras

299. The Chinese Fyreballers

300. The Chizpurfles

301. The Clabbers

302. The Clauricorns

303. The Cleansweeps

304. The Cockroach-Clusters

305. The Comets

306. The Confederation of Wizards

307. The Confunded

308. The Crups

309. The Cursed Children

310. The Erklings

311. The Erumpents

312. The Extra Weasleys

313. The Faceless

314. The Fairies

315. The Fat Friars

316. The Fat Ladies

317. The Fire Crabbers

318. The Flobberworms

319. The Fwoopers

320. The Gaunt-Father

321. The Ghosts

322. The Ghouls

323. The Glumbumbles

324. The Gnomes

325. The Gobstones

326. The Half-Bloods

327. The Snitches Get Stitches

328. The Hawkshead Attack

329. The Head Boys/Girls

330. The Healer’s Helpmates

331. The Hebridean Blacks

332. The Hexers

333. The Hippogriffs

334. The Hogwartians

335. The Hogwarts’s Gamekeeper

336. The Holyhead Harpies

337. The Horcruxes

338. The Horklumps

339. The Kneazles

340. The Kreachers

341. The Leprechauns

342. The Lethifolds

343. The Liondragon

344. The Living Shrouders

345. The Lobalugs

346. The Longbottoms

347. The Luna Lovegods

348. The Luna Lovers

349. The Lupines

350.The Mackled Malaclaws

351. The Mad Muggles

352. The Magical Maintenance Department

353. The Magical Menagerie

354. The Manticores

355. The Marauderians

356. The Marauders

357. The Order

358. The Order of Merlin

359. The Order of the Phoenix - The Order of the Phoenix was a group which fought against Voldemort. After Voldemort's return, The Order of the Phoenix sided with Harry and fought against Voldemort's army.

360. The Parseltongues

361. The Patronuses

362. The Pegasuses

363. The Peruvian Vipertooths

364. The Peverell Brothers

365. The Philosophers

366. The Phoenixes

367. The Pimpies

368. The Pixies

369. The Poetic Sorcerers

370. Wit Beyond Measure

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