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A group of wolves that typically live and hunt together is called a wolf pack.

A wolf pack usually consists of six to ten wolves living and hunting together. Wolves travel in packs (pack is the official name for a group of wolves) over large distances, normally 12 miles per day with the Alpha being the name of the wolf who leads the pack.  

A Luna in a wolf pack is the mate of the Alpha, she is a fae (which is the name for a female wolf). Wolf packs operate according to a well established hierarchy of wolves, with the Alphas leading the pack during a hunt, eating first after a kill, and even mating to produce litters. The wolf ranks that follow are the Betas and the Delta, with Omegas being the lowest ranks in a wolf pack.

We've put together a list of wolf pack names and meanings that you'll surely love. For more names inspiration, check out our articles about the best last names meaning wolf and the best wolf names from around the world for your puppy (featuring some cute wolf names such as Duke, Peta and Echo).

Nature Inspired Names For Wolf Packs

Here's a list of nature inspired names for pack wolves.

1. Ash Band: Referring to the ash tree and nature's abundance.

2. Autumn Pack: The perfect season inspired name.

3. Dark Moon Wolf Pack: A moon pack name that perfectly suits these night lovers.

4. Dark Wood Pack: Dark wood can provide cover for wolves when hunting.

5. Green Moss Pack: A good nature inspired name.  

6. Lotus Pack: One of the cute names for a wolf pack formation.

7. Moon Howlers: Apt for those who howl at night time.

8. Oceans Howl Pack: Combines the serenity of the ocean with the howls of wolves.  

9. Pack Comet: Inspired by the spectacular natural phenomenon.

10. Pack Eclipse: Another natural phenomenon inspired name.

11. Pack Moon Stone: For a pack that is tough like a stone and is active in the night, this is a great name for a wolf pack.  

12. Starry Banes: This can mean "those who disturb at night time when the stars are out" (with their howls in this case).

13. Storm Riders Pack: For a pack that's ready to take on challenges.

14. Sunflower Pack: A cute flower name.

15. Sunset Banes: An aesthetic name for a wolf pack.

14. Water Pack: Another great nature inspired wolf pack name.

15. Wind Winders: A name for a fast wolf pack.

A pack of wolves in snow

Good Wolf Pack Names

Any of these wolf pack names would be good choices for your wolf pack.

16. Aberrant Canines: For canines that just don't comply with the regular standards.

17. Anchored Pack: Denoting a well rooted and structured wolf pack.

18. Aurora Clan: Representing the wonders of the Northern Lights.

19. Barbaric Claws: Bringing out the pack's truly wild nature.  

20. Berserk Pack: Denoting a pack's wild nature.

21. Blacktooth Guardians: A tough name for tough creatures.

22. Bloodvenom Group: Inspired by the wild nature of hunting wolves.  

23. Canine Pack: A simple name for this canine species.

24. Crimson Fangs Wolf Pack: For the hunters in any wolf pack.

25. Cruelcrest Hounds: Denotes the violent nature of some wolves.

26. Delta Hunters: Alludes to the third rank in the hierarchy of wolves.

27. Ferocious Manes: Apt for ferocious wolves.

28. Fierce Band: A good name for a wolf pack.

29. Frozen Prowlers: Because they can prowl even on frozen lands.

30. Hallowed Manes: A cool name for a wolf pack.

31. Lock Heart Pack: A good wolf pack name.

32. Lunar Pack: A reference to the moon.

33. Madfur Claws: Representative of wild wolves.

34. Mystic Pride: Alluding to the mystical nature of wolves.

35. Okami Pack: Okami means "wolf" in Japanese.

36. Pack Forsaken: This name has the "lone wolf" feel to it.  

37. Pack Silver Heart: A good name for a wolf pack.

38. Sabrefur Prowlers: Brings to mind their sharp teeth and claws.

39. Sombermane Band: Alluding to a wolf with dark fur.

40. Sundown Claws: A good name for a wolf pack.

41. Volatile Hounds: A wild name for a wolf pack.

42. White Walkers: 'Game Of Thrones' fans will love this pack name.

43. Wildfang Shadows: A tough wolf pack name.

Cool Wolf Pack Names

Pick a cool name you like from this list.

