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Find Beagle Lab mix facts about this dog that is energetic and easy to train

Are you struggling to decide whether to get a Beagle or a Labrador Retriever? What if we told you that it is possible to get the best of both worlds in a single dog? It may seem hard to believe, but it is possible through the Beagle Lab Mix!

The Beagle Lab Mix is a designer dog that is a cross-breed between the Labrador Retriever and Beagle dog breeds. Some believe the first Beagle Lab Mix was created by an accidental mating of the Labrador Retriever and Beagle dog breeds, but today these dogs are intentionally bred for us by breeders across the United States and beyond.

If this Lab and Beagle mix takes after its Beagle parent, it could be brown, white, or red in color. If it inherits more Labrador traits, it could be black, yellow, or chocolate.

Their average weight is between 24-45 lb (11.33-20.41 kg), and they are often between 19-24 in (48.26-60.9 cm) tall. With brown eyes, large floppy ears, a medium-sized snout, short-dense coat, and long furry tail, this breed's overall look is very appealing.

Did you know that the Beagle Lab Mix's other names are Beagador, Labbe, Labbe Retriever, and Labeagle? Read on to find many more amazing facts about the Beagle Lab Mix dog breed!

Beagle Lab Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Beagle Lab Mix?

A Beagle Lab Mix is known by many as man's best friend. Yes, you guessed it right, it's a dog breed! It is a designer dog and is the first generation offspring of a Labrador Retriever and Beagle. The unconditional love, companionship, and loyalty of a Beagle Lab Mix make it man's best pal.

What class of animal does a Beagle Lab Mix belong to?

The Lab Beagle Mix is a mammal. Like any other mammal, the female Lab Beagle Mix gives birth to young puppies and feeds them with her milk until they are old enough to eat solid food.

How many Beagle Labs are there in the world?

The exact number of Beagle Lab Mix dogs in the world is not known. It is believed that the first Beagle Lab Mix was born in the United States. A Beagle Lab Mix is a good family dog. It is obedient and intelligent so many people want to adopt it worldwide.

Where does a Beagle Lab Mix live?

The Lab Beagle Mix lives with its owners in a house or apartment. If you want to own one you will need to know that the Lab Mix is a highly active and energetic dog that requires many physical activities. So small apartments with confined spaces may not be ideal for this dog.

What is a Beagle Lab's habitat?

The Beagle Lab Mix is a domestic pet and does not have a natural habitat (other than curled up next to us, of course!). It lives with its owners in their homes.

It can live in apartments as well as in individual houses but this dog requires a lot of space to run around, explore and spend its energy, so a house with a good-sized yard will be ideal for it.

Who do Beagle Labs live with?

The Beagle Lab Mix (or the Beagador) is a popular pet that lives with humans in their homes.

How long does a Beagle Lab Mix live?

The lifespan for a Beagle Lab Mix or Beagador is between 10 and 15 years. This is generally dependent on the parent breeds' average lifespan, but this is by no means fixed.

Some tips to improve a Beagador's lifespan include buying your dog from a reputed breeder, giving them an excellent nutritious diet, regular grooming, enough exercise, and frequent veterinary checks.

How do they reproduce?

A Beagador is produced as a result of a mating the Labrador Retriever and Beagle breeds. Many breeders intentionally mate a pure breed Labrador and a Beagle to get a first generation high-quality Beagador. The Beagador can also be reproduced by sexual reproduction between two Beagadors. The average litter size is between four to six puppies.

What is their conservation status?

There is no data available to show this Lab and Beagle mix's conservation status.

But its parent breeds, the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever have been put under the Not Evaluated category, which means the species have not been studied enough to assign them to a category. Just like those dog breeds, the Labrador Beagle Mix is a domestic pet and lives with humans in their homes.

The Beagle Labrador Mix also does not have any immediate threats or predators, so some suggest that the Labrador Beagle Mix can also be put under the Not Evaluated category.

