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The Bavarian mountain scent hound is quite the escapist and very good at digging burrows or pits into the ground. Read on to discover interesting Bavarian mountain scent hound facts that you're sure to love!
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 The Bavarian mountain scent hound is a dog breed believed to have come from Germany.

These energetic dogs were initially bred in the 19th century to trail wounded game in the mountainous regions as they have a strong sense of smell. Hence, they were a kind of hunting dog and a cross between a Bavarian hound and a Hanover hound.

They are wary of strangers at first but don't take much time to form close bonds, especially with their owners.

The mountain scent hound gets so attached to its owners that it develops a very bad case of separation anxiety when left alone in the house or by itself. At one point in time, it was advised this dog be kept around old people in old-age homes as it is an excellent companion.

These medium-sized dogs can be quite reserved, yet amicable and sociable at the same time.

The Bavarian mountain scent hound is really good at tracking and so a large number of hunters, game wardens, and foresters keep them. Coming from the Canidae family and Canis genus, these dogs with a reddish-brown dense coat are very active and full of energy.

As pets, they are calm, athletic, and loyal.

Since they are full of life, they don't do very well in enclosed spaces and require adequate exercise to enhance their mental stimulation, as well as food that maintains their health.

They also need periodic grooming since their harsh coat constantly sheds. These dog breeds do not usually have any health problems but with the structure and development of their ears, they are susceptible to ear infections.

A minor concern related to these dogs is hip dysplasia however apart from this, health problems are not common in this breed.

These calm and collected animals, bred to be the perfect hunting dog, can undergo training and be taught socialization techniques if they have trouble getting along with other animals and strangers. Bavarian mountain scent hound puppies, that were originally bred in Germany, are born blind, deaf, and without any teeth.

The puppy depends a lot on its mother to move around and spends most of its time playing.

It is best to clean these dogs for a few weeks after birth since their mother would do most of the cleaning and generally would tend to them very well. They must be fed high-quality dry food that is nutritious.

If you have any questions about the food that they must be given, you can visit your local vet to find out more.

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Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Bavarian mountain scent hound?

The Bavarian mountain scent hound is a type of dog that comes from the canine family and is very calm, active, full of energy and life.

What class of animal does a Bavarian mountain scent hound belong to?

The Bavarian mountain scent hound comes from the Mammalia class. This means these dogs are mammals and the female Bavarian mountain hound has mammary glands. After giving birth, the mother will produce milk for her pups.

How many Bavarian mountain scent hounds are there in the world?

Of all breeds in the world, these are considered to be one of the few rare ones, however, the exact number of these dogs is currently not known. There is still a lot of information to be discovered and established about this breed of dogs.

Where does a Bavarian mountain scent hound live?

The Bavarian mountain scent hound is a pet dog that does well at home and lives a comfortable life with its owner or family. They have been bred in Germany and since it's a hound, it has been used for the purpose of tracking or hunting wounded game.

This is why these dogs are often owned by gamekeepers and hunters. Since they are active and energetic in behavior, this breed of dogs will constantly engage themselves in activities that keep them occupied.

Hence, it is best to not keep them confined to small spaces. They may at times be wary of strangers but this can be resolved through the employment of healthy and useful socialization techniques.

What is a Bavarian mountain scent hound's habitat?

The Bavarian mountain scent hound was initially bred for the purpose of hunting wounded game in Germany. They were used a lot by hunters and people who would keep game.

Today, this unique dog breed often resides in the home with its owners. They require a lot of space to move around freely so moving around in an apartment is not advisable. It would be better not to have this dog if you live in an apartment.

Who does a Bavarian mountain scent hound live with?

At one point in time, the Bavarian mountain scent hound was largely owned by hunters and people that killed game animals. This was because these dogs were very good at tracking wounded game. They're a bit hesitant towards strangers at first but don't take much time to bond with them.

How long does a Bavarian mountain scent hound live?

Bavarian mountain scent hounds live for a period of about 10 to 14 years. These dogs don't experience any major health issues apart from ear infections due to their ear structure.

How do they reproduce?