44. Alpha Walkers: For a group with great powerful leaders.

45. Amber Eyes Wolf Pack: Their eyes are truly beautiful.

46. Astral Association: Relating to the stars.

47. Blazepaw Guardians: A fiery name.

48. Bravemane Hounds: Apt for a courageous pack.

49. Brokenridge Furs: A good and powerful wolf pack name.

50. Dream Catchers: For wolves who travel in their pack at night.

51. Enchanted Pack: For wolves with mesmerizing qualities.

52. Fearless Hunters: Apt for a wolf pack.

53. Freedom Runners Pack: For those who can run free.

54. Golden Summit Pack: A good name for a wolf pack.

55. Grayhide Banes: A tough name for a wolf pack.

56. Infernal Tails: A play on 'Infernal Tales'.

57. Lichen Travelers: A good name for a wolf pack.

58. Lycan Blood Pack: Alluding to wolf-like characteristics or transformation.

59. Onyx Tails: For preciou wolves, just like the gemstone.

60. Pack Blue Blood: A royal name for a pack.

61. Rabid Shadows: Apt for the wild nature of wolves.

62. Razgriz Pack: A good name for a wolf pack.

63. Rebels' Reign: A strong and cool name for a wolf pack.

64. Sanguine Keepers: This can mean "optimistic".

65. Scarred Pride: A good name for a wolf pack.

66. Silentfur Nightwalkers: Perfect for any furry beasts.

67. Skeletal Shadows: A good name for a wolf pack.

68. Spirit Walkers: A spooky name for a wolf pack.

69. Stark Pack: Representing the tough nature of wolves.

70. Stealth Manes: Perfect for any silent hunters.

71. Team Ethereal: Representing heavenly or celestial beings.

72. Thunder Banes: A tough name for a powerful wolf pack.

Funny Names For A Pack Of Wolves

Three wolves marching together

Choosing a funny name is a good option for your wolf pack.

73. Angel Banes: Pairing the good with the bad.  

74. Beta Hounds: Another rank associated name.

75. Careless Canines: For wolves that aren't as prepared for life's hurdles as they should be.

76. Freepaw Canines: A funny wolf pack name.

77. Frostfang Nightstalkers: You don't want to end up being stalked by them ever.

78. Goldfang Pack: A play on the name, Wolfgang Puck.

79. Grinning Canines: A pun on the word "canine".

80. Howling Jaws Pack: Don't their jaws ever tire?

81. Howling Justice: A funny wolf pack name.

82. Lone Group: If they're in a pack, they aren't really lone wolves, are they?

83.Morning Warriors: For the early risers.

84. Ragged Pack: Apt for wild wolves.

85. Savage Stalkers: A funny wolf pack name.

86. The Lost Pride: For a pack that isn't on track.  

87. Vanished Pack: A funny wolf pack name.

Wolf Pack Names From Popular Fiction

Whether it's 'Twilight' wolf pack names or other names for your pack of wolves, you'll find something you like on this list.

88. Appalachian Mountains Pack: A werewolf pack situated in the Appalachian Mountainsin 'The Vampire Diaries'.

89. Barry Pack: A werewolf group from among the seven original bloodlines in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

90. BasRoq Pack: A werewolf group from among the seven original bloodlines in 'The Vampire Diaries'.  

91. Black Pack: Jacob Black's wolf pack from the 'Twilight' series.

92. Crescent Wolf Pack: Comprises a group of evolved werewolves from New Orleans and The Bayou in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

93. Deep Water Pack: A werewolf group from among the seven original bloodlines in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

94. Jules' Pack: A werewolf pack from Miami, Florida in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

95. Klaus' Pack: A hybrid pack bound to Niklaus Mikaelsonin 'The Vampire Diaries'.

96. North East Atlantic Pack: The werewolf descendant pack of Ansel, coming from the North Atlantic in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

97. Paige's Pack: A werewolf pack living in Tennessee in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

98. Paxon Pack: A werewolf group from among the seven original bloodlines in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

99. Poldark Pack: A werewolf group from among the seven original bloodlines in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

100. Tyler's Pack: A group of 13 Klaus pack defected hybrids in 'The Vampire Diaries'. 

101. Uley Pack: Also called The Pack or Sam Uley's Pack from the 'Twilight' series.

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