Beagle Lab Mix Fun Facts

What do Beagle Labs look like?

The Beagle Labrador Mix looks very adorable as it carries the best features of both the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. This designer dog is medium-sized with a long, narrow snout and its ears dangle down on each side of its face making it very lovable.

It has a smooth, dense coat of short fur that comes in various hues such as black, white, orange, tan, chocolate, yellow, red, and sometimes tri-color.

Beagle Lab Mixes are friendly and get along well with kids.

How cute are they?

These Beagle Lab Mixes are very charming and lovely. The smooth fur coat and the range of colors this Lab Beagle Mix comes in make its overall look very appealing. If all dogs were to be listed as per their cuteness level, the Beagle Lab Mix would definitely make it to the top!

How do they communicate?

The Beagador communicates via barking, body gestures, wagging its tail, and licking. This dog also uses specific dog sounds like whining, howling, growling, and singing, as well as barking as means of communication.

If you pay close attention to their pitch, tone, and body language, you might be able to decipher what your dog is trying to say. There is a pretty good chance that a dog licking or wagging its tail when they see you is a sign of affection.

It is likely that the dog wants to convey that it loves you!

A howling or growling dog could mean it wants your attention, whining could mean it is sad, and a singing dog often means it is happy. In these ways, the Beagador can effectively communicate its needs to you.

How big is a Beagle Lab Mix?

The Beagle Lab Mix is 19-24 in (48.26-60.9 cm) in height. It is taller than its parent breed, the Beagle, which is only 14-17 in (36-43 cm)  in height. So the Lab mix is much bigger when compared to a Beagle, but it is about the same height as its other parent, the Labrador Retriever.

How fast can a Beagle Lab Mix run?

A Beagle Lab Mix is a highly energetic dog that runs very fast. It can run long distances without getting tired.

The exact speed of a Beagador is not known, but it is believed that its average running speed lies between those of its two parent breeds. The Beagle runs at a speed of 20 miles per hour and the Labrador runs at a speed of 35 miles per hour.

How much does a Beagle Lab Mix weigh?

The weight of the Beagador is between 24-45 lb (11.33-20.41 kg), whereas that of a Beagle is about 22-25 lb (10-11 kg). On the other hand, the Lab mix is not as heavy as its other parent, the Labrador Retriever which is about 65-80 lb (29-36 kg).

So it is safe to say that the Beagle Lab Mix lies in between a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever in terms of its weight.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names for the Beagador male and female species. Like all dogs, a male Beagador is known as a dog, a sire, or a stud, whereas a female Beagador is called a bitch or a dam.

Some popular names for male Beagadors are Benji, Chewy, Gus, Sammy, Spencer, Turbo, and Alfie. Bobo, Dakota, Lucy, Maddie, Twiggy, Zena, and Sophie are popular names for female Beagadors.

What would you call a baby Beagle Lab Mix?

The Beagle Lab Mix baby is known as a Beagle Lab Mix puppy. The litter size of a Beagador is often between four and six puppies.

The exact traits of a Beagador puppy can't be predicted as it all depends on the genes inherited from its parents.

Some puppies may be an exact blend of both the parents, while others may inherit more features from a single parent. It is necessary to train and socialize these Beagador puppies from a young age to get them on their best behavior for the future!

What do they eat?

Beagadors require a high protein and fat diet. Beagadors love eating and are prone to obesity so they must be fed very carefully.

The usually recommended feed for a Beagador is one and a half to tow and a half cups of dry kibble each day. A dog can be fed once or twice a day, depending on its size and energy levels. It should always have access to fresh drinking water.

Some vet-recommended foods for the Beagador are lean meats, peanut butter, apples, brown rice, carrots, salmon, cooked chicken, and bananas. The list of the items to be avoided includes corn, avocados, grapes, high fat cheese, beef, nuts, raisins, soy, raw eggs, wheat, and chocolate.

