Fun Black Russian Terrier Facts For Kids

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Interesting black Russian terrier facts for kids and adults.

As suggested by the name, the black Russian terrier dog belongs to Russia. The dog was first bred in Moscow's Red Star kennel around the late ’40s and early '50s.

The main aim behind developing this breed of dog was to create a working group of super dogs who would provide military services during the crises that Russia was facing during that time. 17 different dogs were used in creating the right breed of black Russian terriers.

Some of them include the giant schnauzers, airedales, caucasian shepherd dogs, and many more. For this reason, they are not included under true terriers and are ranked as breed dogs.

Black Russian terriers were developed as working dogs but gradually with time their friendly nature made them a favorite domestic dog for many people. They are a very intelligent breed of dog who tend to have a high energy level.

Black Russian terriers are often seen in dog sport because of their fondness for playing around. If you want to know more about this confident and courageous dog then do not miss out on these amazing black Russian terrier cool facts.

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Black Russian Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Black Russian Terrier?

The black Russian terrier is a dog breed that was created in USSR to use as guard dogs or military dogs or working dogs. At present they live as domestic dogs.

What class of animal does a Black Russian Terrier belong to?

Black Russian terrier dog belongs to the class Mammal or Mammalia.

How many Black Russian Terriers are there in the world?

The species of black Russian terriers is a rare one. Their breeding was started during the second world war. Since this breed of dog does not directly fall under the terriers, and the availability is quite less and scattered, the information regarding the exact population of this dog could not be verified.

Where does a Black Russian Terrier live?

The black Russian terrier dogs were created in the former USSR by the state of Red Star.

These dogs were developed as working dogs mainly during the time of the second world war. They were bred only by Red Star Kennel in Moscow which was owned by the state until 1957.

However after and during the fall of the USSR, when state power was slowly starting to dissolve, some civilians got hold of some puppies of black Russian terriers and began to breed them.

As a result, this dog, whose reach was strictly limited to Moscow, gradually began to spread to other places in the USSR like Ukraine, Saint Petersburg, Siberia, and later to the other parts of Europe. The first country to get a black terrier other than USSR was Finland.

From there, the breed spread to Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Hungary, Germany, and Poland as well as crossing continents to be found in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

What is a Black Russian Terrier's habitat?

The breed of black Russian terrier dogs was created first in Moscow which is famous for its long stretch of chilly winters. Likewise, black Russian terriers adapt to very cold climates easily.

They have thick fur coats which help them to tolerate the cold weather even when the temperature goes down below freezing point.

So black Russian Terriers mainly belong to the Siberian Steppes, adapting easily to some of the coldest places on earth. However, traces of black Russian terriers are also found in the southern parts of Europe where the climate is not as harsh as in Moscow.

They are also found in places that are known to have a hot climate like the humid or dry plains of the United States or Australia.

Therefore they can adapt to different kinds of habitats depending on the condition they are brought up in. This is one of the most notable features of the black Russian terriers which is quite unique.

Who do Black Russian Terriers live with?

Black Russian terrier dogs generally live with the family who adopts them. They prefer to live close to their human pack and do not prefer to stay alone by themselves.

They enjoy the company of their owner and are of a very friendly and warm nature. Black Russian terriers especially love playing around, running, and going to places with children so they can be easily trusted with little children too.

Despite this, when a black Russian terrier encounters a complete stranger for the first time they might express a bit of aggression at the beginning.

This is because they are very loyal to their owners and love them so much that they become overprotective of them. Overall they socialize well with family, friends, neighbors, or anyone that they recognize and live peacefully among humans as lovely pets.

How long does a Black Russian Terrier live?

The average life expectancy of a healthy and stable breed of black Russian terrier is normally around 11-15 years. However, life expectancy might vary from one dog to another depending on their health and how they are fed at their master's place.

How do they reproduce?

Black Russian terriers were produced by the breed of 17 great dogs. Female dogs tend to participate in reproductive activities when they are fertile. The exact gestation period for black Russian terriers is unknown.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of black Russian terriers is not specifically mentioned in the IUCN list of animals since it is comparatively a new species of dog and a bit rare too.

Black Russian Terrier Fun facts

What do Black Russian Terriers look like?

Black Russian terriers are adorable.

Black Russian terriers have a large bone structure and are included in the category of dogs that are fairly larger than mid-size. According to the American Kennel Club, this breed of terrier falls under the working group of dogs.

They flaunt a glorious black double coat of fur, with a coarse and rough outer coat and a soft and thick inner coat.

Their coat is tousled in nature and the fur appears to be curly. They have a long block-shaped head and a broad skull that is very strong.

Their eyes are oval in shape and located well apart from each other with a large and pigmented nose in between the head of a terrier. Black Russian terriers have large and powerful jaws bounded by black, round lips.

The ears are triangular in shape and hang from the upper portion of the head up to their cheeks. These dogs have a unique sickle-shaped tail that is very rare.

The thick and muscular neck merges with the back at the point of the hinge.

Black Russian terriers have strong and powerful bodies and large feet covered fully with black body hair. Overall, they appear as majestic black beauties and have a large demand as pet dogs for their looks as well as good work ethics.