Bavarian mountain scent hounds reproduce sexually, just like all other dog breeds. The mother usually gives birth to a litter of seven to ten puppies and she spends time grooming and cleaning them.

The Bavarian mountain scent hound puppy is a hunting dog that is good at tracking. Therefore, the puppy needs to be given proper training, starting at a young age. If you have a puppy as a pet, socialization must also be prioritized.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Bavarian mountain scent hound, which is a medium-sized dog, is Not Evaluated at the moment. This is due to the lack of information and data surrounding these loyal dogs.

They are considered to be a rare breed among the large multitude of other breeds. The Bavarian mountain scent hound society of America was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting their breed amongst the community.

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound Fun Facts

What does a Bavarian mountain scent hound look like?

This dog was bred to work and is an intelligent dog. The Bavarian mountain scent hound comes in a reddish tan coat which is dense and fits tight on the body.

it is usually about 20 in (50.8 cm) in height and length and has a weight of about 55 lb (25 kg). This dog breed does not do well in extreme environments or weather given its short coat.

They have light brown eyes, a brown face with hints of smothered black, and ears that are slightly big. Their nose is somewhat large and rounded, perfect for performing its job to track or trail anything!

These dogs are prone to separation anxiety and don't like being away from their owners for long periods of time.

How cute are they?

These dogs are adorable! Once they get comfortable with you, these pets will spend a lot of their time playing with you and dousing you with attention.

These highly active dogs are full of energy and sometimes it might become a little tiring for you. Therefore, through proper training and encouraging certain behaviors, this breed can become more balanced. A Bavarian mountain scent hound puppy is especially very energetic and lasts for hours playing and running around without getting tired.

How do they communicate?

Just like all other dog breeds, these dogs communicate with each other as well as their owners through barking. If they need something they'll bark loudly to get your attention.

Similarly, they may also lick you, especially your hands to convey that they want something or are in some sort of discomfort. The Bavarian mountain scent hound temperament and behavior is calm, collected, non-aggressive and full of energy

How big is a Bavarian mountain scent hound?

The Bavarian mountain scent hound breed is about 17-20.5 in (43-52 cm) in length and about 17-20 in (43-50.8 cm) in height. They are as tall as a fox and as long as a giraffe's tongue.

How fast can a Bavarian mountain scent hound run?

This dog can run very fast! They were bred for the purpose of tracking wounded game and to assist hunters. Therefore, although the exact speed at which they run is not known, they are definitely very fast. You could say that they are as fast as an Afghan hound.

How much does a Bavarian mountain scent hound weigh?

The weight of the Bavarian mountain scent hound breed of dog is about 40-55 lb (18-25 kg), the same as a red kangaroo.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific male or female names for this species. They are simply called Bavarian mountain scent hounds or by their scientific name which is Canis lupus familiaris.

What would you call a baby Bavarian mountain scent hound?

A baby Bavarian mountain scent hound is called a puppy, just like the babies of all other dog breeds. Training and socialization must be done for these pups at an early age to ensure that they get along well with other dogs and people that they're not familiar with.

What do they eat?

If a proper diet of healthy food is not maintained, this dog can easily gain pounds and increase in weight and size. They should be provided a balanced diet consisting of food that is rich in protein and fats to improve their health. Food like ground bone, minced meat, and certain vegetables can be provided.

Are they slobbery?

They can be slobbery. They lick a lot but this behavior can be reduced or stopped through proper training.

Would they make a good pet?

These dogs would make perfect pets. They are a fun addition to your family and you will enjoy their homely nature.

Did you know...

In the year 1912, a club for Bavarian mountain scent hound dogs was formed in Munich, Germany. This indicates that they would have been quite a popular breed among all other breeds in earlier days.

Do Bavarian mountain hounds bark a lot?

Barking when it's constant can be quite a problem. The Bavarian mountain hound is known to bark only occasionally. Otherwise, they mostly stay quiet and don't make a lot of noise, unless when excited, agitated, or anxious.

Are Bavarian mountain hounds good guard dogs?

As pets, they are not recommended as good guard dogs given their non-aggressive nature and temperament. Nonetheless, through proper training, these dogs might be able to become good guard dogs.

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