Are they slobbery?

The Beagador is quite slobbery so it might not be ideal for those who do not like drooling dogs.

Would they make a good pet?

Beagadors are fun-loving and eager to please dogs. A Beagador will be playful, and it is easy to teach it tricks, making it a perfect pet for children.

Its loyal, protective and intelligent nature makes it a good family dog and a well-trained Beagador can accompany you on your camping and hunting trips. It will stick by your side throughout your outdoor adventures, be it hiking, jogging, or cycling, as it is a highly spirited dog that loves companionship.

They are highly loyal and protective towards their owners.

They do not bark a lot, but when they see strangers, they can bark very loudly to warn their owners. With lots of training and positive reinforcement, they can become ideal for any family, big or small.

Did you know...

Beagadors have a very short attention span, and they tend to get distracted very easily by simple things, such as something smelling delicious in the neighborhood. It has a powerful sense of smell and can smell things from a few kilometers away.

The Beagador is a designer dog developed from two very famous breeds: the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. They are ranked as the sixth and the top most popular dogs in America.

As the dog is a designer dog cross-breed, it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club but is recognized by the Designer Breed Registry, Designer Dogs Kennel Club and American Canine Hybrid Club.

The Beagador can be described as having a 'Labrador stomach' and, as a result, eats a lot and eats almost everything. Uncontrolled eating can be fatal to the dog, and hence it must be fed very carefully.

Beagadors tend to bark a lot when they are nervous or see strangers, and thus they make very excellent watchdogs. Sometimes they bark because of boredom, so it is essential to keep them busy and they will fit well into the lifestyles of active families.

A Beagador has many potential color combinations because of its parent breeds. A Labrador has three color combinations, whereas a Beagle has 25 potential color combinations, which open up many color possibilities for a Beagador.

Personality and health issues

The Beagle Lab Mix temperament is active, energetic, optimistic, and curious. It gets attached to its owners easily and is very loyal and affectionate. It is full of love, enthusiasm, and passion. As it is a very sweet, social, friendly, and gentle dog, it is loved by kids too.

The downside of this dog is that it can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long hours. Lots of early training with positive reinforcement is crucial to keep its behavior under control.

Since it is a crossbreed, it can be at risk of some health problems. Progressive retinal atrophy is an eye disorder that is often seen in mixed breed dogs.

It is a painful condition and often difficult to notice in its early development stages. Sadly, this disease doesn't have a cure and, over time, some dogs might lose their sight completely. Another common health issue is hip dysplasia.

Symptoms of this include looseness of joints, pain in hip joints, and a swaying walk. This condition can be treated by surgery and medication. Other common issues include eye and ear infections.

These can be treated by antibiotics and other medications. With regular checkups at the vet's clinic, a proper diet, and good hygiene, most minor health issues can be avoided.

Getting your own Beagle Lab Mix

A Beagle Lab Mix can cost between $900 to $2500. The cost depends on the location and the demand for puppies, among other factors.

An adult dog may cost less at around $600. Also, if you get a dog from a pet store, it will probably be more expensive than the one got from a private breeder or rescue organization.

It is advisable to perform research on different breeders before you buy to make sure you get a healthy dog.

Some breeders may try to sell their puppies for a low price but don't be tempted by this and always ask for the medical history papers of the parent dogs, along with their vaccination details, and the age of the dogs.

Before you get a Beagador, it is essential to assess how much time you can spend with the dog. The Beagador is an attention seeker and can become quite destructive when left alone for long hours.

It should be fed healthy food at the right intervals and it is important to know that overeating could be fatal for this dog. This dog is an active breed and hence requires a lot of physical activities.

If you get this dog, you too will need to know the importance of different activities like long walks, swimming, cycling, and jogging with your dog.

This dog loves to cuddle, and so little hugs every now and then will keep it happy too. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed if you decide to bring home a Beagador!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Beagle Lab Mix coloring pages.

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