How cute are they?

Black Russian terriers look very cute and adorable. Their friendly nature enhances their cuteness much more. These dogs have adorable smiling faces and due to the presence of beady eyes and a round nose, their faces somewhat resemble a teddy's face.

How do they communicate?

Like all other dogs, a black Russian terrier also communicates with another dog using barks, howls, growls, pants, whimpers, and whines. They sometimes utilize gustatory communication that includes recognizing scents and pheromones. With humans, they show their affection through body language. From their nose to their tail, they use their entire body to express their love.

How big is a Black Russian Terrier?

A male Terrier's height varies from 27-30 in (68.6-76.2 cm) at the shoulder while the height of a female dog varies from 26-29 in (66-73.7 cm). They are 2-3 in (5.1-7.6 cm) taller than their breeding stock, the great schnauzer.

How fast can a Black Russian Terrier run?

The specific details about the speed of a black Russian terrier are not recorded. However, since these dogs were created as military dogs who had to chase people and cross fences, it is assumed that they have good speed, appropriate to their weight.

How much does a Black Russian Terrier weigh?

The weights of a black Russian terrier for a male dog and a female dog are respectively 110.2-132.3 lb (50-60 kg) and 99.2-110.2 lb (45-50 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Black Russian terriers do not have any specific names for their male and female species, as such males are referred to as dogs, and females are known as bitches. However, they have some famous nicknames such as Chornyi, and Tchiorny Terrier and are also called 'black pearls of Russia'.

What would you call a baby Black Russian Terrier?

The common name that is given to baby dogs is puppy. A baby Russian Terrier is no different.

What do they eat?

A healthy diet for a black Russian terrier mainly includes protein meals. Their meal can either be raw or kibble depending on their choice.

As a puppy, they can have three to four meals per day but an adult terrier should stick to having two meals in a day. Once they turn a year old, their masters should maintain a strict diet for them to keep the dogs healthy and their weight under control.

Are they slobbery?

Black Russian terriers are moderate slobbery. There might be some drool and slobber on some occasions but that is not constant. One thing that must be mentioned here is that the thick beard of these dogs tends to remain wet for a considerable amount of time after they drink water and not always because of their drool.

Would they make a good pet?

The black Russian terrier is known to be a calm and brave dog, who is exceptionally intelligent and can be trained really well as they are adaptive.

They are also quite alert and active, have great instincts, are exceedingly protective, determined, and completely fearless. They are also deeply loyal to their owners and family and are a great fit for families, especially ones with children.

In conclusion, it is safe to say, that despite being initially bred for the sole purpose of serving the military, they make amazing household pets and lifelong companions in all situations.

Did you know...

The black Russian terrier's temperament is integral to know about before you adopt one as a pet. They are confident and calm, as well as courageous having been bred purely for military purposes before some puppies were handed to civilians in Moscow. They also tend to be quite stubborn and lethargic, but exceedingly intelligent and can be trained well.

Health Issues And Characteristics

Black Russian Terrier dogs are generally healthy dogs of the right breed and they are well known for having a good life expectancy rate. However, there are a few health conditions that are common in a black Russian terrier and most of these conditions of the breed are hereditary.

These conditions include some common allergies of the dog breed, hip and elbow dysplasia, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA.

Allergies are observed very commonly in dogs of all breeds and it is no exception in the case of a terrier. Like almost any other dog, black Russian terriers are mainly allergic to certain chemicals and medicines.

Keeping these dogs away from products containing such allergens can keep them healthy.

The most concerning issue of this breed is their hereditary disease of elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia where their bones do not fit their joints properly due to abnormal growth and structure of their bones. This causes pain around the joints and in some cases, lameness in one of the hindlimbs.

PRA in a black terrier is also an inherited disease that slowly degenerates the retina of their eyes that causes loss of vision.

In such cases, if their surroundings remain unaltered, they can adapt well. Maintaining the breed standard while choosing the right breed stock is therefore very important for maintaining your dog's health.

Having Your Own Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian terriers are a rare breed of dog so their prices are in the higher range. A healthy black Russian terrier puppy costs an average of around $1800- $2300.

Having a pet who loves you more than anything is a blessing and no other animal can be compared with the loyalty of a dog. Black Russian terriers are no exception.

Unlike what their appearance suggests, these dogs are very friendly and kind and are of goofy nature although they were developed as military dogs once.

Black Russian Terrier puppies bond with their masters from a young age and that bond becomes very strong. They are also very playful with kids.

The sturdy physique of a black Russian terrier and their aggression around strangers make them well qualified as a guard dog. They need to be loved and acknowledged by their family members to keep them calm.

However, like its price, black Russian terrier dogs are a breed of high maintenance and need to be groomed well.

Although they are not prone to shedding much, the dense outer coat of the dog needs to be brushed twice daily to prevent tangles in its fur and they need a proper bath every month. They are confident and courageous and have high energy levels.

As a result of this high energy level, they also compete well in dog sports. If you are interested in dog sports, then a black Russian terrier is an ideal pet for you to have.

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